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D'Abzac F-X. (2017) Femtosecond Laser Ablation ICP-MS for Elemental and Isotopic Analysis: Are Ultrafast Lasers Worthwhile?
Poitrasson F, D'Abzac F-X & Chmeleff J

d'Abzac François-Xavier (2009) First Transmission Electron Microscope Analyses of Nano-Sized Particles Produced by IR Femtosecond Laser Ablation
d'Abzac F-X, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Poitrasson F & Freydier R

d'Abzac François-Xavier (2015) Hafnium Isotope Analysis of Yb-Doped Zircon and JMC475 Reference Materials by MC-ICP-MS: Protocols and Pitfalls
D'Abzac F-X, Davies JHFL, Wotzlaw J-F & Schaltegger U
(2015) Hf Isotopes in Zircon Record Sudden Rejuvenation in a Back-Arc Magmatic System (Torres del Paine, Patagonia)
Ewing T, Müntener O, Leuthold J, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Chiaradia M & d'Abzac F-X

D'Agrella-Filho M. (2012) Avanavero Large Igneous Province: A Short-Lived and Widespread Paleoproterozoic Mafic Event in the Guiana Shield, Amazonian Craton: U-Pb Geochronological, Geochemical and Paleomagnetic Evidence
Hamilton MA, Reis NJ, Teixeira W, Bispo-Santos F, Almeida M & D'Agrella-Filho M

D'Agrella-Filho M.S.

D'Alessandro V. (2016) Physical Control of the Spatial and Temporal Diversity of Microbial Mats at a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent
Giovannelli D, Foustoukos D, LeBris N, Sievert S, Yucel M, D'Alessandro V, Ricci R & Vetriani C

D'Alessandro W. (2018) Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Earth's Crust: A Phantom?
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, Silva C, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A, Schreiber C, Lopez T & Mountain B
(2017) Extreme Isotope Fractionation of Hydrothermal Methane due to Oxidation Processes in Hot Springs of Central Greece
D'Alessandro W, Daskalopoulou K, Gagliano AL, Calabrese S, Fiebig J, Tassi F & Kyriakopoulos K
(2017) Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Hydrocarbons in Volcanic-Hydrothermal Emissions
Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, D'Alessandro W, Ricci A & Lopez T
(2016) Geochemistry of REE in Hyperacid and Hypersaline Waters in Hydrothermal Systems
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, D'Alessandro W & Zuddas P
(2015) Volatile Plume Derived Elements in Groundwater of Mt. Etna Volcano
Liotta M, D'Alessandro W, Bellomo S & Brusca L
(2015) Water-Rock Interaction in Pantelleria Hydrothermal System (Italy). The Behaviour of Zr, Hf and REE
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, Zuddas P, Brusca L, D'Alessandro W & Pecoraino G
(2014) Monitoring of Dissolved Helium Isotope Ratios in Etnean Groundwaters
Longo M, Bellomo S, Brusca L, D'Alessandro W, Paonita A & Rizzo A
(2013) Seawater Trace Metals in Acidified Condition: An Accumulation Study in the Blue Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis off Vulcano Island Submarine Vents (Italy)
Boatta F, D'Alessandro W, Gagliano A, Federico C, Calabrese S, Liotta M, Milazzo M & Parello F
(2013) Investigation of the Methanotrophic Activity in the Soils of a Geothermal Site of Pantelleria Island (Italy)
Gagliano AL, D'Alessandro W, Quatrini P & Parello F
(2013) Noble Gases Geochemistry of Magma Degassing at Santorini (Greece): Inferences on 2011-2012 Unrest
Rizzo A, Barberi F, Carapezza ML, Francalanci L, D'Alessandro W, Di Piazza A & Sortino F
(2012) Hydrothermal Hydrocarbon Gases: Geothermometry and Origins
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W, Vaselli O & Woodland A
(2009) Sourcing Hydrocarbons in CO2-rich Hydrothermal Systems
Fiebig J, Tassi F, D'Alessandro W & Woodland A
(2009) Rainwater-Induced Leaching of Selenium, Arsenic and Vanadium from Etnean Volcanic Soils
Floor G, Calabrese S, Roman-Ross G, D'Alessandro W & Aiuppa A
(2009) Nitrogen Isotopes in Volcanic Fluids of Different Geodynamic Settings
Inguaggiato S, Taran Y, Fridriksson T, Melián G & D'Alessandro W
(2009) Methane Fluxes from the Soils in Active Volcanic Areas: The Case of Pantelleria Island (Italy)
D'Alessandro W, Bellomo S, Brusca L, Longo M, Martelli M & Pecoraino G
(2009) Volcanic Signature of Volatile Trace Elements on Atmospheric Deposition at Mt. Etna, Italy
Calabrese S, Floor G, D'Alessandro W, Parello F, Aiuppa A & Roman-Ross G
(2007) Is Lichades the Northern End of the Hellenic Volcanic Arc? Clues from Helium Isotopic Composition in Gases
D'Alessandro W, Brusca L & Kyriakopoulos K
(2003) Sulphur Isotopic Composition in Groundwater Sulphate at Mt. Etna
D’Alessandro W, Ferron F, Pecoraino G & Le Guern F
(2002) Magmatic Gas Scavenging Through Ashes: Mt. Etna July-August 2001 Eruption
Bellomo S, Del Carlo P, D'Alessandro W, Coltelli M & Parello F
(2000) Rainwater Chemistry in an Active Volcanic Area – Mt. Etna, Italy
Aiuppa A & D'Alessandro W

D'Alexis Q. (2017) Effect of pH Variability and Flow on the Response of Corals and Coralline Algae to Ocean Acidification
Comeau S, Cornwall C, Moore B, Pupier C, D'Alexis Q & McCulloch M

D'Amato M. (2013) Vanadium Leaching from Converter Lime and Speciation in Soil: A Long-Term Field Study
Larsson MA, D'Amato M, Cubadda F, Raggi A, Öborn I & Gustafsson JP

D'Amore D. (2018) Soil and Critical Zone Evolution in the Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska
D'Amore D, Dere A, Lybrand R, Trainor T & White T
(2015) Stream Chemical Signatures of Rock Weathering and Contribution of Organic Acids to Charge Balance in the Perhumid Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska
D'Amore D & Trainor T

D'Andrea S. (2014) Understanding and Constraining Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Amount and Size-Resolved Condensational Behavior
D'Andrea S, Häkkinen S, Westervelt D, Kuang C, Levin E, Leaitch R, Spracklen D, Riipinen I & Pierce J
(2014) Aerosol Size Distribution Response to Anthropogenically Driven Historical Changes in Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation
D'Andrea S, Acosta Navarro J, Farina S, Riipinen I & Pierce J

D'Andrea W.J. (2014) Phylogenetic Control of UK37-temperature Sensitivity: A Unifying Model for the Temperature Dependence of Alkenone Unsaturation
D'Andrea WJ, Theroux S & Bradley RS
(2014) Seasonal Variability of Branched Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers in a Temperate Lake System
Loomis S, Russell J, Heureux A, D'Andrea W & Sinninghe Damsté J

D'Andres J. (2018) Noble Gases and Halogens in the Oman Ophiolite
D'Andres J, Kendrick M & Honda M

D'Andrilli J. (2009) Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Soil Porewater DOM
Cooper W, D'Andrilli J, Podgorski D, Chanton J & Zimmerman A

D'Angelo C. (2017) How Robust are Vital Effects for Coral Calcification and pH Up-Regulation?
Chalk T, Lei F, Foster G, D'Angelo C & Wiedenmann J

D'Angelo P. (2017) Analysis of the Structure of Compressed Liquid Ni and Co by EXAFS
Boccato S, Torchio R, D'Angelo P, Trapananti A, Kantor I, Recoules V & Pascarelli S

D'Angelo T. (2018) Active Microbial Groups in Oceanic Crust
Orcutt B, D'Angelo T, Goordial J & Jones R

D'Anna Barbara (2015) Highlight Results from the HCCT-2010 Hill Cap Cloud Experiment
van Pinxteren D, Poulain L, Tilgner A, Henning S, Stratmann F, Mertes S, Schneider J, Harris E, Sinha B, Whalley L, Heard D, D'Anna B, George C & Herrmann H

D'Anna Barbara (2009) Photosensitized Aging of Succinic Acid Aerosol
Rouviere A, Decarlo P, Schlierf A, Favez O, D'Anna B, George C, Prevot A & Ammann M
(2009) Uptake and Release of Traces Gases at the Mineral Dust Surface
D'Anna B, Ndour M, Sassine M, Nicolas M, Ka O & George C
(2009) Photoenhanced Uptake of NO2 on Soot
Monge ME, D'Anna B & George C
(2009) Photoenhanced Deposition of Trace Gases at the Interface of Organic Surfaces
George C & D'Anna B

D'Antonio M. (2012) The Cataclysmic Campanian Ignimbrite Eruption (Campi Flegrei, Southern Italy): Volatile Melt-Fining Processes and the Effects of Physico-Chemical Heterogeneities
Moretti R, Arienzo I, Brun F, Civetta L, D'Antonio M, Le Losq C, Mancini L, Neuville DR & Orsi G
(2012) The Pantelleria Shallow Plumbing System: Extreme Differentiation Processes in an Intraplate Volcanic Field
D'Antonio M, Moretti R, Civetta L & Orsi G
(2011) The Plumbing System of the Ischia Island: A Physico-Chemical Window on the Fluid-Saturated and CO2-Sustained Neapolitan Volcanism (Southern Italy)
Moretti R, Arienzo I, Orsi G, Civetta L & D'Antonio M
(2009) Vapor-Buffered Volcanic Activity of Southern Italy and Mantle Degassing
Moretti R, Arienzo I, Armienti P, Civetta L, D'Antonio M & Orsi G
(2005) Identification of the Hydrous Environments in Volcanic Glasses
Petrini R, Slejko FF, Forte C & D'Antonio M
(2004) Mineralogical and Geochemical Changes during Hydrothermal Alteration of 49 Ma Old Basalts from the West Philippine Basin
D'Antonio M & Kristensen M
(2002) The Role of Metasomatising Fluids in the Genesis of Orogenic Magmas. A Case Study from Sardinia, Italy
Franciosi L, Lustrino M, Melluso L, Morra V & D'Antonio M
(2002) Boron Isotope Systematics in South Italy Volcanoes
Tonarini S, Civetta L, D'Antonio M, D'Orazio M, Innocenti F & Leeman W
(2002) Geochemistry of Serpentinites from the S.Chamorro Seamount, ODP Leg 195, Site 1200, Mariana Forearc- Iimplications For Recycling at Subduction Zones
Savov I, Ryan J, Chan L, D?Antonio M, Mottl M & Fryer P
(2000) B/Nb and *11B Systematics in the Phlegrean Volcanic District (PVD) and Aeolian Islands (Relationship between Calc-Alkaline and Potassic Orogenic Magmatism in Southern Italy)
Tonarini S, Civetta L, D'Antonio M, Ferrara G, Leeman WP & Necco A

D'Arco P. (2016) Exploiting Symmetry to Study Solid Solutions and Disordered Crystalline Systems
Lacivita V, D'Arco P & Mustapha S
(2015) Exploring the Microscopic Structure of Minerals Through ab Initio Vibrational Spectroscopy
De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, D'Arco P, Carteret C, Dovesi R & Gale J

D'Arcy Joan (2015) The Chromium Isotopic Composition of an Early to Middle Ordovician Marine Carbonate Platform, Eastern Precordillera, San Juan, Argentina
D'Arcy J, Frei R, Gilleaudeau G, Peralta S, Kah L & Gaucher C

D'Arcy Joan (2014) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Oxidative Weathering of a Modern Basaltic Weathering Profile
D'Arcy J, Døssing L & Frei R

D'Argenio B. (2002) Imbalances in the Sulfur Cycle: Important Players in the Carbon-System?
Brunner B, Wissler L, Bernasconi S, Weissert H & D'Argenio B

D'Avila J. (2015) Super Light Rain in Supercontinents
Vasconcelos PM, da Silva Monteiro H, Ireland T, Farley K & D'Avila J
(2015) SHRIMP-Si (18O/16O) Analyses of Goethite: Technical Aspects and Applications to Paleoenvironmental Studies
da Silva Monteiro H, Vasconcelos PM, Ireland T, Farley K, D'Avila J, Miller H, Eiler J & Southam G

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