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Yuan H.
(2017) Crustal Structure of the Capricorn Orogen of Western Australia – The Role of a Microcontinent during Paleoproterozoic Subduction and Intra-Cratonic Crust Reworking
Yuan H, Johnson S, Dentith M, Varas P, Murdie R, Gessner K & Korhonen F

Yuan Hong Lin (2016) Precise and Accurate Determination of Iron, Silicon and Sulfur Isotope Ratios in Geological Samples by High Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Chen K-Y, Liang P, Cheng C, Chen L, Yuan H-L & Bao Z-A
(2016) Accurate Determination of Iron Isotopic Compositions of Geological Reference Materials by High Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Liang P, Yuan HL, Chen KY, Bao ZA, Dai MN, Zong CL, Yuan WT, Cheng C, Chen L & Liu X
(2016) High Precision Pb Isotopic Analysis of Sulfides by Femtosecond Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Yuan H, Liu X, Chen K, Bao Z, Zong C, Dai M, Wang R & Jiang S

Yuan Hong-Lin (2011) K-Feldspar Glasses Syntheses for External Calibration of in situ Pb Isotope Analysis Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Yuan H, Song J, Chen K, Dai M, Bao Z & He G
(2010) Ten Micron Zircon Dating Using LA-Q-ICPMS
Yuan H-L, Chen K-Y, He G-F, Song J-Y & Gao S
(2010) Crustal Growth of North China as Revealed by Detrital Zircons
Yang J, Gao S, Chen C, Tang Y, Yuan H, Gong H, Xie S & Wang J
(2010) Multiple Growth of Titanite in Response to Lower Crustal Thickening and Recycling
Guo J, Gao S, Xu W, Hu Z, Yuan H, Liu Y & Zong K
(2009) Recycled Lower Continental Crust: Re-Os Isotopic Evidence from Peridotite Xenoliths Entrained by Mesozoic High-Mg Diorites in the Eastern North China Craton
Xu W-L, Gao S, Yang D-B, Yuan H-L, Rudnick RL & Walker RJ
(2008) Simultaneous Determinations of U-Pb Age, Trace Element Compositions, and Hf Isotopes of Zircon by LA-Q&MC-ICPMS
Yuan H, Gao S, Dai M, Zong C, Günther D & Fontaine G
(2008) Studies on the Zircon U-Pb-Hf Isotopes of Host Rocks and Enclaves from the Shahewan Pluton in Qinling Orogen, Central China
Zhang C, Luo J & Yuan H
(2007) Recycling Deep Cratonic Lithosphere and Generation of Intraplate Magmatism
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu W-L, Yuan H-L, Liu Y-S, Puchtel I, Liu X-M, Huang H & Wang X-R
(2007) Study of Lu-Hf Geochronology-A Case Study of Eclogite from Dabie UHP Belt
Yuan H-L, Gao S, Luo Y, Zong C & Dai M
(2006) Lithospheric Evolution of the North China Craton: Evidence from high-Mg adakitic rocks and their entrained xenoliths
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu WL, Yuan HL, Hu ZC & Liu XM

Yuan Hongji (2011) Automated Fitting of XRD Profiles of Interstratified Phyllosilicates
Yuan H & Bish D

Yuan Honglin (2020) Rapid and Accurate Determination of Cu Isotope in Copper Bearing Minerals Using Microdrilling and MC-ICP-MS
Lv N, Bao Z, Chen L, Zhang Y, Chen K & Yuan H
(2018) Explore the Apparent Gap between Field and Lab Dissolution Rate: A Study of the Navajo Sandstone
Hu B, Zhang Y, Wang J, Teng Y, Yuan H, Rimstidt D & Zhu C
(2018) Silicon Isotope Doping Method for Measuring Silicate Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone
Zhang Y, Zhu C, Hu B, Wang J, Rimstidt D, Yuan H & Georg B
(2017) Simultaneous Measurement of S and Pb Isotopes of Sulfides Using a Nanosecond Laser Ablation Coupled with Two MC-Icpmss
Yuan H, Bao Z, Chen K, Chen L, Liang P & Liu X
(2016) In situ Sulfur Isotope Measurement in Sulfide Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Chen L, Yuan H, Chen K, Bao Z, Dai M, Zong C, Yuan W, Cheng C, Liang P & Liu X
(2016) Measurement of Major, Trace Element and Pb Isotope in Silicate Glasses by LA-Q/MC-ICP-MS
Dai M, Zong C & Yuan H
(2015) Silicon Isotopes As a New Method of Measuring Silicate Mineral Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone
Zhu C, Liu Z, Gerog B, Yuan H, Scheafer A & Zhang Y

Yuan Hongsheng (2020) Decomposition of δ-(Al, Fe)OOH into an Iron-Rich Hexagonal Phase and δ-AlOOH: Implications for Water Transportion into the Deep Lower Mantle
Liu L, Yuan H & Zhang L
(2019) Formation of Fe-Rich Volatile-Bearing Phases in the Deep Lower Mantle
Yuan H, Zhang L, Man L, Kim DY, Popov D, Meng Y, Greenberg E & Prakapenka V
(2017) Discovery of an Fe-Rich Hydrous Phase in the Deep Lower Mantle
Zhang L, Yuan H, Meng Y & Mao H-K
(2016) Crystal Chemistry of a Hydrous Phase [AlOOH-Mgsio2(OH)2] in the Deep Lower Mantle: A Multigrain Approach
Zhang L, Yuan H, Meng Y, Ohira I, Ohtani E & Mao H-K

Yuan Jiaxin (2017) In situ LA-ICP-MS Microanalyses and its Significance on Lead of Silicate Minerals from Shizhuyuan Tungsten-Polymetallic Deposit
Yuan J, Hou Q, Yang Z & Jiang H

Yuan Jie (2012) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissovled Inorganic Carbon: Toward a Better Understanding of Clumped Isotope Thermometer in Biogenic Carbonates
Guo W, Kim S-T, Yuan J, Farquhar J & Passey B
(2012) Equilibrium Mg and O Isotope Fractionations between Silicates at High T and P: The Test of a New Calculation Method
Liu Y, Cao X, Li X & Yuan J

Yuan Jing (2009) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Trassic Sanyanlong Granitic Complex in Eatern Tibetan Plateau: Origin and Implications for Tectonic Evolution
Xiao L, Yuan J, Wan C & Wang C

Yuan Jingjing (2020) Marinana Trench Fauna Accumulate Methylmercury Produced in Upper Oceans
Sun R, Yuan J, Sonke J, Zheng W, Meng M, Chen J, Liu Y, Peng X & Liu C

Yuan Kaiqing (2013) Seismic Anisotropy Changes Across Upper Mantle Phase Transitions
Beghein C & Yuan K

Yuan Ke (2020) Evolution of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Acidic Solutions in the Presence of Dissolved Metals
Kim Y, Yuan K, Abdilla B, Sturchio NC, Lee SS & Fenter P
(2020) Connecting in situ X-Ray Nano- and Micro-Tomography via Fluid Dynamics Simulations to Study Barium Sulfate Mineral Precipitation
Starchenko V, Yuan K, Weber J, Cheshire M, Rampal N & Stack A
(2018) Oxidative Dissolution Induced Strain and Defects in Magnetite Nanocrystals
Yuan K, Lee SS, Cha W, Ulvestad A, Sturchio N & Fenter P
(2015) Precipitation of Pentavalent Uranium on Magnetite
Yuan K, Ilton E, Antonio M & Becker U
(2013) Actinide Redox Processes on Iron Sulfides: An Electrochemical, Microscopic, and Computational Approach
Becker U, Yuan K & Renock D
(2013) Uranium Reduction on Magnetite: An Electrochemistry Approach
Yuan K, Ewing RC & Becker U

Yuan Li (2014) Hydrocarbon Charge History of Main Oil Fields, Western Qaidam Basin as Revealed from an Integrated Fluid Inclusion Study
Meng Q, Gui L, Chen Y, Yuan L, Lu X, Zheng Y & Li X

Yuan Ling Ling (2016) Early Permian I-S-A-Type Granite Trinity from Central Inner Mongolia, North China: Sequential Melting Model and Tectonic Implication
Yuan LL & Zhang XH

Yuan Lingling (2020) The Timeline of Two-Stage Accretionary Processes in Eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Insights from Episodic Paleozoic Intrusions in Central Inner Mongolia, North China
Yuan L, Zhang X & Yang Z

Yuan Lulu (2019) The Cd Pollution and Possible Sources in Soil and Rice Grains Around Zhuzhou, Hunan
Wang M & Yuan L

Yuan Q. (2013) Petrogenesis of the Syenite Granites in Kuluketage Block: Constraints from Petro-Geochemistry, Zircon U-Pb Dating and Hf Isotope
Yuan Q, Lü X-B, Cao X-F, Wang X-D & Yang E-L

Yuan Shengliu (2020) Insight into the Hg Sources by Stable Isotopes of Mercury in the Largest Arctic River in North American
Yuan S, Hintermann H & Zdanowicz C
(2019) Mercury Isotopic Composition in the Large Anthropogenically Impacted Pearl River, South China
Zhang Y, Chen J, Wang Z, Yuan S, Yuan W, Zhang T & Liu Y
(2019) Hg Isotopes Reveal Important Contribution of Glacier Melting to Lake Hg Budget on Tibetan Plateau
Liu Y, Chen J & Yuan S
(2018) Diel Variation of Stable Isotope Ratios Record Photoreduction of PM2.5-bound Mercury
Huang Q, Chen J, Huang W, Reinfelder J, Fu P, Yuan S, Wang Z, Yuan W & Cai H
(2017) Mercury Isotope Systematics in Aqueous Environment of the Tibetan Plateau
Chen J, Yuan S, Cai H & Wang Z
(2016) Sequential Samples Revealing Significant Variation of Mercury Isotopes during Single Rainfall Events
Yuan S, Chen J, Huang Q, Wang Z, Cai H & Wang Z
(2016) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Even Mercury Isotopes: An Enigma
Chen J, Cai H, Yuan S, Wang Z & Hintelmann H

Yuan Shisong (2013) Geochemical Characteristics of Granites and their Relationship to Gold Mineralization in Yangshan Gold Deposit, Gansu Province, China
Yang G, Yuan S, Qi J & Ge L

Yuan Shufang (2019) The Spatial and Temporal Variations of Low-Latitude Speleothem δ18O Records Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Yuan S, Wang X & Liu G
(2018) Mapping Asian Monsoon Changes with Speleothem δ18O Records
Wang X, Liu G, Chiang H-W, Yuan S & Lu Y

Yuan Shunda (2020) The Solubility and Speciation of Scandium in Fluoride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures
Wang J, Timofeev A, Williams-Jones AE, Yuan S & Liu J
(2018) Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China Through Geological History
Mao J, Ouyang H, Song S, Yuan S, Zhou Z & Zheng W
(2012) In situ Observations on the Crystallization of Spodumene from Aqueous Solutions in a Hydrothermal Diamond-Anvil Cell
Chou I-M, Li J, Yuan S & Burruss R

Yuan Songhu (2020) The Role of Hydroxyl Radicals in Iron Biogeochemical Cycling Under Redox Dynamic Conditions
Tong M, Zhang Y & Yuan S
(2020) Fe(II)-Bearing Clay Minerals Accelerate Ferrihydrite Transformation
Liao W, Yuan S & Cui H
(2019) Contaminant Degradation by •OH during Sediment Oxygenation: Dependence on Fe(II) Species
Xie W, Yuan S, Tong M & Liao W
(2019) Interplay between Iron Species Transformation and Hydroxyl Radicals Production in Sediments during Anoxic-Oxic Cycles
Tong M, Zhang Y & Yuan S
(2019) Water Table Fluctuation Controls Hydrogen Peroxide Distribution in Unconfined Aquifer
Zhang N & Yuan S
(2018) Electron Transfer from Interior Fe(II) to Edge Fe(III) in Reduced Nontronite Under Anoxic Conditions
Liao W, Yuan S & Liu X
(2017) Hydroxyal Radicals Produced from Oxygenation of Fe(II)-bearing Clay Minerals and the Resultant Oxidizing Impact
Yuan S & Liu X
(2017) Contrasting Effect of Fe(II) Oxygenation on the Subsequent Fe(III) Bio-Reduction: Bacteria Attenuation Versus Fe(III) Bio-Availability Enhancement
Chen R, Liu H & Yuan S
(2016) Production of Hydroxyl Radicals from Oxygenation of Mackinawite
Yuan S, Cheng D & Zhang P

Yuan Tao (2020) Crystal Surface Reactivity Analysis Across Scales: Combined Experimental and Numerical Insight
Fischer C, Kahl W-A, Yuan T, Bollermann T & Bach W
(2019) Predicting the Heterogeneity of Actinide Retention at the Pore Scale of Host Rocks
Yuan T, Bollermann T & Fischer C

Yuan Tianle (2019) Large Variability of Springtime African Dust in Recent Decades: A Consistent Characterization from Multiple Remote Sensing Observations
Yu H, Yuan T, Bian H, Chin M, Tan Q, Zhang Z & Ginoux P
(2019) Future Decline of African Dust: Insights from the Recent Past and Paleo-Records
Yuan T, Yu H, Chin M, Remer L, Evan A & McGee D
(2015) What Does Nature Tell us About Anthropogenic Aerosol Indirect Effect?
Yuan T, Remer L, Yu H, Pickering K, Oreopoulos L, Wilcox E, Bian H, Ziemke G, Albrecht R & Goodman S

Yuan W. (2020) Global Warming Accelerates Uptake of Atmospheric Mercury in Regions Experiencing Glacier Retreat
Wang X, Yuan W, Lin C-J, Wang F & Feng X
(2020) Isotopic Compositions of Hg in Cross-Hemisphere Marine Aerosols Reveal Different Hg0 Redox Reactions
David AY, Chen J, Zheng W, Sonke J, Shi G, Cai H, Yuan W & Cartigny P
(2020) Preliminary Study on Gallium (Ga) Isotopes as an Effective Proxy for Weathering Process
Yuan W & Chen J
(2019) Elemental and Isotope Geochemistry of Gallium
Yuan W & Chen J
(2019) Mercury Isotopic Composition in the Large Anthropogenically Impacted Pearl River, South China
Zhang Y, Chen J, Wang Z, Yuan S, Yuan W, Zhang T & Liu Y
(2019) Stable Isotope Fractionation Induced from Mercury Biogeochemical Cycling in Forest Ecosystems
Feng X, Yuan W, Li K, Liu Y & Lin C-J
(2018) Diel Variation of Stable Isotope Ratios Record Photoreduction of PM2.5-bound Mercury
Huang Q, Chen J, Huang W, Reinfelder J, Fu P, Yuan S, Wang Z, Yuan W & Cai H
(2018) Using Mercury Isotope Ratios to Understand Hg Biogeochemical Cycling in Forest Ecosytems
Feng X, Yuan W, Wang X & Lin J
(2017) Gallium Isotope Analysis and Potential Application
Yuan W, Chen J, Birck J-L, Saldi GD & Schott J

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