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Kadoshima K. (2016) Geophysical and Litho-Mineralogical Investigation on the Seafloor Massive Sulfides (SMSs) Mound
Lee S, Asakawa E, Sumi T, Kadoshima K, Kose M, Murakami F, Tsukahara H, Koizumi A, Koizumi Y, Ikeda M & Higashi M

Kadoya S. (2019) A Cold and Alkaline Ocean on Hadean Earth Caused by Impact Ejecta Weathering
Kadoya S & Catling D
(2019) Atmospheric Redox Evolution and Life
Catling D, Kadoya S, Nicklas RW & Puchtel I
(2018) Upper Limit on H2 Levels in the Archean Atmosphere Based on Detrital Magnetite
Kadoya S & Catling D

Kadyshevich E. (2009) Solar System Formation Hypothesis: Why the Chemical Compositions of the Planets are so Different?
Ostrovskii V & Kadyshevich E

Kądziołka K. (2015) Mineralogy and Cu Distribution in Historical Slags Issued from Processing of the Zechstein Kupferschifer Formation
Kądziołka K, Kierczak J & Stolarczyk T

Kądziołka-Gaweł M. (2019) Zn-Cd Sulfides Formation at the Contact Zone between Organic-Rich Wetland and Alkaline Wastes
Smieja-Król B, Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł B, Kądziołka-Gaweł M, Siepak M & Liszka B

Kaegi R. (2019) Reductive Dissolution of As(V)-containing Fe Oxidation Products
Voegelin A, Senn A-C, Kaegi R & Hug SJ
(2019) Mercury Reduction by Vivianite
Etique M, Bouchet S, Byrne J, Thomas-Arrigo L, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R
(2019) Effect of NOM on Copper Sulfide Nanoparticle Growth and Stability
Hoffmann K, Christl I, Bouchet S, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R
(2018) Nanoparticles in Sewage Sludge: Natural, Incidental or Engineered?
Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Gogos A, Sinnet B, Vriens B, Winkel L, Hug S & Berg M
(2016) Nationwide Screening of Trace Elements and Technology-Critical Elements in Waste Water in Switzerland
Vriens B, Voegelin A, Kaegi R, Winkel L, Hug S, Buser A & Berg M
(2015) Structural Diversity and Heterogeneity of Fe(III)-precipitates Formed by Fe(II) Oxidation in Water
Voegelin A, Senn A-C, Kaegi R & Hug S
(2015) Transformation of Ag Nanoparticles in Managed Waste Facilities
Meier C, Müller C, Voegelin A & Kaegi R
(2015) Amorphous Ca-Fe(III)-phosphates Formed by Fe(II) Oxidation in Water
Senn A-C, Kaegi R, Hug S, Hering J & Voegelin A
(2014) Structure, Composition and Arsenate Uptake of Fe Oxidation Products
Senn A-C, Kaegi R, Hug S, Hering J & Voegelin A
(2014) Transformation of Ag-Np in Urban Waste- and Surface Waters
Kaegi R, Thalmann B, Voegelin A & Morgenroth E
(2013) Composition and Structure of Fresh and Aged Fe Oxidation Products
Senn A-C, Kaegi R, Hug S, Hering J & Voegelin A
(2013) Transformation of Silver Nanoparticles: From the Sewer to the Fly Ash
Kaegi R, Voegelin A & Thalmann B
(2013) Arsenic Sequestration by Fresh and Aged Fe Oxidation Products
Voegelin A, Senn A-C, Kaegi R & Hug S
(2012) Fate of Metallic Silver Nanoparticles in a Sewer System
Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Sinnet B, Hagendorfer H & Ort C
(2012) Dynamic Precipitate Formation during Fe(II) Oxidation in Aerated Phosphate-Containing Water
Voegelin A & Kaegi R
(2011) Evidence for the Formation of a Fluorapatite Surface Layer on Nano-Sized Hydroxyapatite after the Exposure to an Aqueous Solution
Sternitzke V, Kaegi R, Hering JG & Johnson CA
(2011) Arsenic Removal with Composite Iron Matrix Filters from Bangladesh
Neumann A, Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Hussam A, Munir AKM & Hug S
(2011) Nanoparticulate Fe(III)-precipitates Forming by Fe(II) Oxidation in Water
Voegelin A, Schwarz S, Hug S & Kaegi R
(2010) Formation of Short-Range-Ordered Fe(III)-Precipitates by Fe(II) Oxidation in Water
Voegelin A, Kaegi R & Hug S
(2010) Effect of Citrate on the Structure of Ferrihydrite, Arsenate Binding, and Ternary Complex Formation
Mikutta C, Frommer J, Voegelin A, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R
(2010) Behavior of Silver Nanoparticles in a Waste Water Treatment Plant
Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Zuleeg S, Sinnet B, Eugster J, Burkhardt M & Siegrist H
(2009) Temperature-Dependent Formation of Biogenic Cu(0) and Metal Sulfide Colloids in Flooded Soil
Hofacker AF, Weber F-A, Voegelin A, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R
(2007) Colloid Formation in Aerated Fe(II) Containing Water: Effect of Phosphate, Silicate and Ca on Morphology and Structure
Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Folini D & Hug S
(2007) Colloid Formation in Aerated Fe(II) and As(III) Containing Water: Effect of Phosphate, Silicate and Ca on Local Coordination by XAFS Spectroscopy
Voegelin A, Kägi R, Vantelon D & Hug S
(2007) Formation of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles in a Flooded Soil: Potential for Colloid-Facilitated Transport of Contaminants
Weber F-A, Voegelin A, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R

Kaempf H. (2008) Isotopic Characterisation of Magmatic Volatiles as New Tool for Tracing of Hidden Active Magmatic Processes
Braeuer K, Kaempf H & Strauch G

Kaercher P. (2017) Velocity Profiles and Deformation of Silicate Post-Perovskite in the Lowermost Mantle
Lin J-F, Wu X, Yang J, Fu S, Kaercher P, Mao Z, Liu J, Wenk R & Prakapenka V

Kaeriyama H. (2016) Interannual Variation of Fukushima-Derived Radiocesium in the Subtropical Region South of Japan Islands
Kaeriyama H, Shimizu Y, Setou T & Kumamoto Y

Kaeser B. (2009) Characteristics of the Mantle Wedge beneath the Patagonian Plateau from a Lithium Perspective
Jourdan A-L, Kaeser B, Kalt A & Kilian R
(2007) Melt-Rock Reaction and Late-Stage Melting in Peridotite Xenoliths from Marsabit (Kenya)
Kaeser B, Kalt A, Pettke T & Ludwig T
(2004) Chemical and Textural Characterisation of Modal Metasomatism in Peridotite Xenoliths from Marsabit Volcanic Field (Kenya Rift)
Kaeser B & Kalt A

Kaestner M. (2012) Growth of Streptomyces Mirabilis P16B1 in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil and Impact to Soil Organic Matter Formation
Schuetze E, Klose M, Merten D, Nietzsche S, Kaestner M & Kothe E
(2011) Could Bacterial Residues be an Important Source of SOM? – A Case Study from a Glacier Forefield
Schurig C, Smittenberg R, Berger J, Kothe E, Miltner A & Kaestner M
(2009) “Death in Soil” or What can We Learn from Groundwater for the Genesis of Soil Organic Matter
Kaestner M, Miltner A, Bombach P & Schmidt-Brücken B

Kaever P. (2019) Halogen Analysis at the Ultratrace Level – First Applications of the Dresden Super-Sims
Renno AD, Akhmadaliev S, Belokonov G, Böttger R, von Borany J, Kaever P, Meyer M, Noga P, Rugel G, Tiessen CJ, Wagner N, Wiedenbeck M, Wu H & Ziegenrücker R

Kafantaris Fotios-Christos (2018) A Holistic View of Organic Sulfurization
Druschel G, Dvorski S, Kafantaris F-C, Toner B & Philippe S-K

Kafantaris Fotios-Christos A. (2017) Geochemical Kinetics of Polysulfide Formation
Kafantaris F-CA & Druschel GK
(2017) Sulfur-Carbon-Oxygen Cycling and the Role of Polysulfide as a Cryptic Molecule
Druschel G, Kafantaris F-C, Dvorski S & Schmitt-Kopplin P
(2016) Characterization of Forms of Sulfur that Predominate during S Reduction with Enzymes, in Microbial Cultures and in Sulfidogenic Environments
Crane E, To D, Zhu B, Li W, Kafantaris F & Druschel G
(2015) Sulfur Mineralogy and Speciation in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Sediments off Milos Island (Greece)
Kotopoulou I, Godelitsas A, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Price R, Fike DA, Amend J, Gilhooly WP, Druschel GK, Mertzimekis TJ, Gamaletsos P & Kafantaris F-CA
(2014) Characterization of Forms of Zero-Valent Sulfur in the Microbial Metabolism of Sulfur and Thiosulfate and in Enzymatic Sulfur Reduction
Crane, Iii E, Zhu B, Li W, Kafantaris F & Druschel G
(2012) A Model for Copper Isotopic Fractionation during Weathering and Transport
Borrok D, Navarrete J & Kafantaris F
(2012) Zinc Isotope Fractionation during Metabolic Uptake by Bacteria
Kafantaris F-C & Borrok DM
(2009) Uranium Distribution and Speciation in Greek Tethyan Limestones by μ-XRF and μ-XANES Spectroscopy
Göttlicher J, Godelitsas A, Gamaletsos P, Kafandaris F & Steininger R
(2007) Uraniferous Carbonate Rocks from Mt. Kithaeron, Central Greece
Kafandaris F-C, Godelitsas A, Kostopoulos D, Xanthos S, Chatzitheodoridis E & Baltatzis E

Kafousia N. (2014) An Emerging Link between Low Sulfate Oceans and Large Igneous Province Driven Mass Extinction?
Newton R, Witts J, Wignall P, Francis J, Bottrell S, Kafousia N & Reeves E
(2009) Indications for the Global Character of the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Evidence from the Pindos Zone, Western Greece
Kafousia N, Karakitsios V & Jenkyns H
(2008) The Marine Sulfate-Oxygen Isotope Record of the Early Toarcian Anoxic Event
Newton RJ, Kafousia N, Reeves E, Wignall P & Bottrell S
(2006) Questioning the global nature of the Toarcian carbon isotope excursions.
Newton R, Reeves E, Kafousia N, Wignall P & Bottrell S

Kagami H. (2009) Temporal Change of Magma Feeding System beneath the Gassan Volcano, NE Japan
Ban M, Iai Y, Hirotani S, Shuto K & Kagami H

Kagami M. (2016) Radiocesium Accumulation and Plutonium Source Identification in Sediments from Lake Inba after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Cao L, Ishii N, Zheng J, Tagami K, Uchida S, Kagami M & Pan S
(2016) Cesium-137 Concentrations in Freshwater Fishes Collected in Lake Inba
Ishii N, Kagami M, Furota T, Tagami K & Uchida S

Kagami S. (2016) 146Sm-142Nd Whole-Rock Isochron Age of Basaltic Eucrites
Kagami S, Yokoyama T & Usui T
(2015) New Chemical Separation Technique of Nd for 146Sm-142Nd Chronology
Kagami S & Yokoyama T
(2015) High Precision Nd Isotope Analysis Using TIMS with Improved Dynamic-Multicollection Method
Fukai R, Yokoyama T & Kagami S

Kagan E. (2011) North Atlantic Influence on Rainfall in the Dead Sea – Sahel Watersheds: Implication for Holocene Climate Fluctuations
Stein M, Kushnir Y & Kagan E
(2002) A Wiggle-Matching Technique Applied to the Dating of Damaged Cave Deposits and Compilation of a Long- Term Paleoseismic Record, Soreq Cave, Israel
Kagan E, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A & Agnon A

Kagashima S-I. (2016) Role of Subducted Sediment in Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopic Evolution for Early Cretaceous to Paleogene Granitic Rocks from Northeast Japan
Tsuchiya N, Kagashima S-I, Takahashi T, Senda R, Chang Q, Miyazaki T, Vaglarov B, Haraguchi S & Kimura J-I

Kagawa S. (2016) Phase Changes of Hydrogen and Deuterated Hydrates Induced by Guest Orientational Ordering
Hirai H, Kagawa S, Kadobayashi H, Hirao N, Ohishi Y, Yagi T & Yamamoto Y

Kagawa Y. (2008) Geochemical Mapping in Kobe Area, Southwest Japan: Elemental Behaviors and Controlling Factors
Tsuboi M, Imamura K, Kagawa Y, Okabe M, Okauchi K, Osaki S, Shibata H, Tanaka M, Togo Y & Yamamura H

Kageyama M. (2016) Simulating the Dust Cycle for Europe at the Last Glacial Maximum
Sima A, Rousseau D-D, Kageyama M, Balkanski Y, Antoine P, Cozic A, Zhu D, Bertran P, Lagroix F & Hatté C
(2013) Quantification of the Role of Orbital and Millennial Timescale Processes on δ18O and 17Δ Signals
Reutenauer C, Landais A, Woillez M-N, Risi C, Braconnot P, Blunier T, Mariotti V & Kageyama M

Kageyama S. (2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Hot Springs in Toyama Prefecture, Japan for Geothermal Resources
Sasaki K, Ueda A, Nakamoto T, Kageyama S, Koseki T & Muraoka H

Kagi H. (2019) Inclusions of (Mg, Fe)SiO3 in Superdeep Diamonds – Former Bridgmanite?
Zedgenizov D, Kagi H, Ohtani E, Tsujimori T & Komatsu K
(2019) Deformation Features of Superdeep Diamonds
Ragozin A, Zedgenizov D, Kagi H, Kuper K & Shatsky V
(2019) Determination of the Noble Gas Partition Coefficients between Metal-Silicate Melts Under High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions
Tanaka T, Sumino H, Kishi S, Kuwahara H, Nomura R, Mibe K & Kagi H
(2019) Behavior of Light Elements in the Earth’s Evolution: In situ High Pressure and High Temperature Neutron Observations of Iron-Silicate-Water System
Iizuka-Oku R, Gotou H, Fukuyama K & Kagi H
(2019) Nitrogen Solubility in Stishovite Under High P-T: Formation of “Hidden” Nitrogen Reservoir in the Deep Mantle via Subducting Slabs
Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Kakizawa S, Shinmei T, Hishita S, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2019) Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite at the Mantle Transition Zone Pressures
Kimura S, Ohta K, Kawazoe T, Hirose K, Kagi H & Yagi T
(2019) Incorporation of Ba2+ into Calcite and Impurity-Induced Rotational Disorder at Room Temperature
Kagi H, Saito A, Komatsu K & Kawano J
(2019) Synthesis of U and Pb-Doped Calcite: A Novel Reference Material for in situ U–Pb Dating of Carbonates
Miyajima Y, Saito A, Kagi H, Yokoyama T, Hirata T, Roberts N & Horstwood M
(2018) Incorporation of Nitrogen into the Lower-Mantle Minerals Under High Pressure and High Temperature
Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Shinmei T, Kakizawa S, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2017) Reaction between Olivine and Nitrogen Fluids at High Pressure and High Temperature
Kagi H, Kubo T, Shinozaki A & Nacho A
(2017) Noble Gases in Diamond Hosted Fluid Inclusions: Sorting the Deep from the Dregs
Broadley M, Sumino H, Zedgenizov D & Kagi H
(2016) Mantle Origin of Natural Polycrystalline Diamond, Carbonado, Inferred from Inclusion Chemistry
Kagi H, Shiraishi N, Senda R, Suzuki K, Asano N & Ohfuji H
(2016) Influence of Pressure on Chemical Reaction of Napltahene
Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Inoue T & Kagi H
(2016) Oligopeptide Formation of Alanine Under High Pressure at 25℃
Fujimoto C, Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Gotou H, Komatsu K & Kagi H
(2016) Geochemistry Education in the Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo
Kagi H
(2016) The Specific Features of Ca-Mineralogy of Inclusions in Sublithospheric Diamonds
Zedgenizov D, Ragozin A, Kagi H & Kalinina V
(2015) Mantle Process Inferred from Os Iaotopic Signatures and Micro Tectures in Carbonado Diamonds
Kagi H, Shiraishi N, Sumino H, Senda R, Suzuki K, Asano N & Ohfuji H
(2014) Growth Condition of Super-Deep Diamonds Inferred from Carbon Isotopic Compositions and Chemical Composition of Nano-Inclusions
Kagi H, Ishibashi H, Zedgenizov D, Shatsky V & Ragozin A
(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H
(2012) Speciation Study of Copper in Stream Sediments and Soils
Ohta A & Kagi H
(2011) Evidence for Evolution of Growth Media in Superdeep Diamonds from Sao-Luis (Brasil)
Zedgenizov D, Ragozin A, Shatsky V, Kagi H, Odake S, Griffin W, Araujo D & Yuryeva O
(2011) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and H-D Isotope Effects in Portlandite
Iizuka R, Kagi H, Komatsu K, Yagi T & Nakano S
(2009) Oxidation State of Chromium in Ferropericlase Inclusions in Lower Mantle Diamonds Determined with micro-XANES Measurements
Odake S, Kagi H, Arakawa M, Ohta A & Harte B
(2009) Selectivity in Effects of Aspartic Acid on Steps in Calcite Dissolution
Yoshino T & Kagi H
(2009) Experimental Observations of H-bonding Symmetrization of δ-AlOOH
Kagi H, Ushijima D, Sano-Furukawa A, Komatsu K, Iizuka R, Nagai T & Nakano S
(2008) Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Determination of Salinity and Internal Pressure of Fluid Inclusions in Cuboid Diamonds
Kagi H
(2008) The Effect of Aspartic Acid on Dissolution of Calcite
Yoshino T & Kagi H
(2006) Coordination study of lanthanide and yttrium in aqueous nitrate solutions
Ohta A, Kagi H, Tsuno H & Nomura M
(2006) Hydrogen solubility in Al-rich stishovite and water transport to the lower mantle
Litasov K, Ohtani E, Kagi H, Lakshtanov D & Bass J
(2006) Trace elements in grain-boundary component in mantle xenoliths from Far Eastern Russia
Yamamoto J, Nakai S, Kaneoka I, Kagi H, Sato K, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2004) Subduction-Related Metasomatic Signature in Noble Gases in Mantle Derived Xenoliths from Cheju Island, Korea
Sumino H, Kim K, Kagi H, Nagao K & Notsu K
(2003) Fossil Pressures of Fluid Inclusions in Mantle Xenoliths: Implications for Geobarometry of Mantle Minerals Using Micro Raman Spectroscopy
Yamamoto J, Kagi H, Kawakami Y, Kaneoka I, Lai Y & Prikhod’ko V
(2003) Spectroscopic Estimation of the Moho Depth from Residual Pressures of CO2 Fluid Inclusions
Kawakami Y, Kagi H, Yamamoto J & Zhao D
(2003) XAFS Study on Trace Amount of Ytterbium Ions Incorporated in Calcite and Aragonite
Tsuno H, Kagi H, Yoshida T, Takahashi Y, Ohta A & Akagi T
(2003) The Effect of Lanthanum Ion on Calcite Surfaces during Dissolution and Growth
Kamiya N, Kagi H, Tsuno H, Tsunomori F & Notsu K
(2003) Structural Change of REE Coprecipitated with Fe-Mn Oxyhydroxides
Ohta A, Tsuno H, Kagi H & Nomura M
(2003) Using Synchrotron-Based FT-Ir Microspectroscopy to Study the Spatial Distribution of Volatile Components in Natural Diamonds
Kagi H, Kawamoto T & Ikemoto Y
(2002) XAFS Characterization of La and Nd Coprecipitated with Mn Dioxide and Fe Oxyhydroxide
Ohta A, Tsuno H, Kagi H & Nomura M
(2002) Extremely Low 3He/4He Ratios Observed in Siberian Mantle Xenoliths
Yamamoto J, Kaneoka I, Nakai S, Kagi H, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2000) Evidence for Ice VI as an Inclusion in Cuboid Diamonds from High P-T Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Kagi H, Lu R, Davidson P, Goncharov AF, Mao H & Hemley RJ
(2000) A New Method for the Determination of Ce(III) / Ce(IV) Ratios in Rocks; Application to Weathering, Sedimentary, and Diagenetic Processes
Takahashi Y, Shimizu H, Kagi H, Yoshida H, Usui A & Nomura M
(2000) Effects of Trace Lanthanum Ion on the Stability of Vaterite and Transformation from Vaterite to Calcite in an Aquatic System
Tsuno H, Kagi H & Akagi T

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