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Dunn T. (2010) Reservoir Quality of GOM Louisiana Miocene Shelf Sandstones: Clay Coatings are the Key
Thomas A, McCarty D, Sakharov B, Dunn T & Kacewicz M

Dunne James (2016) Determining Source Terms for FDNPP Fallout Using 135Cs/137Cs and Pu Isotopes
Dunne J, Richards D, Coath C, Chen H, Scott T, Martin P & Yamashiki Y

Dunne John P. (2015) Interpreting the Oceanic Silicon Stable Isotope Distribution: Insights from Ocean GCMs
de Souza G, Slater R, Dunne J, Hain M, Brzezinski M & Sarmiento J
(2014) Preformed and Regenerated Controls on the Oceanic Silicon Stable Isotope Distribution
de Souza GF, Slater RD, Dunne JP & Sarmiento JL

Dunning G.R. (2013) P-T Evolution of Neoproterozoic and Ordovician Metamorphic Rocks in the Iberian Massif, Central Portugal
Henriques SBA, Ribeiro ML, Neiva AMR, Dunning GR & Tajcmanova L
(2010) Geochemistry and Geochronology of a Precambrian Active Continental Margin at the Boundary between the Ossa Morena Zone and the Central Iberian Zone, Central Portugal
Henriques SBA, Neiva AMR, Ribeiro ML & Dunning GR
(2003) U/Pb, Re/Os, and Ar/Ar Dating of the South Mountain Batholith and its Mineral Deposits
Carruzzo S, Kontak D, Reynolds P, Clarke D, Dunning G & Selby D

Dunphy D. (2013) Role of Material Properties on TiO2 Nanoparticle Agglomeration
Zhou D, Keller A, Ji Z, Dunphy D & Brinker J

Dunshee A. (2020) Sulfur Cycling at the Surface Water-Groundwater Interface in Riparian Wetlands
Ng G-HC, Santelli C, Rosenfeld C, Dunshee A, Kaplan D, Kemner KM, Torgeson J, Srivastava S & Yourd A

Dunwell J.M. (2020) Cadmium Isotope Fractionation Reveals Genetic Variations in Cd Uptake and Translocation by Theobroma Cacao and Role of NRAMP5 and HMA-Family Transporters
Moore RET, Ullah I, de Oliveira V, Hammond SJ, Strekopytov S, Tibbett M, Dunwell JM & Rehkämper M

Dunworth L. (2000) Melt Variations in the Oslo Rift as Recorded by Melt Inclusions Hosted by Pyroxene Phenocrysts
Kirstein L, Dunworth L, Nikigosian I & Touret J

Duo T. (2011) Contaminant Transport Modeling in the Candidate VLLW Disposal Site
Cai X, Wang Y & Duo T

Duong G. (2017) Seasonal Variability of Sedimentary Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbial Communities in a Tropical Intertidal Mud Bank (French Guiana)
Gontharet S, Simon W, Denis L, Mathieu O, Artigas LF, Bouloubassi I, Chevalier N, Courcot L, Duong G, Gommeaux M & Klein V

Duplay J. (2005) Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Micropaleontology of Sediments from El Meleh Lagoon, Tunisia
Prudencio I, Gonzalez I, Dias I, Galan E, Ruiz F, Duplay J, Gueddari F & Ahmed R
(2000) Evolution of Ca-K Exchange in Clays with Temperature: The Role of Hydration Processes
Lassin A, Duplay J & Tardy Y

Duplessy J.C. (2000) Ocean Sediment Isotopic Records of the Last Deglaciation Contain Key Information on the Interactions between Climate and Thermohaline Circulation at the Global Scale
Labeyrie L, Cortijo E, Waelbroeck C, Paterne M, Kallel N & Duplessy JC

Duplissy J. (2009) Source Apportionment and Chemical Features of the Organic Aerosol Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometers
Baltensperger U, DeCarlo P, Alfarra R, Chirico R, Heringa M, Dommen J, Duplissy J, Prevot A, Tritscher T, Weingartner E & Donahue N

Dupliy E. (2014) Synthesis of Fluid Inclusions: Experimental Tests on Achieving Equilibrium
Derrey IT, Botcharnikov R, Albrecht M, Dupliy E & Holtz F

Duployer B. (2015) Preliminary Experimental Investigation of Chromite Dissolution in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Melt
Zagrtdenov N, Borisova A, Toplis M, Tenailleau C & Duployer B

Duponchel L. (2015) Combined Use of TEM/EDX, microRaman and AFM for Characterizing Single Atmospheric Particles
Choël M, Unga F, Simonetti R, Derimian Y & Duponchel L

Dupont A. (2004) Similar Sources for the Apuseni Mts and Banat (Roumania) Late Cretaceous Banatitic Magmatism
Vander Auwera J, Berza T, Dupont A, Marincea S & Pin C

Dupont C. (2016) Tracking the Rise of Eukaryotes to Ecological Dominance with Zinc Isotopes
Tang T, Love G, Zumberge A, Reinhard C, Dupont C, Asael D, Rooney A, Owens J, Gill B, Rainbird R, McCrow J, Lyons T & Planavsky N
(2011) Rapid Expansions in Biological Metal Utilization
Dupont C

Dupont L. (2014) Origin of the C4 Grass Savannah in South-Western Africa
Schefuss E, Hoetzel S, Rommerskirchen F & Dupont L

Dupouy C. (2017) Long Term Study of Biogenic Dissolution of Reef Carbonates in New Caledonia: What Assumption for the Future?
Grange JS, Husset M-C, Butscher J, Dupouy C & Tribollet A

Duprat E. (2020) Biomineralization of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) is Widespread in Bacteria
Benzerara K, Bidaud C, Bolzoni R, Duprat E, Menguy N, Monteil C & Lefevre C
(2019) Phosphorus Sequestration by Magnetotactic Bacteria in the Water Column of Lake Pavin: Insight into the Biological and Environmental Controls
Bidaud C, Benzerara K, Billard H, Colombet J, Duprat E, Jézéquel D, Lefèvre C, Lehours A-C, Menguy N, Poinsot M & Skouri-Panet F
(2018) Direct and Indirect Biomineralization of Iron in the Ferruginous Lake Pavin
Berg J, Duverger A, Jézéquel D, Duprat E, Poinsot M, Skouri-Panet F, Laberty-Robert C & Miot J
(2017) Fe Biomineralization in the Meromictic Lake Pavin
Miot J, Duprat E, Remusat L, Benzerara K, Jézéquel D, Cordier L, Viollier E, Skouri-Panet F, Férard C, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Gonzalez A, Pont S & Berg J
(2017) Deciphering the Functional Potential of Microorganisms for P Cycling: A Genomics Perspective on Metal-Phosphate Biomineralization
Caumes G, Benzerara K, Chan Sock Peng E, Cosmidis J, Skouri-Panet F & Duprat E
(2017) Cyanobacterial Intracellular Carbonatogenesis: Phylogenetic Distribution, Mechanisms and Environmental Implications
Benzerara K, Bitard-Feildel T, Blondeau M, Cam N, Caumes G, Coutaud M, Gorgen S, Dewever A, Diop IS, Callebaut I, Cassier-Chauvat C, Dezi M, Duprat E, Ferard C, Gugger M, Lopez-Garcia P, Moreira D, POinsot M, Sachse M & Skouri-Panet F
(2017) Chemistry Versus Biology – “True” and “False” Biosignatures Formed Through Biomineralization and Organomineralization Processes
Cosmidis J, Templeton A, Benzerara K, Skouri-Panet F, Duprat E & Macalady J
(2017) Diversity of Phosphatases in the Biomineralizing Bacterium Ramlibacter Tataouinensis: An in Vitro and in Silico Study
Skouri-Panet F, Benzerara K, Cosmidis J, Ferard C, Caumes G, De Luca G, Heulin T & Duprat E
(2017) Microorganisms are Major Drivers of the P Geochemical Cycle in Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Duprat E, Benzerara K, Lefèvre C, Monteil C, Jézéquel D, Menguy N, Viollier E, Guyot F, Férard C, Miot J, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Skouri-Panet F & Trcera N
(2016) Microbial Calcification in the Rock Record: Learning from Field- and Laboratory-Based Studies Down to the nm-Scale
Benzerara K, Cam N, Cosmidis J, Duprat E, Li J, Lopez-Garcia P, Moreira D, Saghaï A, Skouri-Panet F & Zeyen N
(2015) Microbial Molecular Processes Involved in Biogeochemical P Cycle in the Water Column of Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Rivas-Lamelo S, Duprat E, Benzerara K, Miot J, Skouri-Panet F, Poinsot M, Ferard C, Jézéquel D & Viollier E

Duprat H. (2009) The Pb-Nd-Sr-Hf-Isotopic Mantle Signature of the Kap Washington Group Volcanics, North Greenland
Duprat H, Holm PM, Thorarinsson S, Tegner C & Barfod G

Duprat J. (2019) 60Fe Abundance in Micrometeorites
Fitoussi C, Raisbeck G, Duprat J, Engrand C, Wallner A, Wang X & Froehlich M
(2016) Light Element Isotopic Composition in Ultra-Carbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites
Duprat J, Engrand C, Bardin N, Dartois E, Baklouti D, Benzerara K, Delauche L, Dobrica E, Marie G, Guerquin-Kern J-L, Kakazu Y, Leroux H, Quirico E, Remusat L, Slodzian G & Wu T-D
(2008) Upper Limits on the Irradiation-Induced Short Lived Nuclei in Comets
Duprat J & Tatischeff V

Dupraz C. (2017) Chemical Controls on Ikaite Formation
Tollefsen E, Stockmann G, Skelton A, Mörth C-M, Dupraz C & Sturkell E

Dupraz Christophe (2013) High-Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Distribution and Inter-Element Correlation of Metals in Modern and Ancient Stromatolites
Sforna MC, Philippot P, van Zuilen M, Somogyi A, Medjoubi K, Visscher PT & Dupraz C
(2012) Microbialite Formation in Two Hypersaline Lakes (Bahamas): Insights into Organomineralization
Dupraz C, Fowler A, Glunk C, Braissant O, Gallagher KL, Stork NJ & Visscher PT
(2012) Micron-Scale Imaging of the Distribution of Bio-Available Metals (Fe, Zn, Ni, Co) in Modern and Ancient Microbial Mats
Sforna MC, Philippot P, Van Zuilen M, Somogyi A, Medjoubi K, Visscher P & Dupraz C
(2011) The Role of Extracellular Organic Matter (EOM) in the Nucleation and Growth of Microbial Carbonates
Dupraz C

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