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Nadeau Olivier (2013) Petrosomatic Evolution of Montviel Alkaline System and Rare Earth Carbonatites, Abitibi, Canada
Nadeau O, Stevenson R & Jébrak M

Nadeau Patricia (2019) Aerosol Chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption – From Source to Exposed Communities
Mason E, Ilyinskaya E, Whitty RCW, Wieser P, Liu E, Edmonds M, Mather T, Elias T, Nadeau P, Kern C, Schneider DJ & Oppenheimer C

Nadeau Patricia A. (2022) Geochemical Insight into Recent Post-Caldera Collapse Eruptions at Kīlauea Volcano
Nadeau PA, Lynn KJ, Kelly PJ, Downs DT & Lerner AH
(2012) SO2 Emissions and their Role in Eruptive Activity at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala
Nadeau PA, Waite GP & Palma JL

Nadeau S. (2013) Guyana: The Lost Hadean Crust of South America?
Nadeau S, Wei C, Reece J, Lachhman D, Ault R, Faraco MT, Fraga LM, Reis NJ & Betiollo L

Nadeem N.A.B. (2014) Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Fingerprinting of Major Karst Springs of Bringi Watershed, NW Himalayas, India
Nadeem NAB & Jeelani GJ

Nadelhoffer K. (2020) Root Activity, Root Death, and the Stability of Soil Organic Matter
Lajtha K, Pierson D, Bowden R, Nadelhoffer K & Simpson M

Naden Jon (2019) Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Arc-Like Post-Subduction Magmas: Apuseni, Romania
Ene V-V, Smith D, Tapster S, Rosu E, Munteanu M & Naden J
(2017) Igneous Framework of the South Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Ene V-V, Smith D, Naden J, Munteanu M & Rosu E
(2015) Temporal Constraints on Magma Dynamics Resulting in Porphyry Copper Deposit Formation
Tapster S, Smith D, Naden J & Condon D
(2014) Are Re Concentrations in Porphyry Copper Deposits the Result of Hydrothermal Fluid-Country Rock Interactions? Evidence from Stable Isotope Analyses (δ34S, δ18O, δD) of the Muratdere Au-Cu (Mo-Re) Porphyry Deposit, Turkey
Sullivan K, Roberts S, Naden J, Lusty P, McDonald I & Boyce A
(2011) Fractionation of a Hydrous Arc Magma: The Origin of Adakitic and Alkaline Signatures at Savo Volcano, Solomon Islands
Smith D, Petterson M, Saunders A, Jenkin G & Naden J
(2006) Origin of fluids in the shallow geothermal environment of Savo, Solomon Islands
Smith DJ, Jenkin GRT, Boyce AJ, Naden J & Petterson MG

Naden Jonathan (2022) Cobalt Deportment and Supply Potential from Ore and Mine Waste of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits in Europe
Horn S, Naden J, Shaw R & Petavratzi E

Nader F. (2010) Effects of Fe and Mn on Stoichiometric Characterization of Dolomites by Cell and Rietveld Refinements
Kohler E, Turpin M & Nader F

Naderi M. (2020) Determining Selective Surface Energy of the Native Internal Rock Structure Using iGC
Ruecker M, Naderi M, Williams DR, Georgiadis A & Luckham PF
(2017) Speleothem Records of Glacial/Interglacial Climate from Iran Forewarn of Future Water Availability in the Interior of the Middle East
Mehterian S, Pourmand A, Sharifi A, Lahijani H, Naderi M & Swart P

Naderi N. (2012) Alteration and Isotopic Vectoring at the Syenite-Hosted Young-Davidson Gold Deposit, Matachewan, Ontario
Naderi N, Martin R, Linnen R, Zhang J, Lin S & Banerjee N

Nadhir A. (2016) Multi Geosciences Approach at Blawan-Ijen Volcano-Geothermal Complex, East Java, Indonesia to Understand It Utilization and Hazard
Maryanto S, Wicaksono A, Santoso D, Nadhir A, Gunawan H, Suantika IG & Prasodjo E

Nadimikeri J. (2005) Trace Element Geochemistry of Tambaraparni Deltaic Sediments, East Coast of India
Nadimikeri J

Nadine M. (2020) Depletion, Metasomatism and Water Distribution in the Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Bizimis M, Ashley A, Beunon H, Patterson S, Doucet L, Peslier A & Nadine M

Nadja N.

Nadolinny V. (2002) Study of Local Concentration of Donor Nitrogen in Micro Diamonds from Kokhcetav Massif
Stepanov A, Nadolinny V, Shatsky V & Kozmenko O

Nadoll P. (2015) Regional-Scale Metasomatism in the Fortescue Group Volcanics and a Link to Australia’s Iron Ore
White A, Smith R, leGras M & Nadoll P
(2013) Hydrothermal Magnetite from the Grasberg Porphyry and Ertsberg East Skarn Cu-Au Deposits
Nadoll P, Walshe J, French D & Leys C
(2013) Regional-Scale Metasomatism in the Fortescue Group Volcanics, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia, Constrained Through Phase Equilibria Modelling
White A, leGras M, Smith R & Nadoll P
(2012) Magnetite – An Indicator Mineral for Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Nadoll P, Mauk J, Leveille R, Fisher L & Hough R

Nadya T. (2002) Fe Isotope Composition of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts and Mantle Peridotites
Williams H, Lee D-C, Sylvain L, Nadya T, Franck P & Mark R

Naegler T. (2017) Stable Isotope Fractionation of Ba and Sr in Witherite and Strontianite at Near Chemical Equilibrium Conditions
Mavromatis V, vanZuilen K, Naegler T, Eissenhauer A & Dietzel M
(2013) A First-Order Deep Time Reconstruction of the Marine Sr/Ba Ratio from Microbial Carbonate
Kamber B, Naegler T, Turner E, Webb G & Pretet C
(2007) Mo Isotopes in Modern Euxinic Environments: Water Column and Sediment Data
Neubert N, Naegler T & Boettcher M
(2004) High Hf- and Nd-Initials: Early Differentiation in Crust and Mantle or Metamorphic Overprint?
Kleinhanns I, Naegler T & Kramers J

Naeher S. (2020) Depositional Influences on Re-Os Systematics of Late Cretaceous–Eocene Coals and Carbonaceous Mudstones, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Sykes R, Selby D & Naeher S
(2020) Climate and Environmental Change in the SW-Pacific of the Last ~14, 000 Years Using Lipid Biomarkers in Sediments of a New Zealand Lake
Naeher S, Bauersachs T, Stucker VK, Puddick J, Wood SA, Robert S, Schubert CJ & Vandergoes MJ
(2019) Re-Os Depositional Age and Geochemistry of the Late Paleocene Waipawa Formation, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Naeher S, Selby D, Hollis C & Sykes R
(2018) Maleimides: Novel Biological Markers in the Petroleum and Source Rocks
Wang G, Naeher S & Li J
(2015) Molecular and Geochemical Constraints on Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) in a Riparian Zone of the Seine Estuary (France)
Naeher S, Huguet A, Roose-Amsaleg CL, Laverman AL, Lehmann MF, Derenne S & Zopfi J

Naemura K. (2016) Ultrapotassic Carbonatite Preserved in Orogenic Garnet Peridotite in the Continental Collision Zone
Naemura K, Svojtka M & Hirajima T

Naeraa Tomas (2017) Tracing Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea Using Trace Elemental Geochemistry and Foraminiferal Faunal Assemblages
Ni S, Quintana Krupinski N, Groeneveld J, Seidenkrantz M-S, Knudsen KL, Fanget A-S, Naeraa T & Filipsson H

Naeraa Tomas (2020) Baddeleyite, Zircon and Monazite Minerals in the Metasomatites of the Varena Iron Ore Deposit in the Western East European Craton: Application for Dating Skarn and Ore Formation Processes
Skridlaite G, Soderlund U, Siliauskas L & Naeraa T

Naeraa Tomas (2012) Lower Crustal Archaean Rocks in South-East Greenland
Bagas L, Naeraa T, Reno B & Kolb J
(2012) Mesoarchean TTG Melt Formation and Migration in the Skjoldungen Region of South-East Greenland
Reno B, Naeraa T & Bagas L
(2012) Building Eoarchean Crust: The Arc Tholeiite TTG Connection
Hoffmann JE, Munker C, Nagel TJ, Naeraa T, Polat A & Rosing MT
(2012) Hf Isotope Evidence for a Transition in the Geodynamics of Continental Growth after 3.2 Ga
Naeraa T, Schersten A, Rosing M, Kemp T, Hoffmann E, Kokfelt T & Whitehouse M
(2012) The Hf-Nd Isotope Barcode of Crust Formation in the Archean Earth
Kemp T, Vervoort J, Whitehouse M, Hickman A, Van Kranendonk M & Naeraa T

Naeraa Tomas (2015) Combined Lu-Hf & Sm-Nd Garnet Constraints on Archean Crustal Growth at the SE-Greenland Margin
Tusch J, Naeraa T, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

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