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Mulder K. (2015) Extreme Variation in Quartz Phenocryst δ18O Value along Quartz Porphyry Dykes, Koegel Fontein Complex, South Africa
Mulder K & Harris C

Mulders J. (2019) An Experimental Study of Sepiolite Dissolution Rates and Mechanisms at 25 C
Mulders J & Oelkers E

Mulford M. (2020) Subsurface Microbial Iron-Reduction Processes in the Formation of Iron Ore Caves
Barton H, Parker C, Kawaichi S, Mulford M, Senko J, Auler A & Sasowsky I

Mulholland D. (2013) Comparison of the Fe Isotope Composition of Unfiltered Waters, Dissolved and Particulate Fraction of the Amazon River and its Tributaries
Poitrasson F, Vieira L, dos Santos Pinheiro G, Mulholland D, Seyler P, Sondag F, Boaventura G & Pimentel M
(2011) Isotope Composition of Iron Delivered to the Oceans by Intertropical Rivers: The Amazon River Case
Poitrasson F, Vieira LC, Seyler P, dos Santos Pinheiro GM, Mulholland D, Ferreira Lima BA, Bonnet M-P, Martinez J-M & Prunier J

Mulholland J. (2014) Novel Data Assimilation Technique for Spatiotemporal PM2.5 Source Impact Estimates
Ivey C, Holmes H, Hu Y, Mulholland J & Russell A
(2009) Linking Particulate Matter Sources to Health
Russell A, Balachandran S, Lee D, Pachon J, Mulholland J, Tolbert P & Sarnat J

Mulina K. (2019) ABOVE: Aerial-Based Observations of Volcanic Emissions, Papua New Guinea
Liu E, Aiuppa A, Alan A, Arellano S, Bitetto M, Bobrowski N, Carn S, Cerdes G, Clarke R, Corrales E, de Moor M, Diaz JA, Edmonds M, Fischer T, Freer J, Fricke M, Galle B, Giudice G, Gutmann A, Jones J, Mason E, McCormick Kilbride B, Mulina K, Nowicki S, Richardson T, Rüdiger J, Schipper CI, Watson IM & Wood K

Mulitza Stefan (2015) Reconstructing Past Ocean Circulation with 231Pa/230Th and Nd Isotopes
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Blaser P, Antz B, Böhm E, Carvalho Ferreira ML, Wombacher F, Christl M, Mulitza S & Jaccard S

Mulitza Stefan (2011) A Depth Transect of Four 25 kyr 231Pa/230Th Records from the Argentine Basin: Assessing Southern Component Flow Rates
Hickey B, Henderson G, Thomas A, Rae J, Chiessi C & Mulitza S
(2009) The Response of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th on Particle Flux – Findings from the African Margin
Lippold J, Christl M, Hofmann A, Mollenhauer G, Mulitza S, Weyer S & Mangini A
(2008) 231Pa/230Th in the Argentine Basin as a Tracer of Past Southern-Source Water-Mass Flow
Hickey B, Thomas A, Rae J, Mulitza S, Chiessi C & Henderson G
(2002) Tropical Atlantic Warming during Thermohaline Circulation Slowdown
Mulitza S, Rühlemann C, Arz H, Paul A & Wefer G

Muljadi B. (2020) Cation Release from Geothermal Reservoir Rocks
Belshaw G, Azis H, Sapiie B, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V
(2019) Rock-Fluid Interactions in Geothermal Reservoir Systems
Belshaw G, Gonciaruk A, Steer E, Alfiady A, Azis H, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V

Mulkidjanian Armen (2013) Anoxic Geothermal Fields and the Early Life
Mulkidjanian A

Mulkidjanian Armen Y. (2021) Increase in the Atmospheric Pressure may Have Driven the Transition from the First Replicators to the First Cellular Organisms
Mulkidjanian AY

Mullan M.R. (2014) Stopping Bio-Souring at the Source: Identifying Specific Inhibitors of Microbial Sulfate Reduction
Carlson H, Mullan M & Coates J
(2013) Systems Biology Studies on the Stress Response of Perchlorate, Chlorate Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20
Carlson HK, Mullan MR, Deutschbauer AM, Price MN, Arkin AP & Coates JD

Mullan Thomas (2015) Biomineralisation of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Sorbents for Waste Cleanup
Handley-Sidhu S, King S, Stolpe B, Sidhu Y, Cuthbert M, Macaskie L, Lead J & Mullan T
(2015) The Efficiency of Calcium Phosphate Biominerals for the Remediation of Complex Radioactive Contaminated Waters
Mullan T, Ohnuki T, Macaski L, Handley-Sidhu S & Hriljac J

Mullan Thomas K. (2019) Enzymatically Mediated Precipitation of Phosphate Minerals
Mullan TK, Lunn RJ & Renshaw JC
(2018) Immobilisation of Contaminants within Uranium Mine Tailings via the Production of Mycogenic Phosphate Minerals
Mullan TK, Lunn R & Renshaw JC
(2017) Production of Mycogenic Phosphate Biominerals for the Remediation of Radioactive Contamination
Mullan TK, Lunn R & Renshaw J
(2016) Optimisation of Microbial Phosphate Biomineralisation for Radionuclide Remediation
Mullan TK, Lunn R & Renshaw JC

Mullane E. (2004) Fe-Isotope Composition of Pallasites
Mullane E, Russell S, Gounelle M & Mason T
(2003) Magmatic & Impact Processing on the HED Parent Body: Effects on Iron Isotope Signatures
Mullane E, Russell S, Gounelle M & Mason T
(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Archaean BIF Sample Suite
Mullane E, Herrington RJ, Russell SS, Gounelle M, Weiss D & Coles B

Mullassery N. (2023) Application of Imaging Spectroscopy in Mineral Exploration and Lithological Discrimination: An Investigation from Mamandur Polymetal Prospect, Tamil Nadu, India
Mullassery N & Desikan R

Mullaugh K. (2009) Post-Eruption Sulfide and Iron Content of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from East Pacific Rise, 9°50’ N
Yucel M, Mullaugh K & Luther G

Mullen E. (2016) Along-Arc Geochemical Variations in Northern Cascade Intermediate Lavas: Crustal Processes, Slab Melting, or Mantle Heterogeneity?
Martindale M, Weis D & Mullen E
(2014) Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopic Composition of Primitive Lavas from the Lassen Region of the Cascade Arc: Insights into Variation between the Northern and Southern Cascades
Marsh N, Mullen E & Weis D
(2014) Mantle Heterogeneity and Slab Inputs in the Cascade Arc Investigated with New High Precision Isotopic Data
Mullen E & Weis D
(2014) Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of Evolved Magmas in the Northern Cascades
Martindale M, Mullen E & Weis D
(2013) Mantle Compositional Gradients in a Hot Subduction Setting, the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, Northern Cascade Arc
Mullen E & Weis D
(2012) Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Alkalic Basalts in the Northern Cascade Arc
Mullen E, Carpentier M & Weis D

Müller Albert (2014) Thermophilic Endospores in Cold Sediments Indicate Long Term Survival and Dispersal Following a Former Life in Warm Anoxic Environments
Hanson C, Hubert C, Bell E, De Rezende JR, Sherry A, Suárez-Suárez A, Gray ND, Head IM, Loy A, Müller AL, Baranyi C, Kjeldsen KU & Jørgensen BB
(2013) A Constant Flux of Diverse Anaerobic Thermophilic Endospores into Cold Marine Sediments
Hubert CR, Bell E, de Rezende JR, Hanson CA, Suárez-Suárez A, Head IM, Loy A, Müller A, Baranyi C, Ferdelman TG, Nickel M, Vandieken V, Arnosti C, Brüchert V, Finster K, Kjeldsen KU & Barker Jørgensen B

Müller Alex (2023) Titanium Isotopes of Arc-Derived Calc-Alkaline Rocks
Storck J-C, Greber ND, Müller A, Vilela N, Pettke T & Müntener O

Müller Alexandra (2022) Titanium Isotope Fractionation of Shoshonitic Melts and Cumulates
Storck J-C, Greber ND & Müller A
(2011) Microbial Communities as Palaeoenvironmental Indicators during Black Shale-Hosted Manganese Ore Formation
Polgári M, Hein JR, Németh T, Gutzmer J, Hahn T, Müller A, Vigh T & Bíró L

Müller Andrea B. (2002) Evolution of Late Paloeozoic Terrestrial Environments: The Early Permian Lake Systems in the Saar-Nahe Basin, Western Germany
Müller AB, Strauss H & Littke R

Müller Anja (2002) D44Ca, δ18O and Mg/Ca Ratios Reveal Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) Variations during the Emergence of the Central American Isthmus
Gussone N, Eisenhauer A, Haug G, Tiedemann R, Müller A & Heuser A

Müller Axel (2023) New Developments in Laser Ablation Lu-Hf Geochronology
Glorie S, Simpson A, Gilbert S, Hand M, Mulder J & Müller A
(2021) Geochemistry of Quartz in the Tysfjord Granitic Pegmatites, Northern Norway
Zhou H & Müller A
(2017) Low Temperature Alteration of Monazite Phenocrysts in Pegmatite: A General Feature
Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Corfu F, Whitehouse MJ, Bosse V, Müller A & Guillaume D
(2015) UV-fs-LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Fluid Inclusions: Insights into the Formation of Tin Ore Deposits
Albrecht M, Derrey IT, Horn I, Müller A, Holtz F & Weyer S
(2013) Saprolites on- and Offshore Norway: New Constraints on Formation Processes and Age
Fredin O, Zwingmann H, Knies J, Sørlie R, Grandal EM, Lie J-E, Müller A & Vogt C

Müller B. (2017) Organic Carbon Mass Accumulation Rate Regulates the Flux of Reduced Substances from the Sediments of Deep Lakes
Steinsberger T, Schmid M, Wüest A, Schwefel R, Wehrli B & Müller B
(2013) On-Site Porewater Measurements of Lake Baikal Sediments
Torres N, Och L, Müller B, Sturm M & Vologina E
(2013) The Influence of Frost Weathering on the Release of Readily Available Ions from Granite Surfaces
Chwalek T, Torres N, Furrer G, Brandl H, Müller B & Hauser P
(2013) Rare Earth Elements in the Sediments of Lake Baikal
Och L, Müller B, Ulrich A, Voegelin A, Wichser A, Vologina E & Sturm M
(2009) Greenhouse Gas (CO2, CH4 and N2O) Emissions from Lake Rotsee (Switzerland) during Autumn Turnover
Diem T, Eugster W, Müller B & Schubert C
(2009) Large Iron Isotope Fractionation at the Oxic-Anoxic Boundary in Lake Nyos
Teutsch N, Schmid M, Müller B, Halliday A & Wehrli B
(2005) Mineralization Pathways in the Sediments of Lake Baikal – A Microsensor and Modeling Study
Maerki M, Müller B & Wehrli B
(2004) Interaction between an Aerob Bacterium and Vermiculite: Effects on Chemical, Mineralogical and Mechanica Properties of Vermiculite
Müller B
(2002) Nutrient Retention Ponds in Agriculture – Load and Efficiency
Reinhardt M, Müller B, Stierli R & Gächter R
(2002) No Effect of Hypolimnetic Aeration on the P Cycling of Lake Sempach a Re-evaluation of a Well-Accepted Concept
Gächter R & Müller B
(2002) Nitrogen Turnover in Lake Sediments – Seen with Ion-Selective Electrodes
Märki M, Müller B, Dinkel C & Wehrli B

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