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Novak J. (2020) Northern Hemisphere Timing of Pliocene/late Miocene Climate Variations
Herbert T, Tzanova A, Novak J, Caballero-Gill R & Caruso A

Novak Martin (2023) Mg/Ca/Sr Isotope Systematics in a Weakly Acidified Headwater Catchment Near the Czech–Austrian Border Underlain by Base-Poor Paragneiss
Erban Kochergina Y, Novak M, Andronikov A, Holmden C, Stepanova M, Paces T, Kachlík V, Veselovský F, Hruska J & Curik J
(2019) Magnesium Isotope Variations in Aqueous Samples from a Small Catchment in the Czech Republic
Novak M, Andronikov A, Sebek O, Kram P, Farkas J, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Prechova E, Andronikova I & Hruska J
(2017) Evaluating the Extent of Cr(VI) Reduction in Polluted Groundwater: Toward Better δ53Cr Fingerprinting of Sources
Novak M, Sebek O, Andronikov A, Kotkova J, Chrastny V, Prechova E, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Stepanova M, Farkas J, Martinkova E & Kram P
(2016) Storage of "Excess" Nitrogen and 15N/14N Ratios Corroborate Sizeable N2 Fixation in Peat Bogs
Novak M, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Jackova I, Buzek F & Prechova E
(2015) Missing Sources/Sinks of Nitrogen Revealed by Delta 15N Inventory of Mountain-Top Peat Bog Ecosystems
Novak M, Jackova I, Curik J, Stepanova M, Veselovsky F & Buzek F
(2015) Minute Amounts of Pb in Vertical and Horizontal Deposition in the Mountains Near Czech-German-Polish-Austrian Borders
Čimová N, Novák M, Bohdálková L, Čuřík J, Veselovský F & Přechová E
(2015) A Larger Positive Delta 53Cr Shift from Pollution Source to Groundwater at Czech Industrial Sites, Compared to the Northeastern U.S
Stepanova M, Novak M, Hellerich LA, Chrastny V, Cadkova E, Farkas J, Curik J, Szurmanova Z & Cron M
(2015) Ca and Mg Isotope Systematics in Acidified Forests from the Contrasting Monolithologic Czech Catchments
Farkas J, Novak M, Holmden C, Kram P, Simecek M, Francova M, Curik J & Veselovsky F
(2014) N Cycling in Two Contrasting Peat Bogs
Novak M, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Prechova E, Jackova I & Buzek F
(2013) Comparison of δ53Cr Ratios between Geogenic and Anthropogenic Chromium in Central European Waters
Novak M, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Bullen TD, Cadkova E, Szurmanova Z, Tylcer J, Erbanova L, Prechova E & Pasava J
(2013) The Importance of Dry Deposition in Estimating Nitrogen Input in Peat Bogs
Novak M, Bohdalkova L, Fottova D, Curik J, Stepanova M, Darmovzalova M, Veselovsky F & Stepanova M
(2012) High Resolution Climate Changes and Anthropogenic Impact in Central Europe during the Holocene
Veron A, Novak M, Brizova E & Le Roux G
(2012) Nitrogen Mobility in Freshwater Peat
Novak M, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Stepanova M
(2011) Geochemical Position of Pb, Zn and Cd in Soils Near the Mine/Smelter: Effects of Land Use, Type of Contamination and Distance from Pollution Source
Chrastny V, Vanek A, Komarek M & Novak M
(2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation at the Soil-Plant Interface
Myska O, Magna T, Novak M, Sikl J, Zoulkova V & Oulehle F
(2011) SoilTrEC: An International Consortium to Assess Soil Processes and Functions Using a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories
Menon M, Chabaux F, Lundin L, Novak M, Brandao M, Nikolaidis N, Panagos P, van Gaans P, Kram P, Blum W, deRuiter P, Bernasconi S, Rousseva S, White T, Ragnarsdóttir KV, van Riemdijk W, Banwart S, Reynolds B & Lair G
(2011) Mobility of Trace Elements in Ombrotrophic Peat Bogs
Zemanova L, Novak M, Pacherova P & Komarek A
(2011) Spatial Pollution Gradients in Central Europe after 25 Years of Decreasing Industrial Emissions
Voldrichova P, Novak M, Erbanova L, Prechova E, Veselovsky F & Blaha V
(2011) Lead Cycling in Forested Catchments: Trends in Input-Output Mass Balances over 12 Years of Easing Industrial Pollution
Erbanova L, Zemanova L, Novak M & Fottova D
(2011) Isotope Constraints on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Calcium (Ca) in a Base-Poor Forest Ecosystem
Farkaš J, Déjeant A, Novák M & Jacobsen S
(2011) Usefulness of Stable Isotopes in Small Catchment Studies: Overview of Results from the Stressed Ecosystems of Central Europe
Novak M, Buzek F, Jackova I, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Fottova D, Voldrichova P, Stepanova M & Prechova E
(2010) δ13C Signatures of Carbon Pools and Fluxes in a Holocene Sphagnum Peat Bog (Czech Republic)
Novak M, Veselovsky F, Jackova I, Prechova E, Buzek F, Zemanova L & Hruska J
(2009) Vertical Changes in Organic Carbon Quality in a 11-Thousand Years Old, 8.2-Meters Deep Peat Profile in Central Europe
Novak M, Berenova D, Jackova I & Prechova E
(2009) Accumulation of Arsenic in Polluted and Unpolluted Small Watersheds in Central Europe
Erbanova L, Novak M & Fottova D
(2008) δ13C Values of Carbon Forms in Vertical Sphagnum Peat Profiles in Different Climatic Zones
Novak M, Jackova I, Prechova E, Buzek F, Pacherova P & Erbanova L
(2007) Sulfur in Tree Rings in Central Europe: A Negative δ34S Shift Relative to Regional Pollution Sources
Novak M, Peiffer S, Zak K, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Prechova E
(2006) Isotope dynamics of sulfate oxygen in forest catchments differing 10 times in pollution inputs
Novak M, Jackova I & Buzek F
(2004) Controls on del18O and del34S of Peat Porewater Sulfate
Novak M & Vile M

Novák Milan (2019) Contrasting REE Patterns of Tourmaline and their Implications for the Melt Evolution; Example from LCT and NYF Pegmatites
Skoda R, Copjakova R & Novak M
(2015) Distribution of Li Among Magmatic Fe-Mg Silicates in Granitic Rocks
Čopjaková R, Škoda R, Vašinová Galiová M & Novák M
(2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation in Pegmatites – Function of Bond Length
Novák M, Magna T, Cempírek J, Janoušek V, Ullmann C & Wiechert U
(2011) Thermodynamics of Crystalline iron(III) Arsenates Scorodite, Kaňkite, and Bukovskýite
Majzlan J, Drahota P, Filippi M, Novak M, Loun J & Grevel K-D

Novak R. (2009) Strong Release of Methane on Mars: Evidence of Biology or Geology?
Villanueva G, Mumma M & Novak R

Novakova L. (2020) High-Resolution Fission-Track Modelling of the German Naab
Novakova L, Jonckheere R, Wauschkuhn B & Ratschbacher L

Novakova Tereza (2011) Analysis of Heavy Metals in Floodplains of the Morava and Jizera Rivers
Matys Grygar T, Novakova T, Lukesova V & Mihaljevic M

Novakova Tereza (2013) Fluvial Sediments: Assessment of Contamination by Trace Metals Respecting Natural Variability
Novakova T, Matys Grygar T, Mihaljevic M & Strnad L

Novakovic N. (2019) Pathways of Hydrothermal Fluids in Fast-Spreading Oceanic Crust: Insights from Remote Sensing of 1000 km2 of Upper-Crust in the Oman Ophiolite
Belgrano T, Diamond L, Novakovic N, Hewson R, Hecker C & Gilgen S

Novell T. (2011) Seepage of Subsurface Brines into a Major Lake System Using Ra and Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Hydrogen: A Case Study from Lake Huron
Baskaran M, Novell T, Ruberg S, Biddanda B, Johengen T, Hawley N & Klump V

Novella Davide (2013) Experimental Efforts to Understand Deep Mantle Melting
Frost D, Novella D, Myhill R, Liebske C & Tronnes R
(2013) The Formation of Low Degree Hydrous Melts in the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost DJ & Hauri EH
(2011) Water Contents of Incipient Partial Melts in Equilibrium with Peridotite at Upper Mantle Conditions
Novella D & Frost DJ

Novella Davide (2015) Water Storage in Ca-Clinopyroxene with Depth, an Experimental Study
Bolfan-Casanova N, Poissonneau T & Novella D
(2015) Raman Spectroscopy Analyses to Determine the H Content of Nominally Anhydrous Minerals Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite
Novella D, Bolfan-Casanova N, Bureau H, Raepsaet C & Montagnac G

Novella Davide (2016) Accurate Self-Diffusion Coefficients of Hydrogen in Olivine and Implications for Mantle Electrical Conductivity
Novella D, Du Frane W, Jacobsen B, Weber P, Ryerson F & Tyburczy J

Novella Davide (2017) Evaluating Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Proxies along the Reykjanes Ridge
Novella D, Prytulak J, Maclennan J, Shorttle O & Murton B

Novella Davide (2019) Vanadium Isotopic Composition of Garnet-Clinopyroxene Pairs from Kimberlite-Hosted Mantle Xenoliths
Page S, Prytulak J, Nowell G, Novella D & Yaxley G
(2019) Redox Proxy Behaviours during Partial Melting of Mantle Lithologies
Novella D, Maclennan J, Shorttle O, Prytulak J & Murton B

Novella Davide (2020) In situ Mineralogical Characterization of Sulphide Inclusions in Diamonds
Pamato MG, Nestola F, Novella D, Pearson DG & Stachel T

Novella Davide (2021) Hydrous-Silicic Diamond Forming Fluids
Nestola F, Novella D, Nimis P, Pamato MG, Lorenzon S & Curtolo A
(2021) Sulphide Inclusions and the Age of Diamond Formation: Does Protogeneity Matter?
Pamato MG, Novella D, Jacob D, Oliveira B, Pearson DG, Greene S, Afonso JC, Favero M, Stachel T, Alvaro M & Nestola F
(2021) Experimental Investigation of the Genesis of Volatile-Bearing Melts at the Bottom of the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost D, Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H & Hauri EH
(2021) Genesis and Depth of Formation of Ferropericlase Inclusions within Super-Deep Diamonds
Lorenzon S, Nestola F, Pamato MG, Novella D, Nimis P, Marone F, Anzolini C, Mazzucchelli ML, Alvaro M, Regier M, Stachel T, Pearson DG & Harris J

Novella Davide (2023) Fe Isotope Fractionation between Magnetite and Silicate Melt: Insights from Experiments
Novella D & Sossi PA

Novelli A. (2023) Evaluation of a Methodology for Ozone Production Rate Quantification in Ambient Air
Abichou G, Lahib A, Jamar M, Chen W, Fuchs H, Novelli A, Färber M, Tomas A & Dusanter S
(2023) RO2 Intercomparison Campaign at SAPHIR Chamber
Schoemacker C, Batut S, Lahccen A, Fittschen C, Fuchs H, Novelli A, Färber M, Dusanter S, Lahib A, Abichou G & Shamas N

Novembre Daniela (2009) Archaeometric Evidence of Trade of Leucite-Bearing Volcanic-Made Roman Mills of Pompeian Style in NE Hispania (Spain)
Gimeno-Torrente D, Aulinas M, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Pugès M & Novembre D

Novembre Daniela (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Na-X Zeolite Using a Diatomitic Rock from Albacete (Southern Spain)
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D
(2015) Characterization of Ash from the San Miguel Volcano Eruption of December the 29th, 2013 and Environmental Concerns
Hernández de la Cruz A, Gimeno D & Novembre D
(2013) Synthesis and Characterization of K-Zeolites by the Use of a Diatomite
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

Novembre Daniela (2019) Solid-State Synthesis of Silicates that Tries to Reproduce Rhyolitic-Xenolith Interaction in the Monte Ulmus Peralkaline Pyroclastic Unit (Sardinia, Italy)
Novembre D, Carrazana A & Gimeno D

Novhe O. (2014) Stream Sediment Geochemistry of Komati Sub-Catchment of South Africa
Vadapalli V, Netshitungulwana R, Novhe O & Yibas B

Novikhin A. (2021) Nutrient Inputs, Utilization and Cycling in the Laptev Sea Constrained by Macronutrient Concentrations and Stable Silicon Isotopes
Laukert G, Grasse P, Novikhin A, Povazhny V, Doering K, Hölemann J, Janout M, Bauch D, Kassens H & Frank M

Novikov Alexander (2019) Radioecological Monitoring in the Arctic
Emelyanov A, Novikov A & Lavrinovich E

Novikov Alexey (2015) Structure and Properties of SrO-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts
Novikov A, Neuville D & Hennet L

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