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(2020) Effective Formation of Al-Rich Surface Clays Through Highly Acidic Water Activity on Early Mars

Sugiuchi M, Sekine Y, Tan S, Noda N, Takahashi Y & Ramirez R


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01c: Room 1, Tuesday 23rd June 00:39 - 00:42

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Submitted by My Riebe on Sunday 21st June 19:08
Could you explain a bit more how the acidic solutions would have been generated on Mars?
We used two types of acid solution. One is sulfuric acid solution and the other is carbonated solution. The carbonated solution simulates CO2-saturated surface water under dense CO2 atmosphere in Noachian to Hesperian. On the other hand, sulfuric acid solution simulates acidic surface water from such as volcanic activity. In Noachin to Hesperian, there were volcanic activities on the Martian surface as proposed previously. During the period, it was probable that materials including sulfur could have been supplied to the surface. Then, if surface water was occurred after the period, the sulfuric acid surface water might have been generated at locations where sulfuric acids accumulated locally.

Submitted by Tomohiro Usui on Monday 22nd June 23:12
Can you please explain a bit more about how to estimate the amount and duration of sulfuric water using the measured Al contents in the porewater?

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