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Eyre Bradley (2020) Pore Water Conditions Drive Calcium Carbonate Dissolution in Reef Sands
Kessler A, Rogers A, Cyronak T, Bourke M, Hasler-Sheetal H, Glud R, Greening C, Meysman F, Eyre B & Cook P
(2019) Methane Emissions Across Aquatic Systems – From Headwater Streams to the Open Ocean
Rosentreter J, Borges A, Duarte C, Raymond P, Del Giorgio P, Prarie Y, Olefeldt D & Eyre B
(2019) Uptake and Processing of Dissolved Carbon and Nitrogen Substrates in Microalgae-Dominated Sediment: A Comparison Across Three Estuaries
Riekenberg P, Oakes J, Eyre B, Schouten S & Van Der Meer M
(2017) 15N Additions for Evaluating Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycles in Aquatic Systems – Four Case Studies
Eyre B, Erler D & Oakes J
(2015) Drivers of Coastal Water pH – Examples from an Australian River Estuary, the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon and Coral Reefs Globally
Eyre B, Maher D, Cyronak T, Schulz K & Alongi D

Eyre Bradley D. (2016) Processing of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen within Subtropical Mudflat Sediments Under Increased Nutrient Loading Using Dual Isotope Tracers (13C and 15N) and Biomarkers
Riekenberg P, Oakes J & Eyre B
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Variability of CO2 and CH4 Gas Transfer Velocities in Mangrove Dominated Estuaries
Rosentreter JA, Maher DT, Ho DT, Call M, Barr J & Eyre BD

Eyrolle Frédérique (2009) Heavy Metals and Artificial Radionuclides Records in Floodplain Sediments of the Lower Rhône River (South – East France)
Ferrand E, Eyrolle F, Provansal M, Dufour S, Radakovitch O & Raccasi G

Eyrolle Frederique (2019) Transit Times of Artificial Radionuclides in a Large Nuclearized River System
Radakovitch O, Antonelli C, Lepage H & Eyrolle F
(2019) Historical Records of Suspended Particulate Matter Origin in the Rhône River (France) Using the Non-Reactive Geochemical Signature of Particles
Bégorre C, Dabrin A, Eyrolle F, Mourier B, Grisot G, Dherret L, Masson M & Coquery M
(2016) Solid/solution Distribution Coefficient (Kd) of Trace Stable Elements and Radionuclides during a Nuclear Power Plant Liquid Regulatory Release in the Seine River – Field Data vs. Geochemical Modeling
Benedetti M, Ilina S, Copin F, Eyrolle F, Boyer P, Lourino-Caban B, Sivry Y & Gelabert A

Eyster A. (2020) Hints of an Eoarchean Magnetic Field from the Isua Supracrustal Belt
Nichols CIO, Weiss BP, Eyster A, Maloof AC, Greenfield T, Kelly NM, Zawaski M, Mojzsis SJ, Watson EB & Cherniak DJ

Eyuboglu Y. (2005) Hornblende and Phlogopite-Bearing Ultramafic Cumulates: Evidence for Subduction-Related Ultramafic Magmatism in the Eastern Pontides, Amasya Area, NE Turkey,
Eyuboglu Y, Bektas O & Sen C

Ezaki Y. (2009) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Variations in the Lowermost Triassic Microbiaitic Succession in Guizhou, South China
Liu J, Jiang L & Ezaki Y

Ezat M. (2014) Millennial Scale Variability in Subsurface ρCO2 in Norwegian Sea during the Last 42 kyr
Ezat M, Rasmussen T, Hönisch B & Groeneveld J

Eze M. (2019) The Potential of Amaranthus Hybridus for Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals
Eze M & Ekanem E

Eze P. (2018) The Carbon Isotope Value of Whole Wood Versus Cellulose as a Proxy for Environmental Change
Lukens W, Eze P & Schubert B

Ezeh H.N. (2009) Small Scale Mining and Heavy Metals Pollution of Agricultural Soils: The Case of Ishiagu Mining District, South Eastern Nigeria
Ezeh HN & Chukwu E

Ezell John (2015) Weathering in Modern Carbonate Terrains: Biological Controls on Redox Conditions, Dissolution and Atmospheric CO2 Fluxes
Martin J, Brown A, Ezell J, Pain A & Young C

Ezell John (2010) Biogeochemistry of Weeks Bay during Bottom Water Hypoxic and Norm-Oxic Events
Ezell J & McNeal K

Ezell M. (2014) Investigation of Particle Formation from Methanesulfonic Acid and Amines via Laboratory Studies and ab Initio Calculations
Chen H, Varner M, Ezell M, Arquero K, Dawson M, Gerber B & Finlayson-Pitts B

Ezra S. (2003) The Fate of Neopentyl-Halides in a Fractured Chalk Aquifer
Ezra S, Feinstein S, Bilkis Y, Adar E & Ganor J

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