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Abdelmonem A. (2007) The Functional Species of a Mineral Surface and their Interaction with the Adjacent Water Molecules – Determined by Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Chemistry
Flörsheimer M, Kruse K, Polly R, Abdelmonem A, Schimmelpfenning B, Klenze R & Fanghänel T

Abdelmoula M. (2019) Green Rust Versus Magnetite Precipitation during Antimony Bearing Ferrihydrite Bioreduction
Zegeye A, Chang C, Hauet T, Billet D, Carteret C & Abdelmoula M
(2017) Biogenic Mineral Precipitation during Antimony Bearing Ferrihydrite Bioreduction
Zegeye A, Chang CS, Abdelmoula M & Hauet T
(2017) Hydroxy-Nitrite Green Rust: A New Type of Green Rust Formed as an Intermediate Reaction Product
Ona-Nguema G, Guerbois D, Abdelmoula M & Morin G
(2014) Bioreduction of Magnetite to Green Rust by Shewanella putrefaciens in the Presence of H2
Etique M, Jorand FPA, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C
(2013) Ferrous Denitrification by Biogenic Hydroxycarbonate Green-Rust
Guerbois D, Ona-nguema G, Morin G, Laverman A, Abdelmoula M, Mouchel J-M, Barthelemy K & Brest J
(2012) In situ Monitoring of Lepidocrocite Bio-Reduction and Magnetite Formation by Backscattering Mossbauer Spectroscopy
Zegeye A, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C
(2010) Magnetite Formation via FeII Induced Mineralogical Transformations of Ferric Oxyhydroxides
Usman M, Hanna K, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C
(2009) Arsenite Sequestration by Fe(II)-Containing Minerals after Microbial Dissimilatory Reduction of Arsenic-Sorbed Lepidocrocite
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Abdelmoula M, Ruby C, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown GE

Abdelnasser A. (2014) Hydrothermal Alteration Geochemistry of Atud Gold Deposits at the Central Block of the Egyptian Eastern Desert, Egypt: Insights Provided by Mass-Balance Calculations
Abdelnasser A, Kumral M, Zoheir B, Weihed P, Kiran Yildirim D & Karaman M
(2014) Investigation of Geochemistry and Subsurface Modeling of Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit in Tepeoba-Havran, NW Turkey
Kiran Yildirim D, Akay AK, Bonab T, Abdelnasser A, Kumral M & Budakoglu M
(2014) Geochemical Investigations of Egrigoz Granitoid-Hosted Cu-Pb-Zn Mineralization at the Northern Margin of Tauride-Anatolide Platform: A Case Study from Tavsanli Zone, Kutahya, Turkey
Kumral M, Abdelnasser A, Kan Bostanci A, Doner Z, Budakoglu M & Karaman M

Abdelouas A. (2019) Influence of Glass Composition on Vapor Hydration of Nuclear Waste Glasses
Narayanasamy S, Jollivet P, Godon N, Angeli F & Abdelouas A
(2013) Long-Term Fate and Transport of Fission Products and Actinides in Geosphere
Grambow B, Montavon G, Abdelouas A & Suzuki-Muresan T
(2013) Role of Bacteria on the Release of Cesium from Illite
Hazotte A, Lebeau T, Peron O, Saito T & Abdesselam A
(2008) Study of Processes Involving Selenite Immobilization in a Soil-Plant-Microorganisms System
Muller J, Abdelouas A, Grambow B, Thiry Y & Van Hees M
(2004) Long-Term Hydration of Nuclear Waste Glass
Ferrand K, Abdelouas A & Grambow B
(2004) Interaction between Radionuclides and Microorganisms
Abdelouas A & Grambow B

Abdessemed D. (2012) Interaction of Subsurface Pesticides with Some Metal-Organic Frameworks
Hank Z, Boutamine S, Boucif A & Abdessemed D

Abdetedal M. (2015) Crust and Upper Mantle Structures of the Makran Subduction Zone in South-East Iran by Seismic Ambient Noise Tomography
Abdetedal M & Shomali ZH

Abdilla B. (2020) Evolution of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Acidic Solutions in the Presence of Dissolved Metals
Kim Y, Yuan K, Abdilla B, Sturchio NC, Lee SS & Fenter P
(2019) Flow Rate and Ionic Strength Effects on Calcite Reactivity in Microchannels
Abdilla B, Minahan D, Lee SS, Gleghorn J, Fenter P & Sturchio N
(2018) Role of Submicron Channels on Calcite (104) Surface Reactivity
Abdilla B & Sturchio N
(2017) Impact of Phosphate and Silicate on the Stability and Environmental Fate of Iron Oxides
Kraal P, van Genuchten C, Abdilla B, Dzade N & Mogollón J

Abdioğlu E. (2017) U-Pb Zircon Dating and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics of Post-Collisional I-Type Monzonitic Intrusions in the Gölköy (Ordu) Area, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Temizel İ, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Aslan Z & Kaygusuz A
(2017) Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Geochemistry and U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Post-Collisional Adakitic Intrusion in the Southwest of Samsun, N Turkey
Temizel İ, Arslan M, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Kaygusuz A & Aslan Z
(2011) Whole-Rock Chemostratigraphy of Diverse Magma Series in the Tertiary Alkaline Volcanics of Trabzon-Giresun Area, NE Turkey
Yücel C, Arslan M, Temizel İ & Abdioğlu E
(2007) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Sr-Pb Isotopic Evidence of Post-Collisional Extensional Volcanism of the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Boztug D, Temizel I, Kolayli H, Sen C, Abdioglu E, Ruffet G & Harlavan Y
(2004) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Tirebolu (Giresun) Bentonite Deposits, NE Turkey
Abdioglu E, Arslan M, Kolayli H & Kadir S

Abdolahnezhad M. (2020) Adsorption of Vanadium(V) Polymers on Ferrihydrite and Hematite
Vessey C, Schmidt M, Abdolahnezhad M, Peak D & Lindsay M

Abdolhosseini Qomi M.J. (2020) Understanding CO2 Mineralization in Interfacial Water Nanofilms
Abdolhosseini Qomi MJ & Zare S

Abdou M. (2018) Impacts of Highway Run-Off on Trace Metal Contamination in a Small Urban Watershed: A Case Study of Bordeaux Metropole (SW France)
Pereto C, Lerat A, Coynel A, Bossy C, Abdou M, Schafer J, Granger D & Capdeville M-J
(2017) Platinum Bioaccumulation Kinetics in Marine Bivalve (Oyster Crassostrea gigas) – A Potential Sentinel Species for TCEs
Abdou M, Schafer J, Dutruch L, Bossy C, Zaldibar B, Medrano R, Izagirre U, Catrouillet C, Hu R, Coynel A, Gil-Diaz T, Lerat A, Blanc G & Soto M

Abdrashitova R. (2019) Hydrogeochemical Conditions of the West Siberian Megabasin
Abdrashitova R, Salnikova Y & Sabanina I

Abdu Y.A. (2014) Mn-Rich Apatite from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Tait K, Hawthorne F, Ball N & Abdu YA

Abdul Aziz J.H. (2016) Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Gold Occurrence of Rixen Deposit in Ulu Sokor Area, Peninsular Malaysia
Chong KY & Abdul Aziz JH

Abdul Ghani A. (2021) New Constraints from Detrital Zircon U-Pb Data from Middle Paleozoic Strata in Western Peninsular Malaysia: A Potential Detrital Zircon Contributor to East Sumatra
Quek LX, Lai Y-M, Abdul Ghani A, Li S, Roselee MH, Lee H-Y & Rahmat R
(2020) Vestigial Signal of Gondwana to Pangaea Transition: U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Studies on 500-200 Ma Magmatic Zircon from Peninsular Malaysia
Quek LX, Lai Y-M, Abdul Ghani A, Roselee MH, Lee H-Y & Umor MR

Abdulla H. (2020) Linking Dissolved Organic Matter Composition Data to Reaction-Transport Models of Sediment Diagenesis
Burdige D, Komada T & Abdulla H
(2020) A Tale of Two Basins: The Role of Peptide Deamination in the Accumulation of Pore Water Dissolved Organic Matter in Marine Sediments
Abdulla H, Komada T & Burdige D
(2020) Testing Peptide Deamination as a Pathway for Refractory DOM Production in Sediments: Incubation Experiment Results
Komada T, Burdige D & Abdulla H
(2018) Abiotic Formation of Dissolved Organic Sulfur in Anoxic Sediment of Santa Barbara Basin
Abdulla H, Burdige D & Komada T
(2014) Characterization of Whole Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter by 1H NMR
Fox C, Lewicki J, Abdulla H, Harley S, Burdige D, Magen C, Chanton J & Komada T
(2014) Changes in The Chemical Compositions of Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter Across The Sulfate Methane Transition Region
Abdulla H, Komada T, Hatcher P & Burdige D

Abdullaev A. (2020) Geothermometry of Northern Tien Shan Thermal Waters (Issik-Kul Lake Basin)
Chelnokov G, Lavrushin V, Bragin I, Abdullaev A & Kharitonova N

Abdullaev S. (2017) Temporal Variation of the Chemical Composition of Asian Dust at Tajikistan
Fomba KW, Müller K, Hoffer J, Althausen D, Abdullaev S, Makhmudov A & Herrmann H

Abdullah E.S. (2019) Abundance and Distribution of Diamondoids in Some Egyptian Crude Oils as a Tool of Origin and Thermal Maturity Assessment
Abdullah ES, Ebiad MA, Mohammed HA & El-Sabbagh SM

Abdullah M. (2020) Heavy Metal Levels in Paddy Soils and Rice from Ekiti, Nigeria
Olatunji A & Abdullah M

Abdulsalam M. (2015) Developing Urban Geochemical Maps for Environmental Information and Planning in Nigeria
Olatunji A, Asowata T, Laniyonu A, Olajide-Kayode J, Olisa O, Abdulsalam M, Isiaq R & Ode G

Abdurrachman M. (2016) Across Arc Variation of Sr Isotope Ratio and K2O Content in the Quaternary Volcanic Rocks, West Java Indonesia: Tracing Argoland beneath West Java Arc
Abdurrachman M, Handley HK, Basuki NI & Yamamoto M
(2016) Volcanostratigraphy and Petrogenesis of Ciremai Area, West Java, Indonesia
Al Afanie GIAR, Abdurrachman M & Ohba T
(2016) Volcanostratigraphy of Malabar Volcano, West Java, Indonesia and their Magma Evolution
Rohiman Y, Sucipta IGBE, Abdurrachman M & Sugiono SRA
(2013) Sr-Nd Isotopic Study of Papandayan Area, West Java: Mapping the Extent of Argoland beneath Java, Indonesia
Abdurrachman M & Masatsugu Y
(2011) The Geochemical Variation of Volcanic Rocks from Papandayan and Cikuray Volcanoes, West Java: An Existence of Gondwana Continental Fragment as Crustal Contaminant
Abdurrachman M, Yamamoto M & Suparka E

Abdussalam M. (2015) Metal Pollution and Health Risk Assessment of An Urban Wastewater Site, Southwest Nigeria
Odukoya M, Olobaniyi B & Abdussalam M

Abe C. (2020) Sugars in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Furukawa Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ohkouchi N, Ogawa N, Glavin D, Dworkin J, Abe C & Nakamura T

Abe D. (2005) SR-Xrf Analyses of Trace Elements in Electrum from Several Epithermal Gold Deposits, Japan
Sakamoto T, Shimada N, Abe D, Nakamura T, Nozaki W, Shimada K & Iida A

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