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Ta C. (2011) Mobility of Platinum and Gold in the Australian Regolith – Spectroscopic and Electron Microscopic Analyses
Reith F, Ta C, Etschmann B, Lenehan C & Brugger J

Tabasi Samira (2009) Mineral-Geochemical Investigation in Order to Determinate the Arsenic Bearing Mineral in the Stream Sediments at the Kuhsorkh Polluted Area, NE Iran
Tabasi S, Abedi A & Parvaresh M

Tabasi Somayeh (2011) Boron Contamination in the Groundwater of Chahar-Farsakh Area, South Khorasan, Iran
Khazaii M, Abedi A & Tabasi S
(2010) Application of the Residual Values Instead of Raw Data in the Geochemical Evaluation
Tabasi S & Ghavami-Riabi R

Tabata H. (2017) Low-CO2 Water Environment for Ancient Aquifer within Gale Crater Inferred from Manganese Oxidation Experiments
Imamura S, Noda N, Sekine Y, Tabata H, Kurisu M & Takahashi Y
(2016) Effect of Atmospheric Evolution on Surface Acidification at Mars 3.5 Ga
Tabata H & Sekine Y

Tabata M. (2016) Evaluating Degradation of Organic Matter in Murchison Meteorite Captured by Aerogel after Hypervelocity Experiments
Okudaira K, Kebukawa Y, Yabuta H, Nakato A, Kilcoyne D, Hasegawa S, Tabata M, Kobayashi K, Yano H & Yamagishi A

Tabatabaei H. (2014) Cu-Pb Contamination, Using Remote Sensing; South of Kashan
Taghipour S, Farahmandian M, Afshari S & Tabatabaei H

Tabatabaei S.H. (2011) Geochemical Zoning Analysis Based on "Axes Level" Innovative Method
Shabankareh M, Tabatabaei SH & Pirmoradian Z

Tabatabaei manesh S.M. (2016) Evaluation of Geochemical Data of Mohammad Abad Konesorkh Copper Deposit, SW of Rayen, Kerman, Iran
Tabatabaei manesh SM & Ghasemi A

Tabaud A.S. (2020) Petrogenesis of Variscan Ultrapotassic Plutons, Bohemian Massif: Stable Isotope Evidence
Magna T, Janoušek V, Erban Kochergina Y, Andronikov A, Tabaud AS, Vennemann T & Hora J

Taberner C. (2007) Palaeohydrology of the Mulhouse Basin: Are Fluid Inclusions in Halite Tracers of Past Seawater Composition?
Cendon D, Ayora C, Pueyo JJ, Taberner C & Blanc-Valleron M-M
(2006) Sulfate starved subbasins: Implications for Permian seawater composition
Cendon Sevilla DI, Pueyo JJ, Ayora C, Taberner C & Peryt T

Tabersky Daniel (2013) Element Quantification in Chondritic Components by LA-ICP-MS
Funk C, Wombacher F, Glaus R, Tabersky D, Koch J & Günther D
(2013) Compacted Nanoparticles for Quantification in LA-ICPMS
Tabersky D, Lüchinger N, Halim S, Rossier M & Günther D
(2012) A New Strategy for the Production of Homogeneous Standards for Microbeam Techniques
Gunther D, Tabersky D, Luechinger NA & Halim SC
(2011) Towards Past Climate Reconstruction of Speleothems by Atmospheric Sampling LA-ICPMS
Tabersky D, De Maddalena I, Fricker MB, Dietiker R, Fleitmann D & Günther D

Tabersky Daniel (2015) Distribution of S, Se and Te in Chondrites Determined by LA-ICP-MS Using a Nanoparticle Standard
Funk C, Wombacher F, Günther D, Tabersky D, Koch J, Meisel T, Kronz A & Heuser A

Taboada Castro T. (2011) Environmental Geochemistry and Magnetic Susceptibility in the Estuarine Clastics Sediments of Jaboatao River, Pernambuco, Brazil
Lima M, Lima E, Moraes A, Taboada Castro T, Neumann V, Lima E & Correia P

Taboko A. (2015) Compositional Diversity in Mt. Cameroon Eruptions
van der Zwan FM, Suh CE, Hansteen TH, Gerami-Manesch M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Devey CW, Embui FV, Tibang EEB & Taboko A

Tabor C. (2018) A Multi-Proxy Approach to Understanding Hydroclimate in the American Southwest
Wortham B, Montanez I, Swart P, Mukhopadhyay S & Tabor C
(2018) Far Field Isotopic Signatures of a Green Sahara
Tabor C

Tabor N. (2014) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Shinfa River (Western Ethiopia) Waters, Modern and Fossil Mollusks, and Climate during the Human Diaspora out of Africa
Tabor N & Kappelman J
(2009) Reconstructing Atmospheric pCO2 in the Deep-Time: Constraints & Limitations
Montanez I & Tabor N

Tabuteau H. (2019) Representative Behaviour of Nanoplastics in a Salinity Gradient: a Micro-Chip to go One Step Further?
Venel Z, Tabuteau H, Baudrimont M & Gigault J

Tacail T. (2020) Potassium Stable Isotope Homeostasis in Vertebrates
Tacail T, Lewis J, Tütken T, Coath CD, Lloyd N, Clauss M & Elliott T
(2019) Measuring Geological and Biological Potassium Stable Isotope Ratios with Proteus Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
Tacail T, Lewis J, Coath CD, Lloyd NS, Schwieters J & Elliott T
(2018) Monitoring Dairy Consumption in Humans Using Calcium Isotopes
Tacail T, Berthet D, Herrscher E, Valentin F, Clark G & Martin JE
(2017) A Comprehensive Box-Model for Calcium Isotopes in Humans
Tacail T, Balter V, Pelletier S, Barbesier M, Hernandez J-A, Jaouen K, Lafage-Proust M-H, Lamboux A, Soulage C, Télouk P, Wegrzyn J, Albarède F & Fouque D
(2015) Precise Analysis of Ca Isotopes Natural Variations in Biological and Igneous Apatites Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Tacail T, Télouk P & Balter V

Tacchetto T. (2020) Thermally-Induced Shape Maturation of Quartz in Garnet
Cesare B, Parisatto M, Mancini L, Peruzzo L, Franceschi M, Tacchetto T, Reddy S, Spiess R, Nestola F & Marone F

Tacconi Stefanelli C. (2013) Ten Years of Ground Deformations Monitored by the Ground-Based SAR System on Stromboli Volcano and its Use in Forecasting Intense Volcanic Activity
Nolesini T, Di Traglia F, Intrieri E, Bardi F, Ferrigno F, Frodella W, Tacconi Stefanelli C, Tanteri L, Del Ventisette C & Casagli N

Tachambalath A. (2020) The Carbon Budget of the Himalayan Orogeny from Source to Sink
France-Lanord C, Derry LA, Feakins SJ, Galy A, Galy V, Girault F, Lupker M & Tachambalath A

Tachera D. (2020) Identifying Water Sources and Reassessing Aquifer Boundaries in West Hawaiʻi, USA
Tachera D, Lautze N, Dulai H, Shuler C & Thomas D
(2018) Mg Diffusion in Labradorite at Hydrous Magmatic Conditions
First E, Hammer J, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Tachera D

Tacheva E. (2010) Zircon and Titanite Geochemical and Age Constraints on Ore-Related Magmas
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A & Tacheva E
(2008) Single-Grain and/Or in situ U-Pb and Hf-Isotope Study to Unravel Long-Lived Calc-Alkaline Magma Complex
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A, Schaltegger U, Tacheva E & Heinrich C

Tachi Y. (2019) Se(-II) Immobilization in Fe(II)-(hydro)oxides: Coprecipitation and Post-Transformation Behavior
Francisco PC, Ishidera T & Tachi Y
(2017) Effects of pH on the Formation and Transformation of Fe(II)-Si Coprecipitates Under Anoxic, Reducing Conditions
Francisco PC, Mitsui S, Ishidera T & Tachi Y
(2009) Ionic Diffusion and Retardation in Horonobe Sedimentary Rock: Clay-Based Model Approach
Tachi Y, Seida Y, Yotsuji K & Yui M
(2009) Influence of Boundary Condition of Diffusion Test Method on Migration Parameter in Compacted Bentonite
Seida Y, Tachi Y, Yoshikawa H & Yui M

Tachibana E. (2018) Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Aerosols from Chichijima Island in the Western North Pacific
Deshmukh DK, Kawamura K & Tachibana E
(2017) Changes in Atmospheric Loading, Composition and 13C Isotope Ratios of Organic Aerosols with Biological Activity in Northeast Asia
Pavuluri CM, Kawamura K, Fu P & Tachibana E
(2016) Seasonal and Decadal Variations of Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Oxalic, Malonic and Succinic Acids in Marine Aerosols from the Western North Pacific
Kawamura K & Tachibana E
(2015) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Low Molecular Weight Dicarboxylic Acids and Oxoacids: Seasonal and Decadal Trends in the Marine Aerosols from the Western North Pacific
Kawamura K & Tachibana E
(2014) Seasonal Changes in Stable Carbon Isotopic Compositions of LMW Dicarboxylic Acids, Ketoacids and α-Dicarbonyls in Aerosols over the Western North Pacific
Kawamura K & Tachibana E
(2009) Long-Term Observation of Organic Aerosols in the Western North Pacific in 2001-2009
Kawamura K, Tachibana E, Watanabe T & Umemoto N

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