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Ma George (2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Sources of the Alkaline-Tholeiitic Intraplate Basalts from the Aleppo Plateau, NW Syria
Ma G, Malpas J, Suzuki K, Lo C-H, Wang K-L, Iizuku Y & Xenophontos C
(2007) Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Peridotites from the Kiogar Ophiolite, SW Tibet
Chan G, Searle M, Aitchison J & Ma G

Ma Guang (2011) Characteristic of Mineral Component in Carlin-Type Gold Deposit in Qinling Area
Ma G, Gong L, Dong Y, Chen K & Zhang G
(2011) The Isotope Evidence of Ore-Forming Materials of the Erdaogou Gold Deposit in Beipiao Liaoning Deriving from Magmatic Rocks Mixed by the Crust and Mantle Source
Gong L, Ma G, Zhang G & Chen K
(2010) Type Au(Cu) Ore Body Discovered First-Time in Tonglushan Deposit in Hubei Province
Ma G, Gong L, Hu S, He S & Gao E
(2010) The Model of the Element Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rock in Early Precambrian Period in Liaoning
Gong L, Ma G, Hu S, He S & Gao E

Ma Haitao (2023) Chromium Mineralization during Deep Continental Subduction
Cai P, Yang J, Lian D, Das S, Wu W, Yang Y & Ma H
(2023) Late Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Bainaimiao Micro-Block in the Southeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB): Implications for Reconstruction of Columbia Supercontinent
Ma H, Chen J, Ma X, Meng Y, Yang J, Lian D & Cai P

Ma Haoran (2021) A Prolonged Ice-Age in the Late Ediacaran Period: A Possible Fuse of Animal Evolution?
Wang R, Shen B, Lang X, Wen B, Ma H, Peng Y, He R, Li C, Huang T & Zhou C
(2020) Closed-System Oxygen Isotope Exchange in a Paleoproterozoic Evaporite Sequence
Ma H, Peng Y, Motlep R, Kirsimae K, Romashkin A, Lepland A & Bao H
(2020) Sulfur Record of Rising in Marine Sulfate Levels 800 Million Years ago
Lang X, Li S, Ma H & Shen B
(2019) Local Environmental Variations Obscure the Interpretation of Pyrite Sulfur Isotope Records
Lang X, Tang W, Ma H & Shen B

Ma He (2020) Distribution of Biomarkers and Its Record for Paleoclimate in Linxia Basin, NE Tibetan Plateau, NW China
Wang Y, Ma H, Wei J, Zhuo S, Wei Z, Wang G, Wu Y, Liu Y, Yang H & Wang Y
(2020) Occurrence of Macrocyclic Alkanes in Hurleg Lake, Northwest China
Zhang T, Zhang M, Gong J, Wang Y, Wei Z, Wang G, Yang H, Ma H & Wang Z

Ma He-Zhi (2023) Titanite Geochemistry Traces Extreme Differentiation of Granitic Magma in the Collisional Orogen
Chen Y-X & Ma H-Z
(2020) Large-Scale Partial Melting of Deeply Subducted Continental Slab during Continental Collision: An Example from the Sulu Orogen
Ma H-Z, Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

Ma Hong Hong (2020) The Bioavailability of Cadmium and Influencing Factors of Farmland Soil in Karst Areas of Guangxi, China
Ma HH, Peng M, Guo F & Chen HX
(2020) Assessment of the Environmental Impact of an Abandoned Pb-Zn Mine on Surrounding Soil-Crop System in Southwest China
Peng M, Ma H, Zhang F & Wang H

Ma Honghong (2020) Translocation and Accumulation Characteristic of Heavy Metals in Soil-Maize System from a Typical Lead-Zinc Mining Area in Guizhou Province, China
Guo F & Ma H

Ma Hongmei (2020) Nitrate Production in the Marine Boundary Layer and its Contribution to Surface Ocean along a Cruise Path from China to Antarctica: An Isotopic Perspective
Shi G, Ma H, Hu Z, Zhu Z, Jiang S, An C, Li Y & Hastings M
(2017) Concentration and Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Nitrate Collected on the Traverse from Coast to the Summit of Antarctic Ice Sheet
Shi G, Hastings M, Hu Z, Ma H, Jiang S & An C
(2017) Iron in Snow along the Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
Ma H, Shi G, Li Y, Motohiro H & Motoyama H
(2017) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Stable Isotope at Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & Shi G
(2016) Activity of Abundant and Rare Bacteria in the Forehead of East Antarctica Ice Sheet
Ma H, Yan W, Zhang Y, Shi G, Xiao X & Sun B
(2016) Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in the Surface Snow Layer from the Coast to Dome Argus, East Antarctica
Shi G, Hastings MG, Li Y, Jiang S, Ma H & An C
(2016) A 2840 Year Record of Nitrate and its Stable Isotopic Composition from the Dome a Ice Core, East Antarctica
Jiang S, Cole-Dai J, Li Y, Geng L, Ferris DG, Shi G, An C & Ma H
(2016) The Characteristic and Environmental Significance of Water Isotope along a Traverse Route from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
An C, Ma T, Li Y, Jiang S, Yu J, Ma H & Shi G
(2015) Higher Temperature and Hydrogen Availability Stimulated the Methanogenic Activity in East Antarctic Subglacial Sediment
Ma H, Yan W, Xiao X, Sun B, Dou Y & Zhang Y

Ma Hui (2009) Characteristics of Ambient Air Quality in a West-Costal City of Korea: Case Study Analysis by Using CMAQ Modeling System
Kim D-S, Ma H & Kim SB

Ma J (2006) In searching for old lithospheric relict beneath North China craton: Sr-Nd-Os isotopic composition of peridotite xenoliths from Yangyuan
Xu Y, Blusztajn J, Ma J & Hart SR

Ma J L (2006) Behavior of major and trace elements in an extreme weathering profile on basalt in Hainan Island, South China
Ma JL, Wei GJ, Xu YG & Long WG

Ma Jian (2018) Cause of Micropore Formation in Tuffaceous Tight Reservoir: A Case Study from the Permian Tiaohu Formation in the Santanghu Basin, NW China
Huang Z, Ma J & Li T

Ma Jian Feng (2020) The Role of Cd Storage Forms on the Mobility of Cd in Soil-Rice Systems during Grain Filling Stage
Wiggenhauser M, Aucour A-M, Telouk P, Ma JF & Sarret G
(2019) Combined Cadmium Stable Isotope and Solid State Speciation Measurements in Contaminated Soil-Rice Systems
Wiggenhauser M, Aucour A-M, Telouk P, Campillo S, Bureau S, Ma JF & Sarret G

Ma Jian-Xiong (2023) High Precision Cadmium Isotope Measurement by Double Spike MC-ICP-MS
Li J, Zhu X-K, Tang S, Yan B & Ma J-X
(2019) A One-Column Separation of Ca and Sr for Accurate Isotopic Analysis Using MC-ICPMS
Sun J, Zhu X, Belshaw NS, Henderson GM, Chen B, Li S, Ma J & Li Z
(2019) High-Precision Ti Isotopic Analysis of Igneous Rocks Using a Double-Spike Method with MC–ICP–MS
Li J, Tang S-H, Zhu X-K, Ma J-X & Zhao X-M
(2019) Matrix Dependent Elution Behavior of Ti, Al, and Cr in Cation Resin
Ma J-X, Li J & Zhu X
(2017) Comparison of Luobusha and Xigaze Chromite Mineralization from the Yarlung-Zangbo Ophiolite Belt
Zhu X-K, She Y-W, He Y, Sun J, Ma J-X & Wan H-Q

Ma Jianmin (2020) Footprints of Dioxins in Global Pork Meat Trade
Ma J, Chen K, Huang T & Tao S

Ma Jie (2019) Transformation of Fe-Bearing Minerals in Natural Sediments with Redox Variation Using Diversified Analysis Techniques
Liu S, Liu H, Chen R & Ma J

Ma Jin (2019) Coupled Geochemical-Mechanical Evolution during Injection of CO2-charged Brine into Sandstones
Kong X-Z, Ma J & Saar MO
(2017) How Much can We Interpret Mineral Surface Area with Distributions of Minerals and Pores?
Kong X, Ma J, Webster D & Saar M

Ma Jin-Long (2020) Mass-Dependent Fractionation of Ti Stable Isotope during Intensive Weathering of Basalts
He X-Y, Ma J-L, Wei G-J, Wang Z-B, Zhang L, Zeng T & Zhang Z-Y
(2020) The Measurement of Boron Isotope for Geological Standard Materials by Using MC-ICPMS
Ma J, Zhu G, Wei G & Zhang L
(2020) Effect of Fe–Ti Oxides on Mo Isotopic Variations in Lateritic Weathering Profiles of Basalt
Wang Z, Ma J, Li J, Zeng T, Zhang Z, He X, Zhang L & Wei G
(2017) The Measurement of Ti Isotope Fractionation in Geological Standard Materials Using MC-ICPMS
Ma J, Wang Q, Wei G & Zhang L
(2017) Permian Large Igneous Provinces and their Paleo-Environmental Impacts
Xu Y-G, He B, Ma J-L, Chen J, Li J & Wei G
(2017) Biological Activity-Controlled Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation during Estuarine processes—A Study from the Pearl River Estuary
Wang Z, Ma J, Li J, Wei G & Ye F

Ma Jincai (2008) Molecular Investigation of Electron Transfer Mechanisms Involved in Microbial Selenate Reduction
Ma J, Kobayashi D & Yee N
(2007) A Molecular Model for Microbial Se(VI) Reduction
Yee N, Ma J & Kobayashi D
(2005) The Kinetics and Mechanism of Selenate Reduction by Enterobacter Cloacea
Yee N, Kobayashi D & Ma J

Ma Jing (2016) Airborne PM2.5/PM10-Associated Phthalate Diesters in Suburban Area in Shanghai, China
Ma J, Yang M, Luo WY & Kannan K
(2016) The Total and Net Emission of CO2 from a Large Reservoir in Subtropical Area
Wang F, Wang B, Luo W, Ma J & Yang M
(2010) Mercury and Its Isotope Composition in Lichens and Sediments from Particular Pollution Source
Ma J, Hintelmann H, Kirk J & Muir D

Ma Jinlong (2023) Stable Neodymium Isotopic Fractionation during Chemical Weathering
Bai J, Ma J & Wei G
(2023) Variable Dehydration Behaviors of Slab Serpentinite beneath the Mariana Subduction Zone
Zhao S-Y, Yang AY, Zhou Z, Tamura Y, Ma J, Xu Y, Zhang S & Zhao T-P
(2023) Large Mo Isotope Fractionation during the Diorite Weathering
Wang Z, Li J, Liang X, Wei G, Ma J & He H
(2019) Anthropogenic and Natural Impacts on Mo Isotope Composition in River Water—a Study from the Liuxihe River, in South China
Wang Z, Li J, Wei G, Ye F, Chen Y & Ma J
(2019) Calcium Isotopic Compositions of a Carbonate Weathering Porfile in Southern China
Li X, Liu F, An Y, Wei G, Ma J & Zhang Z
(2019) A Convenient Method of Lithium Purification and its Isotope Measurement on Geological Standard Materials by MC-ICP-MS
Ma J & Zhu G
(2018) Biological-Controlled Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Corals Reef System
Wang Z, Li J, Ma J, Wei G, Deng W, Chen X, McCulloch M & Zhang L
(2018) Potassium Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering of Granite
Teng F-Z, Hu Y, Ma J & Wei G
(2016) Adsorption-And Desorption-Controlled Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation during Weathering Process of Granite from Guangdong Province, South China
Wang Z, Ma J, Li J, Wei G, Deng W & Zhang L
(2015) Distribution of B and Variation of δ11B in Basaltic Weathering Profile from Hainan Island, South China
Ma J, Wei G, Liu Y & Xu Y
(2014) Variations of Mo Isotope during Intensive Weathering of Basalt
Wei G, Ma J, Liu Y, Wang Z, Li J, Ren Z & Xu Y
(2014) The Variation of Non-Traditional Sr Isotope in Basaltic Weathering Profile from Hainan Island, China
Ma J, Wei G, Liu Y & Zeng T

Ma Jinzhu (2020) Groundwater Recharge and Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Longdong Loess Basin, NW China
Ling X, Ma J & Chen P

Ma Jun (2011) New Insights on the Origin of Unresolved Complex Mixtures
Hu SZ, Li SF, Wang JH, Zhang DM & Ma J

Ma Kui (2016) Geochemistry Characteristics of Extremely High Maturity Longmaxi Shale Gas in Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Feng Z, Liu D, Liu C, Cai Y, Jia P & Ma K

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