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Habermann D. (2000) Preservation and Chemical Alteration of Biogenic Francolite and Calcite from Marine Organism
Habermann D, Banerjee A, Goette T, Meijer J, Stephan A & Richter DK
(2000) Investigation of Manganese in Salt- and Fresh-Water Pearls
Habermann D & Banerjee A

Habermann M. (2016) Phase Equilibria of a S- and C-Poor Lunar Core
Righter K, Pando K, Go M, Danielson L & Habermann M
(2016) Metal-Silicate-Sulfide Partitioning of U, Th, and K: Implications for the Budget of Volatile Elements in Mercury
Habermann M, Boujibar A, Righter K, Danielson L, Rapp J, Righter M, Pando K, Ross D & Andreasen R

Haberstroh P. (2008) Investigating Marine Organic Matter Diagenesis Using STXM and Carbon K-Edge XANES
Brandes J, Haberstroh P & Wirick S

Haberthur D. (2019) Determination of Reaction Rates at Crystal Surfaces Using 4D X-Ray Microtomography
Noiriel C, Saldi G, Oursin M, Daval D & Haberthur D

Habib A. (2017) Horizontal Mass Flux of Aerosols in Taklamakan Desert Area Using Balloon Borne Measurements
Chen B, Habib A, Shi G & Iwasaka Y

Habicht H. (2019) Using Geochemical Data to Constrain the Climatic and Ice-Cover History of Greenland
Keisling B, Habicht H, Castañeda I, Brigham-Grette J & DeConto R
(2018) Terrestrial Arctic Climate from Lake El’gygytgyn: Normal vs. Super Interglacial Teleconnections
Brigham-Grette J, Castañeda I, Deconto R, Roychowdhury R, DeWet G, Habicht H, Keisling B & Daniels W

Habicht K.S. (2013) The Bacterial C-Isotope Archive: Modern Anoxygenic Phototrophs Elucidate Past Processes in S and Fe-Rich Systems
Posth NR, Bristow LA, Habicht KS, Cox RP & Canfield DE
(2013) Large 34S Depletions of Reduced Sedimentary Sulfides at Low Sulfate Concentrations in an Iron-Rich Lake Dominated by Anaerobic Methane Oxidation
Weber HS, Thamdrup B & Habicht KS
(2012) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Model of Temperature Dependent Isotope Fractionation in Archaeoglobus Fulgidus
Harms B, Mitchell K, Habicht K, Hoek J & Farquhar J
(2011) Metatranscriptomics of the Green Sulfur Bacteria in a Meromictic Swiss Lake (Lago di Cadagno)
Cox R, Habicht K, Miller M, Storelli N, Tonolla M & Frigaard N-U
(2010) The Effect of High Concentrations of Green Sulfur Bacteria on the Biogeochemical Carbon Cycle of Lago di Cadagno
Habicht K, Frigaard NU, Johnson B, Andersen J, Falkenby L & Miller M
(2009) Isotope Study of S-Cycle of Lago di Cadagno
Farquhar J, Canfield D, Zerkle A & Habicht K
(2009) Proteomic Study of Chlorobium clathratiforme in Lago di Cadagno, Switzerland
Habicht KS, Miller M, Nielsen LF, Frigaard N-U & Andersen JS
(2005) Multiple Isotope Effects Associated with Biogeochemical Networks
Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wing B, Ono S, Canfield D & Habicht K
(2004) Using 33S to Differentiate Biotic and Abiotic Suflur Isotope Signatures
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Canfield D & Habicht K
(2004) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis in the Archean Ocean
Habicht K, Gade M, Thamdrup B, Berg P & Canfield D
(2002) Constraining Sulfate Levels in Archean Oceans
Canfield D, Habicht KH, Thamdrup B & Berg P
(2001) The Effect of Sulfate Concentration on the Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfate Reduction by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
Habicht K & Canfield DE

Habicht M.H. (2014) Continental Temperature Variability in the Beringian Arctic during the Past 3.6 Ma: The Lake El’gygytgyn MBT/CBT Record
Castaneda IS, Salacup J, de Wet G, Habicht MH, Keisling B, Phu V, Johnson J & Brigham-Grette J

Habig J. (2013) Direct Measurements of Isotopic Fractionation Factors of Water Vapor over Ice for Temperatures Below 235 K
Lamb K, Clouser B, Sarkozy L, Stutz E, Kühnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Hiranuma N, Wagner S, Ebert V, Kerstel E, Möhler O, Saathoff H & Moyer E
(2013) Water H218O Isotope Studies in the AIDA Cloud Simulation Chamber
Kühnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Wagner S, Moyer EJ, Saathoff H, Ebert V & Kerstel E
(2013) Applications of Absorption Spectroscopy for Water Isotopic Measurements in Cold Clouds
Moyer E, Sarkozy L, Lamb K, Clouser B, Stutz E, Kuhnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Hiranuma N, Wagner S, Ebert V, Kerstel E, Moehler O & Saathoff H

Habler G. (2017) The Behavior of Mineral Inclusions at a Reaction Interface
Baldwin L, Li C, Habler G, Ballhaus C & Abart R
(2013) New Data on Anisotropy and Composition Dependence of Na/K-Interdiffusion in Alkali Feldspar
Schaeffer A-K, Petrishcheva E, Habler G, Abart R & Rhede D
(2013) The Behaviour of Submicron Inclusions during Host Deformation
Griffiths TA, Habler G, Abart R & Rhede D
(2013) Deformation-Related Chemical Alteration of Meta-Pegmatites
Eberlei T, Habler G, Abart R & Grasemann B
(2012) Nucleation and Growth of Acicular Rutile in Garnet: A Case of Open System Precipitation
Proyer A, Habler G, Abart R, Wirth R, Krenn K & Hoinkes G

Habraken W.J.E.M. (2015) Biomineralization Pathways of Regenerated Sea Urchin Spines
Albéric M, Bertinetti L, Habraken W, Gilbert P, Fratzl P & Politi Y
(2015) Influence of Additives on Phase Behavior and Crystallization of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Zou Z, Bertinetti L, Politi Y, Weiner S, Addadi L, Fratzl P & Habraken WJEM
(2015) Experimental Evidence for a Spinodal Region in the Phase Diagram of Calcium Carbonate
Zou Z, Habraken W, Bertinetti L, Politi Y, Vidavski N, Gal A, Weiner S, Addadi L & Fratzl P
(2015) The Elusive Structure of Nanocrystals
Jensen A, Zou Z, Politi Y, Bertinetti L, Fratzl P, Schneck E & Habraken W
(2014) Structural Changes and Thermodynamic Pathways during the Heat-, and Moisture Induced Crystallization of Biogenic and Synthetic Amorphous Calcium Carbonate: An in situ Study
Politi Y, Habraken W, Bertinetti L & Fratzl P
(2013) The Discovery and Role of Non-Stoichometric Complexes of Calcium Carbonate in the Solution Precipitation of Vaterite
Smeets P, Habraken W, Bertinetti L, Nudelman F & Sommerdijk N

Habryn R. (2022) Geochemistry of Porphyry-Style Pyrite as a Tool for Vectoring Boiling Horizons: An Example from Myszków Mo-Cu-W Deposit (Poland)
Naglik B, Dumańska-Słowik MA, Toboła T, Dimitrova D, Derkowski P, Zieliński G, Habryn R & Markowiak M

Habuchi M. (2020) Arsenic and Mercury Emission from Magmatic Fluid from Active Iwo-Yama, Kirishima Volcanoes, Japan
Masuda H, Mori K, Habuchi M, Ishibashi J, Ikawa R & Takeuchi A

Hach P. (2018) Offshore Transport of a Key Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria from the SUP05 Clade Sustains ‘cryptic Sulfur Cycling’ in the the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Peru Upwelling
Callbeck C, Lavik G, Ferdelman T, Fuchs B, Gruber-Vodicka H, Hach P, Littmann S, Schoffelen N, Kalvelage T, Thomsen S, Schunck H, Löscher C, Schmitz R & Kuypers M

Hachenberger A. (2021) Fluoride Circulation from Geothermal Fluids to Surface Waters and in Volcanic Rocks of the Aluto Volcanic Complex (Ethiopia)
Regenspurg S, Virchow L, Wilke F, Zimmer M, Joilie E, Hachenberger A, Yirgu G & Filfilu E

Hachicho N. (2013) Influence of Bacterial Biomass on Transport Kinetics of Phenanthrene
Hachicho N, Miltner A, Wick L & Kästner M

Hachikubo A. (2016) Biogeochemical Cycle of Methanol in Anoxic Deep-Sea Sediments of the Eastern Japan Sea
Yanagawa K, Tani A, Yamamoto N, Hachikubo A, Kano A, Matsumoto R & Suzuki Y
(2016) Active Methane Cycling Studied by Molecular Biomarkers and Stable Isotope in the Sediment of Sakhalin Continental Slope
Lee D-H, Jin Y-K, Minami H, Hachikubo A, Gal J-K, Choi B & Shin K-H

Hack A.C. (2009) Low-Temperature Melt-Fluid Miscibility: Experimental Evidence for Enhanced Mass Transport in the Upper Crust by Cooling Fluids
Aerts M, Hack A, Ulmer P & Thompson A
(2009) Physical Properties of Hydrous Magmas and Related Fluids and their Role in Mantle Processes
Thompson A & Hack A
(2009) Calculated Hydrous Granite Solidi Beyond the Albite-Jadeite Transition
Miller D, Caddick M, Hack A & Thompson A
(2008) Solubility of K-Feldspar, Muscovite and Quartz at 0.5-2.5 GPa, 600-700℃ with Implications for Mass Transport in the Crust
Aerts M, Hack AC, Thompson AB & Ulmer P
(2008) Quantification of Dehydration and Mass Fluxes from Subducting Slabs
Hack AC & Thompson AB
(2007) Fluid Composition, Density and Viscosity Changes along Terrestrial Pressure-Temperature Paths Associated with Particular Tectonic Processes
Hack AC & Thompson AB

Häckel F. (2013) Trace Element Systematics of Pyrite from Submarine Hydrothermal Vents
Keith M, Häckel F, Haase K, Schwarz-Schampera U, Klemd R & Petersen S

Hackenberg S. (2015) Biogeochemistry of Reactive Halogens and the Omnipresence of Iodine
Carpenter L, Andrews S, Hackenberg S, Sherwen T, Evans M, Allan J, McFiggans G, Boxe C & Saiz-Lopez A

Hacker Brad (2016) The Ultrahigh Temperature Evolution of the Napier Complex as Revealed by Zircon Geochemistry
Clark C, Taylor R, Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B
(2016) Water Recycling in Subduction Zones and the Role of Rehydration in the Generation of Intermediate-Depth Seismicity and the Nature of the Cold Fore-Arc Mantle
van Keken P, Abers G, Hacker B, Nakajima J, Kita S, Spiegelman M & Wilson C

Hacker Bradley (2019) Allanite and Apatite Petrochronology from the Western Gneiss Region Ultrahigh Pressure Terrane, Norway
Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B
(2019) Archean Extreme Metamorphism
Clark C, Taylor R, Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B
(2019) Forming Continental Crust: Density Filtering of Underthrust Material at the Arc Moho
Kelemen P, Behn M & Hacker B
(2018) Linking High- and Low-Temperature Processes in the Crust with U–Pb Dating of Carbonate Rocks and Minerals
Holder R, Hacker B & Ryb U
(2018) How are Sediments Incorporated into the Lower Continental Crust? A Monazite Based P-T-T Investigation of the Ivrea Zone
Wyatt D, Smye A & Hacker B
(2018) Mafic High-Pressure Rocks are Preferentially Exhumed from Warm Subduction Settings
van Keken P, Wada I, Abers G, Hacker B & Wang K

Hacker Bradley R (2021) Low-Temperature, Fluid-Driven Resetting of Titanite Following Ultrahigh-Temperature Metamorphism in Madagascar
Holder RM & Hacker BR

Hacker Bradley R. (2017) Micro-Raman Dating of Zircon: A Possible Thermochronometer?
Jonckheere R, Heinz D, Hacker B, Rafaja D & Ratschbacher L
(2017) Dating Fault Activity Around the Globe by in situ Chronology of Fault-Related Precipitates
Nuriel P, Weinberger R, Craddock JP, Kylander-Clarh ARC, Hacker BR, Miller DM, Maher K & Uysal IT
(2017) Directly Dating Deformation by U-Pb Carbonate LA-ICPMS
Holder R, Hacker B, Kylander-Clark A, Roberts N & Nuriel P
(2015) Rutile Thermochronology Constrains Time-Resolved Cooling Histories in Orogenic Belts
Kooijman E, Hacker B, Smit M & Kylander-Clark A
(2015) Multiple Growth–resorption Events in Garnet: Record of Pressure Pulses?
Viete D, Hacker B, Seward G & Allen M
(2014) Linking Cooling and Extensional Collapse in a Continental Arc Root, Fiordland, New Zealand
Clements BL, Schwartz J, Stowell H, Klepeis K, Hacker B, Kylander-Clark A & Tulloch A
(2014) Rutile U-Pb Thermochronology as a Tool to Constrain Time-Resolved Cooling Histories in Orogenic Belts
Kooijman E, Hacker B, Smit M & Kylander-Clark A
(2014) Early Eocene Thickening Revealed by Tibetan Garnet
Smit M, Hacker B & Lee J
(2013) Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology: Closure Revisited and New Applications in Lithosphere Studies
Smit M, Scherer E, Mezger K, Ratschbacher L, Kooijman E & Hacker B
(2013) Titanite Geochronology by LA-ICPMS: Advantages and Future Objectives
Kylander-Clark A, Hacker B, Renne P & Stearns M
(2013) Combined Accessory Mineral Micro-Analysis: The Strength of a Multi-Phase Approach
Kooijman E, Hacker B, Kylander-Clark A, Ratschbacher L & Minaev V
(2013) Campaign-Style Titanite U-Pb Dating by Laser-Ablation ICP: Implications for Crustal Flow, Phase Transformations and Titanite Closure
Hacker B, Kylander-Clark A, Andersen T & Cottle J
(2013) Seismic Anisotropy as a Constraint on Composition in the Lower Crust
Brownlee S, Hacker B, Chapman A, Saleeby J & Seward G
(2012) Monazite Petrochronology by Laser Ablation Split Stream Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LASS-ICPMS)
Cottle J, Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B
(2012) Ongoing Formation of Continental Crust: Batholiths Are Forever
Kelemen P, Hacker B, Behn M & Jagoutz O
(2011) Underplating of Felsic Rocks in Arcs
Kelemen P, Hacker B & Behn M
(2011) Partial Melting and its Role in Elemental Recycling: Insight from Pamir Metasedimentary Xenoliths
Gordon SM, Kelemen P, Hacker BR, Luffi P & Ratschbacher L
(2011) Deciphering the Evolution of Subducted Continental Crust: Insights Through Laser Ablation Split-Stream (LASS) Petrochronology
Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B
(2011) Subduction and Exhumation of the UHP Western Gneiss Region: Petrology, Structural Geology, and LASS Petrochronology
Hacker B & Kylander-Clark A
(2011) What Stays in the Slab and What Returns to the Surface? A Geochemical Mass Balance Model Perspective
Kimura J-I, Kawabata H, Hacker B, van Keken P, Gill J & Stern R
(2011) H2O and CO2 Devolatilization in Subduction Zones: Implications for the Global Water and Carbon Cycles
van Keken P, Hacker B, Syracuse E & Abers G
(2010) Bulk Composition of UHP Metasediments and Recycling of the Sediment Component in Arc Magmas via Diapirs
Kelemen P, Behn M, Crowley M, Hacker B & Massonne H
(2009) Arc Basalt Simulator (ABS): A Simulation for Slab Dehydration and Fluid-Fluxed Mantle Melting for Arc Basalts
Kimura J-I, Hacker B, van Keken P, Kawabata H, Yoshida T & Stern R
(2009) Modeling the Subduction Factory: The Ins and Outs from a Thermal and Dynamical Perspective
van Keken P, Syracuse E, Hacker B, Abers G, Fischer K, Kneller E & Spiegelman M
(2006) Duration of UHP Tectonism
Hacker B
(2005) Geochronology of the Western Gneiss Region UHP Terrane
Hacker B, Gehrels G, Grove M, Johnston S, Mattinson J, Root D, Walsh E & Young D
(2005) Petrotectonics-Geochronology of Ultrahigh-Pressure (UHP) Crustal and Upper Mantle Rocks˜implications for Phanerozoic Orogeny
Ernst WG, Hacker BR & Liou JG
(2002) Thermal Convection in the Mantle Wedge
Kelemen P, Parmentier M, Rilling J, Mehl L & Hacker B
(2001) A New Model for Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes and Phase Changes in Subducting Slabs
Hacker BR, Peacock SM & Abers GA
(2001) Foreland to Hinterland Regional Variation in Pressure-Temperature-Deformation Histories of the Norwegian UHP-Hp Terrane
Walsh EO & Hacker BR
(2001) U/Pb Zircon Geochronology of High- and Ultrahigh-Pressure Eclogites of the Western Gneiss Region, Norway
Root DB, Hacker BR, Mattinson JM & Wooden JL

Hacker D. (2022) Emplacement Timing of the Markagunt Gravity Slide (Utah, USA): An Example of Instantaneous Lithospheric Change
Holliday ME, Rivera T, Sprain CJ, Jicha B, Malone D, Biek R, Braunagel M, Griffith A, Hacker D & Mayback D

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