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Abbo A. (2017) Crustal Evolution of the Balkan: Episodic Igneous Activity and Crustal Recycling of Peri-Gondwana European Terranes Revealed from Zircons and Rutiles in Basement Rocks and River Sediments
Abbo A, Avigad D & Gerdes A
(2015) Cadomian Paleogeography and Tectonic Setting as Recorded in the Tauride Block (Turkey)
Abbo A, Avigad D, Gerdes A & Güngör T

Abbot D. (2019) Exo-Oceanography and the Search for Life in Uncharted Waters
Olson S, Jansen M & Abbot D
(2019) Ocean Heat Transport and Glaciation Dynamics on Tidally Locked Planets
Olson S, Checlair J & Abbot D

Abbott April (2022) Clay Mineral and Isotopic Evidence for Widespread Restricted, Evaporitic Conditions during the Deposition of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation
Han S, Löhr S, Abbott A, Baldermann A, Voigt M, Cui H, Chen B, Farkas J, Shields GA & Kaufman AJ
(2021) Elucidating Biogenic Components of the δ53Cr Cycle in the Modern Ocean
Janssen D, Rickli J, Abbott A, Ellwood M, Twining B, Ohnemus D, Nasemann P, Gilliard D & Jaccard S
(2021) Authigenic Clay Mineral Evidence for Restricted, Evaporitic Conditions during the Emergence of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Biota
Han S, Löhr S, Abbott A, Baldermann A & Yu B
(2020) Detrital Influence on Neodymium Isotope Record of the Last Deglaciation in the North Atlantic
Abbott A, Loehr S, Payne A & Kumar H
(2020) Massive Subaerial Volcanism Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 2?
Handley K, Löhr S & Abbott A
(2019) Are Clay Minerals the Primary Control on the Oceanic Rare Earth Element Budget?
Abbott A & Löhr S
(2018) Marine Rare Earth Elements, Neodymium Isotopes and the Benthic Reactive Layer
Haley B, Du J, Abbott A, McManus J & Mix A
(2017) Across the Sediment-Water Interface: A Diagenetic Perspective on Pore Water Benthic Flux Estimates for Neodymium
Abbott A
(2015) Influence of a Benthic REE Source on Sedimentary Records of εNd
Abbott A, Haley B & McManus J
(2013) Rare Earth Elements in Marine Sedimentary Pore Fluids
Abbott A, Haley B, McManus J & Reimers C
(2013) Iron Supply and Cycling on the Oregon-California Shelf: Comparisons with the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone
McManus J, Roy M, Severmann S, Chase Z, Berelson W, Reimers C, Goni M, Abbott A & Muratli J

Abbott April N (2022) Testing the Precambrian Reverse Weathering Hypothesis Using a 1-Billion-Year Record of Marine Shales
Deepak A, Löhr S, Abbott AN, Han S, Wheeler C & Sharma M
(2022) Mesoproterozoic Lacustrine Clay-Mineral Record of Weathering Prior to Greening of the Continents
Wheeler CA, Löhr S, Abbott AN, Davies NS & Herron ST
(2022) A Continental Arc Volcanism Trigger for OAE2?
Löhr S, Handley K, Abbott AN & Wheeler C

Abbott Ben W (2021) Assessing Ecohydrological Resilience Across Scales: Opportunities and Challenges for Critical Zone Research
Perdrial J, Bristol C, Ruckhaus M, Seybold E, Stewart B, Abbott BW, Kincaid DW, Underwood K, Hamshaw SD, Shanley JB, Li L, Rizzo D, Lee R, Lewis G & Lee BS

Abbott Benjamin (2019) Fractures Sustain Dynamic Microbial Hot Spots in the Critical Zone
Bochet O, Bethencourt L, Dufresne A, Farasin J, Pedrot M, Labasque T, Chatton E, Lavenant N, Petton C, Abbott B, Aquilina L & Le Borgne T

Abbott G. (2020) Oxidant Regulation of Hydrogen Production in Low Temperature Water-Rock Interactions
Edgar J, Telling J, Abbott G, Gilmour K & White M
(2020) Transformation of Organic Matter in Arctic Ocean Sediments Across the Redox Interface
Stevenson M, Faust J, Luiza A, Freitas F, Neil G, Tait K, Henley S, Peter L, Papadaki S, März C, Abbott G, Hilton RG & Hendry KR
(2019) Does Climate Warming Reduce Preservation of Organic Carbon in Arctic Marine Sediments?
Faust JC, Stevenson MA, Tessin A, Abbott GD & März C
(2019) Quantifying Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the Changing Arctic Barents Sea
Sales de Freitas F, Ward J, Stevenson M, Abbott G, Henley S, Faust J, Tessin A, Solan M, März C, Hendry K & Arndt S
(2018) Does Sea Ice Reduction Enhance Preservation of Organic Carbon in Arctic Marine Sediments?
Faust JC, Tessin A, Stevenson MA, Abbott GD & März C
(2010) A Molecular Biogeochemical Study of a Northern Peatland Ecosystem: The Effects of Substrate Source on Phenolic Composition
Swain E, Abbott G, Belyea L, Laing C, Cowie G, Filley T & Muhammad A
(2000) Molecular Characterization of Some of the Earliest Terrestrial Organisms
Abbott G, Edwards D, Drage T & Vane C

Abbott L. (2012) Noble Gases and Halogens in the Oceanic Crust
Chavrit D, Burgess R, Weston B, Abbott L, Teagle D & Ballentine C
(2012) Halogens and Noble Gases Subducted into the Mantle: Constraints from Mantle Wedge Peridotites and Olivines in Arc Lavas
Sumino H, Abbott L, Shimizu A, Burgess R & Ballentine C
(2011) Recycled Halogen Signature Preserved in the Tristan Hotspot
Abbott L, Burgess R, Murphy D & Ballentine C

Abbott M. (2019) Investigating Camelid Untilization Among Andean Cultures Using Fecal Stanols
Arnold TE, McGrath S, Werne J, Abbott M, Arkush E & Hillman A

Abbott T. (2022) Search for the Carriers of P-Process Anomalies in Early Solar System Condensates
Marquez RT, Charlier BLA, Abbott T, Smeets P, Heck PR & Tissot FLH

Abbruzzese T. (2004) Osmium in the Tonga Subduction Zone: Slab Versus Lithosphere
Bach W, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Abbruzzese T & Worthington T
(2004) Flood Basalt Volcanism and the Marine Os Isotope Record
Ravizza G, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Abbruzzese T

Abd El Ghaffar N.

Abd El Rahim S. (2015) Late Neoproterozoic Pan-African Ophiolitic Serpentinites of Eastern Desert of Egypt as Natural CO2 Sequestration Feedstock and a Source of Magnesia
Ali-Bik M, Abdel Wahab W & Abd El Rahim S

Abd El-Fatah S. (2005) Microbial Diversity and Geochemical Heterogeneity within Siliceous Sinters
Abd El-Fatah S, Cetiner Z, Williams T & Childers S

Abd El-Naby H. (2009) Fate and Transport of Heavy Metals and Radioelements in Groundwater Aquifers of Al-Qunfudhah and Wadi Haliy Quadrangles, Southwest of Saudi Arabia
Bajabaa S, Abd El-Naby H & Dawood Y

Abd El-Rahman Y. (2018) Old Continental Crust Underlying Juvenile Oceanic Arc in Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Li X-H, Abd El-Rahman Y, Abu Anbar M, Li J, Ling X, Wu L-G & Masoud AE
(2015) The Arabian-Nubain Shield from a Mid-Cryogenian Continental Arc to Ediacaran Post-Collisional Appinite-High Ba-Sr Monzogranite Suite: Evidence from the South Um Mongul Area, NED, Egypt
Abd El-Rahman Y

Abd Ghani A. (2020) Zircon U-Pb Ages and Geochemical Characteristics of Mafic Rocks from Northern Sabah Ophiolite (Borneo), Malaysia
Rezal R, Chung S-L, Abd Ghani A, Lee H-Y & Iizuka Y

Abdale L. (2022) Corundum Genesis in Aluminous Leucosomes at the Blue Jay Sapphire Occurrence (British Columbia, Canada) as a Record of Metamorphism and Partial Melting in the Monashee Complex
Abdale L, Groat LA, Belley P, Cempirek J & Wall C

Abdalla O. (2012) Groundwater Recharge & Discharge Relations Inferred from Isotopes and Hydrochemistry in Samail Catchment, Oman
Abdalla O, Al-Hosni T & Al-Rawahi A

Abdallah N. (2019) Witness of UHP Metamorphism in the Western Mediterranean
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Caby R, Vitale-Brovarone A, Fernandez L, Hammor D, Laouar R, Ouabadi A & Abdallah N
(2017) Ultramafics in the Western Mediterranean: A Geochemical Perspective from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bosch D, Bruguier O, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F
(2017) Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Kinzigites from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F

Abdallsamed M-I-M. (2019) The Syenite-Carbonatite-Fluorite Association in Jebel Dumbier Complex (Sudan): Magma Origin and Evolution
Wang L-X, Ma C-Q, Salih M-A, Abdallsamed M-I-M & Zhu Y-X

Abdat T. (2014) Trace Element Dispersion and REE-HFSE Fractionation in a Deeply Weathered Profile: The Albany-Fraser Orogen Margin, Western Australia
Gonzalez-Alvarez I, Salama W, Anand R, Sweetapple M, Abdat T, leGras M & Walshe J
(2014) Geochemical Characterization of Regolith in the NE Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia
Salama W, Gonzalez-Alvarez I, Anand R & Abdat T

Abdel Aal G. (2013) Geophysical Evidence for Iron Mineral Transformation in a Petroleum Contaminated Aquifer
Ford B, Atekwana E, Abdel Aal G & Atekwana E

Abdel El Wahed M. (2009) Toward a New Concept for the Classification of Granitic Rocks of the Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geothermobarometry Constraints
Ghoneim M, Lebda M, Abu Anbar M & Abdel El Wahed M

Abdel Motelib A. (2014) Synvolcanic and Syntectonic Sedimentation of the Mixed Volcaniclastic–Epiclastic Succession in the Miocene Abu Terifia Basin, Cairo-Suez Road, North Egypt
Khalaf EEDAH, Abdel Motelib A, Hammed MS & El Mannawi AH

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