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Haas M. (2017) Of Pile Dwellers, Roman and Medieval Farmers – Deciphering the Impact of Early Human Land-Use on Lake Murten (Switzerland) and its Catchment
Haas M, Baumann F, Reusch A, Strasser M, Eglinton TI & Dubois N

Haas P. (2000) In situ 87Sr/86Sr Analyses of Clinopyroxene from Mantle Xenoliths by Laser Ablation-MC-ICP-MS
Simonetti A, Schmidberger SS, Haas P & Francis D

Haas S. (2018) Geomicrobiology of a Meromictic Lake Water Column Containing Relict Seawater
Haas S, LaRoche J, Desai D & Wallace D

Haas Nüesch R. (2017) Scaling Formations in a Geothermal Plant in the Upper Rhine Valley: From Fluid to Solid Composition
Jähnichen S, Degering D, Haas Nüesch R, Heberling F, Schäfer T, Scheiber J & Seibt A

Haase Alisa A. (2002) Circulation of Eocene to Pliocene Intermediate Water Masses in the Indian Ocean: Evidence from Fossil Fish Teeth Nd Isotopes
Scher HD, Martin EE & Haase AA

Haase Allison (2020) The Impact of Land Use Change on the Ecosystem Metabolome of a Forested Watershed
Boot C, Haase A, Fegel T, Hall E, Rhodes C & Covino T

Haase C. (2013) Hydrochemical Patterns in a Structurally Controlled Geothermal System
Brehme M, Haase C, Regenspurg S, Moeck I, Deon F, Wiegand B, Kamah Y, Zimmermann G & Sauter M

Haase Karl (2019) Geochemical and Biological Effects of Oil and Gas Wastewater Releases
Cozzarelli I, Akob D, Benthem A, Haase K, Mumford A, Orem W, Skalak K, Engle M, Kent D, Farag A, Harper D, Thamke J, Briggs M & Lane J

Haase Karl B. (2021) Development of a Tritium Ingrowth and Dissolved Noble Gas Analysis Facility
Haase KB, Wallace MB, Casile GC & Coplen TB

Haase Karsten M. (2022) Fluid Evolution in the Cu-Mo ±Re ±Au Porphyry System of Maronia, NE Greece: Insights from the Chemistry of Pyrite, Molybdenite and Quartz
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC, Hohl M & Klemd R
(2022) Vertical and Temporal Fluid Evolution Recorded by Sulfide Trace Elements: Insights from the Epithermal Profitis Ilias Au Deposit, Milos Island, Greece
Grosche A, Denkel K, Klemd R, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Alfieris D
(2022) Magmatic Volatile Influx and Fluid Boiling in Submarine Caldera-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems, Niuatahi Volcano, Tonga Rear-Arc
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Sporer C, Bach W, Klemd R, Strauss H, Storch B, Peters C, Rubin K & Anderson MO
(2021) The Rio Grande Rise is a Large Igneous Province, not a Detached Microcontinent
Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, O'Connor JM, Homrighausen S & Geissler WH
(2021) Evolution from Subduction Initiation to Mature Island Arc Volcanism in the Upper Eocene to Middle Miocene Vitiaz Arc, SW Pacific: Evidence from Malekula Island (Vanuatu)
Schneider KP, Haase KM & Pelletier B
(2021) Refining Material Transport in the Mantle Wedge of the Northernmost Tonga Island Arc
Storch B, Regelous M, Noebel K, Bauer J & Haase KM
(2021) Effects of Variable Subduction Components on Island Arc and Rear-Arc Magma Compositions: An Example from the Kermadec Arc
Myeong B, Haase KM & Regelous M
(2021) Volatile and Precious Elements in Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks: Implications for Epithermal- and Porphyry-Style Mineralisation, Western Thrace, NE Greece
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Regelous M
(2021) Source Variations in Volatile Contents between Bransfield Strait and Phoenix Ridge, Antarctica
Anderson DW, Saal A, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S & Wang J
(2021) Trace Elements in Pyrite from Porphyry Cu Mineralizations in Young Island Arcs, Koloula Igneous Complex, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Keith M, Haase KM, Chivas AR & Klemd R
(2021) Boiling Effects on Trace Metal(loid)s and Sulfur Isotopes in Shallow-Submarine Base Metal Sulfides, Milos Island, Greece
Schaarschmidt A, Haase KM, Klemd R, Keith M, Voudouris PC, Alfieris D & Wiedenbeck M
(2021) Tellurium and Related Element Fractionation in Porphyry-Epithermal Systems, Limnos Island, Greece
Börner F, Keith M, Bücker J, Voudouris PC, Klemd R & Haase KM
(2020) Enrichment of Water and Fluid-Soluble Trace Elements in the Troodos Ophiolite: Evidence for a Near-Trench Origin
Woelki D, Michael P, Regelous M & Haase K
(2020) Is the Rio Grande Rise a Large Igneous Province or a Microcontinent?
O'Connor JM, Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, Homrighausen S, Geldmacher J & Geissler W
(2020) The Influence of Wrench Tectonics on Submarine Volcanism in the NE Lau Basin (Tonga)
Norris-Julseth C, Anderson M, Rubin K, Haase K, Hannington M, Stewart M & Baxter A
(2020) Upper-Mantle Provinces at the Rodrigues Triple Junction, Indian Ocean
Meyzen C, Jacques G, Schwarz-Schampera U, Hauff F, Regelous M & Haase K
(2020) Rapid Change in Deccan Volcanism Triggered by Delamination Prior to Chicxulub Impact
Hoyer PA, Regelous M, Haase KM & Fluteau F
(2020) Source Variations in Bransfield Strait and Relation to Nearby Phoenix Ridge
Anderson DW, Saal AE, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S, Wang J & Boesenberg JS
(2019) Melting Processes and Fluid Enrichment in Mantle Rocks of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Hoyer PA, Woelki D, Regelous M & Haase KM
(2019) Geochemical Mapping of a Paleo-Subduction Zone beneath the Troodos Ophiolite
Woelki D, Regelous M, Haase K & Beier C
(2019) Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism from 49 Ma to 25 Ma
Regelous M, Huang S, Haase K, Hauff F, Hoernle K & O'Connor J
(2019) Melting Dynamics along Backarc Spreading Axis
Schoenhofen MV, Beier C, Haase KM, Regelous M, Turner SP & Brandl PA
(2019) Using Hf Isotopes to Trace Mantle Dynamics in the Tonga Arc – Lau Backarc System
Storch B, Regelous M & Haase KM
(2019) Magma Transport beneath Serreta Ridge and Santa Bárbara Volcano, Azores
Romer RHW, Beier C, Haase KM, Klügel A & Hamelin C
(2015) Temperature Controlled Trace Element Variations in Pyrite within the Skouriotissa Sulfide Deposit, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Keith M, Haase K, Klemd R, Krumm S & Strauss H
(2015) The Impact of Subducted Slab Components on Back-Arc Melting
Beier C, Turner S, Regelous M & Haase K
(2015) Tectonic Controls on MORB Melting from Correlated Peridotite-Basalt Compositions
Weinzierl C, Regelous M & Haase K
(2015) The Troodos Ophiolite was Probably Formed at a RTT/RTF Triple Junction
Regelous M, Haase K, Beier C, Brandl P, Keith M & Weinzierl C
(2015) Crust Formation in the New Hebrides Arc
Haase K, Lima S, Gress M & Beier C
(2015) The Geochemical Evolution of Oceanic Intraplate Volcanoes
Kemner F, Beier C & Haase K
(2014) Past Plate and Mantle Motion from New Ages for the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain
O'Connor J, Steinberger B, Regelous M, Koppers A, Wijbrans J, Haase K, Stoffers P, Jokat W & Garbe-Schoenberg C-D
(2014) Magmatism in the Southern New Hebrides Arc-Coriolis Backarc
Beier C, Lima SM & Haase KM
(2013) Constraining the Nature of the Western Azores Mantle Source Using Pb-Hf-Os Isotope Systematics
Genske F, Beier C, Turner S, Stracke A & Haase K
(2013) Trace Element Systematics of Pyrite from Submarine Hydrothermal Vents
Keith M, Häckel F, Haase K, Schwarz-Schampera U, Klemd R & Petersen S
(2013) Ocean Drilling: MORB Geochemistry in the Third (and Fourth) Dimension
Brandl PA, Regelous M, Beier C & Haase KM
(2013) Geodynamic Implications from Element Fluxes in the Tonga-Lau System
Beier C, Regelous M & Haase KM
(2013) Reconstructing Subducted Sediment Fluxes Using Ancient Arc Lavas
Regelous M, Beier C & Haase K
(2013) Crustal Evolution and Petrogenesis of Silicic Plutonic Rocks within the Oman Ophiolite – Petrological and Geochemical Investigations
Freund S, Erdmann M, Koepke J, Hauff F & Haase K
(2013) Low-T Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution
Weinzierl C, Bach W, Böhm F, Regelous M & Haase K
(2012) Recycled Material in MORB Sources: Os Isotopes and HSE in the Fossil Galapagos Rise Lavas
Luguet A, Haase K & Regelous M
(2012) Mesozoic MORB
Brandl PA, Regelous M, Beier C & Haase KM
(2012) O Isotopes in the Azores: Mantle Melting Versus AFC
Genske F, Beier C, Krumm S, Haase K & Turner S
(2012) Tracing Seawater-Rock Interaction in Slow Spreading Oceanic Crust: Precise Chlorine Measurements in MORB by Microprobe
van der Zwan FM, Fietzke J, Devey CW, Almeev RR & Haase KM
(2011) δ18O and Cl/Nb Evidence for Fractional Crystallization Origin of Silicic Island Arc Magmas
Krumm S, Haase K, Regelous M & Joachimski M
(2011) Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints on Melting Dynamics from the Azores and Iceland
Genske FS, Beier C, Turner SP, Haase KM & Schaefer BF
(2011) Chemical Evolution of MORB: New Insights from Old Crust
Brandl PA, Regelous M & Haase KM
(2011) Felsic Magma Generation in the Oceanic Crust: A Geochemical Study of Pacific Antarctic Rise Lavas
Freund S, Haase K, Beier C & Regelous M
(2011) Lithospheric Control on Geochemical Composition of the Louisville Seamount Chain
Beier C, Regelous M, Mahoney J, Vanderkluysen L & Haase K
(2011) Chemical Heterogeneities along the South Atlantic Mid-Ocean-Ridge (5-11°S): Shallow or Deep Recycling of Ocean Crust?
Hauff F, Hoernle K, Kokfelt TF, Haase K, Garbe-Schönberg D & Werner R
(2011) Sediment Melt Flux into the Melting Zone of the Northernmost Tonga Island Arc
Haase K, Regelous M & Beier C
(2011) Oceanic Basalts Provide a Biased View of Mantle Composition
Regelous M, Haase K & Brandl P
(2009) Lithium Isotope Signatures of Mantle Domains
Krienitz M-S, Garbe-Schönberg C-D, Romer RL, Meixner A & Haase K
(2008) The Chlorine Isotope Signature of Mantle Endmembers
John T, Layne G & Haase K
(2008) The Mode of Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints from He, Ne, Ar Isotope and Abundance Systematics
Stroncik NA, Niedermann S, Haase K, Hoernle K, Hauff F & Werner R
(2007) Helium and Neon Isotopes as Mantle Tracers
Stroncik N, Niedermann S & Haase K
(2007) Sub-Segment Scale Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near Ascension Island from Combined Hf-Nd-Sr Isotope Evidence
Paulick H, Münker C & Haase K
(2005) Does Fluid-Induced Eclogitization of Slab Crust Generate Arc Signatures?
John T, Scherer EE, Haase K & Schenk V
(2004) Is the Slab Component in Arc Magmas Produced by Fluid-Induced Eclogitisation of Subducted Lower Oceanic Crust?
John T, Scherer E, Haase K & Schenk V
(2004) Variation of the Slab Input and its Effects on Partial Melting along the Kermadec Arc
Haase K, Worthington T & Stoffers P

Haase Karsten Matthias (2017) 4.5 Billion Years of Mantle Evolution: Insights from He, Ne, Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in OIBs and MORBs
Stroncik N, Niedermann S & Haase K
(2017) The Origin of Evolved Volcanic Rocks in Methana, Greece
Schoenhofen MV, Woelki D, Haase KM & Beier C
(2017) The Geochemical Stratigraphy of Lavas from the Troodos Ophiolite
Wölki D, Regelous M, Haase K & Beier C
(2017) The Genesis of High Nb-Ta Signatures at the Northern Tongan Islands of Tafahi and Niuatoputapu
Beier C, Turner S, Haase K, Pearce J, Münker C & Regelous M
(2017) Sub-Axial Asthenospheric Flow Revealed by a Plume-Spiked Mantle
Brandl PA, Beier C, Haase KM, Rüpke LH, Devey CW & Hauff F
(2017) The Effect of Spreading Rate on the Compositions of MORB
Regelous M, Weinzierl C, Haase K, Beier C & Wölki D
(2017) Intraplate Magmatism and Extensional Tectonics: An Example from Faial Island, Azores
Romer RHW, Beier C, Huebscher C & Haase KM

Haase P. (2021) Thermodynamics of Tin Perovskites of the Schoenfliesite Group □2(BSn4+)(OH, O)6 (B = Ca, Fe3+, Mg, Mn2+, Zn, Cu)
Majzlan J, Haase P, Christensen HG, Nielsen UG, Bender Koch C & Galazka Z

Haase-Schramm A. (2007) U-Th, δ18O and Paleomagnetic Dating of a Mid-Pleistocene Lacustrine Sequence: The Amora Formation, Mount Sedom, Israel
Torfstein A, Haase-Schramm A, Waldmann N, Kolodny Y & Stein M
(2004) Sr/Ca Ratios in Caribbean Sclerosponges as Temperature Proxy
Haase-Schramm A, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Garbe-Schönberg D, Reitner J & Dullo W
(2004) Brine-Freshwater Interaction and Redox Conditions in Lake Lisan during MIS2
Torpstein A, Gavrieli I, Goldstein S, Katz A, Haase-Schramm A & Stein M
(2002) Fractionation of 44Ca/40Ca between Aragonite and Calcite
Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Gussone N, Heuser A, Haase-Schramm A & Dietzel M

Haba H. (2017) 129I/137Cs Ratios for Atmospheric Particular Matters Collected Just after TEPCO FDNPP Accident
Oura Y, Ebihara M, Shirai N, Tsuruta H, Nakajima T, Moriguchi Y, Ohara T, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H & Matsuzaki H
(2017) A New Approach for Reconstructing the 131I-Spreading Triggered by the FDNPS Accident in 2011
Ebihara M, Oura Y, Shiara N, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H, Matsuzaki H, Tsuruta H & Moriguchi Y
(2016) Fractionation of Zirconium-Hafnium in Ferromanganese Crusts
Inagaki J, Sakaguchi A, Inoue M, Usui A, Haba H, Kashiwabara T, Yamasaki S, Sueki K & Takahashi Y

Haba Makiko (2017) Genetic Relationships of Solar System Materials Based on Ti Isotope Compositions
Rüfenacht M, Schönbächler M, Lai Y-J, Fehr M & Haba M
(2016) Nb-Zr Systematics of Rutiles from Mesosiderites
Haba M, Lai Y-J, Yamaguchi A & Schönbächler M
(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H

Haba Makiko K. (2022) Cr and Ti Isotope Systematics of Ryugu Samples
Yokoyama T, Iizuka T, Gautam I, Hibiya Y, Haba MK, Masuda Y, Fukai R & Yurimoto H
(2022) Nb-Zr Systematics of Rutiles from the Mile IIE Iron Meteorite
Fujimura K, Haba MK, Schönbächler M & Fehr M
(2022) Pb Isotopic Compositions of Ryugu Samples and Carbonaceous Chondrites
Haba MK, Yokoyama T, Masuda Y, Gautam I, Fukai R & Yurimoto H

Habarulema J.B. (2017) Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences
Baratoux D, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane H, Gibson R, Lamali A, Reimold WU, Selorm Sapah M, Chabou C, Habarulema JB, Jessell MW, Mogessie A, Benkhaldoun Z, Nkhonjera E, Mukosi NC, Kaire M, Rochette P, Sickafoose A, Martínez-Frías J, Hofmann A, Folco L & Rossi AP

Haber J. (2020) Evidence of Early and Late Diagenesis of Sediments from Past Habitable Environments in Gale Crater, Mars: A Mastcam Multispectral Perpsective
Rudolph A, Haber J, Horgan B, Bennett K, Fox V, Seeger C, Rice M, Johnson J, Bell Iii J, Jacob S & Rampe E

Haber T. (2021) Multi-System Chronometry of Lunar Impact Melt Rock 61156
Haber T & Scherer EE
(2019) Multi-System Chronometry of Lunar Breccia 67955
Haber T & Scherer E
(2011) Geospeedometry Applied to El'gygytgyn Impact Glass
Rantzsch U, Haber T, Klimm D & Kloess G

Haber-Pohlmeier S. (2019) Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess Changes in Transport Properties of Porous Media due to Dissolution and Precipitation Processes
Poonoosamy J, Pohlmeier A, Haber-Pohlmeier S, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Deissmann G

Haberer C.M. (2013) Oxygen Transfer Across the Capillary Fringe: Impact of Transient Flow Conditions and Coarse-Material Lenses
Haberer CM, Rolle M, Cirpka OA & Gratwohl P

Haberer R. (2004) Molecular Characterisation of the Organic Matter at the Mallik 5L-38 Research Well: Implications for Depositional Environment and the Deep Biosphere
Haberer R, Mangelsdorf K, Zink K, Wilkes H & Horsfield B

Haberhauser G. (2003) Stable Nitrogen Isotopic Chemistry of Nitrate in GISP II Ice
Lyons W, Wagenbach D, Stanzick A, Haberhauser G & Welch K

Haberle R. (2016) Constraining Hesperian Martian PCO2 from Mineral Analysis at Gale Crater
Bristow T, Haberle R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Grotzinger J, Siebach K, Des Marias D, Rampe E, Eigenbrode J, Sutter B, Fairén A, Mischna M & Vasavada A

Haberle S. (2016) Historical Deposition and Fluxes of Mercury (Hg) in Papua New Guinea
Schneider L, Haberle S, Cooke C, Maher W & Hintelmann H

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