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J. Garrido C. (2020) Twihinate-Lamlaga Cretaceous Carbonatites and Related REE, Nb and Apatite Deposits in the Reguibat Shield (Dakhla Province, Morocco)
Malainine CE, Ouabid M, Bodinier J-L, Parat F, Raji O, Dautria J-M, Youbi N, Boumehdi MA & J. Garrido C

J. Johnes P. (2020) Assessment of Controls on Pedogenesis and Mineral Nutrients in Agricultural Karst Critical Zones in Guizhou, China and Crete, Greece
M. Lawal A, L. Buss H & J. Johnes P

Jaars K. (2015) Size-Resolved Characterisation of Organic Atmospheric Aerosols Collected at Welgegund, South Africa with GCxGC-TOFMS
van Zyl PG, Booyens W, Beukes JP, Ruiz-Jimenez J, Kopperi M, Riekkola M-L, Josipovic M, Venter AD, Jaars K, Laakso L, Vakkari V, Kulmala M & Pienaar JJ

Jabaloy A. (2010) High-Pressure Hydrofracturing during Deserpentinization
Garrido CJ, Padrón-Navarta JA, Tommasi A, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Gómez-Pugnaire MT, Jabaloy A & Vauchez A

Jabbar T. (2011) 129I as Atmospheric Tracer
Jabbar T, Steier P, Wallner G, Kandler N & Katzlberger C

Jabeen I. (2014) Dual Si and O Isotope Measurements Using IRMS-BrF5 Fluorination
Prentice A, Jabeen I, Webb E, Banerjee N, Ali A, Brengman L & Fedo C

Jaber M. (2019) Experimental Fossilization: Biomolecule-Mineral Interactions
Jacquemot P, Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M
(2019) Searching for Biosignatures on Mars: Experimental Perspectives
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Jacquemot P, Balan E, Delbes L, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M
(2015) In-Vitro Synthesis of Amorphous Mg-, Ca-, Sr- and Ba-Carbonates: What do We Learn About Intracellular Calcification by Cyanobacteria?
Cam N, Georgelin T, Jaber M, Lambert J-F & Benzerara K
(2013) Intracellular Calcification by Cyanobacteria: A Significant Controlled Biomineralization Process
Benzerara K, Skouri-Panet F, Ragon M, Cam N, Li J, Ferard C, Lambert J-F, Georgelin T, Jaber M, Moreira D, Lopez-Garcia P & Julie C
(2013) Adsorption of D-Ribose and Inorganic Phosphate on Clay Minerals – Molecular Stabilization and Phosphate Condensation
Georgelin T, Jaber M & Lambert J-F

Jablon M. (2015) High-Density Fluids in Twinned Monocrystalline Diamonds
Jablon M & Navon O

Jablonska M. (2013) Vertical Differentation of PM10 Concentration and Mineral Composition in the First 100 M of Troposphere Related to Meteorological Conditions in the Sosnowiec Urban Area, S Poland
Jablonska M, Janeczek J & Lesniok M
(2013) Authigenic and Exogenic Mineral Particles in Lung Tissues
Jablonska M, Janeczek J & Lesniok M
(2013) Geochemical and Mineralogical Characteristic of Current Roadside Pollution from Experimental Monitoring Plots Located in Different Countries
Magiera T, Jabłońska M, Rachwał M & Wawer M
(2012) Silica, Al and Pb in Atmospheric PM10 and in Human Lungs in Upper Silesia, Poland
Jablonska M, Janeczek J, Lesniok M & Lewinska-Preis L
(2012) The Relationship between PM10 and Meteorological Conditions in Sosnowiec (Poland) in View of Potential Health Hazard
Janeczek J, Jablonska M & Lesniok M
(2011) Mineral Composition of Particulate Matter in Human Lung Samples from Upper Silesia (Poland) – Preliminary Results
Jablonska M
(2010) Mineral Composition and Morphology of Magnetic Particles in Industrial Dust
Jablonska M, Janeczek J & Magiera T
(2010) Mineralogy of Tropospheric Dust in Industrial Regions – A Case Study of Upper Silesia, Poland
Janeczek J & Jablonska M

Jabłońska M. (2020) Atmospheric Dust-Induced Calcification of Lungs
Jabłońska M & Janeczek J
(2020) Lead Speciation in Ambient Urban Air
Teper E, Jabłońska M, Janeczek J, Rachwał M & Rogula-Kozłowska W
(2020) Unusually High Concentrations of NaCl in Non-Marine Aerosol
Jabłońska M, Janeczek J, Teper E, Smołka-Danielowska D & Szczyrba M
(2016) Mineral Composition and Magnetic Properties of Technogenic Particles Originated from Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Activities
Jabłońska M, Rachwał M, Janeczek J, Magiera T, Krzykawski T, Teper E & Wawer M
(2016) Standard Materials of Fe and Mn Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates in the Study of Technogenic Magnetic Particles
Rachwał M, Jabłońska M, Magiera T, Teper E, Wawer M, Krzykawski T & Szuszkiewicz M

Jaccard Samuel L (2019) Cr Reduction and Associated Isotope Fractionation Restricted to Anoxic Shelf Waters in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Nasemann P, Rickli J, Grasse P, Frank M & Jaccard S
(2019) Chromium Biogeochemistry and Stable Isotope Distribution in the Southern Ocean
Rickli J, Janssen DJ, Hassler C, Ellwood MJ & Jaccard SL
(2019) Biological Control of δ53Cr in the Surface Ocean
Janssen D, Rickli J, Quay P, White A & Jaccard S
(2019) Deep-Sea Oxygen Depletion and Ocean Carbon Sequestration during the Last Ice Age
Anderson R, Sachs J, Fleisher M, Allen K, Yu J, Koutavas A & Jaccard S

Jaccard Samuel L. (2018) Past Changes in Nutrient Supply and Utilization in the Southern Ocean from Assemblage-Specific Si Isotopes in Diatom Opal
Ehlert C, Studer A, Crosta X, Michel E, Thöle L, Mazaud A, Jaccard S & Pahnke K
(2018) Ventilation of the Deep South Indian Ocean and Atmospheric CO2 Increase during the Last Deglaciation
Gottschalk J, Michel E, Studer AS, Thöle LM, Hasenfratz AP, Mazaud A, Szidat S, Martinez-Garcia A & Jaccard SL
(2017) SW Pacific Export Production Since the Last Glacial Maximum: No Evidence for Iron Fertilisation
Chase Z, Durand A, Bostock H, Jaccard S, Neil H, Noble T & Townsend A
(2017) The Polar Oceans and Atmospheric CO2
Haug G, Martinez-Garcia A, Studer A, Ren A, Hain M, Jaccard S, Tiedemann R & Sigman D
(2017) Past Dynamics of Atlantic Ocean Overturning: A Multi-Proxy View on Three Key Intervals
Gottschalk J, Skinner LC, Waelbroeck C, Hodell DA, Nehrbass-Ahles C & Jaccard SL
(2017) Glacial-Interglacial Gradients in Biogenic Export Fluxes along a Meridional Transect in the Southern Indian Ocean
Thöle L, Jaccard S, Lippold J, Martínez-García A, Mazaud A & Michel E
(2017) Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Hasenfratz AP, Jaccard SL, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Kleiven H(F, Sigman DM & Haug GH
(2017) Multiproxy Evidence from Bermuda Rise for Holocene AMOC Stability
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Pöppelmeier F, Blaser P, Jaccard S, Friedrich O, Süfke F, Link J, Wacker L & Goepfert T
(2017) Monitoring Sediment Transport in the Deep South China Sea Using 231Pa-230Th Isotopess of Sediment Trap Samples
Zhao Y, Liu Z, Lippold J, Jaccard S, Zhang Y, Eglinton T, Zhang X & Wu Q
(2016) Covariation of Deep Southern Ocean Oxygenation and Atmospheric CO2 Through the Last Ice Age
Jaccard SL, Galbraith ED, Martinez-Garcia A & Anderson RF
(2013) Two Modes of Change in Southern Ocean Export Production over the Past Million Years
Jaccard S, Hain M, Hayes C, Martinez-Garcia A, Anderson R, Sigman D & Haug G
(2012) Upper Ocean Deoxygenation and Denitrification at the End of the Last Ice Age
Galbraith E & Jaccard S
(2012) Sequential Dissipation of a Poorly Ventilated Water Mass Upon the Last Glacial Termination
Jaccard SL, Galbraith ED, Martinez-Garcia A & Anderson RF
(2012) Reconstructing the Large-Scale Deep and Intermediate Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic during the LGM and Last Deglaciation
McManus J, Hoffmann S, Roberts N, Henry G, Bradtmiller L, Mohamed K, Jacard S, Yu J, Piotrowski A, Oppo D, Curry W, Praetorius M & Robinson L
(2011) Direct Ventilation of the North Pacific did not Reach 2300 m during the Last Glacial Termination
Jaccard S & Galbraith E
(2010) Geochemical, Isotopic, and Physical Evidence for Vigorous Meridional Overturning Circulation at Mid-Depth in the Atlantic Ocean at the LGM
McManus JF, Major C, Mohamed K, Robinson L, Oppo D, Curry W, Yu J, Bradtmiller L & Jaccard S
(2009) Polar Twins: The Antarctic and North Pacific during Ice Ages
Sigman DM, Brunelle BG, Jaccard SL & Haug GH
(2008) Abrupt Increase of Nitrous Oxide Production in the Indo-Pacific at the Onset of the Bölling Warm Period
Galbraith E, Schmittner A & Jaccard S
(2008) Glacial-Interglacial Circulation Changes Inferred from Sediment 231Pa/230Th in the North Atlantic
Gherardi J, Francois R, Labeyrie L, Nave S, McManus J, Cortijo E & Jaccard S
(2008) Evolution of Deglacial North Pacific Abyssal Circulation Based on Δ14C, δ13C<sub>benthic</sub> And 231Pa/230Th
Jaccard S, Galbraith E, Francois R, Brunelle B, Sigman D & Haug G
(2006) Abrupt cessation of North Pacific upwelling with Northern Hemisphere Glaciation recorded by silicon isotopes
Reynolds BC, Jaccard SL & Halliday AN
(2004) Observations of Si Isotope Mass Fractionation during Freshwater Diatom Blooms
Reynolds B, Jaccard S, Lehman M, Bernasconi S, Frank M & Halliday A

Jaccard Samuel Laurent (2015) Reconstructing Past Ocean Circulation with 231Pa/230Th and Nd Isotopes
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Blaser P, Antz B, Böhm E, Carvalho Ferreira ML, Wombacher F, Christl M, Mulitza S & Jaccard S
(2015) Evolution of Export Production, SST and Seawater δ18O in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Across the MPT
Hasenfratz AP, Martinez-Garcia A, Jaccard SL, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Greaves M, Kleiven HF & Haug GH
(2015) Sedimentary Redox-Sensitive Trace Metals Reveal Large Changes in Deglacial Ocean (De)oxygenation along the Southern Chilean Margin
Lanny V, Jaccard SL, Chase Z & Michel E
(2015) 230Th Corrected Export Production Fluxes in the Southern Indian Ocean: Glacial-Interglacial Changes in the Efficiency of the Biological Pump
Thöle L, Jaccard SL & Lippold J
(2015) Southern Ocean Abyssal Oxygenation Linked to the Air-Sea Partitioning of Carbon throughout the Last Glacial Cycle
Jaccard SL, Galbraith ED, Martinez-Garcia A & Anderson RF
(2015) Evolution of the SW Pacific Across the Last Glacial Cycle: Insights from 230Th Normalized Export Production Fluxes
Meier B, Jaccard S, Lippold J & Tiedemann R

Jach R. (2014) Atypically Heavy Isotope Composition of Carbon and Oxygen in Calcareus Sinters from the Cordillera Orientale, Andes, Argentina
Hercman H, Gradziński M, Alonso RN, Gąsiorowski M, Jach R & Pawlak J

Jachens B. (2014) Neogene Magmatism and Coeval Crustal Extension in Death Valley, CA, Part 1: Geology of the Greenwater Range
Calzia J, Ramo T, Smith G, Jachens B & Sleeter R

Jack D. (2013) Comparative Characterization of Charcoals Prepared from Pyrolysis and Hydrothermal Carbonization and their Water Extractable Organic Carbon
Huang R, Hockaday W, Lau B, Lu X & Jack D

Jack T. (2013) Souring Control by Six Years of Nitrate Injection into a Low Temperature Oil Field
Voordouw G, Agrawal A, Park HS, Jack T, Miner K & Benko A

Jackman S. (2007) Geochemical and Microbiological Controls on the Corrosion and Transport of Depleted Uranium in Soil
Shaw S, Baxter A, Jackman S & Thompson I

Jackova I. (2016) Storage of "Excess" Nitrogen and 15N/14N Ratios Corroborate Sizeable N2 Fixation in Peat Bogs
Novak M, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Jackova I, Buzek F & Prechova E
(2015) Missing Sources/Sinks of Nitrogen Revealed by Delta 15N Inventory of Mountain-Top Peat Bog Ecosystems
Novak M, Jackova I, Curik J, Stepanova M, Veselovsky F & Buzek F
(2015) Evidence for the Progressive Alkalinization of the Closed Basin Lakes in the Ethiopian Rift Valley
Farkas J, Rapprich V, Demewez A, Mitiku A, Abraham S, Jackova I, Buzek F, Rohovec J, Matouskova S & Tyler J
(2014) N Cycling in Two Contrasting Peat Bogs
Novak M, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Prechova E, Jackova I & Buzek F
(2012) Nitrogen Mobility in Freshwater Peat
Novak M, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Stepanova M
(2011) Usefulness of Stable Isotopes in Small Catchment Studies: Overview of Results from the Stressed Ecosystems of Central Europe
Novak M, Buzek F, Jackova I, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Fottova D, Voldrichova P, Stepanova M & Prechova E
(2010) δ13C Signatures of Carbon Pools and Fluxes in a Holocene Sphagnum Peat Bog (Czech Republic)
Novak M, Veselovsky F, Jackova I, Prechova E, Buzek F, Zemanova L & Hruska J
(2009) Vertical Changes in Organic Carbon Quality in a 11-Thousand Years Old, 8.2-Meters Deep Peat Profile in Central Europe
Novak M, Berenova D, Jackova I & Prechova E
(2008) δ13C Values of Carbon Forms in Vertical Sphagnum Peat Profiles in Different Climatic Zones
Novak M, Jackova I, Prechova E, Buzek F, Pacherova P & Erbanova L
(2007) Sulfur in Tree Rings in Central Europe: A Negative δ34S Shift Relative to Regional Pollution Sources
Novak M, Peiffer S, Zak K, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Prechova E
(2006) Isotope dynamics of sulfate oxygen in forest catchments differing 10 times in pollution inputs
Novak M, Jackova I & Buzek F

Jacks Gunnar (2015) Hydrogeological Characterization of Shallow, Intermediate and Deep Aquifers – Implications for the Installation of Arsenic-Safe Drinking Water Tubewells and their Sustainability
Hossain M, Bhattacharya P, Jacks G, Ahmed KM, Rahman MM & Hasan MA
(2015) Mobility and Bioavailability of Metals in a Cambrian Black Shale Area in Central Sweden
Jacks G

Jacks Gunnar (2013) Investigation of Sediment Geochemistry in Areas with Elevated Arsenic in Groundwater of Matlab, Bangladesh and Murshidabad, India
Kibria G, Hossain M, Bhattacharyya P, Ahmed K, Bromssen MV, Jacks G, Kirk M, Sankar MS, Telfeyan K, Ford S, Neal A, Haug TJ, Johannesson K & Datta S
(2009) Fluoride Mobilisation in India
Jacks G, Harkumar P & Bhattacharya P
(2004) Arsenic Mobilisation and Retention in Wetlands, Northern Sweden
Jacks G & Morth M
(2004) Arsenic Reduction by Bacteria in Shallow Aquifers from Ambikanagar in West Bengal (India)
Routh J, Saraswathy A, Bhattacharya A, Nag S, Sinha Ray S & Jacks G

Jacks Gunner (2014) Relation between Microbiology, Hydrogeochemistry and Sediment Chemistry in Explaining Occurrences of High Groundwater Arsenic Sites in Matlab, SE Bangladesh
Kibria MG, Kirk MF, Hossain M, Bhattacharya P, Ahmed KMU, Bromssen MV, Jacks G & Datta S

Jacksier T. (2020) Isotope Fractionation of Gases in Pressurized Cylinders Exposed to Variable Temperatures
Jacksier T & Socki R
(2018) Optimizing Gas Stable Isotope Measurements in Geochemistry
Luu N, Mehay S, Jacksier T, Turich C, Socki R & Stankiewicz A
(2016) Compound Specific Sulfur Isotope Analysis of Petroleum Gases
Said-Ahmad W, Wong K, Mcnall M, Jacksier T, Turich C, Stankiewicz A & Amrani A

Jackson Alex (2008) 14C Variability in Two Late Holocene Stalagmites and the Implications for Climate Forcing Mechanisms
McDermott F, Jackson A, Mangini A, Mattey D & Frisia S
(2006) Detection of late Holocene Δ14C anomalies and climate proxy response in a French stalagmite
Jackson A & McDermott F

Jackson Andrew (2019) Isotopic Composition of Natural Chlorate
Brundrett M, Jackson A, Bohlke J, Sturchio N & Hatzinger P
(2016) Chlorate and Perchlorate Occurrence and Transformation: Implications to Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Chlorine Cycling
Jackson A
(2016) Oxychlorine Detections on Mars: Implications for Cl Cycling
Sutter B, Jackson A, Ming D, Archer D, Stern J, Mahaffy P & Gellert R
(2016) Extraterrestrial (Per)chlorate
Davila A, Jackson A, Sears D, Coates J, McKay C, Brundrett M, Estrada N & Bohlke JK
(2012) (U)SANS Analysis of Experimental Dissolution and Formation of Quartz Overgrowths in St. Peter Sandstone
Anovitz L, Cole D, Jackson A, Rother G, Littrell K & Allard L
(2010) Analysis of Nano-Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone Using (Ultra) Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Valley J & Jackson A
(2010) Isotopic Tracing of the Origin and Transport of Perchlorate
Sturchio N, Beloso A, Bohlke J, Caffee M, Gu B, Hatzinger P, Heraty L & Jackson A
(2010) Relation between NO3- and ClO4- Occurence in the Environment
Jackson A, Rao B, Rajagopolan S, Hatzinger P, Böhlke JK, Sturchio N, Betancourt J, Andraski B, Stonestrom D, Orris G, Eckardt F & Gu B
(2010) Understanding Natural Perchlorate Formation by Ozone and UV-Oxidation of Aqueous cl Species
Rao B, Jackson A, Bohlke JK, Hatzinger P, Gu B & Sturchio N
(2010) Factors Affecting the Distribution of Natural Perchlorate in Desert Soils
Andraski B, Jackson A, Stonestrom D & Welborn T

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