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Ma Ruifang (2019) Carbonate Ion Effects on Elemental Ratios in Benthic Foraminifera Hoeglundina Elegans: Application to Intermediate Water Circulation in the North Indian Ocean during the Last Deglaciation
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Bassinot F, Haurine F, Tisnerat-Laborde N & Colin C
(2017) The glacial-Holocene Evolution of Water Masses in the Bay of Bengal Based on δ18O and δ13C Analyses
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Licari L, Bassinot F, Liu Z, Kallel N & Colin C

Ma Ruolong (2016) Bacteria Effects in Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Natural Gas–A Case Study in Shinan Gas Field, NW China
Ma R & Gong D

Ma Shanshan (2017) Deep Morphology Definition of Shuangdinggou and Xinling Rock of Qingchengzi Mine Area Based on Geological, Gravity-Magnetic and Magnetotelluric Sounding Data Integration
Yu Y, Ma S & Li X

Ma Shengming (2020) Gold Geochemical Anomaly and Prospecting Prediction in the Southern Section of Jiaojia Fault Zone, Jiaodong Gold Province, Eastern China
Xi M, Zhao K & Ma S
(2019) An Identification of Pb-Zn-Ag Mineralization by Applying Positive S and Negative Na2O Anomalies
Tang S & Ma S
(2018) An Effective Partial Extraction Method for Concealed Mineral Exploration
Tang S, Ma S & Hu S

Ma Shengtao (2020) Human Biomonitoring of Emerging Organic Pollutants Through Non-Invasive Matrices: Prognostic Insights and Future Potentials
Lin M, Tang J, Ma S, Yu Y, Li G & An T

Ma Sihong (2020) Eukaryotic Algae Populated the Tropical Ocean 1400million Years ago
Zhang S, Su J, Ma S, Wang H, Wang X, He K & Canfield DE

Ma Suping (2013) Pristane Isomerization Ratio: Novel Maturity Index for Highly Mature and Overmature Oils
Wu Y, Wang Y, Lei T, Ma S, Wang Y, Gao Y & Xia Y

Ma Tao (2011) The First Observation of Chang'E-2 Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Zhu M-H, Ma T, Chang J, Ip W-H, Tang Z & Xu A

Ma Tao (2015) The Chronology and Geochemical Characteristics of Jiuhuashan Granite, Anhui, China
Wu W, Cai Y, Ma T, Lin Q & Zhang Y

Ma Teng (2011) Effect of Phosphate Fertilizer on the Mobility of Arsenic in Fairdpur Soil, Central Bangladesh
Gao X, Wang Y, Hu Q & Ma T

Ma Teng (2019) Effect of Clay Mineral Particle Size Composition on Organic Carbon Occurrence in Clay Aquitard
Liu R, Ma T & Qiu W
(2019) Adsorption of BDE-47 on Aluminium Hydroxide Colloid
Qiu W, Ma T, Liu R & Chen L
(2019) Advances for Earth’s Critical Zone Research in Jianghan Plain, Central China
Li JQ, Ma T & Du Y
(2019) Nitrogen Distribution in Surface Sediments Under Different Land Use Patterns in Jianghan Plain, Central China
Luo KW, Ma T & Du Y
(2019) Study on Different Forms of Nitrogen at the Sediment-Water Interface of Chenhu Lake, China
Lei K, Ma T & Li Z
(2019) Mobilization of Geogenic Arsenic and Iodine in Shallow Aquifer along the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River
Deng Y, Gan Y, Ma T & Wang Y

Ma Teng (2017) Indication of Stable Chlorine and Bromine Isotopes in Two Different Geothermal Systems, China
Chen L, Ma T, Du Y & Xiao C
(2017) Temporal Variation of Nitrogen in the Groundwater Under the Influence of Seasonal Hydrologic Change in Typical Area of the Jianghan Plain
Shen S, Ma T & Du Y
(2017) Arsenic Releasing Characteristics during Muddy Sediments Compaction Under Different Conditions
Xiao C, Ma T & Du Y
(2017) Hydrochemical Characteristics and Interaction Processes of GW-Sw in the East of Jianghan Plain, China
Yu H, Ma T, Deng Y & Du Y

Ma Teng (2018) Sedimentological Controls on the Formation of High Arsenic Aquifers in Central Yangtze River Basin
Deng Y, Gan Y, Ma T & Wang Y
(2018) The Construction for Monitoring Network of the Critical Zone at Basin Scale-A Case Study of the Central Yangtze River
Ma T, Deng Y, Wang Z, Shen S & Li J

Ma Teng (2020) The Role of Plant Roots in the Critical Zone and its Research Framework
Ma T, Yu H, Jie Y, Yue X & Ma Y

Ma Teng

Ma Teng (2015) Effect of Humic Acid on BDE 47 Transport in Sand Column
Shan H, Liu C & Ma T

Ma Tian (2022) Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Additions on Transformation and Accumulation of Plant- and Microbial-Derived Soil Organic Carbon in Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau
Yang Z, Ma T, Gao W, Shi B & Li Y
(2017) Decoupled Distribution of Plant- and Microbial-Derived Organic Carbon in Mongolian Grassland Soils
Ma T, Zhu S, Chen D, Bai Y, Wang Z & Feng X

Ma Tianming (2017) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Stable Isotope at Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & Shi G
(2016) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Isotope along a Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Yu J, Ma H & Shi G

Ma Ting-Ting (2020) Seasonal Variations of Sr and Ca Isotopes of Headwaters in the Yangtze River, China
Chen B-B, Li S-L, Pogge von Strandmann P, Zhong J, Ma T-T, Xiao M & Liu C-Q

Ma Tingting (2021) Seasonal Controls of Weathering Processes on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau: Insights from Lithium Isotopes
Ma T, Li S, Weynell M, Zhong J & Liu C

Ma Tuo (2020) Discovery of the Silurian High Pressure Pelitic Gneiss in Southern Margin of Middle Altyn and its Tectonic Geological Significance
Ma T, Gai Y & Liu L
(2020) Implication of AG -Type Olivine Fabric in Garnet Peridotite from Yinggelisayi of South Altyn Tagh,NW China
Geng G, Liu L & Ma T

Ma Wanyun (2018) Hydrocarbon Generation Characteristics of Alkaline Lacustrine Source Rocks: The Lower Permian in the Northewestern Junggar Basin, NW China
Wang T, Cao J, Wang X, Xiang B, Ma W & Xia L
(2008) Distributions of Organic Compounds in Dongsheng Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposits, China
Tuo J, Zhang M & Ma W

Ma Wei (2019) Modeling of the Whole Hydrocarbon-Generating Process of Sapropelic Source Rock
Ma W & Li J
(2018) Quantitative Assessment Model of Gas Generation of Sapropelic Organic Matter Constrained by Expulsion Efficiency
Li J, Hao A, Li Z, Ma W & Wang Y

Ma Weijiao
(2017) Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Chang 7 Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin, China
Han W, Ma W & Tao S

Ma Wenchuan (2020) Antagonistic Cooperativity between Antimalarials Controlling Hematin Crystallization by Attenuation of Step Pinning
Ma W, Lutsko J, Rimer J & Vekilov P

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