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W L. (2018) Microsample Unspiked K-Ar Dating: A New Approach of Argon Geochronology
Wang F, Shi W, Zhang W, Yang L, W L, Wang Y & Zhu R

Wabakanghanzi J. (2014) A 2.5Ma Year Record of Wetland Development in the Congo Basin Inferred from Hopanoid Biomarkers
Talbot H, Spencer-Jones C, Handley L, Dinga B, Schefuss E, Mann P, Poulsen J, Spencer R, Wabakanghanzi J & Wagner T

Waber H.N. (2015) Tracking Water-Rock Interaction in Fractured Crystalline Rocks by Li Isotope Fractionation
Wanner C, Bucher K, Pogge von Strandmann PAE & Waber HN

Waber Nicklaus (2012) Origin and Evolution of Reactive and Noble Gases Dissolved in Porewater of Low-Permeable Crystalline Rocks
Eichinger F, Waber HN & Smellie JAT
(2012) Pore-Water Chemistry in Clays and Shales: Methods and Applications
Mazurek M, Waber HN & Oyama T
(2009) Geochemical Processes in Carbonate and Silicate-Dominated Reservoirs of Deep Geothermal Systems: Insights from Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Chemical Modeling
Alt-Epping P, Diamond LW & Waber HN
(2008) Noble Gas Measurements in Pore Water from Sedimentary Rocks
Latoui K, Villa I, Mazurek M & Waber N
(2008) Chemical and Isotopic Characterisation of Highly Saline Sedimentary Pore Water
Koroleva M, Waber N & de Haller A
(2007) Large-Scale Matrix Diffusion in Crystalline Rocks Revealed by Natural Cl, δ18O and δ2H Tracers in Pore Water
Waber N, Gimmi T & Smellie J
(2007) Helium Isotope Signatures in Rocks, Minerals, and Related Groundwater: Residence Time of He in a Sandstone – Shale Interlayering (Molasse Basin, N. Switzerland)
Tolstikhin I, Waber N, Loosli HH, Kamensky I, Skiba VI & Novokov D
(2006) Mobility of long-lived U-series radionuclides at an interface between claystone hosting old reducing pore water and an aquifer carrying young meteoric water
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N
(2005) Uranium Series Disequilibrium in the Opalinus Clay – A Way to Assess the Effective Diffusion Coefficient for U-234
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N
(2002) Core Infiltration Experiment and Modelling of Reactive Transport of high-Ph Solution in Clay Stone
Mader UK, Adler M, Steefel CI, Waber HN & Traber D
(2002) Residence Time of Helium Isotopes in Sediments and Related Groundwaters, Molasse Basin, Northern Switzerland
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Gannibal M, Tarakanov S, Lehmann BE & Waber HN
(2000) The Role of Multicomponent Cation Exchange and Dedolomitisation in Argillaceous Rock at Conditions of High-Ph
Adler M, Mäder UK & Waber HN

Waber Niklaus (2021) Investigating the Contribution of Atmospheric Sources to the Mo Surface Cycle
O'Sullivan E, Nägler TF, Waber N, Pierret M-C & Kaufmann AKC

Wabo H. (2023) New Geochronological, Paleomagnetic and Compositional Constraints on Magmatism within the Tadpatri Formation (Cuddapah Basin), Southern India
Wabo H, Belyanin G & Saha D
(2015) Magnetic Study of Jaspers of the Fig Tree Group from Barb4 Drill Core
Wabo H, Beukes N, Mare L, Humbert F & de Kock M

Wacey D. (2022) Probing the Archean Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal Environment for Early Traces of Life
McLoughlin N, Grosch E, Saunders M & Wacey D
(2019) Monazite, Xenotime, and Anatase Associated with Exceptional Cellular Preservation in Early Neoproterozoic Lakes
Sirantoine E, Wacey D, Saunders M & Peyrot D
(2019) Metalheads of the Early Earth: Biologically Mediated Accumulation of Transition Metals and Metalloids in 3.5 Billion–year–Old Stromatolites
Baumgartner R, Van Kranendonk M, Anais P, Wacey D, Fiorentini M & Ryan C
(2019) Investigating Putative Biosignatures in Olivine from the Subsurface of Mars
McLoughlin N, Grosch E, Vullum PE, Gaugliardo P, Saunders M & Wacey D
(2017) Remarkably Preserved Tephra with Microfossil-Like Morphology from the ~3.43 Ga Strelley Pool Formation, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kong C & Kilburn M
(2014) A 3480 Ma Pyritised Microbial Mat, Dresser Formation, Western Australia
Wacey D, Noffke N, Saunders M, Kong C, Cliff J, Barley M & Farquhar J
(2013) Geochemistry and Nano-Structure of Putative Filamentous Microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kilburn M, Cliff J, Kong C, Barley M & McLoughlin N
(2011) Viruses: A Key Role in Microbial Mat Mineralization
Pacton M, Wacey D, Kilburn MR, Gorin GE & Vasconcelos C
(2010) Biosignatures within Iron-Rich Concretions Originating in a Sandstone Paleoaquifer: Evidence of Microbial Oxidative Dissolution of Fe(II)-Carbonates
Weber KA, Spanbauer TL, Kettler RM, Loope D, Wacey D & Kilburn MR
(2009) A Combined SIMS and TEM Study of Potential Biosignals from Precambrian Rocks
Wacey D, Kilburn M & Saunders M

Wach G. (2017) Lower Jurassic Organic Matter Preservation Events, an Oceanic Anoxic Event, and Carbon Cycle Perturbations
Silva RL, Duarte LV, Gómez JJ, Mendonça Filho JG, Wach G, Sadki D, Rodrigues B, Carlisle C & Caniço A

Wach Grant (2015) Pyrite Framboid Analysis from the Sinemurian–Pliensbachian Água de Madeiros Formation (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal)
Silva R, Jorge M, Duarte L, Sedore P & Wach G
(2015) Preliminary Evaluation of the Compositional Sedimentary Variation of the Jurassic Iroquois and Mohican Formations of the Scotian Basin (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Silva R, Sedore P, Plummer N & Wach G

Wacha K. (2016) Hill Slope and Erosional Controls on Soil Organic Geochemistry in Intensely Managed Landscapes
Hou T, Filley T, Hughes M, Tong Y, Papanicolaou T, Wacha K, Wilson C, Abban B & Hester U

Wacharapornpinthu P. (2023) Plant Growth as an Indicator of Silicate Mineral Weathering: A Carefully Controlled Laboratory Study
Wacharapornpinthu P & Manning DAC

Wachi S. (2003) Detection of Bacterial Population Contributing to Organoarsenic Decomposition
Maki T, Hasegawa H, Wachi S & Ueda K

Wachniew P. (2013) Behaviour of Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Proglacial Environment
Łokas E, Wachniew P, Gąsiorek M & Bartmiński P

Wachs D. (2023) New Ventilation and Gas Saturation Constraints for the Arctic Ocean from Dissolved Gas Tracer Data
Arck Y, Gerke L, Brinkman J, Engelhardt E, Freundt F, Friedrich R, Negele S, Robertz J, Scott S, Wachs D, Frank N, Oberthaler M, Tanhua T & Aeschbach W
(2023) Atom Trap Trace Analysis of Cosmogenic 39Ar in Geologic Materials
Gardner WP, Arck Y, Wachs D, Hieronimus E, Oberthaler M & Aeschbach W
(2023) Applications of 39Ar-Atta in Alpine Ice Samples – Surface Ages and Constraints on Diffusion
Wachs D, Bohleber P, Fischer A, Preunkert S, Stocker-Waldhuber M, Graf von Reventlow B, Arck Y, Robertz J, Oberthaler M & Aeschbach W
(2023) First Application of 39Ar-Atta in Lake Water – Highly Enriched 39Ar Concentrations in Lake Kivu
Robertz J, Schmidt M, Wachs D, Bärenbold F, Arck Y, Ringena L, Schmid M, Kipfer R, Oberthaler M & Aeschbach W
(2021) Sampling and Purification Methods for Dating by Atom Trap Trace Analysis in Various Environments
Arck YW, Wachs D, Schmidt M, Ringena L, Robertz J, Oberthaler MK & Aeschbach W
(2021) Paleoclimate Reconstruction for the Past Millennium from Groundwater Using 39Ar Dating and Noble Gas Temperatures
Wachs D, Freundt F, Metz T, Arck YW, Schmidt M, Ringena L, Robertz J, Aeschbach W & Oberthaler MK
(2021) Investigations on the Stratification Dynamics and the Gas Concentrations of Lake Kivu
Schmidt M, Wachs D, Arck YW, Bärenbold F, Ringena L, Robertz J, Boehrer B, Oberthaler MK & Aeschbach W

Wachter U. (2004) Nanoclay Fractions in Drinking Water Resource of the Lake of Konstanz
Katchebesibo M, Wachter U & Felsche J

Wacker L. (2021) Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics Through Time – Insights from Downcore Radiocarbon Dating
Smittenberg R, Galy V, Gierga M, Birkholz A, Usman M, Ponton C, Hajdas I, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Giosan L, Bernasconi SM & Eglinton TI
(2019) Tracing the Circulation in the Subpolar N. Atlantic Using Long-Lived Radionuclides
Castrillejo M, Casacuberta N, Vockenhuber C, Christl M, Wacker L, Bollhalder S, Lherminier P & Synal H-A
(2019) Constraining the U-236 Input Function from Nuclear Reprocessing Using Sea Shells
Christl M, Castrillejo M, Witbaard R, Dekker R, Richardson CA, Casacuberta N, Vockenhuber C, Wacker L, Welte C, Yeman C, Más Malbuena J-L, Krzystek A, Zeder C & Synal H-A
(2019) Terrestrial Organic Carbon Burial Efficiency in China Marginal Sea Sediments Based on Bulk and Biomarker 13C and 14C
Yu M, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Montluçon DB, Wacker L & Zhao M
(2019) Tracing Sedimentary Processes in Rapidly Eroding Settings with Paired Cosmogenic in situ 14C and 10Be
Lupker M, Hippe K, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Blard P-H & Lavé J
(2019) Seasonal Variations of Molecular Distribution and Carbon Isotopic Compositions (13C and 14C) of N-Fatty Acids in Aerosols of Qingdao, China
Chen Q, Yu M, Hou P, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Wacker L & Zhao M
(2018) 14C Characteristics of Bulk Organic Carbon and Various Molecular Components in Grassland Soil Profiles
Jia J, Liu Z, Haghipour N, Wacker L, He J-S, Eglinton T & Feng X
(2018) Microbial Oxidation of Lithospheric Organic Carbon in Rapidly Eroding Mountain Soils
Hemingway J, Hilton R, Hovius N, Eglinton T, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Chen M-C & Galy V
(2018) Warming Alters Soil Carbon Dynamics at Depth in a Qinghai-Tibetan Alpine Grassland
Feng X, Jia J, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Simpson M, Yang H, Eglinton T & He J-S
(2017) New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages
Missiaen L, Waelbroeck C, Pichat S, Dapoigny A, Thil F, Foliot L, Wacker L, Hajdas I, Böhm E, Vasquez-Riveiros N & Moreira Martinez S
(2017) Terrestrial Organic Carbon and Plant Wax Biomarker Export from Scottish River Systems
Schwab MS, Haghipour N, Wacker L & Eglinton TI
(2017) Multiproxy Evidence from Bermuda Rise for Holocene AMOC Stability
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Pöppelmeier F, Blaser P, Jaccard S, Friedrich O, Süfke F, Link J, Wacker L & Goepfert T
(2016) Large 14C Excursion in the BC55th Century
Miyake F, Masuda K, Nakamura T, Jull T, Panyushkina I & Wacker L
(2016) Tracing the Provenance of Organic Matter and its Associations with Minerals in the South China Sea
Blattmann T, Wen K, Li J, Zhao Y, Zhang Y, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Plötze M, Liu Z & Eglinton T
(2016) Radiocarbon Constraints on Timescales of Particulate Organic Matter Transport over Continental Shelves
Bao R, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Montlucon D, Zhao M, McNichol A, Galy V & Eglinton T
(2016) Investigating the Onset of the Younger Dyras by High Temporal Resolution of Radiocarbon
Sookdeo A, Wacker L, Büntgen U, Friedrich M, Helle G, Kromer B, Pauly M & Reinig F
(2015) Accessing 14C Profiles in Carbonate Records Using Laser Ablation
Welte C, Hattendorf B, Wacker L, Christl M, Koch J, Fohlmeister J, Breitenbach SFM, Robinson L, Andrews AH, Synal H-A & Günther D
(2014) Spatial and Historical Variations in Sediment and Organic Matter Supply to the Mackenzie Delta
Vonk J, Giosan L, Blusztajn J, Montlucon D, Graf Pannatier E, McIntyre C, Wacker L & Dickens A
(2013) Laser Ablation for Spatially Resolved Radiocarbon Measurements with Gas Source-Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Hattendorf B, Münsterer C, Dietiker R, Koch J, Wacker L, Christl M, Synal A & Günther D
(2013) Complex in situ Cosmogenic 10Be-14C Data Suggest Mid-Holocene Climate Change on the Bolivian Altiplano
Hippe K, Kober F, Ivy-Ochs S, Lupker M, Wacker L, Christl M & Wieler R
(2012) Constraining Changes in Ocean Circulation Modes and 14C Reservoir Ages in the NW Atlantic between 35 and 15 ka BP
Fohlmeister J, Lippold J, Kucera M, Wacker L & Bayer M
(2011) Most Recent Developments in AMS Technologies
Synal H-A, Schulze-König T, Seiler M, Suter M, Vockenhuber C & Wacker L
(2009) Soil Organic Geochemistry and Carbon Dynamics of an Alpine Chronosequence
Smittenberg R, Bernasconi S, Hajdas I & Wacker L
(2009) Deep Sea Corals off Brazil Verify a Reduction of NADW Formation during H3, H1 and the YD
Mangini A, Godoy JM, Godoy ML, Kowsmann R, Santos G, Ruckelshausen M, Schroeder-Ritzrau A & Wacker L
(2009) Fossil and Non-Fossil Sources of Carbonaceous Aerosols from 14C
Szidat S, Fahrni S, Perron N, Prevot ASH, Ruff M, Wacker L & Baltensperger U
(2009) Proof of Biogenic Origin of Marine Aerosol by 13C and 14C Analysis
Ceburnis D, O'Dowd CD, Garbaras A, Remeikis V, Rinaldi M, Szidat S, Fahrni S, Prevot ASH, Perron N, Wacker L & Leinert S
(2008) Performance of the ETH Zurich in situ 14C Extraction Line
Hippe K, Kober F, Baur H, Wacker L & Wieler R
(2005) The Development of <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Scottish Sea Water
Schnabel C, Olive V, Atarashi-Andoh M, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Maden C, Stocker M, Synal H & Wacker L
(2004) 129I/127I Ratios in the Scottish Hydrosphere
Schnabel C, Olive V, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Xu S & Wacker L

Wacker U. (2018) Reivisiting Classical Applications with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Wacker U, Lloyd N & Schwieters J
(2015) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Carbonate-Bearing Apatites: Digestion Techniques and Calibrations
Wacker U, Löffler N, Rutz T, Conrad AC, Tütken T, Böttcher ME & Fiebig J
(2014) Background Correction for Clumped Isotope Analysis of CO2 Based on m/z = 49 Ion Beam Intensity
Fiebig J, Luedecke T, Loeffler N, Methner K, Wacker U & Hofmann S
(2013) Clumped Isotopes, δ18O, δ13C, δ11B, 87Sr/86Sr: A Multiproxy Approach to Silurian Brachiopod Shells
Wacker U, Fiebig J, Gerdes A, Munnecke A, Joachimski MM & Schöne BR
(2013) It’s Getting Hot on Earth – The Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum in a Terrestrial Sedimentary Record
Methner K, Wacker U, Fiebig J, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP
(2012) Clumped Isotopes Applied to Silurian Brachiopod Shells, Gotland/Sweden
Wacker U, Fiebig J, Munnecke A, Joachimski MM & Schoene BR

Wacket A. (2021) Effects of Ocean Chemistry on Chemical and Morphological Evolution of Iron Sulfide Nanoparticles
Matzen S, Ely T, Wacket A, Gartman A, German C & Toner BM

Wackett Adrian (2023) Elucidating Hydrothermal Vent Particulate Contributions to Global Marine Iron Cycling Using a Multi-Modal XAS and XRF Approach
Stewart B, Wackett A, Ely T & Toner BM
(2023) Precipitation during Hydrothermal Plume Formation; The Dominance of Pyrite
Ely T, Wackett A, Matzen SL, Stewart B & Toner B
(2020) Nonlinear Soil Change by Exotic Earthworms: Organisms as a Soil Forming Factor
Yoo K, Wackett A, Baumann T, Frelich L, Sikes D, Bowser M, Brown S, Ihl C, Zhang M, Riley J & Klaminder J
(2015) Weathering Control of Mineral-Carbon Sorption at Hillslopes Under Different Climates
Yoo K, Wackett A, Amundson R & Heimsath A

Wackett Adrian A (2022) Soil Fauna and the Fate of Soil Organic Carbon in Northern Forests
Wackett AA, Yoo K, Cameron EK, Jelinski NA, Looker N, Olid C, Jonsson H, Rodríguez-Martínez S, Frelich LE & Klaminder J
(2022) Characteristics of Hydrothermally Derived Particles from Globally Distributed Deep-Sea Vent Fields
Toner BM, Wackett AA, Kamermans BR, Matzen SL, Ely T, Achterberg EP & German CR

Waczek Z. (2020) AiRock(TM): Reactive Transport Modeling Using High-Performance Computing in the Cloud and Machine Learning
Shafei B & Waczek Z
(2007) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Amphiboles from Alkaline Igneous Complexes
Waczek Z, Vennemann T, Harris C, Markl G & Marks M

Wada A. (2003) Impact of Asian Emissions on the Western North Pacific Regions Observed at JMA Monitoring Stations
Matsueda H, Sawa Y, Wada A, Tsuboi K, Suda K & Tsutsumi Y

Wada C. (2016) Mapping of Sea Surface Nutrients for Global Ocean Using a Feed Forward Neural Network
Nojiri Y, Oohaga Y, Wada C, Zeng J, Nakaoka S-I & Yasunaka S
(2015) Global Mapping of Sea Surface Nutrients Using Neural Network
Nojiri Y, Wada C, Nakaoka S-I, Yasunaka S & Zeng J

Wada E. (2003) Chironomid Larvae Eating Methane
Narita T, Kondo S, Sugimoto A, Kiyashko S & Wada E

Wada H. (2016) Rare Earth Metal Mineralization in South Nam Xe Carbonatites, Northwest Vietnam
Nguyen TT, Wada H & Le DD
(2009) Carbon Isotope Analyses of Kerogen from Tumbiana Formation, Fortescue Group Shown Possibility of the Environmental Redox Changes
Yoshiya K, Sakurai R, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y, Tsuyoshi K, Yoshida N, Wada H & Maruyama S
(2003) Calcareous Foraminiferal Test as a Proxy of Cd in Coastal Marine Environment
Maréchal-Abram N, Debenay J & Wada H
(2003) The Seasonal Isotopic Record of Antarctic Bivalve Shell
Tada Y, Wada H & Miura H
(2003) Isotopic Studies of Vein Type Graphite from Ultramafic Massifs of Ronda (Spain) and Beni Bousera (Morocco)
Crespo E, Wada H, Rodas M & Luque F
(2003) Carbon Isotope Record of Kerogen from ~2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation, Western Australia
Sakurai R, Wada H, Ueno Y & Maruyama S
(2003) Isotopic Analyses Based on Mineral Separation of Carbonate Chimney Induced by Cold Seepage at the Conical Seamount, Mariana Forearc
Kato K, Wada H & Fujioka K
(2002) Holocene Climatic Change Record in the Sediment Core from Lake Richardson, East Antarctica
Wada H, Nagayama M, Miura H & Kashima K
(2000) Microscale Stable Isotopic Zonation in the Crust and Formation of Isotopic and Chemical Fronts during Contact Metamorphism
Wada H

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