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(2020) Equilibrium and Kinetic Fractionation on S-O Clumping of Sulfate

Ueno Y, Nakagawa M, Katsuta T, Aoki R & Yoshida N


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06l: Room 2, Thursday 25th June 00:57 - 01:00

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Submitted by Daniel Gregory on Thursday 18th June 21:17
Thanks for the presentation, can you give some examples on how you think this technique will be applied to natural samples?

Submitted by Yuichiro Ueno on Wednesday 24th June 15:12
Thanks for your question. We are measuring sulfate deposit through time to trace long-term sulfur cycling. In modern ocean, seawater sulfate is dominantly provided from oxidative weathering of continental sulfide (room temperature process), but in the earlier, volcanic input (high-T process) may possibly play a role. If the temperature dependence shown here can be applied, then we may tell the relative contribution to the ocean. Or, microbial oxidation (photo-chemo-trophic S-oxidation) and reduction (SRB) may also modify the S-O-clumped signature, which is now explored experimentally. Please also check 09d Katsuta et al. reporting some data for natural sulfate samples.

Submitted by William Leavitt on Thursday 25th June 00:21
This is very exciting! More a comment, we synthesized some CaSO4 standards a few years back at various d18O values, using partial exchange with labelled water and then separately, different exchange temperatures. The exchange was between aqueous bisulfite and the water, then oxidation to sulfate with air, followed by synthesis of gypsum or anhydrite. If we can find them, more than happy to share!

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