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(2020) Oxygen Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Solar System Inherited from the Protosolar Molecular Cloud

Krot A, Nagashima K, Lyons J, Lee J-E & Bizzarro M


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01g: Plenary Hall, Thursday 25th June 22:06 - 22:09

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Submitted by Xin Yang on Tuesday 23rd June 20:53
Dear Dr. Krot, Thank you so much for your presentation. If these 26Al-poor grains formed earlier than 26Al-rich ones, are they more likely to have larger isotopic anomalies like 50Ti & 48Ca (similar to PLACs)? Best regards
This is what one should expect by analogy with FUN CAIs and PLACs. However, if 26Al-poor grossite-rich CAIs from CH and CB chondrites condensed from the gas, they may be isotopically "normal". No large nucleosynthetic anomalies in Ca and Ti were found in CH CAIs by Kimura et al. (1993) and Weber et al. (1995). However, the uncertainties of NanoSIMS measurements reported are quite large. New measurements using large geometry SIMS instruments are required.

Submitted by Emily Worsham on Thursday 25th June 14:42
If 26Al-poor CAIs formed before 26Al-rich CAIs, was there some process that homogenized the local O isotope reservoirs by the time 26Al rich CAIs formed? How can oxygen isotope anomalies among the CO, H2O, and silicates be preserved through this process?

Submitted by Sheryl Singerling on Thursday 25th June 17:33
Why are so few absolute ages of CAIs known? Is it a limitation owing to low U and Pb concentrations in minerals present in CAIs or some other factor?

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