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Hultquist N. (2023) 13CH3D and 12CH2D2 Clumped Isotopes of Air as a Tool for Understanding Atmospheric Methane Sources and Sinks
Haghnegahdar MA, Sun J, Hultquist N, Hamovit N, Yarwood SA, Kaufman AJ, Bouyon A, Magen C & Farquhar J
(2022) An Insight into Atmospheric Methane Sources and Sinks Using 13CH3D & 12CH2D2 Clumped Isotopes
Haghnegahdar MA, Hultquist N, Sun J, Dickerson RR, Magen C, Kaufman AJ, Hamovit N, Scott JG, Yarwood S, Chowdhury TR, Bouyon A & Farquhar J
(2021) Using 13CH3D & 12CH2D2 Clumped Isotopes for a Better Understanding of Atmospheric Methane Sources and Sinks
Haghnegahdar M, Hultquist N, Kaufman AJ, Yarwood SA, Bouyon A & Farquhar J

Humaida H. (2023) Quantifying Magma Ascent Rates for Explosive and Effusive Eruptions
Utami SB, Costa F & Humaida H

Humar M. (2015) Long-Term Exposure to PM2.5 from Biomass Combustion in Vitro Induces Stress Proteins and Reduced Metabolism in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells (BEAS-2B)
Dornhof R, Heßelbach K, Humar M & Merfort I
(2015) PM2.5 from Biomass Combustion Induces Stress Related and Antioxidant Proteins in THP-1 Macrophages
Heßelbach K, Dornhof R, Maschowski C, Gieré R, Humar M & Merfort I

Humayan M. (2020) How Recently did Fluid Flow on Carbonaceous Chondrites
Turner S, McGee L, Creech J & Humayan M
(2020) Magmatic Degassing of Trace Elements in Martian Meteorites
Yang S, Humayun M, Irving T, Righter K, Peslier A, Zanda B & Hewins R

Humayun M (2005) Platinum-Osmium Isotope Evolution of the Earth's Mantle
Brandon A, Walker R, Puchtel I & Humayun M
(2005) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 2.8<!s><$>Ga Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Brandon AD, Humayun M & Walker RJ
(2005) Implications of Mantle Fe/Mn for Mantle Plumes
Humayun M, Qin L & Brandon A

Humayun Munir (2023) In situ Imaging of Ra-226 Carriers in Phosphogypsum Waste from the Phosphate Industry
Wadhams JA, Yang S, Albrecht-Schoenzart T & Humayun M
(2022) Olivine Phenocrysts Reveal Evidence of Core-Mantle Interaction in Hawaiian Mantle Sources
Humayun M & Yang S
(2020) HIMU Signature Trapped in a Diamond from the Mantle Transition Zone
Huang S, Tschauner O, Yang S & Humayun M
(2019) Molecular Signatures of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Changing Arctic
Kellerman A, Vonk J, Humayun M, McColaugh S, Winden E, Hawkings J & Spencer R
(2017) How Recently did Fluid Flow Occur on CV and CM Chondrites?
Turner S, McGee L & Humayun M
(2017) The Effects of Supergene Weathering on the Mobility of Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements: A Case Study of Peridotite-Hosted Base Metal Sulphides from Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico, USA
Harvey J, Warren J, Humayun M & Walshaw R
(2017) The Enigma of Large-Scale Os Isotopic Homogeneity Across the Solar System
Goderis S, Brandon AD, Mayer B & Humayun M
(2016) Iron Isotope Contraints on Mantle Lithological Heterogeneity beneath the Azores
Williams H, Turner S, Humayun M, Widom E & Millet M-A
(2016) Systematic Differences in Ge/Si between Enriched and Depleted MORB
Yang S, Humayun M & Salters V
(2015) Global Variations in Redox at Oceanic Ridges Inferred from V/Sc Ratios
Yang S, Humayun M & Salters V
(2015) Correlated Pd-Ru-Mo Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Meteorites Reflect Nebular Processing
Mayer B & Humayun M
(2015) Nucleosynthetic Os Isotope Anomalies Expressed by Melting in Ureilites
Goderis S, Brandon A, Mayer B & Humayun M
(2014) High-Precision Os Isotopes of CV-CK Carbonaceous Chondrites
Goderis S, Brandon AD & Humayun M
(2014) The Differentiation of the Martian Highlands from NWA 7533
Humayun M, Nemchin A, Zanda B & Hewins R
(2014) Elemental Discrimination between Peridotite and Pyroxenite Melting in MORB and Hawaiian Glasses
Yang S, Humayun M, Salters V, Clague D & Perfit M
(2014) Northern Gulf of Mexico Speleothem Climate Record from 4 kyr to Present
Tremaine D, Humayun M, Salters V, Wang Y & Means H
(2013) Peridotite-Derived Sulfides in Pyroxenites from the Lanzo and the Lherz Ultramafic Massifs?
Gawronski T, Becker H & Humayun M
(2012) Tungsten Isotopic Evolution of the Earliest Terrestrial Mantle
Humayun M, Brandon A & Righter K
(2011) Partitioning of First-Row Transition Elements between Peridotite and Melt
Davis F, Humayun M, Hirschmann M & Cooper R
(2011) W-Os Isotope Systematics in IVB Iron Meteorites
Wittig N & Humayun M
(2008) Transition Metal Geochemistry of Hawaiian Magmas
Huang S & Humayun M
(2008) Impactor Metal in Gabbroic Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 5000
Humayun M & Irving A
(2006) Basal differentiation of the mantle
Humayun M
(2006) Deformation-assisted core formation
Rushmer T, Petford N & Humayun M
(2002) PGEs in Icelandic Picrites
Humayun M, Puchtel IS & Brandon AD
(2002) Partial Condensation of Volatile Elements in Renazzo Chondrules
Campbell AJ, Humayun M & Zanda B
(2002) The Relationship between Volatile Element Patterns and Chondrule Textures in CRs and OCs
Zanda B, Humayun M, Hewins RH, Bourot-Denise M & Campbell AJ
(2002) Diffusion in Metal: Application to Zoned Metal Grains in Chondrites
Righter K, Campbell AJ & Humayun M
(2002) PGEs in Abitibi Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Humayun M, Campbell AJ, Sproule RA & Lesher CM
(2002) Siderophile Elements in Dynamically Segregated Metallic Liquids
Rushmer T, Humayun M & Campbell A
(2002) Platinum Group Elements in Sulfides from Yangliuping Cu-Ni-Pt-Pd Deposit in Sichuan, China
Deng H, Campbell AJ & Humayun M

Humbert B (2006) Pyrite biooxidation surface processes: morphological, chemical and isotopic signatures
Pisapia C, Chaussidon M, Mustin C & Humbert B

Humbert Bernard (2008) Reactive Transport of Salicylate in a Goethite-Coated Sand Column
Rusch B, Hanna K & Humbert B

Humbert F. (2017) Large Igneous Provinces (LIP) and the Subcontinental Lithosphere of the Kaapvaal Craton (South Africa) from the Mesoarchean to the Present
Humbert F & Elburg MA
(2015) Magnetic Study of Jaspers of the Fig Tree Group from Barb4 Drill Core
Wabo H, Beukes N, Mare L, Humbert F & de Kock M

Humbert S. (2009) Anammox in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Distribution, Diversity and Activity
Zopfi J, Humbert S, Bagnoud A, Tarnawski S, Conen F & Seth B

Humble J. (2005) Solar Modulation and Scaling in situ Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Lifton N, Bieber J, Clem J, Duldig M, Evenson P, Humble J & Pyle R

Humblet M. (2015) Ice Sheet Surge and 25 M Rapid Sea Level Rise at YD 13, 000 Years ago
Esat T, Thomas A, Yokoyama Y, Webster J, Braga J, Humblet M, Potts D, Iryu Y, Thompson B, Fallon S & Hinestrosa G

Humborg C. (2023) The Modern Freshwater Component in Baltic Sea Glacial Clays
Chen N-C, Mörth C-M, Hong W-L, Roth F, Andrén T, O'Regan M, Stranne C, Huang T-H, Gyllencreutz R, Regnell C, Linderholm A, Humborg C & Jakobsson M
(2021) The Critical Role of Sediment Nutrient Cycling for the Nutrient Budget of the Laptev and East Siberian Shelf Sea
Sun X, Humborg C, Mörth C-M & Brüchert V
(2021) Phosphorus Dynamics in a Eutrophic Coastal System with Contrasting Bottom Water Redox Conditions
van Helmond NAGM, Carstensen J, Hermans M, Bastiaan TC, Conley DJ, Humborg C, Lenstra WK & Slomp CP
(2017) Early Diagenesis of Silica in the Arctic Ocean Sediments Inferred by Porewater Stable Silicon Isotopes
Sun X, Humborg C, Mörth C-M & Brüchert V
(2017) Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the East Siberian Sea from Nitrate Isotopes
Fripiat F, Declerq M, Sapart C, Anderson L, Bruechert V, Deman F, Fonseca-Batista D, Humborg C, Roukaerts A & Dehairs F
(2012) Si Isotope Signatures Preserved in BSi Hold Temperature Information
Sun X, Andersson P, Humborg C, Conley D, Crill P & Moerth C-M
(2010) Modelling DIC and DOC Transport from the Baltic Sea Catchment
Wällstedt T, Mörth C-M, Schurgers G, Smith B & Humborg C
(2010) Interactions between Climate Change, Land Use and the Biological Silica Buffer in Wetlands and Forests
Struyf E, Kokfelt U, Smis A, Conley D, Humborg C, Mörth C-M, Vandevenne F & Meire P
(2009) Tracing Terrestrial Organic Matter by δ34S and δ13C Signatures in an Arctic and a Subarctic Estuary
Alling V, Humborg C & Mörth C-M

Humbrecht A. (2023) Speciation of Pharmaceutical Products and Trace Metals within the Aqueous/Sediment/Colloidal Fractions in a Suburban Watershed with Both Lab-Experimental and Field Approaches (Egoutier, France)
Humbrecht A, Simonneau A, Bernier-Turpin G, Thiebault T, Ratié G, Freslon N, Le Milbeau C, Boscardin R, Hatton M & Le Forestier L
(2023) Coupling of Dissolved Silicon and Carbon in Temperate Wetlands
Court M, Moquet J-S, Simonneau A, Freslon N, Bouchez J, Derry LA, Ratié G, Mazeron J & Humbrecht A
(2023) Suspended Particulate Matter Geochemical Signature at a Suburban Catchment Scale: Effects of Land Use Artificialization on Erosion Processes and Contaminants Export
Simonneau A, Thiebault T, Bernier-Turpin G, Freslon N, Humbrecht A & Ledieu L

Humer B. (2007) Pre-Variscan Barrovian Metamorphism in the Eastern Part of the Slavonian Mountains, Tisia Unit (NE Croatia): Application of Quantitative Phase Diagrams and Monazite Age Dating
Horváth P, Balen D, Finger F, Humer B, Tomljenovic B & Árkai P

Humer F. (2014) Nitrogen-Isotopes and Multi-Parameter Sewage Water Test for Identification of Nitrate Sources: Groundwater Body Marchfeld E of Vienna
Kralik M & Humer F

Humez P. (2023) Clumped Isotope Approaches to Evaluate the Sources, Potential Migration and Fate of Methane and Ethane in Sedimentary Basins
Kim J-H, Ono S, Humez P, Jaime C, Becker V, Nightingale M & Mayer B
(2023) Understanding the Regional Occurrence of Select Groundwater Contaminants Based on Novel and Established Tracer Measurements in Age-Dated Groundwater Samples in Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Thistle S, Plata I, Humez P, Date A, Nightingale M, Kim J-H, Purtschert R, Musy SL, Duran N, Yokochi R, McClain CN & Liggett JE
(2022) Multi-Isotope Approaches to Assess the Sources and the Fate of Fugitive Methane and Ethane Associated with the Development of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Western Canada
Mayer B, Humez P, Cesar J, Becker V, Riley D, Grimeau K, Nightingale M & Shevalier M
(2022) The Distribution of As, Fe, and Mn in Groundwater of Alberta, Canada
Plata I, Humez P, McClain C & Mayer B
(2021) Estimating Geochemical Background Values for Naturally-Occurring Constituents in Groundwater – A Case Study of Fluoride in Alberta Groundwater
Bondu R, Humez P, Kloppmann W, Naumenko-Dèzes MO & Mayer B
(2020) Stable Carbon Isotope Proxies for the Development of Unconventional Petroleum Reservoirs and the Protection of Groundwater Resources
Cesar J, Wood J, Humez P, Nightingale M, Becker V, Ardakani O & Mayer B
(2020) A Regional Assessment of Sources and Fate of Nitrate and Methane in Alberta Groundwater (Canada) Using Chemical and Isotopic Approaches
Mayer B, Humez P, Wilson L, Nightingale M & McClain C
(2019) Tracer Approaches for Identifying Potential Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Osselin F, Cheung T, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Desaulty AM & Kloppmann W
(2016) Tracing Fugitive Gas in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of Unconventional Energy Resource Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Cahill A, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Osadetz K & Lawton D
(2015) New Approaches for Tracing Potential Leakage of CO2 from Geological Storage Reservoirs Using Stable Isotope Tracer Techniques
Mayer B, Becker V, Humez P, Nightingale M, Shevalier M, Osadetz K & Lawton D
(2014) Assessing Potential Impacts from Unconventionial Gas Development on Groundwater Resources in Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Ing J, Nightingale M & Humez P
(2014) Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches for Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites: Applicability for Shale Gas Development
Humez P, Mayer B, Negrel P, Lions J, Lagneau V, Kloppmann W, Inj J & Nightingale M
(2012) Multi-Isotope Monitoring of Enhanced Weathering of Glauconitic Sands Under Controlled High pCO2 Conditions
Humez P, Lions J, Lagneau V & Negrel P

Huminicki D.M.C. (2001) Sulfate Minerals: A Bond-Valence Approach to the Structure, Chemistry and Occurrence of Complex Oxysalt Minerals
Schindler M, Hawthorne FC & Huminicki DMC

Huminicki M.A.E. (2008) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fractionation of Fe-Ni-Cu-Pge Mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex
Lesher CM, Golightly JP, Huminicki MAE & Gregory S

Humler E (2004) A >26 Myrs Record of Melt Supply Variations and Axial Tectonics in a Magma-Poor Region of the Very Slow Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge
Cannat M, Sauter D, Mendel V, Ruellan E, Okino K, Humler E, Combier V & Baala M

Humler Eric (2012) Atmospheric Gases: The Archaeological Glasses Memory
de Bigault de Granrut A & Humler E
(2008) CO2/N2 in MORB Vesicles Using Raman Spectroscopy: Implications for Global Volatile Fluxes
Chavrit D, Morizet Y, Bézos A & Humler E
(2008) Helium and Trace Element Geochemical Signals in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Gautheron C, Bézos A, Moreira M & Humler E
(2004) Isotopic Systematics of the Southwest Indian Ridge, 30-69ºE
Meyzen C, Ludden J, Humler E, Luais B, Baker J, Storey M, Toplis M & Mevel C
(2004) Variations in Mantle Composition along the Central Indian Ridge
Escrig S, Bezos A, Langmuir C, Humler E, Allègre C & Su Y
(2003) Isotopic Variations along the Southwest Indian Ridge, 30.50°E
Meyzen C, Storey M, Baker J, Ludden J & Humler E
(2000) Direct Determination of Ferrous-Ferric Concentrations with the Electron Microprobe
Fialin M, Wagner C & Humler E

Hummel C. (2021) Bio-Chemical Imaging of Phosphorus-Related Maize Rhizosphere Processes in the Field
Oburger E, Hummel C, Bilyera N, Daudin G, Razavi B, Santangeli M, Spielvogel S, Bertrand I, Lippold E, Schlueter S & Vetterlein D

Hummel M. (2013) Enhanced Ice Nucleation Activity of Soil Dust Particles
Steinke I, Funk R, Danielczok A, Höhler K, Hiranuma N, Hoffmann N, Hummel M, Kirchen S, Kiselev A, Leue M, Möhler O, Saathoff H, Schnaiter M, Schwartz T, Sierau B, Stetzer O, Toprak E, Ulrich A, Hoose C & Leisner T
(2011) Impact of Biological and Mineral Dust Aerosols on Mixed-Phase Clouds
Hoose C, Anquetil-Deck C, Burrows S, Hummel M, Kristjansson JE & Möhler O

Hummel W (2000) Application of the Brønstedt-Guggenheim-Scatchard Specific Ion Interaction Theory to the Concentration Dependence of Complexation Constants in NaCl Solutions up to the Saturation of Halite
Thoenen T & Hummel W

Hummel W. (2001) The Enigma of ThO2 and UO2 Solubility
Hummel W

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