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Hummel Wolfgang (2016) Modified Montmorillonite as Tool for Exploring Diffusion Pathways for Anions and Cations
Van Loon L, Fetz E, Hummel W & Plötze M
(2013) The PSI/Nagra Chemical Thermodynamic Database 12/07: Present Status and Future Developments
Thoenen T, Hummel W & Berner U
(2013) Dissolved Metals in Redox-State Zero: A Gap in Thermodynamic Databases
Hummel W
(2002) The Influence of Cyanide Complexation on the Speciation of Radionuclides
Hummel W & Hummel W
(2002) The Influence of Cyanide Complexation on the Speciation of Radionuclides
Hummel W & Hummel W
(2002) The Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base
Thoenen T, Berner U, Curti E, Hummel W & Pearson J

Hummer Dan (2019) Calcite Precipitation in the Costa Rican Forearc Reduces Long-Term Carbon Recycling into Earth’s Deep Mantle
Barry P, de Moor M, Giovannelli D, Schrenk M, Hummer D, Lopez T, Pratt K & Lloyd K

Hummer Daniel (2021) Investigating Iron Redox Evolution Using the Mineral Chemistry Network Analysis Platform, Dragon
Moore E, Ostroverkhova A, Hummer D, Morrison S & Spielman S
(2020) Towards Quantitative Scales of Lithophilicity, Chalcophilicity and Hydrophilicity Using Statistical Correlations Among the Mineral-Forming Elements
Hummer D, Ma X, Que X, Zhang S, Liu C, Hazen R, Golden J & Downs R
(2017) Carbon Mineral Network Analysis: A Big Data Geobiology Study
Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Meyer M, Fox P, Hummer D, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Ralph J
(2017) Network Analysis Applications: Exploring Geosphere and Biosphere Co-evolution with Big Data Techniques
Morrison SM, Eleish A, Liu C, Hummer DR, Giovannelli D, Meyer MB, Fox P, Downs RT, Golden JJ, Pires A, Hystad G, Ralph J & Hazen RM
(2017) Ecology and Evolution of Manganese Minerals: Implications for the Redox History of Earth and Life
Hummer D, Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Meyer M
(2015) MinKin: A New Computational Tool for Modeling the Kinetics of Multi-Component Geochemical Systems
Hummer D & Heaney P
(2014) Ionic Moduli: A New Semi-Empirical Model Describing the Compression of Crystalline Ionic Compounds
Hummer D
(2014) The Effect of Composition and Pressure on the Structure of Carbonate-Silicate Melts Using in situ X-Ray Diffuse Scattering
Hummer D, Kavner A, Manning C, Park C, Kono Y & Kenney-Benson C
(2013) The Co-evolution of Fe-, Ti-Oxides and Other Microbially Induced Mineral Precipitates during the Diagenesis of Sandy Sediments
Bower D, Hummer D, Kyono A, Steele A & Armstrong J
(2013) Structure of Carbonate-Silicate Melts at High P-T Conditions Using in situ X-Ray Diffuse Scattering
Hummer D, Kavner A & Manning C
(2013) Modeling of TiO2 Nanoparticles Interactions with Water and Ions
Kubicki J, Sung-Yup K, van Duin A, Ridley M, Machesky M, Hummer D & Kent P
(2011) Crystal Chemistry of Fe3+ in (Mg, Fe)SiO3 Perovskite and Implications for Lower Mantle Properties
Hummer D & Fei Y
(2010) Probing the Aqueous Nucleation and Growth of TiO2 with High Time-Resolution Small-Angle and Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering
Hummer D, Heaney P & Post J
(2007) Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Transformation of Titanium Oxides in Hydrothermal Solution
Hummer D, Heaney P, Kubicki J & Post J

Hummer Daniel R (2023) Uncovering Sulfur Redox Evolution via Mineral Chemistry Networks
Moore EK, Diedolf J, Morrison SM & Hummer DR
(2023) Correlation of Symmetry Indices and Mineral Properties
Bermanec M, Gavryliv L, Hummer DR, Hazen RM, Morrison SM, Prabhu A & Williams JR
(2022) Evidence for Phanerozoic Crustal Oxidation from the Evolution of Manganese Minerals
Hummer DR, Golden JJ, Hystad G, Downs RT, Eleish A, Liu C, Ralph J, Morrison SM, Meyer MB & Hazen RM
(2016) Constraints on the Mineral Evolution of Planetary Crusts Using Statistical Correlations and Anti-Correlations Among the Mineral-Forming Elements
Hummer D, Hazen R, Ma X, Golden J & Downs R
(2016) Mineral Ecology and Evolution of First-Row Transition Elements
Hazen RM, Hummer DR, Liu C, Hystad G, Downs RT, Golden JJ & Morrison SM

Humphrey C. Eric (2020) Evaluating Groundwater Discharge Using Age-Dating Tracers
Humphrey CE, Solomon DK, Mittelstet AR & Gilmore TE

Humphrey Christopher Eric (2022) Groundwater Transit Times and Paleoclimate Using Age-Dating Tracers and Water Isotopes
Humphrey CE, Solomon DK, MacNamara MR, Genereux DP, Gilmore TE, Mittelstet AR & Zeyrek C

Humphrey E.C. (2023) Locating and Quantifying Geothermal Groundwater Discharge to the Colorado and Virgin Rivers Using Continuous Boat-Mounted Helium Measurements
Newman CP, Humphrey EC, Brennwald M, Gardner WP, Palko KM & Gooseff MN
(2023) Tracking Fluids in Aquatic Systems by Monitoring Naturally Accumulating or Artificially Injected Gas Tracers with a Portable Mass Spectrometer (miniRUEDI)
Brennwald M, Marion C, Wang C, Newman CP, Humphrey EC, Peel M, Giroud S, Blanc T, Doda T & Kipfer R

Humphreys Elyn. R. (2022) Peatlands and Climate Warming: Winter Carbon Cycling
Rezanezhad F, Rafat A, Byun E, Quinton WL, Humphreys ER, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

Humphreys Emma (2010) On the Origin of OIB: Processes, Sources and Mantle Convection
Niu Y, Wilson M, Humphreys E & O'Hara M
(2009) On the Origin of OIB and LVZ – Some New Perspectives
Niu Y & Humphreys E
(2009) High T Carbonate Volcanic Melts with New Phase Relations
Bailey K, Kearns S & Humphreys E
(2009) Carbonate Inclusions in Mantle Olivines: Mantle Carbonatite
Humphreys E, Bailey K, Hawkesworth C & Wall F

Humphreys Eugene (2013) Three Styles of Delamination found beneath the Western United States
Humphreys E, Schmandt B & Levander A
(2013) Continental Lithosphere Removal by Drip and Delamination Processes
Levander A, Bezada M, Humphreys E, Masy J & Schmandt B

Humphreys G. (2006) Longer-term and contemporary denudation rates, and the role of extreme events along a passive margin, Australia
Humphreys G, Tomkins K, Wilkinson M, Fink D, Shakesby R, Doerr S, Walbrink P & Blake W

Humphreys H. (2006) Relation of Flat Subduction to Magmatism and Deformation in Western USA
Humphreys H

Humphreys Jen (2022) Volatiles, Redox, and Mantle Attenuation in the East African Rift
Brounce M, Ford H, Fischer TP, Byrnes J, Scoggins S, Jaramillo S, Goldhagen G & Humphreys J

Humphreys Jennifer (2023) Unconventional Lithium Resources and Recovery: Salton Sea Geothermal Brines
McKibben MA, Humphreys J, Brounce M, Dobson P, Planavsky NJ & Kalderon-Asael B

Humphreys Joshua (2013) Temporal Variability of Coastal Rainwater Fe(II) Concentration and Wet Deposition to Surface Seawater
Willey J, Rice B, Humphreys J, Kieber R, Helms J, Avery G & Mead R

Humphreys Madeleine (2020) Growth and Resorption of Bubbles in Magma
Llewellin E, Coumans J, Wadsworth F, Humphreys M, Dobson K, Allabar A, Brooker R, Gardner J & Connolley T
(2018) A Numerical Model for Apatite Cl-Oh-F Evolution and Quantitative Interpretation of Magmatic Processes
Humphreys M, Coumans J, Stock M, Smith V, Riker J, Brooker R & de Hoog C-J
(2018) Fe-Redox in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions and Embayments Across the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone
Turner S, Humphreys M, Matzen A, Di Genova D, Iveson A, Smythe D, Mather T & Pyle D
(2018) Tracing Fluid Variations Across the Kamchatka Arc: Melt Inclusion Volatile Contents and B Isotopes
Iveson A, Humphreys M, Savov I, Churikova T & Macpherson C
(2018) The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics
Humphreys M, Cooper G, Zhang J, Loewen M, Kent A, Metcalfe A, Macpherson C, Ottley C & Davidson J
(2017) Trace Element, Volatile Element, Boron Isotope, and XANES Analyses of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Chile and Argentina Indicate a Mantle Wedge Hydrated and Oxidized Primarily by Hydrous Melts of Subducting Sediment and Oceanic Crust
Turner S, Mather T, Pyle D, Humphreys M, Matzen A & Savov I
(2016) Open-System Processes Revealed by Melt Trace Element Inversion from Calcic Amphiboles
Zhang J, Humphreys M, Cooper G, Davidson J & Macpherson C
(2016) Constraining the Evolving Volatile and Melt Geochemistry of Magma Reservoirs Using Apatite
Humphreys M, Stock M, Riker J, Smith V & Brooker R

Humphreys Madeleine C S (2023) Boron and B-Sr-Nd Isotopes as Tracers of FME and Volatile Enrichments in the Mantle Source of Kamchatka Arc Basalts
Brennan E, Savov IP, Agostini S, Churikova T, Gordeychik B, Iveson AA, Morgan DJ & Humphreys MCS
(2023) Plagioclase Crystal Shape Variability in Volcanic Rocks and its Petrological Significance
Mangler MF, Humphreys MCS & Wadsworth FB
(2022) Lithium and Copper Partitioning and Mobility Recorded by Plagioclase at Augustine Volcano, AK, USA
Iveson AA, Rowe M, Neukampf J, Ellis BS, Webster J, Humphreys MCS, Mangler MF & Neill OK
(2022) The Apatite Record of Pre-Eruptive Magma Mixing and Mush Disaggregation
Humphreys MCS, Smith VC, Lormand C, Coumans J, Brooker RA & Stock MJ
(2021) Equilibrium Fractionation of Transition Metal Stable Isotopes during Granite Differentiation
Stow MA, Prytulak J, Humphreys MCS & Nowell GM
(2021) Undercooled and Underused: 3D Crystal Morphology as a Petrologic Indicator
Mangler MF, Humphreys MCS, Iveson AA & Wadsworth FB

Humphreys Madeleine C. S. (2019) Fe-Mg-Mn Exchange between Olivine and Melt and an Oxybarometer for Basaltic Systems
Blundy J, Melekhova L, Ulmer P, Pichavant M, Humphreys M, Ziberna L, Cerantolo V, Brooker R & McCammon C
(2019) Texturally Informed Isotopic Records of Magma Differentiation in Intrusive Settings
Stow M, Prytulak J, Humphreys M, Nowell G & MacDonald J
(2019) Experimentally Validated Bubble Growth Model for Interpretation of Magma Ascent Dynamics
Coumans JP, Llewellin EW, Wadsworth FB, Humphreys MCS, Mathias SA & Gardner JE

Humphreys Madeleine CS (2015) Geochemical Evolution of Mafic Enclaves during an Arc Eruption
Plail M, Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Christopher T, Herd R & Barclay J
(2015) Volcano Plumbing from Microspatial Analysis of Clinopyroxene Megacrysts
Paisley R, Barling J & Humphreys MC
(2015) Andesite Magmas Ascend Rapidly from the Mid Crust at Soufriere Hills Volcano, West Indies
Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Kohn S & Hauri E
(2014) The Fidelity of Plagioclase-Melt Thermometry for Decompression-Driven Magma Crystallisation
Humphreys M, Kloecking M & Edmonds M
(2014) Fe Oxidation State in Hydrous Magmas during Ascent and Degassing
Humphreys M, Brooker R, Fraser D, Burgisser A, Mangan M, McCammon C & Smith V
(2013) Evolution of Chemical and Physical Properties of Mixed Arc Magmas
Humphreys M, Edmonds M, Christopher T & Brooker R
(2013) Petro-Geochemical Evidence for Vapour Transport in Andesite Shear Fractures
Plail M, Edmonds M, Barclay J, Humphreys M & Herd R

Humphreys Matthew P (2021) The Influence of a Diffusive Boundary Layer on Early Organic Matter and Calcium Carbonate Diagenesis
Sulpis O, Martinez Wilhelmus M, Humphreys MP, Carroll D, Berelson W, Menemenlis D, Middelburg J & Adkins J

Humphreys P. (2004) Biogeochemical Reduction of U(VI) in a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
Fox J, Mortimer R, Beadle I, Humphreys P & Morris K

Humphreys-Williams Emma (2013) Clinopyroxene and its Relationship to Rapidly Erupted, Carbonate-Rich Magmas in Calatrava, Spain
Humphreys-Williams E, Jeffries T & Bailey K
(2013) Trace Element Partitioning between Carbonate Globules and Silicate Glass in Volcanic Carbonatites
McMahon S, Humphreys-Williams E, Gilder C, Brooker R, Jeffries T & Walter M

Humphreys-Williams Emma (2015) Zinc Isotopes as a Potential Biomarker for Breast Cancer
Larner F, Woodley LN, Shousha S, Moyes A, Humphreys-Williams E, Strekopytov S, Halliday AN, Rehkamper M & Coombes RC
(2015) Elucidating the Source of Carbonate in Ultramafic Intraplate Volcanism
Humphreys-Williams E, Wall F, McMahon S & Jeffries T

Humphreys-Williams Emma (2019) A Global View of Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites
Humphreys-Williams E & Woolley A

Humphreys-Williams Emma (2021) What can Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites Tell us About Changes in Earth’s Mantle with Time?
Humphreys-Williams E & Woolley AR

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