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L.J. Ledesma J. (2012) Riparian Soils Control Metal Loading of Natural Organic Carrier Phases
Kohler SJ, Grabs T, L.J. Ledesma J, Bishop K, Lidman F & Laudon H

L'Ecuyer T. (2013) Satellite and Aircraft Views of Relationships between Particles, Cloud Water, and Rain Water
Sorooshian A, Wang Z, Feingold G, L'Ecuyer T & Jonsson H

L'Haridon J. (2019) The Origin of Vera Rubin Ridge: Oxidative Weathering on Mars?
Fraeman A, Arvidson R, Edgar L, Fedo C, Fischer W, Horgan B, L'Haridon J, Grotzinger J, Lanza N, Milliken R, Morris R, Salvatore M, Siebach K, Stack K, Thompson L, Sun V, Wiens R & Williams A

L'Haridon S. (2009) Methanogens Diversity and Distribution in Sediments of the Häkon Mosby Mud Volcano
L'Haridon S, Roumagnac M, Estebanez V, Pignet P, Chalopin M & Toffin L

L'Helguen S. (2013) Impact of Iron Limitation on Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacteria
Jacq V, Ridame C, L'Helguen S, Kaczmar F & Saliot A

L'Heureux I. (2015) A Stochastic Resonance Mechanism for the Formation of Banded Patterns in Limestone-Marl Sequences
L'Heureux I
(2012) Lattice Boltzmann Modelling of Stellate Plagioclase, Central Layered Series of Isle of Rum, Scotland
Zhang S, Fowler A & L'Heureux I
(2010) Liesegang Pyrite Bands in Sapropel Sediments
Bektursunova R & L'Heureux I
(2009) The Role of Volatile Bubbles in the Cyclic Dynamics of Shallow Volcanic Systems
L'Heureux I
(2009) Periodic Precipitation of Pyrite Bands in Anoxic Marine Sediments
Bektursunova R & L'Heureux I
(2008) Seasonal Controls of Methane Gas Solubility and Transport on Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Shallow Water Marine Sediments
Mogollón J, Dale A, L'Heureux I & Regnier P
(2004) Model of Oscillatory Zoning in the (Ba, Sr)SO4 Solid Solution System
L'heureux I & Katsev S

L'Heureux Z. (2013) Near-Field Measurements of Volcanogenic Sulfur: Emissions, Oxidation, and Neutralization
Kroll J, Cross E, Pai S, L'Heureux Z, Hunter J, Croteau P, Jayne J, Waillace L, Murphy J & Heald C

L’helguen S. (2017) Response of the Marine Unicellular Diazotrophic Cyanobacterium C. Watsonii to Input of Atmospheric Iron from Saharan Dust
Ridame C, Jacq V, Desboeufs K, L’helguen S, Kaczmar F & Saliot A

La C. (2017) Melt-Rock Interactions in South Armorican Peridotites
Aertgeerts G, Lorand J-P, Monnier C & La C
(2017) Mn/Ca Ratios as Proxy for Benthic Ecosystem Oxygenation: Culturing Study and Field Observations of Ammonia Tepida
Petersen J, Barras C, Mouret A, Nardelli MP, Metzger E, Bézos A, La C, Filipsson HL, de Nooijer LJ, Meysman FJR & Jorissen FJ

La Cono V. (2018) Unraveling Diversity of Extremophiles along Salinity Gradient at the Sea-Water Interfaces of Several Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Lakes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Berlendis S, Maignien L, Yakimov MM, La Cono V & La Spada G

La Fontaine A. (2017) Re-Os Geochronology of Sub-Micrometre Meteoritic Alloys Through Atom Probe Microscopy
Daly L, Bland PA, Tessalina S, Saxey DW, Reddy SM, Fougerouse D, Rickard WDA, Forman LV, Trimby PW, Yang L, La Fontaine A, Cairney J, Ringer SP & Schaefer BF

La Fontaine C. (2019) Structural Organization and Formation of Iron-Organic Matter Nanoaggregates: A Kinetic Approach Coupling Quick-EXAFS and MCR-Als Chemometry
Vantelon D, Davranche M, Marsac R, La Fontaine C, Guénet H, Jestin J, Campaore G, Beauvois A & Briois V

La Fuente S. (2011) Use of Sequential Extraction to Evaluate the Mobility of Heavy Metals in the Huanuni Basin (Bolivia)
Kralj M, Marchesi M, Dinelli E, Soler A, La Fuente S & Coronado F

La Rubia-García M.D. (2013) Thermal Ageing of Sepiolite/Polyamide66 Nanocomposites
Fernández-Barranco C, Yebra-Rodríguez Á, La Rubia-García MD, Rodríguez-Navarro AB & Jiménez-Millán J

La Russa M.F. (2007) The Use of Campanian Pumices in the Roman Mortars of Messina Area (Sicily) as Indicator of Technological Tradition
Barone G, La Russa MF, Mazzoleni P, Pezzino A & Tigano G

La Spada G. (2018) Unraveling Diversity of Extremophiles along Salinity Gradient at the Sea-Water Interfaces of Several Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Lakes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Berlendis S, Maignien L, Yakimov MM, La Cono V & La Spada G

La Spina A. (2013) Processed Controlling Recent Lava Fountaining Activity on Mt. Etna, Revealed Using Remote Sensing Measurements of Volcanic Gases
La Spina A, Salerno G & Burton M
(2013) Magma Migration at Mt. Etna in 2012-2013 Detected by Gas Emissions and Plume Temperature
Giammanco S, Salerno G, La Spina A, Spampinato L, Caltabiano T, Bonfanti P, Murè F, Maugeri R & Longo V

La Spina G. (2019) Highly Explosive Basaltic Eruptions: Magma Fragmentation Induced by Rapid Crystallisation
Arzilli F, La Spina G, Burton M, Polacci M, Le Gall N, Hartley M, Di Genova D, Cai B, Vo N, Bamber E, Nonni S, Atwood R, Llewellin E & Lee P
(2019) Crystallisation in Basaltic Magmas Revealed via in situ 4D Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography and Implications for Lava Flows
Polacci M, Arzilli F, La Spina G, Le Gall N, Cai B, Hartley M, Di Genova D, Vo N, Nonni S, Atwood R, Llewellin E, Lee P & Burton M

Laajoki K. (2000) U-Pb Zircon Dating of the Mesoproterozoic Brunkeberg Formation and its Bearing on the Stratigraphy and Tectonic Setting of Telemark Supracrustals, South Norway
Laajoki K, Corfu F & Tom A

Laakso K. (2016) VMS Exploration: Oxygen Isotope Mapping from Top to Bottom
Taylor B, Peter J, Laakso K & Rivard B

Laakso L. (2015) Size-Resolved Characterisation of Organic Atmospheric Aerosols Collected at Welgegund, South Africa with GCxGC-TOFMS
van Zyl PG, Booyens W, Beukes JP, Ruiz-Jimenez J, Kopperi M, Riekkola M-L, Josipovic M, Venter AD, Jaars K, Laakso L, Vakkari V, Kulmala M & Pienaar JJ

Laakso T. (2019) Volcanic Controls on Seawater Sulfate over the Past 120 Million Years
Laakso T, Waldeck A, Macdonald F & Johnston D
(2018) Environmental Influences on Neoproterozoic Carbon Isotope Excursions
Laakso T & Schrag D
(2014) Multiple Equilibria in pO2: Archean, Proterozoic, Phanerozoic
Laakso T & Schrag D

Laaksoharju M. (2012) Access to the Largest Geosphere Laboratory in the World – The Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory
Laaksoharju M & Gurban I
(2012) Classification of Groundwater from a Coastal Granitoidic Fracture Network
Mathurin F, Kalinowski B, Astroem M & Laaksoharju M
(2011) Brackish Marine Water Intrusion in Deep Fractured Granitic Bedrock
Mathurin F, Kalinowski B, Åström M & Laaksoharju M

Laaksonen Ari (2011) Factors Affecting the Physical Phase State of SOA Particles from Biogenic and Anthropogenic Precursors
Virtanen A, Saukko E, Lambe A, Massoli P, Onasch T, Wright J, Croasdale DR, Laaksonen A, Davidovits P & Worsnop DR

Laaksonen Ari (2013) Atmospheric Aerosol Nucleation in the Po Valley during the PEGASOS-Supersito Experiment
Decesari S, Marinoni A, Gobbi GP, Hamed A, Laaksonen A, Manninen H, Poluzzi V & Facchini MC

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