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All abstracts by Yasuhito Sekine in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Cu, Zn, and Fe Isotopes Behaviour in an Experimental Martian-Like Serpentinization System
Fortier VM, Dehant V, Debaille V, Bultel B & Sekine Y

(2023) Effects of Mg and Fe Contents in Impact Glass Analogs on Raman Spectra: Evaluation for the Mars Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission
Imamura S, Sekine Y, Kono Y, Cho Y, Komatsu K, Morita T, Takahashi Y, Tabata H, Mori S, Nakamura T & Kagi H

(2022) Serpentinization and Methanation in Martian Underground Like Conditions: An Abiotic Origin for CH4 on Mars?
Fortier VM, Debaille V, Dehant V, Bultel B, Debecker DP, Sekine Y, Tan S & Noda N

(2021) What Makes the Chemical Diversity of Ocean Worlds in the Solar System?
Sekine Y, Tan S, Aoyama Y, Tanigawa T & Ikoma M

(2021) Investigations of Grain Size and Abundance of NaCl on Europa’s Surface Through Telescope Observations and Laboratory Experiments: Implications for Material Transport from the Interior to Surface
Tan S, Sekine Y, Kuzuhara M, Kurokawa H, Ore CD & Cruikshank DP

(2021) Experimental Study of Serpentinization and Abiotic CH4 Production in Martian Conditions
Fortier VM, Debaille V, Dehant V, Bultel B, Debecker DP, Melo Bravo PP, Sekine Y, Tan S & Noda N

(2021) Salt Partitioning on Freezing Closed-Basin Lakes in Mongolia: Implications for Subsurface Brine Reservoirs on Icy Bodies in the Solar System
Yoda M, Sekine Y, Fukushi K, Kitajima T, Gankhurel B, Davaasuren D, Gerelmaa T, Ganbat S, Shoji D, Takahashi Y & Zolotov M

(2021) The Role of Ferrous Saponite in the Formation of Sulfur-Bearing Organic Matter on Early Earth and Early Mars
Noda N, Sekine Y, Takahashi Y, Sakuma H, Kawai T, Nakagawa M, Kitadai N, Johnson-Finn K & McGlynn SE

(2021) Doubly Substituted Isotopologues of Methane Hydrate (13CH3D and 12CH2D2): Implication for Sources and History
Zhang N, Sekine Y, Nakagawa M, Snyder G, Lin M, Gilbert A, Yoshida N & Matsumoto R

(2020) Impact-Induced Hydrothermal Systems on Early Earth: CH4 Production and the Origin of Life
Kaneko K, Sekine Y, Shibuya T, Ueda H & Noda N

(2020) Clumped Isotope Signatures of Abiotic Methane Formed via Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis and their Implications
Zhang N, Sekine Y, Nakagawa M & Yoshida N

(2020) Effective Formation of Al-Rich Surface Clays Through Highly Acidic Water Activity on Early Mars
Sugiuchi M, Sekine Y, Tan S, Noda N, Takahashi Y & Ramirez R

(2019) Hydrothermal Sulfate Reduction as a Posssible Sink of Sulfate in Europa
Tan S, Sekine Y, Shibuya T, Miyamoto C & Takahashi Y

(2019) Groundwater Upwelling and Silica Deposition within Gale in (Semi-)arid Climate on Early Mars
Noda N, Sekine Y, Tan S, Shibuya T & Genda H

(2017) High-O2 Atmosphere on Early Mars? Interpretation of Mn-Oxide on Gale Crater by Laboratory Experiments
Noda N, Imamura S, Sekine Y, Uesugi S, Kurisu M, Murakami T & Takahashi Y

(2017) Low-CO2 Water Environment for Ancient Aquifer within Gale Crater Inferred from Manganese Oxidation Experiments
Imamura S, Noda N, Sekine Y, Tabata H, Kurisu M & Takahashi Y

(2016) Neutral pH Water on Early Ceres
Sekine Y, Shibuya T & Funatsu T

(2016) The Formation of Elongated Dark Areas on Pluto by a Charon-Forming Giant Impact
Genda H, Sekine Y & Funatsu T

(2016) Effect of Atmospheric Evolution on Surface Acidification at Mars 3.5 Ga
Tabata H & Sekine Y

(2014) Production Mechanism of Organic Aerosols in a CH4/CO2 Atmosphere by Far UV Light
Hong P, Sekine Y & Sugita S

(2012) Modeling a Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen Induced by Paleoproterozoic Snowball Earth Event
Harada M, Tajika E & Sekine Y

(2009) Osmium Evidence for Relationship between Atmospheric Oxygenation and Paleoproterozoic Glaciation
Sekine Y, Suzuki K, Senda R, Tajika E, Tada R, Goto K, Yamamoto S, Ohkouchi N & Ogawa N

(2003) An Experimental Study on Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis: Implications for Planetary Science
Sekine Y, Shido T, Sugita S, Matsui T, Yamamoto T & Iwasawa Y

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