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Zaarur S. (2023) The Contribution of Dust to Volcanic Soils in a Semi-Arid to Sub-Humid Setting, a Case Study from the Golan Heights
Zaarur S, Crouvi O & Kumer H
(2022) Estimating the Contribution and Sources of Aeolian Sediments (Dust) to the Volcanic Soils of the Golan Heights, Eastern Mediterranean, and their Effect on Soil Composition
Zaarur S & Crouvi O
(2021) Age Constraints for the Golan Heights Volcanic Soils, Determined from Integrating Geochemical and Geochronological Tools
Zaarur S
(2020) Precipitation and Texture Effects on the Weathering of Young Mauna Loa Basalts, and the Early Stages of Soil Formation
Zaarur S & Kaduri M
(2019) Carbonate 17Oexcess as a Paleo-Hydrology Proxy
Affek HP, Barkan E, Bergel SJ, Vieten R, Voarintsoa NRG & Zaarur S
(2018) Late Quaternary Climate in Southern China Deduced from Sr-Nd Isotopes of Huguangyan Maar Sediments
Zaarur S, Stein M, Adam O, Mingram J, Chu G, Liu J, Wu J & Erel Y
(2014) Insights from Oxygen and Clumped Isotopes and SEM Imaging on Equilibrium Carbonate Precipitation
Zaarur S, Affek HP & Bar-Matthews M
(2014) Clumped Isotopes in Speleothems: Accounting for Disequilibrium
Affek H, Kluge T & Zaarur S
(2013) Causes of Late Pleistocene Lake Victoria Water Level Change, Derived from Clumped Isotopes in Land Snails and Fresh Water Molluscs
Zaarur S, Affek HP, Tryon C, Peppe D & Faith JT
(2012) Glacial-Interglacial Paleotemeperatures and Paleohydrology in the Jourdan River Valley from Clumped Isotopes in Fresh Water Snails
Zaarur S, Stein M & Affek H
(2012) Clumped Isotopes Role in a Multi-Proxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Dublyansky Y, Spoetl C, Douglas P, Ivany L, Saenger C & Zhang Y
(2011) Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M
(2009) Mass Spectrometric Effects on ‘Clumped Isotopes’ Calibration
Affek H, Zaarur S & Douglas P

Żaba T. (2017) Variation of the Composition of Fly Ash from the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant
Kajdas B, Żaba T, Kasina M, Kowalski PR & Michalik M

Zabaleta A. (2000) Record of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Bilbao Estuary, Northern Spain
Irabien MJ, Yusta I, Zabaleta A & Alvaro AI

Zabel Mathias (2020) Early Diagenesis of Organic Material in Hadal Trenches
Glud RN, Thamdrup B, Zabel M, Larsen M, Glud A, Sanei H, Yunping X, Lou M, Li X, Oguri K, Jamieson A, Stewart HA, Rowden A, Fang J & Wenzhoefer F

Zabel Matthias (2022) Nutrient Turnover by Large Sulfur Bacteria on the Namibian Mud Belt during the Low Productivity Season
Chuang P-C, Anderson CH, Kossack M, Fabian J, Su C-C, Vosteen P, Zabel M, Scholz F, Schulz-Vogt HN, Sommer S & Dale AW
(2022) Changes in Atlantic Deep-Water Current Ventilation during the Last Glacial Interval Recorded in Cape Basin Sediments
Riedinger N, Abshire ML, Scholz F & Zabel M
(2021) Sedimentation Processes of Hadal Environments: A Comparison between Kermadec and Atacama Trenches
Oguri K, Turnewitsch R, Rowden A, Zabel M, Masque P, Stewart HA, Wenzhöfer F & Glud RN
(2021) Benthic Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Mineralization in Hadal Trenches
Glud RN, Thamdrup B, Berg P, Oguri K, Sanei H, Zabel M & Wenzhoefer F
(2021) High Benthic Turnover Rates in Buried Sediments of Deep-Sea Trenches
Zabel M, Glud RN, Sanei H, Elvert M, Chuang P-C, Okuma E & Kölling M
(2017) Elucidating 13C-Depleted Methane Generation during Anaerobic Methanotrophy
Wegener G, Zabel M, Koelling M, Taubner H & Elvert M
(2017) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Coupled to Iron Reduction (Fe-Aom) Associated with Iron, Sulfur and Carbon Cycles in Anoxic Sediments
Chuang P-C, Heuer V, Hinrichs K-U & Zabel M
(2014) Impact of Biogeochemical Zonation and Depositional Setting on Molecular Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter in Sediment Pore Waters
Schmidt F, Koch B, Goldhammer T, Zabel M, Buttigieg PL, Ramette A, Elvert M, Witt M, Lazar C, Könneke M, Heuer V & Hinrichs K-U
(2014) Intact Polar Lipids in the Black Sea and its Sediments: Microbial Life Above and Below the Seafloor
Schröder J, Lipp J, Lazar C, Aiello I, Goldhammer T, Heuer V, Elvert M, Zabel M, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U
(2014) Massive Production of Dissolved Organic Nitrogenous Compounds from the Guaymas Basin Sediment at Elevated Temperature
Lin Y-S, Koch BP, Goldhammer T, Witt M, Zabel M & Hinrichs K-U
(2013) Global Distribution of Sulfate Reduction Rates in Marine Sediments
Bowles M, Mogollón J, Kasten S, Zabel M & Hinrichs K-U
(2013) Intact Polar Lipids and Diagenetic Processes in Sub-Seafloor Sediments in the Black Sea
Schröder J, Aiello I, Goldhammer T, Heuer V, Elvert M, Zabel M & Hinrichs K-U
(2009) Structure and Function of a Cold Seep Nurtured by Seepage of Heavy Oil
Schubotz F, Ventura G, Nelson R, Wegener G, Knittel K, Wilhelm T, Zabel M, Kasten S, Boetius A, Reddy C & Hinrichs K-U
(2009) Geochemical Characterization and Origin of High Saline Pore Fluids from Chapopote Asphalt Volcano – Southern Gulf of Mexico
Zabel M & Kasten S
(2009) Geochemical Characterization of Modern Aerosols along the West African Continent Regarding to Provenance, Vegetation Cover, and Biomass Burning
Schefuß E, Zabel M & Eglinton TI
(2009) Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria Mediate Apatite Formation in Phosphorite-Bearing Sediments of the Namibian Upwelling System – Evidence from 33P-Labeling Experiments
Brüchert V, Goldhammer T, Ferdelman T & Zabel M
(2009) Phosphate Oxygen Isotopes and Microbial Activity in the Marine Subsurface
Goldhammer T, Brunner B, Ferdelman T & Zabel M
(2008) Chemistry and Mineralogy of Aeolian and Fluvial Supply in Shallow-Water Sediments off Senegal (NW Africa)
Nizou J, Hanebuth TJ, Bouimetarhan I, Vogt C, Stuut J-B & Zabel M
(2007) Biogeochemical Investigation of Asphalt Seepage at the Chapapote Knoll in the Southern Gulf of Mexico
Schubotz F, Wilhelm T, Hohnberg H-J, Kasten S, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Hinrichs K-U
(2007) Microbial Activity Associated with Asphalt Volcanism at the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico
Wegener G, Bowles M, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Schubotz F, Hinrichs KU, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Boetius A
(2007) Tracking Microbial Life in the Marine Subsurface
Goldhammer T & Zabel M
(2004) Reactivity of Organic Matter in Benguela & Arctic Sediments: The Role of Supply vs. Quality
Ahke A, Ferdelman T, Aspetsberger F, Nickel M, Witte U & Zabel M
(2004) Deconvolving the Pb Isotope Signal of Marine Sediments
Abouchami W, Galer S & Zabel M
(2002) The Pb Isotope Record of Terrigenous Input into the Tropical Atlantic
Abouchami W & Zabel M
(2000) Interpretation of Pore Water Profiles Affected by Intense Lateral Sediment Advection: Examples from the Argentinean and Uruguayan Continental Slope
Hensen C, Schulz HD, Pfeifer K, Zabel M & Kasten S

Zabielski V. (2003) Holocene Climate History and Watershed Dynamics of the Crow Wing Watershed, North Central Minnesota as Interpreted from δ18O and δD in Lake Sediments
Zabielski V, Ito E, Wright H, Person M, Huan Y & Stevanova I

Žabka V. (2011) Modeling of Column Experiments – Influence of Glass Micro Balls
Žabka V, Bruský I & Šembera J

Zaborovska L.

Zaborovskyy V.

Zaborowsky J. (2022) Investigating the Structure and Composition of Freshwater Oyster Adhesive and Shell
Metzler RA, Zaborowsky J, Tregidga J, Underhill J, Nichols L, Gillikin DP & Bouillon S

Zaccaria D. (2019) Zircon Rich Heavy Mineral Sands from Veneto Area – Italy
Stoppa F, Vicentini N, Zaccaria D, Ambrosio FA, Rosatelli G & Schiazza M

Zaccarini F. (2020) Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Distribution and Mobility during Post Magmatic Processes in Ophiolite Chromitites
Bussolesi M, Grieco G, Zaccarini F, Tzamos E & Eslami A
(2019) Occurrence of Rare Phosphides in Ophiolitic Chromitites from Greece and Russia
Zaccarini F, Ifandi E, Sideridis A, Tsikouras B, Grammatikopoulos T, Garuti G, Pushkarev E, Bindi L, Mauro D & Stanley C
(2017) The Role of Sulfides in the Fractionation of Highly Siderophile and Chalcophile Elements during the Formation of Shergottite Meteorites
Baumgartner RJ, Fiorentini ML, Lorand J-P, Baratoux D, Zaccarini F, Ferriere L & Kerim S
(2015) Origin of Chromitite Dykes by in situ Crystallization in Feeder Conduits: A Case Study of the Monchegorsk Layered Intrusion, Russia
Chistyakova S, Latypov R & Zaccarini F
(2015) Geochemical Characteristics of Two Phosphorite Occurrences from the Transdanubian Mountain Range (NW-Hungary)
Molnár Z, Kiss GB, Zaccarini F, Dunkl I & Dódony I
(2015) Trace Element Chemistry of Sulphides in the Shergottite Meteorites: Insights into the Behaviour of Siderophile-Chalcophile Elements in Martian Magmas
Baumgartner R, Fiorentini M, Baratoux D, Zaccarini F & Lorand JP
(2013) Mass Transfer of Fluids and Metals in the Deep Earth
Locmelis M, Fiorentini M, Rushmer T, Adam J, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Turner M & Turner S
(2011) Investigation of Platinum Group Minerals (PGM) from Falcondo Ni-Laterite Deposit (Dominican Republic) Using Hydro-Separation Concentrates
Aiglsperger T, Proenza J, Zaccarini F, Garuti G & Longo F
(2011) Platinum Group Minerals (PGM) in Chromite Lode Deposits from the Sulawesi Ophiolite Belt
Zaccarini F, Idrus A, Garuti G, Thalhammer O & Meyer M
(2011) Platinum Group Minerals (PGM) from Chromitites of Kytlym Uralian-Alaskan Type Complex (Russia)
Garuti G, Zaccarini F & Pushkarev E
(2011) Application of Experimental Mineralogy to the Description of New Platinum-Group Minerals
Vymazalová A, Drábek M & Zaccarini F
(2011) Geochemistry and PGE Mineralogy of Chromitite Seams of the Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Tredoux M, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Kottke-Levin J & Gauert C
(2011) Podiform Chromitites from the Turkish Ophiolites: An Overview to the Mineralogy of Platinum-Group Elements
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Kaliwoda M, Hochleitner R, Akmaz RM & Saka S
(2011) Mineralogical Residence of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in the Fe-Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits of the Ivrea Verbano Zone (Italy)
Kollegger P, Zaccarini F, Garuti G & Thalhammer O
(2007) PGE Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Os-Isotope Signature in the Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from the Kahramanmaras Area, SE-Turkey
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Meisel T, Tarkian M & Sadiklar MB
(2006) Sub-microscopic phases in the Bon Accord Ni ore body, Barberton, South Africa.
Tredoux M, Garuti G, Zaccarini F & Cloete M

Zacchi E.N. (2015) Chronus: A New U-Pb Data Reduction Program
Oliveira FV, Pimentel MM, Giustina MESD, Zacchi EN, Lima BAF, Dantas EL, Rodrigues JB, Bühn BM, Matteini M & Santos RV

Zachara John (2020) Understanding Contaminant Migration within a Dynamic River Corridor Through Integrated Field and Laboratory Experiments and Reactive Transport Modeling
Chen X, Zachara J, Fang Y & Hammond G
(2019) Impact of Dam-Induced Flow Variations on Hyrologic Exchange, Thermal Regimes and Biogeochemical Function in River Corridors
Chen X, Shuai P, Song X, Hammond G & Zachara J

Zachara John M. (2015) Influence of Ferrous Iron Forms on Tc Valence Speciation and Mobility
Zachara J, Liu C & Liu Y
(2015) Biochemical Mineral Reduction Through the Porin Cytochrome Complex of Shewanella oneidensis
Clarke T, Edwards M, White G, Wang Z, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Shi L
(2014) Reactivity of Tc at the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface
Zachara J, Fredrickson J & McKinley J
(2014) Liposome Model to Demonstrate Electron Exchange between Metal-Reducing Bacteria and Fe(III) Oxides
White G, Shi Z, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Clarke T
(2012) Dissolution of Uranyl Precipitates in Contaminated Vadose Zone Sediments
Singh A, Zachara JM, McKinley JP, Liu C, Boyanov MI, Kemner KM & Moore DA
(2012) Pore-Scale Process Coupling and Apparent Surface Reaction Rates
Liu C, Zhang C, Shi Z, Shang J, Kerisit S & Zachara J
(2011) Biogeochemical Redox Transformations of Pertechnetate (99TcO4-)
Fredrickson J, Lee J-H, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Heald S, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J & Zachara J
(2011) Large-Scale Simulation of Molecular Structure and Electron Transfer in Microbial Cytochromes
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Breuer M, Blumberger J, Shi L, Richardson D, Clarke T, Edwards M, Butt J, Zachara J & Fredrickson J
(2011) The Structure and Topology of Cytochromes Involved in Outer Membrane Electron Transport
Clarke T, Edwards M, Hemmings A, Hall A, White G, Gates A, Butt J, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J & Richardson D
(2011) Defining a Landscape for Microbial Electron Transfer to Extracellular Minerals
Butt J, Gates A, Marritt S, Edwards M, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Richardson D & Clarke T
(2011) Challenges in the Identification of Redox Reactive Fe(II) Mineral Phases in Suboxic Aquifer Sediments
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J, Liu C & Felmy A
(2011) Pore-Scale Process Coupling and Its Effect on the Apparent Rates of Uranyl Surface Complexation
Liu C, Kerisit S, Ewing R, Shang J & Zachara J
(2011) Physical Versus Chemical Non-Equilibrium Model for Simulating U(VI) Adsorption
Greskowiak J, Hay M, Prommer H, Liu C, Post V, Ma R, Davis J, Zheng C & Zachara J
(2010) Sorption of Uranium on Synthetic Porous Phases as a Model for Understanding Grain-Scale Diffusion Kinetics in Contaminated Sediments
Hay M, Davis J & Zachara J
(2010) The Deep Vadoze Zone as a Source of Uranium to the Near-Shore Aquifer at the Hanford Site, Washington
McKinley J, Zachara J, Resch C, Girvin D, Kaluzny R, Vermeul V & Christensen J
(2010) U(VI) Desorption from Capillary Fringe Sediments
Um W, Zachara J & Liu C
(2010) Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM
(2010) Reactions of Tc with Fe(II) and O2 in Hanford Redox-Sensitive Sediments
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kukkadapu R, Liu C, Heald S, Resch T, Arey B, Wang C & Plymale A
(2009) Microbial Reduction of Intragrain Ferrihydrite in Porous Glass Beads by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kennedy D, Fredrickson J, Arey B, Wang C, Dohnalkova A & Xia Y
(2009) An in situ Laser Fluorescence Column Profiler For Monitoring Nanoporous Particle Transport In Porous Media
Wang Z, Liu C, Zachara J, Zhu K, Li J & Liu J
(2009) Nature and Reactivity of Ferrous Iron Forms Through a Subsurface Redox Transition Zone Probed by Contact with the Pertechnetate Anion
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, Liu C, Resch T, Heald S & Kukkadapu R
(2008) Molecular-Scale Biogeochemical Mechanisms Affecting the Mobility of Hanford Site Contaminants
Marshall M, Kennedy D, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Beliaev A, Shi L, Zachara J & Fredrickson J
(2008) Biogeochemical Redox Reactions Controlling Technetium-99 Solubility
Plymale A, Kennedy D, Jaisi D, Dong H, Heald S, Dohnalkova A, Marshall M, Zachara J, McKinley J & Fredrickson J
(2007) Microscale Controls on Contaminants at the Hanford Site
McKinley J, Zachara J & Heald S
(2005) Uranium(VI) Desorption from Long-Term Contaminated Sediments
Qafoku N, Zachara J & Liu C
(2005) Probing Uranium Speciation in Contaminated Hanford Sediments
Catalano J, Wang Z, McKinley J, Zachara J, Heald S & Brown G
(2005) Chemical Factors Controlling U(VI) Mobility in a Hanford Aquifer
Bond D, Davis J & Zachara J
(2005) Biogeochemical Redox Transformations of Technetium-99 in Hanford and Oak Ridge Sediments
Plymale A, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Kennedy D, Kukkadapu R & Dohnalkova A
(2005) Molecular Speciation, Mineral Residence, and Geochemical Behavior of U in Contaminated Subsurface Sediments
Zachara J, McKinley J, Liu C, Wang Z, Catalano J & Brown G
(2005) Speciation of Uranyl Adsorbed on Gibbsite: A Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopic Study
Korshin G, Chang H, Wang Z & Zachara J
(2005) Abiotic Tc(VII) Reduction by Fe(II)
Jeon B, Zachara J, Liu C, Kukkadapu R & Alice D
(2005) Microscopic Reactive Diffusion of U(VI) in Subsurface Sediments: Characterization and Modeling
Liu C, Majors P, Zachara J & McKinley J
(2004) Rates of Tc Reduction by Biogenic Fe(II) in Subsurface Sediment
Steefel C, Zachara J & Fredrickson J
(2002) Theoretical Evaluation of Electron Transfer Kinetics at Fe(III)-Oxide Surfaces with Implications for Microbial Respiration
Rosso K & Zachara J
(2002) The Reductive Immobilization of Pertechnetate by Bioreduced Sediments
Mckinley JP, Zachara JM, Heald SM & Fredrickson JK
(2002) Colloid Facilitated Migration of Radioelements – Mechanisms, Significance, and Needed Conditions
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(2001) Energetics and Kinetics of Electron Transfer to Aqueous Fe and Hematite Surfaces: ab Initio Calculations and Marcus Theory
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(2001) Biogeochemical Processes Controlling Metal Ion Fluxes from Fe(III) Oxides during Reductive Phase Transformations
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(2001) Physiological Responses and Environmental Implications of Fe(II)-induced Inhibition of Microbial Iron Reduction
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(2000) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite by the Microbe Shewanella putrefaciens: Surface Transformations and Dissolution Pathways
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(2000) The Effect of Calcium Carbonate Coatings on Cr(VI) Reduction at the (111) Surface of Magnetite
Doyle CS, Kendelewicz T, Brown Jr. GE, Chambers SA & Zachara JM

Zacharias M. (2011) Laboratory Studies into Sea-Spray Chemical Speciation in Plankton-Enriched Sea-Water
Ceburnis D, Ovadnevaite J, Zacharias M, Bialek J, Connan S, Rinaldi M, Monahan C, Facchini MC, Berresheim H, Stengel D & O'Dowd C
(2010) Characterization of Sea Spray OM from Selected Algal Cultures
Rinaldi M, Decesari S, Finessi E, Ceburnis D, Zacharias M, Connan S, Stengel DB, O'Dowd CD & Facchini MC

Zacharias Q. (2023) Carbon and Strontium Isotope Insights on Bedrock Chemical Weathering: Implication for CO2 Removal via Natural Water Alkalinization
Sun F, Wang J, Rioux R, Zacharias Q, Planavsky NJ, Raymond P & Saiers JE

Zachary Dora (2022) The Impact of Soil Metal(loid) and Physicochemical Properties on Soil Microbial Community Structure in Urban Areas
Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Salazar N, Zachary D, Toth E & Szabó C

Zacháry Dóra (2022) Chemical Composition of Metal(Loid)S in Anthropogenic Spherical Magnetic Particles from Attic Dust Collected from Two Former Industrial Cities, Hungary
Salazar N, Völgyesi P, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Maghsoudlou M, Zacháry D & Szabó C
(2021) Analyses of Heavy Metals in Attic Dust of a Former Industrial City (Ózd, Hungary)
Salazar N, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Völgyesi P, Zacháry D, Szabó KZ & Szabó C
(2019) Assessment of Urban Soil Heavy Metal Contamination and Bioremediation Potential
Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Do Le T, Salazar N, Tóth E, Zacháry D, Völgyesi P & Szabó C
(2013) Complex Urban Geochemical Analysis of Attic Dust Samples in an Industrial Area, Ajka, Hungary
Völgyesi P, Jordan G, Zacháry D & Szabó C

Zacher G. (2011) Evaluation of Rock Properties and Rock Structures in the Micron-Range with Sub-Micron X-Ray Computed Tomography
Zacher G, Halisch M, Oliver B & Mayer T

Zachman M. (2020) Interfaces, Interphases, and Graded Single Crystals in Dental Enamel
DeRocher K, Smeets P, Goodge B, Zachman M, Balachandran P, Stegbauer L, Cohen M, Gordon L, Rondinelli J, Kourkoutis L & Joester D

Zachmann D. (2017) Parameter Determination of Thermodynamic Sorption Models
Britz S, Noseck U, Lützenkirchen J, Durner W & Zachmann D
(2016) Eu(III) Reactive Transport Modeling: The “smart-Kd” Appraoch
Britz S, Noseck U, Durner W, Iden S, Zachmann D, Brendler V & Stockmann M

Zachos James (2020) Geochemical Signature of Hydrologic Intensification during the PETM
Rush W, Zachos J, Blackburn T & Pogge von Strandmann P
(2019) The Coupled Evolution of Temperature and Carbonate Chemistry Change during the Paleocene–Eocene; New Orbital-Resolution Trace Metal Records from the Low-Latitude Indian Ocean
Barnet J, Littler K, Harper D, LeVay L, Edgar K & Zachos J
(2018) Oxyanion Control on Boron Incorporation into Inorganic Calcite
Uchikawa J, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R
(2018) Climate Variability on Orbital Time Scales over 18 Million Years of the Late Cretaceous to Middle Eocene
Zachos J, Barnet J, Laurentano V, Littler K, Röhl U, Westerhold T, Kroon D & Lourens L
(2018) Ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbations Across Eocene Hyperthermals
Hoenisch B, Harper D, Haynes L, Zachos J & Zeebe R
(2018) Can Fossil Carbon Reworking Explain the Sustained High CO2 Levels of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?
Lyons S, Baczynski A, Babila T, Bralower T, Hajek E, Kump L, Polites E, Trampush S, Vornlocher J, Zachos J & Freeman K
(2018) The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints
Zachos J, Ballaron E, Harper D, Rush W, Babila T, Kiehl J, Bowen G, Kelly C, Kozdon R, Penman D & Huber M
(2017) Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies
Farmer J, Uchikawa J, Branson O, Penman D, Hoenisch B, Zeebe R & Zachos J
(2016) Exploring the Chemical Controls on Boron Incorporation in Synthetic Calcite
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R
(2016) Orbital-Scale Variations in Atmospheric CO2 during the Paleocene and Eocene
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