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All abstracts by Alexander N. Krot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Oxygen Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Solar System Inherited from the Protosolar Molecular Cloud
Krot A, Nagashima K, Lyons J, Lee J-E & Bizzarro M

(2020) Trace Element Compositions of Fine- Grained CAIs and AOAs in Unaltered Carbonaceous Chondrites: Implications for Early Solar System Reservoirs
Russell S & Krot A

(2020) Rhyolitic (Micrographic Granite) Igneous Clasts from Ancient Mars in the Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 8171
Lindner M, Schmitt A, Krot A & Brenker F

(2020) Rare Earth Element Analysis of UR CAIs in CV3 Chondrites by SRXRF
Genzel P-T, Bazi B, Krot AN, De Pauw E, Vekemans B, Ivanova MA, Ma C, Lindner M, Garrevoet J, Falkenberg G, Vincze L, Brenker FE & Davis AM

(2020) Microstructural Investigations of Igneous Rims on CB CAIs
Han J, Keller LP, Krot AN & Nagashima K

(2018) Fe-Rich Ferropericlase in Super Deep Diamonds and the Stability of High FeO Wadsleyite. Implications on the Composition and Temperature of the Earth┬┤s Transition Zone
Brenker FE, Koch TE, Prior DJ, Lilly K, Krot AN, Bizzarro M & Frost D

(2018) The Nature and Timing of Refractory Element Fractionation Events in the Early Solar Nebula
MacPherson G, Krot A & Nagashima K

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