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Ka O. (2009) Uptake and Release of Traces Gases at the Mineral Dust Surface
D'Anna B, Ndour M, Sassine M, Nicolas M, Ka O & George C

Kaal J. (2013) Biochar Determination in Soils by Applying Pyrolysis GC-MS Analysis and Black Carbon (BC) Concentration Trough Dichromate and Permanganate Oxidation
Suarez-Abelenda M, Kaal J, Knicker H, Camps-Arbestain M & Macías-Vázquez F

Kaartvedt S. (2017) Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in the Mesopelagic Fish Accumulation Layer: Implications for C Cycling
Calleja ML, Røstad A, Ansari M, Da Silva L, Kaartvedt S, Irigoien X & Morán XAG

Kaasalainen H. (2015) Nitrogen Chemistry and Speciation in Geothermal Waters, Iceland
Ásgeirsdóttir R, Stefánsson A, Kaasalainen H & Eiríksdóttir ES
(2015) Chemistry of FeII and FeIII in Hydrothermal Waters, Iceland
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A & Druschel G
(2015) The Vonarskard Geothermal System, Central Iceland: An Oasis in the Desert
Keller NS, Stefánsson A, Kaasalainen H, Björnsdóttir S, Pétursdóttir S, Gunnarsson Robin J, Hreggvidsson GÓ, Jóhannesson H & Fridleifsson GÓ
(2013) Chromium Chemistry in Natural Waters, Iceland
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A, Gunnarsson I & Arnórsson S
(2012) Chemical Speciation of Sediment Phosphorus and Iron Suggesting Burial of Iron-Bound Phosphorus in the Northern Baltic Sea
Lukkari K, Kujansuu S & Kaasalainen H
(2010) Sulfur Speciation in Natural Geothermal Fluids, Iceland – Kinetically or Thermodynamically Controlled?
Kaasalainen H & Stefánsson A
(2010) H2S and CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Systems
Stefansson A, Arnorsson S, Gunnarsson I, Gysi A, Kaasalainen H & Gunnlaugsson E
(2009) Metal Transport by Geothermal and Volcanic Vapour
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A, Giroud N & Arnórsson S
(2008) The Chemistry of Sulfur in Volcanic Geothermal Fluids
Kaasalainen H & Stefánsson A

Kaba M. (2017) Biogeochemical Processes in Water-Soil Interface in Mboro Littoral Wetlands from Senegal
Kaba M, Mesnage V, Laignel B & Faye S

Kababya S. (2016) Molecular-Functional Insights into Biomimetic Pathways
Kababya S, Gal A, Kahil K, Weiner S, Addadi L & Schmidt A

Kabalah-Amitai L. (2016) Biomineral Vaterite Spicules do not Grow from Amorphous Calcium Carbonate, They Grow Ion by Ion from Solution
Pokroy B, Kabalah-Amitai L, Polishchuk I, DeVol RT, Blonsky AZ, Sun C-Y, Marcus MA, Scholl A & Gilbert PUPA

Kabamba Baludikay B. (2017) Early Eukaryotes: Insights from Microanalyses of Proterozoic Microfossils
Cornet Y, Beghin J, Kabamba Baludikay B, François C, Compère P & Emmanuelle J

Kabanov P. (2016) Rock-Eval Analysis as an Efficient Technique to Determine Carbonate Content in Shale Source Rocks
Jiang C(, Chen Z, Kabanov P & Lavoie D

Kabatesi Confiance J.

Kabe N. (2009) Multielement Profiling Analyses of Seawater in Coral Reef Area and the Biogeocemical Processes of Trace Metals in Bivalve with Symbiotic Zooxanthellae
Itoh A, Arakaki T, Kabe N, Yamaguchi M & Oura E

Kabengi N. (2020) Reconciling Calculated and Measured Adsorption Enthalpies for Oxyanions on Rutile (110)
Adams F, Phan K, Kubicki J & Kabengi N
(2020) A Novel Surface Complexation Model Approach to Account for Substitution in Minerals: A Case Study of Aluminum-Ferrihydrites
Adams FT, Machesky M & Kabengi N
(2019) Interfacial Chemistry of Lanthanides Under Nano-Scale Confinement
Ilgen A, Loera L, Knight A, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Leung K & Kabengi N
(2019) A Calorimetric Analysis of Sulfate Adsorption on Ferrihydrites: The Influence of Aluminum Substitution
Kabengi N & Namayandeh A
(2018) Deciphering the Energy Landscapes of Exchange and Adsorption Reactions at Solid-Aqueous Interfaces Through Calorimetric Measurements
Kabengi N
(2018) A Comparative Study of the Energetics of Alkali and Alkali Metal Cation Exchange Reaction on Rutile, Quartz and Mxene Surfaces Using Immersion and Flow Calorimetry
Ilani-kashkouli P, Stroeva E, Navrotsky A, Wesolowski D & Kabengi N
(2017) A Combined Flow Microcalorimetry and Surface Complexation Modeling Study of Ion Exchange Thermodynamics at the Rutile-Water Interface
Kabengi N, Hawkins T, Allen N, Machesky M & Wesolowski D
(2017) Alkali Metal Cation Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces
Machesky M, Predota M, Ridley M, Kabengi N & Wesolowski D
(2016) A Comparative Thermochemical Study of Ion Exchange at Metal Oxides-Solution Interfaces Using Flow Microcalorimetry
Kabengi N, Allen N, Hawkins T & Machesky M
(2013) An Integrated Approach to Build Surface Complexation Models for Chromate on Iron Oxides
Chrysochoou M, Kabengi N, Machesky M, Johnston C & Kubicki J
(2013) Experimental and Computational Spectra and Thermodynamics of Biogeochemical Interfaces
Kubicki J & Kabengi N
(2011) Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Environmental Systems
Reinsch B, Ma R, Levard C, Kabengi N, Brown G, Kim C & Lowry G

Kaberi E. (2015) Lead Content, Fractionation and Ratios of Stable Isotopes in Marine Sediments from Saronikos Gulf, Greece
Prifti E, Kaberi E, Iliakis S, Dassenakis M & Scoullos M
(2015) Benthic Fluxes of ex situ Incubations and Porewater Nutrient Concentrations Near the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Athens, Saronikos Gulf, Greece
Rousselaki E, Pavlidou A, Michalopoulos P, Prifti E & Kaberi E

Kaberi H. (2016) Natural and Anthropogenic Heavy Metals in the Sediments of Saronikos Gulf, Greece: Reviewing 15 Years of Observations
Karageorgis A, Kaberi H, Zervoudaki S, Krasakopoulou E & Botsou F
(2014) Nutrient Fluxes in a Hypoxic Marine Environment of East Mediterranean
Rousselaki E, Pavlidou A, Michalopoulos P & Kaberi H

Kabiru M. (2017) Discussion of M-Type Plagiogranite at the South of Subduction Zone (Bursa-Uludag)
Kabiru M, Kumral M, Kocaturk H & Kirikoglu S
(2017) Understanding Rare Earth Elements Enrichments on the Border of Ophiolitic Rocks and Schists (Southern Uludag)
Kumral M, Kocaturk H, Kabiru M & Sendir H

Kabius B. (2013) Understanding Electron Transfer at Fe-Bearing Mineral Surfaces to Optimize Contaminant Remediation
Pearce C, Liu J, Kabius B, Arenholz E & Rosso K

Kaboth S. (2020) Disentangling Local and Regional Paleoclimate Signals from Lake Internal Processes in Paleolimnological Records
Löwemark L, Lin T-W, Yamoah K & Kaboth S

Kaçeli Xhixha M. (2013) Radiogenic Heat Production of the Sardinian Variscan Crust
Puccini A, Xhixha G, Cuccuru S, Oggiano G, Kaceli Xhixha M, Mantovani F, Rossi Alvarez C & Casini L
(2013) Automated Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Monitoring Wastes Made by Non-Nuclear Industries
Xhixha G, Bezzon G, Broggini C, Buso G, Caciolli A, Callegari I, Colonna T, Fiorentini G, Guastaldi E, Kaçeli Xhixha M, Mantovani F, Massa G, Menegazzo R, Mou L, Rossi Alvarez C & Strati V
(2013) Mapping the Natural Radioactivity of Elba Island by Means of Geostatistical Interpolation of Airborne Gamma-Ray Data
Guastaldi E, Baldoncini M, Bezzon G, Broggini C, Buso GP, Caciolli A, Callegari I, Colonna T, Fiorentini G, Kaçeli Xhixha M, Mantovani F, Massa G, Menegazzo R, Mou L, Rossi Alvarez C, Strati V & Xhixha G

Kacenelenbogen M. (2017) Creating Aerosol Types from CHemistry (CATCH) to Better Connect Remote Sensing and Models
Dawson K, Meskhidze N, Burton S, Johnson M, Kacenelenbogen M, Hostetler C & Hu Y

Kacewicz M. (2010) Reservoir Quality of GOM Louisiana Miocene Shelf Sandstones: Clay Coatings are the Key
Thomas A, McCarty D, Sakharov B, Dunn T & Kacewicz M

Kachar B. (2009) Grazing and Digestion of Magnetotactic Bacteria by Ciliates
Silveira T, Martins J, Abreu F, Silva K, Aronova M, Silva Neto I, Kachar B & Lins U

Kachemwe M. (2016) Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in Southern Malawi
Kachemwe M, Fukuyama M & Ishiyama D

Kachi T. (2002) Sr, Nd and Os Isotopic Systematics of Nikubuchi Ultramafic Complex in Central Shikoku, Japan
Senda R, Kachi T & Tanaka T

Kachlik V. (2006) Zircon CHIME dating of durbachite from the Trebíc Pluton, Central European Variscides
Kusiak MA, Suzuki K, Kachlik V & Kedzior A

Kaczmar F. (2017) Response of the Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacterium C. Watsonii to Input of Atmospheric Iron from Saharan Dust
Ridame C, Jacq V, Desboeufs K, L’helguen S, Kaczmar F & Saliot A
(2013) Impact of Iron Limitation on Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacteria
Jacq V, Ridame C, L'Helguen S, Kaczmar F & Saliot A

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