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Ma Qing (2020) Geochemistry of the Early Cretaceous Laiyang Group in Lingke-Ⅰ Core, Shandong Province, Eastern China: Implications for Provenance, Tectonic Setting and Paleoenvironment
Ma Q & Zhou Y

Ma Qisheng (2019) Influence of Sulfate on S.A.R.A. Fraction of Soluble Organic Product from Thermal Degradation of Kerogen
Wu J, Qi W, Luo Q & Ma Q
(2009) Experimental and Theoretical Determination of the Kinetics of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction
Tang Y, Ellis G, Zhang T, Ma Q & Amrani A
(2007) Use of Carbon and Hydrogen Stable Isotopic Composition to Quantitatively Assess Natural Gas Generation
Tang Y, Ellis G & Ma Q

Ma Rui (2013) Beneficial Uses of Engineered Nanoparticles and the Behavior of Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles in the Environment
Brown G, Levard C, Cismasu C, Michel M, Ma R, Wang Y, Calas G, Morin G & Lowry G
(2013) Are There Unique “Nano” Effects from Exposure to Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles? – Yes and No!
Lowry GV, Ma R, Levard C, Colman BP, Bernhardt ES, Brown, Jr. GE & Wiesner MR
(2011) Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Environmental Systems
Reinsch B, Ma R, Levard C, Kabengi N, Brown G, Kim C & Lowry G
(2011) Physical Versus Chemical Non-Equilibrium Model for Simulating U(VI) Adsorption
Greskowiak J, Hay M, Prommer H, Liu C, Post V, Ma R, Davis J, Zheng C & Zachara J
(2010) Transformation Products from Inorganic Ligand Promoted Oxidation/Dissolution of Silver Nanoparticles
Reinsch B, Ma R, Kim C & Lowry G

Ma Rui (2015) Biogeochemistry of Natural and Engineered Nanomaterials: Characterization, Reactivity, Environmental Transformations, and Health Impacts
Brown, Jr. GE, Cismasu AC, Levard C, Michel FM, Dublet G, Kumar N, Wang Y, Morin G, Ma R & Lowry GV

Ma Ruifang (2019) Carbonate Ion Effects on Elemental Ratios in Benthic Foraminifera Hoeglundina Elegans: Application to Intermediate Water Circulation in the North Indian Ocean during the Last Deglaciation
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Bassinot F, Haurine F, Tisnerat-Laborde N & Colin C
(2017) The glacial-Holocene Evolution of Water Masses in the Bay of Bengal Based on δ18O and δ13C Analyses
Ma R, Sepulcre S, Licari L, Bassinot F, Liu Z, Kallel N & Colin C

Ma Ruolong (2016) Bacteria Effects in Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Natural Gas–A Case Study in Shinan Gas Field, NW China
Ma R & Gong D

Ma Shanshan (2017) Deep Morphology Definition of Shuangdinggou and Xinling Rock of Qingchengzi Mine Area Based on Geological, Gravity-Magnetic and Magnetotelluric Sounding Data Integration
Yu Y, Ma S & Li X

Ma Shengming (2020) Gold Geochemical Anomaly and Prospecting Prediction in the Southern Section of Jiaojia Fault Zone, Jiaodong Gold Province, Eastern China
Xi M, Zhao K & Ma S
(2019) An Identification of Pb-Zn-Ag Mineralization by Applying Positive S and Negative Na2O Anomalies
Tang S & Ma S
(2018) An Effective Partial Extraction Method for Concealed Mineral Exploration
Tang S, Ma S & Hu S

Ma Shengtao (2020) Human Biomonitoring of Emerging Organic Pollutants Through Non-Invasive Matrices: Prognostic Insights and Future Potentials
Lin M, Tang J, Ma S, Yu Y, Li G & An T

Ma Sihong (2023) Effects of Mesoproterozoic Ocean Environments on Nitrogen Cycling Across the 1400 Million Years Old Xiamaling Formation
Wang X, Zhang S, Ye Y, Ma S, Su J, Wang H & Canfield DE
(2020) Eukaryotic Algae Populated the Tropical Ocean 1400million Years ago
Zhang S, Su J, Ma S, Wang H, Wang X, He K & Canfield DE

Ma Suping (2013) Pristane Isomerization Ratio: Novel Maturity Index for Highly Mature and Overmature Oils
Wu Y, Wang Y, Lei T, Ma S, Wang Y, Gao Y & Xia Y

Ma Tao (2011) The First Observation of Chang'E-2 Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Zhu M-H, Ma T, Chang J, Ip W-H, Tang Z & Xu A

Ma Tao (2015) The Chronology and Geochemical Characteristics of Jiuhuashan Granite, Anhui, China
Wu W, Cai Y, Ma T, Lin Q & Zhang Y

Ma Teng (2011) Effect of Phosphate Fertilizer on the Mobility of Arsenic in Fairdpur Soil, Central Bangladesh
Gao X, Wang Y, Hu Q & Ma T

Ma Teng (2019) Effect of Clay Mineral Particle Size Composition on Organic Carbon Occurrence in Clay Aquitard
Liu R, Ma T & Qiu W
(2019) Adsorption of BDE-47 on Aluminium Hydroxide Colloid
Qiu W, Ma T, Liu R & Chen L
(2019) Advances for Earth’s Critical Zone Research in Jianghan Plain, Central China
Li JQ, Ma T & Du Y
(2019) Nitrogen Distribution in Surface Sediments Under Different Land Use Patterns in Jianghan Plain, Central China
Luo KW, Ma T & Du Y
(2019) Study on Different Forms of Nitrogen at the Sediment-Water Interface of Chenhu Lake, China
Lei K, Ma T & Li Z
(2019) Mobilization of Geogenic Arsenic and Iodine in Shallow Aquifer along the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River
Deng Y, Gan Y, Ma T & Wang Y

Ma Teng (2017) Indication of Stable Chlorine and Bromine Isotopes in Two Different Geothermal Systems, China
Chen L, Ma T, Du Y & Xiao C
(2017) Temporal Variation of Nitrogen in the Groundwater Under the Influence of Seasonal Hydrologic Change in Typical Area of the Jianghan Plain
Shen S, Ma T & Du Y
(2017) Arsenic Releasing Characteristics during Muddy Sediments Compaction Under Different Conditions
Xiao C, Ma T & Du Y
(2017) Hydrochemical Characteristics and Interaction Processes of GW-Sw in the East of Jianghan Plain, China
Yu H, Ma T, Deng Y & Du Y

Ma Teng (2018) Sedimentological Controls on the Formation of High Arsenic Aquifers in Central Yangtze River Basin
Deng Y, Gan Y, Ma T & Wang Y
(2018) The Construction for Monitoring Network of the Critical Zone at Basin Scale-A Case Study of the Central Yangtze River
Ma T, Deng Y, Wang Z, Shen S & Li J

Ma Teng (2020) The Role of Plant Roots in the Critical Zone and its Research Framework
Ma T, Yu H, Jie Y, Yue X & Ma Y

Ma Teng

Ma Teng (2015) Effect of Humic Acid on BDE 47 Transport in Sand Column
Shan H, Liu C & Ma T

Ma Tian (2022) Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Additions on Transformation and Accumulation of Plant- and Microbial-Derived Soil Organic Carbon in Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau
Yang Z, Ma T, Gao W, Shi B & Li Y
(2017) Decoupled Distribution of Plant- and Microbial-Derived Organic Carbon in Mongolian Grassland Soils
Ma T, Zhu S, Chen D, Bai Y, Wang Z & Feng X

Ma Tianming (2017) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Stable Isotope at Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & Shi G
(2016) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Isotope along a Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Yu J, Ma H & Shi G

Ma Ting-Ting (2020) Seasonal Variations of Sr and Ca Isotopes of Headwaters in the Yangtze River, China
Chen B-B, Li S-L, Pogge von Strandmann P, Zhong J, Ma T-T, Xiao M & Liu C-Q

Ma Tingting (2021) Seasonal Controls of Weathering Processes on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau: Insights from Lithium Isotopes
Ma T, Li S, Weynell M, Zhong J & Liu C

Ma Tuo (2020) Discovery of the Silurian High Pressure Pelitic Gneiss in Southern Margin of Middle Altyn and its Tectonic Geological Significance
Ma T, Gai Y & Liu L
(2020) Implication of AG -Type Olivine Fabric in Garnet Peridotite from Yinggelisayi of South Altyn Tagh,NW China
Geng G, Liu L & Ma T

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