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M S. (2018) N Removal Pathways of Aerobic Granular Biomass
M S & Nancharaiah V

M'Boule D. (2014) Impact of Species Composition on Paleosalinity Reconstructions from Coastal δD Alkenone Records
van der Meer M, M'Boule D, Kasper S, Chivall D, Sinke D, Schefuss E, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damste J

Ma B. (2019) Redox Barriers in Deep Geological Disposal Sites
Laurent C, Ma B, fernandez Martinez A, Wang K, Chakraborty S, Gilbert B & Made B
(2016) Incorporation of Molybdate into the Ca-Al-Hydrotalcite Lattice
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L
(2015) Retention of the Anions Existing in Nuclear Waste by AFm Phases
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L

Ma Cenling (2017) The Response of Archaeal Species to Seasonal Variables in a Subtropical Aerated Soil
Xie W, Jiao N, Ma C, Phelps TJ, Zhu R & Zhang C
(2016) The Distribution of Archaeal Intact Polar Lipids in the Upper Water Column of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean: Effect of Cyclonic Eddy Perturbation
Ma C, Chen S, Chen Y & Zhang C

Ma Chang-Qian (2019) The Syenite-Carbonatite-Fluorite Association in Jebel Dumbier Complex (Sudan): Magma Origin and Evolution
Wang L-X, Ma C-Q, Salih M-A, Abdallsamed M-I-M & Zhu Y-X

Ma Changqian (2017) Textures and High Field Strength Elements in Hydrothermal Magnetite from a Skarn System: Implications for Coupled Dissolution-Reprecipitation Reactions
Yin S & Ma C
(2016) Tracking the Role of Fluorine on Genesis of A-Type Granites from Jiuhuashan Region (South China)
Wang L, Ma C & Zhang C
(2012) Mantle Evolution from Plate Subduction to Post-Orogenic Extension: Evidence from Permo-Triassic Mafic Dike Swarms in Northern Tibet Plateau
Ma C, Zhang J, Xiong F, Liu B, Huang J & Wang B
(2011) Hydration Crystallization Process in Mafic-Felsic Mixing Magmatic System: A Case Study from the Dabie Orogen (East-Central China)
Zhang C, Holtz F & Ma C
(2008) Framework of Mesozoic Magmatism and Crust-Mantle Interaction in the Dabie Mountain and Middle-Lower Yangtze River Belt, Central China
Zhang C & Ma C
(2001) Colored Varieties of Quartz Arising from Inclusions
Ma C, Goreva JS & Rossman GR

Ma Chao (2018) Integrating Multiple Clocks and their Applications in Geology and Astronomy
Ma C, Meyers S & Sageman B

Ma Chi (2019) Mineralogy and Oxygen Isotopes of Ultrarefractory Inclusions
Krot A, Ma C, Nagashima K, Simon S, Davis A, Ivanova M, Genzel P & Brenker F
(2018) Chemical Imaging Approaches to Untangle Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes in Ancient Rocks on Earth and Mars
Fischer W, Lingappa U, Trower E, Magyar J, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Ma C, Guan Y, Rasmussen B & Liu Y
(2018) Advanced in situ Chemical and Structural Analyses of New Minerals Representing Extreme Conditions
Ma C & Tschauner O
(2017) Riesite, a New High Pressure Polymorph of TiO2 that Forms Upon Shock-Release – Comparison to (Zr, Ti)O2 in Pseudotachylites
Tschauner O, Ma C, Lanzirotti A & Newville M
(2014) Chemical Zonation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Guan Y, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E
(2014) The Future of Cosmochemistry: A Nanomineralogy Approach
Ma C
(2013) Petrologic and Metasomatic Controls on H and Cl Abundances and Isotopes in Lunar Rocks
Boyce J, Treiman A, Eiler J, Ma C, Guan Y, Greenwood J, Gross J & Stolper E
(2013) Nanomineralogy of Gemstones: From Genesis to Discovery
Ma C & Rossman G
(2011) Volatile and Major Element Zonation within Melt Inclusions: A Natural Diffusion Experiment
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Guan Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E
(2011) Sulfur Speciation in Lunar Apatite
Boyce J, Ma C, Eiler J, Liu Y, Stolper E & Taylor L
(2008) Discovery of Tazheranite (Cubic Zirconia) in the Allende Meteorite
Ma C & Rossman G

Ma Chun (2019) Denitrification Dominates Riverbed N2O Production
Ma C, Clark D, Hemsley V, Sanders I & Trimmer M

Ma Chunli (2011) High-Pressure Behavior of CaF2 Nanocrystals
Wang J, Ma C, Hao J, Zhou D & Cui Q
(2011) Structural Phase Transition of Ammonia Hydrate Under High Pressure
Ma C, Zhou Q, Li F, Hao J, Wang J, Huang F & Cui Q

Ma D (2005) Paleoenvironmental Study of Doushantuo Formation: Insights of Trace Element and Carbon Isotope
Pan J, Ma D, Lehmann B, Cao S, Xia F & Chen S
(2004) Eclogite-Type Rutile Mineralization in North Jiangsu, China and its Geochemistry and Genesis
Huang J, Ma D & Liu C
(2004) A Remained Sulfidic Ocean in Early Cambrian of S. China: Evidence from Organic Carbon Isotope
Ma D, Cao S, Lehmann B & Pan J
(2004) EPMA Study of Polymetallic Ni-Mo Mineralisation in Lower Cambrian Black Shales of South China
Pan J, Cao S, Xia F, Cheng S, Ma D & Lehmann B
(2003) Sedimentary Environments of Lower Cambrian Black Shale in S. China
Ma D & Cao S
(2003) The Trace Elemental Geochemistry in Black Rock Series of Early Cambrian from Northwestern Hunan, China – An Implication for Palaeo-Oceanic Environments
Pan J, Ma D & Cao S

Ma D-S (2008) The Origin and Sulphur Characteristics of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Ma D-S, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X
(2007) EMP Study of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Ma D-S & Sun Z-X
(2006) Lead isotope geochemistry and lead source in black rock series of early Cambrian from southeast Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Ma D-S, Cao S-L, Chen S-H, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X

Ma Debo (2017) Evolution of Kerogen Carbon Isotopes during Early Cambrian to Ordovician in Eastern Tarim Basin, China
Tao X, Ma D, Li T & Zhou C
(2016) Kerogen Carbon Isotopes of Lower-Cambrian and Middle-Upper Ordovician, Northwestern Tarim Basin, China: Implications for the Oil-Source Rock Correlation
Tao X, Zhu G, Zhou C, Li T & Ma D

Ma Dong Sheng (2016) CL-Heterogeneity and REE in Scheelite from a Grand Pollymetallic Deposit in South Hunan, China
Ding T, Ma D & Lu J
(2016) REE Geochemistry of wolframite:Implications for Crustal-Scale Metallogenetic Processes of South China
Zhang Y, Ma DS & Pan JY

Ma Dongsheng (2012) Two Contrasting Sn- and W-Bearing Granites in the Nanling Range, South China: Evidence from Hf Isotopes
Lu J, Wang R, Ma D, Chen W, Xie L & Zhang R
(2011) A Paleoproterozoic Tectonothermal Event Recorded in Precambrian Basement Rocks of the Kuluketage Block, Northeastern Tarim, China
Zhu W, Wu H, Shu L & Ma D
(2009) Ediacaran Glaciogenic Diamictite in Keguerqin Mountain Range of Xinjiang, China: Geochemistry and Paleoenvironmental Evolution
Ma D, Ding H, Yao C & Shu L
(2007) Carbon Isotopes of Black Shales in NW Hunan, China and the Early Cambrian Atmospheric CO2 Level
Ma D, Cao S, Pan J & Chen S

Ma F (2006) Origin of iron deposits in the Ningwu volcanic basin, Lower Yangtze River district, China: geochemical and isotopic evidence
Jiang S-Y, Ma F, Zhao K-D, Jiang Y-H, Ling H-F & Ni P

Ma Fenyan (2019) Deep Groundwater Recharge Sources in North Jiangsu, China
Ma F & Chen J

Ma G (2005) Effect of Rice Growth on Geochemical Circle of Silicon: Silicon Isotope Study on Rice Plants Grew in Field and Laboratory
Ding T, Ma G, Shui M, Wan D & Li R
(2005) Water and Organic Adsorption and Structure at Alumina and Silica Surfaces
Allen H, Liu D & Ma G

Ma George (2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Sources of the Alkaline-Tholeiitic Intraplate Basalts from the Aleppo Plateau, NW Syria
Ma G, Malpas J, Suzuki K, Lo C-H, Wang K-L, Iizuku Y & Xenophontos C
(2007) Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Peridotites from the Kiogar Ophiolite, SW Tibet
Chan G, Searle M, Aitchison J & Ma G

Ma Guang (2011) Characteristic of Mineral Component in Carlin-Type Gold Deposit in Qinling Area
Ma G, Gong L, Dong Y, Chen K & Zhang G
(2011) The Isotope Evidence of Ore-Forming Materials of the Erdaogou Gold Deposit in Beipiao Liaoning Deriving from Magmatic Rocks Mixed by the Crust and Mantle Source
Gong L, Ma G, Zhang G & Chen K
(2010) Type Au(Cu) Ore Body Discovered First-Time in Tonglushan Deposit in Hubei Province
Ma G, Gong L, Hu S, He S & Gao E
(2010) The Model of the Element Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rock in Early Precambrian Period in Liaoning
Gong L, Ma G, Hu S, He S & Gao E

Ma Haoran (2019) Local Environmental Variations Obscure the Interpretation of Pyrite Sulfur Isotope Records
Lang X, Tang W, Ma H & Shen B

Ma Hongmei (2017) Concentration and Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Nitrate Collected on the Traverse from Coast to the Summit of Antarctic Ice Sheet
Shi G, Hastings M, Hu Z, Ma H, Jiang S & An C
(2017) Iron in Snow along the Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
Ma H, Shi G, Li Y, Motohiro H & Motoyama H
(2017) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Stable Isotope at Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & Shi G
(2016) Activity of Abundant and Rare Bacteria in the Forehead of East Antarctica Ice Sheet
Ma H, Yan W, Zhang Y, Shi G, Xiao X & Sun B
(2016) Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in the Surface Snow Layer from the Coast to Dome Argus, East Antarctica
Shi G, Hastings MG, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & An C
(2016) A 2840 Year Record of Nitrate and its Stable Isotopic Composition from the Dome a Ice Core, East Antarctica
Jiang S, Cole-Dai J, Li Y, Geng L, Ferris DG, Shi G, An C & Ma H
(2016) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Isotope along a Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Yu J, Ma H & Shi G
(2015) Higher Temperature and Hydrogen Availability Stimulated the Methanogenic Activity in East Antarctic Subglacial Sediment
Ma H, Yan W, Xiao X, Sun B, Dou Y & Zhang Y

Ma Hui (2009) Characteristics of Ambient Air Quality in a West-Costal City of Korea: Case Study Analysis by Using CMAQ Modeling System
Kim D-S, Ma H & Kim SB

Ma J (2006) In searching for old lithospheric relict beneath North China craton: Sr-Nd-Os isotopic composition of peridotite xenoliths from Yangyuan
Xu Y, Blusztajn J, Ma J & Hart SR

Ma J L (2006) Behavior of major and trace elements in an extreme weathering profile on basalt in Hainan Island, South China
Ma JL, Wei GJ, Xu YG & Long WG

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