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Xia LinQi (2013) Tectonic Implications for Mid-Late-Neoproterozoic Rift-Related Volcanic Rocks in China
Xu X-Y, Xia L-Q, Xia Z-C, Li X-M & Ma Z-P
(2007) The Paleozoic SSZ-Type Ophiolite and Subduction Rollback in the Eastern Junggar, Nothwestern China
Ma Z, Xia L, Xu X & Li X

Xia Liuwen (2018) Hydrocarbon Generation Characteristics of Alkaline Lacustrine Source Rocks: The Lower Permian in the Northewestern Junggar Basin, NW China
Wang T, Cao J, Wang X, Xiang B, Ma W & Xia L

Xia M. (2010) The Petrogenesis of Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Huangshan Region, Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang, China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T & Xia Z
(2010) Permian Basalts and Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Northeastern of Tarim Plate (NW China): Insights into a Large Igneous Province
Xia Z, Jiang C, Xia M & Lu R
(2008) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hulu Ni–Cu-Bearing Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, Eastern Xinjiang, Northwest China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T, Xia Z & Lu R

Xia Q (2005) Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of the Neo-Tethys Dongqiao Ophiolite Complex, Northern Tibet: First Data
Zhi X, Xia Q, Jin Z & Wang Y
(2005) Synchronized Study on Micro-Scale U-Pb Ages and Oxygen Isotopes for Metamorphic Zircons from Dabie-Sulu Orogen, Eastern Central China
Chen D, Deloule E, Xia Q, Li B & Ni T
(2004) Re-Os Isotopes in Mantle-Derived Pyroxenite Xenoliths from Hannuoba North China
Zhi X, Meng Q, Xia Q, Zheng L & Xu Y
(2003) Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry of Mantle Peridotite and Pyroxenite Xenoliths from North China Craton
Xia Q, Zhi X, Meng Q, Zheng L & Peng Z
(2003) Micro-Scale Zircon Oxygen Isotopic Compositions and U-Pb SIMS Dating from Dabie-Sulu Orogen, China
Chen D, Deloule E, Li B, Cheng H & Xia Q

Xia Qinglin (2009) Application Fractal and Multifractal Methods to Mapping Prospectivity for Metamorphosed Sedimentary Iron Deposits Using Stream Sediment Geochemical Data in Eastern Hebei Province, China
Zuo R & Xia Q
(2009) The Characteristics of Trace Elements in Emeishan Basalt and its Contribution to Mineralzation
Xia Q & Zuo R

Xia Qiong-Xia (2018) The Origins of Garnets in Anatectic Rocks fromTethyan Himalaya: Constraints from Major-Trace Element Zonations and Phase Equilibrium Calculations
Xia Q-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F
(2017) Growth of Metamorphic and Peritectic Garnets in UHP Metagranite during Continental Subduction and Exhumation in the Dabie Orogen
Xia Q-X, Zhou L-G & Gao X-Y
(2016) An Experimental Study on Dehydration Melting of UHP Metagranite at High Pressure
Xia Q-X, Van Orman J, Han J, Zheng Y-F, Li W-C, Yu M & Luo X
(2014) Zonation and Multiphase Growth of Garnet in UHP Metamorphic Rocks of Continental Subduction Zone
Xia Q-X, Zhou L-G & Zheng Y-F
(2011) Multistage Growth of Garnet in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Xia Q-X, Zheng Y-F & Lu X-N
(2010) Melt/Mantle Mixing Processes Form Podiform Chromite Deposits: Implications from Re-Os Systematics of the Dongqiao Neo-Tethyan Ophiolite, Northern Tibet
Shi R, Griffin W, O'Reilly S, Zhi X, Xia Q, Huang Q, Zhang X & Liu D
(2010) Distinguishing Metamorphic Growth from Recrystallization of Zircon in Eclogite-Facies Metamorphic Rocks
Xia Q-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F
(2010) Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for the “Hot” Exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in Continental Subduction Zones
Lu X-N, Xia Q-X, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F
(2008) Geochemical and Petrological Evidence for Dehydration Melting in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks during Exhumation
Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia Q-X

Xia Qun-Ke (2019) Geochemical Evolution of the Tarim Mantle Plume and the Eruption of Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q
(2019) Water Content in the Early Cretaceous Gabbros from East China: Implications for the Destruction of the North China Craton
Wang Z, Xia Q & Liu J
(2019) Low Water Content in the Mantle Source of the Hainan Plume as a Factor Inhibiting the Formation of a Large Igneous Province
Gu X-Y & Xia Q-K
(2019) Intimate Link between the Deep Earth's Nitrogen and Hydrogen Cycles
Yang Y, Busigny V, Liu W & Xia Q-K
(2019) Extremely Low Structural Hydroxyl Contents in Upper Mantle Xenoliths from the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Patkó L, Liptai N, Kovács IJ, Aradi LE, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Mihály J, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Wesztergom V & Szabó C
(2019) Genesis of the Iron-Rich Alkaline Large Igneous Province
Chen H, Bi Y, Kuritani T & Xia Q
(2019) The Link between the Low Contents of S and Cl in Early Cretaceous Basalts and Flourishing of Jehol Biotas
Xu Q, Chen H, Xia Q, Deloule E, Gu X & Wang L
(2019) Ammonium Promotes Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization in Phengite Under High Pressures
Liu W, Yang Y & Xia Q
(2018) Mantle Transition Zone Source of Cenozoic Water-Rich Intraplate Magmatism in Eastern China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Liu S-C & Wang Q-Y
(2018) Mantle Hydration and the Role of Water in the Generation of Large Igneous Provinces
Xia Q, Liu J, Kuritani T, Hanski E & Yu H
(2018) Low Basalt-Source Water Contents Inhibiting the Formation of Large Igneous Province in the Leiqiong Area (South China)
Gu X, Xia Q & Wang P
(2018) Variations in the H2O Content and H2O/Ce Ratio of Mantle Pyroxenites: Implications for Enriched Components in the Mantle
Hao Y-T, Li P, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K
(2018) Origin of a Transition Zone-Derived Mantle Plume at Changbai Volcano
Kuritani T, Xia Q, Liu J, Zhao D & Nakagawa M
(2018) Water Content of Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Melt Transports beneath Mid-Oceanic Ridges
Li P, Xia Q-K, Bonatti E & Brunelli D
(2017) The High Water Content of the OIB-Like Basanite in the Volcanic Front of Northern Izu-Boin Arc System
Liu J, Kuritani T, Yu H & Xia Q
(2017) Do We Really Know When Water Profiles are Produced in Xenoliths? Example of Xenoliths from Tianchang Volcano (East China)
Liu J, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Hao Y-T
(2016) Temporal and Spatial Variation of Source Components for Intraplate Basalts from North China
Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J & Deloule E
(2016) Regional Heterogeneity in the Water Content of the Cenozoic Lithospheric Mantle of Eastern China
Hao Y-T, Xia Q-K, Jia Z-B, Zhao Q-C, Li P, Feng M & Liu S-C
(2016) High Water Content in Primitive Continental Flood Basalts
Xia Q-K, Bi Y, Li P, Tian W & Chen H
(2016) Temporal Variation of H2O Content in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Eastern North China Craton: Implications for the Destruction of Cratons
Li P, Xia Q-K, Deloule E & Gu X-Y

Xia Qunke K (2015) Water Diffusion by Asthenospheric Domain Entrained in the Lithospheric Mantle of Lianshan (Subei Basin, Eastern China)
Hao Y, Bonadiman C, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K
(2015) Magma Water Content of the Cenozoic Basalts in the North China Craton
Liu J, Chen H, Xia Q-K & Ingrin J
(2015) Enriched Components in the Source of Cenozoic Intraplate Alkali Basalts in Southeast China
Liu S, Xia Q & Deloule E
(2015) The Role of Amphiboles in the Formation of Malanjkhand Porphyry Cu-Deposit
Asthana D, Kumar H, Kumar S & Xia Q-K
(2011) Li Content and Isotopic Distributions in Granulite of Kerguelen Plateau
Deloule E, Ingrin J, Xia Q & Gregoire M
(2011) Water Content of Lithospheres Deduced from Xenoliths: The Example of Kerguelen Islands and South African Craton
Ingrin J, Liu J, Xia QK, Deloule E & Grégoire M
(2009) Water Contents in Pyroxenes of Intraplate Lithospheric Mantle
Bonadiman C, YanTao H, Coltorti M, Dallai L, Faccini B, Huang H & Xia Q
(2007) Tracing Water Exchange between Mantle and Continental Crust with the δD Values of NAMs in Granulite
Yang X, Deloule E & Xia Q-K

Xia S. (2017) Seismic Experiments Investigating Plate Dynamics of the Challenger Deep Region of the Mariana Trench
Lin J, Sun J, Zeng X, Xu M, Yang H, Xia S, Zhou Z & Science Party of R/V Shiyan3 

Xia W. (2016) Response of Vegetation Dynamics to Groundwater in Qaidam Basin, China
Jin X & Xia W

Xia X (2006) SHRIMP U¨CPb zircon geochronology of the Huai¡¯an Complex: constraints on late Archean to Paleoproterozoic custal accretion and collision of the Trans-North China Orogen
Zhao G, Wilde SA, Sun M, Xia X, Zhang J & He Y
(2006) U-Pb zircon dating on the granitic conglomerates of the Hutuo Group: affinities to the Wutai Granitoids and significance on the tectonic evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen
Zhang J, Zhao G, Li S, Sun M, Liu S, Xia X & He Y
(2005) LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of the Yushulazi Formation in the North China Craton
Luo Y, Sun M, Zhao G, Li S & Xia X
(2005) Basement Nature of the Ordos Terrane, Western Block of the North China Craton: Detrital Zircon Age and Hf Isotope Study on Khondalites from Wulashan Complex
Xia X, Sun M, Zhao G & Luo Y

Xia X-P. (2019) Pulsed Degassing of Magma Recorded by Water Concentration in Zircon
Xia X-P, Zhang W, Yang Q, Cui Z-X & Cai K
(2019) Oxygen Isotope Homogeneity Assessment for Apatite U-Th-Pb Geochronology Reference Materials
Yang Q, Xia X-P, Zhang L & Zhang W
(2019) Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level Influences Composition of Sediment Melts
Liebmann J, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bucholz C, He X, Tang L, Santosh M, Xia X, Martin L & Evans N
(2019) Geochemistry of Miocene-Pliocene Epithermal Gold-Hosting Volcanic Rocks in Northeastern Borneo (Sabah and North Kalimantan)
Lee B, Lai C, Mandiri IT, Xia X, Zhang L & Meffre S
(2018) Late Permian Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Qiangtang, Central Tibet: Evidence for the Interaction between Emeishan Plume and Paleo-Tethyan Subduction System
Wang J, Wang Q, Zhang C, Dan W, Qi Y, Zhang X-Z & Xia X-P
(2018) The Origin of the Pliocene Wangqing River Alkali Picrite, NE China
Sun M, Xu Y, Ren Z, Xia X, He P, He H, Jourdan F & Milan L
(2018) An Abrupt Increase of Oxygen Isotopes at ca. 3230 Ma in Archean TTGs from the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrane, South Africa
Wang X, Wang D, Kröner A, Xia X & Li J
(2017) Linking NW India to South China in Rodinia by Low δ18 O Rhyolites of the Neoproterozoic Malani Igneous Suite
Wang W, Cawood P, Zhou M-F, Manoj P, Xia X-P & Zhao J-H
(2017) Relict Zircon Tracking the Source Nature of Peraluminous Granite
Gao P, Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia X-P
(2017) When did the Paleo-Tethys Ailaoshan Ocean Closed: New Constraints from Detrital Zircon U–Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotope
Xia X, Xu J & Huang C

Xia X. (2017) Implication of δ13C Variations in Two Soil Profiles of the Southwest China Karst Area
Xia X, Li Q, Di X & Xiao B

Xia Xiaofeng (2012) Determination of Trace Mercury in Geological Samples by Photo Induced Chemical Vapour Generation with Isotope Dilution ICP MS
Gao Y, Xia X & Yue F

Xia Xiaoping (2008) Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Systematics and the Sediment Source-To-Sink Pattern of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River
Yang S, Jiang S, Xia X & Sun M
(2008) SHRIMP and LA ICP MS Zircon Analyses on the Xiong’er Volcanic Rocks along the Southern Margin of the North China Craton
He Y, Zhao G, Sun M & Xia X
(2007) Affinity of the Trans-North China Orogen: Constraints from Detrital Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions from the Fuping Complex, North China Craton
Xia X, Sun M, Zhao G & Wu F
(2007) Baijuhuajian A-Type Granites in the Western Zhejiang Province, SE China: Geochemical and Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotope Compositions and Tectonic Implications
Wong JP-M, Sun M, Xing G, Zhao G, Xia X, Wong K, Li L, Li X, Wu F & Yuan C

Xia Xin-Rua (2013) Use of Passive Sampling to Measure Organic Chemicals and Metabolites in Water and Soil: Application to Human Health Risk Assessment in Developing Countries
Shea D, Hong T, Xia X-R, Kong X, O'Neal K & Lazaro P

Xia Xueqi (2014) Change of Soil Carbon Stocks in Typical Regions of China during 1980s-2000s
Xia X & Yang Z
(2009) Eco-Geochemical Assessment of Agroecosystems – Cadmium in Chengdu Economical Region, Sichuan, China
Hou Q, Yang Z, Yu T & Xia X
(2009) Calculating of Soil Carbon Storage of China Based on Multi-Purpose Geochemical Survey
Xi X, Yang Z, Xia X & Li M

Xia Yan (2018) Petrogenesis of Anatectic Granites and Restitic Granulite Enclaves: Implications for Disequilibrium Partial Melting
Zhao K, Xu X, Erdmann S, Liu L & Xia Y

Xia Yanqin (2016) Geochemical Characteristics of Sediments from the Mount Gongga of Sichuan Basin, China: Potential Environmental Implications
Wu Y, Wang Y, Liu Y, Hou X, Wang Y & Xia Y

Xia Yanqing (2019) Methylation of Aromatic Nuclei and Marine Petroleum Evolution in the Tarim Basin, China
Xia Y, Liu Y & Wu Y
(2019) Investigating the Thermal Evolution of Organic Matter in Salt Lakes Under the Influence of Different Ions
Qi W, Xia Y, Wu J & Zhang X
(2017) Influence of Thermal Maturity on Carbon Isotopic Composition of Individual Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Xia Y & Chen Y
(2017) The Potential Environmental Implications of Sediments from the Gongga Mountain of Sichuan Basin, China
Wu Y, Wang Y, Xia Y, Liu Y & Hou X
(2016) The Variation of Pristane-Phytane Ratios of Pure Phytol in Conditions of Clay Catalyzing
Xing L, Xu L, Li Z & Xia Y
(2014) Maturity Parameter of Pristine Isomerization Index
Wu Y, Wang Y, Lei T, Liu Y, Wang Y & Xia Y
(2013) A Pathway for Aromatic Hydrocarbon Formation
Xia Y & Chang J
(2013) Pristane Isomerization Ratio: Novel Maturity Index for Highly Mature and Overmature Oils
Wu Y, Wang Y, Lei T, Ma S, Wang Y, Gao Y & Xia Y
(2011) The Distribution of Biomarkers and the Geological Significance of the Severely Biodegraded Crude Oil in Gudao Reservoir
Wu YQ, Wang YL, Lei TZ, Chang J, Wang YX & Xia YQ

Xia Yiben (2011) Using Mössbauer Spectra to Characterize and Differentiate Tourmaline Crystals from China
Guo Y, Yang S, Min J, Wang L & Xia Y

Xia Ying (2019) The Composition of the Lunar Core Through Zinc and Copper Isotopes
Xia Y, Kiseeva K, Wade J & Huang F
(2018) The Composition of the Lunar Core Through Zinc and Copper Isotopes
Xia Y, Kiseeva K, Huang F & Wade J
(2017) Partitioning of V, Sc, Zn, and Fe between Upper Mantle Minerals and Hydrous Basalts
Xia Y, Huang F & Zhang H

Xia Yinghe (2009) Gas-Source Correlation of Marine Source Rocks in the Sichuan Basin
Dai J, Ni Y, Tao S & Xia Y

Xia Yinhua (2010) Grain Growth and Dissolution during Crystal-Melt Interaction
Liang Y, Xia Y & Bons P

Xia Yong (2018) Trace Elements and REE Distribution in the Phosphorite-Hosted REE Deposit of the Zhijin Region, Guizhou Province, China
He S, Xia Y & Gregory D

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