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All abstracts by Sylvain Bernard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) What Would Martian Biosignatures Look Like if Entombed in Clay-Rich Sediments?
Criouet I, Viennet J-C, Remusat L, Baron F, Buch A, Skouri-Panet F, Balan E & Bernard S

(2023) Production of Carbon-Containing Pyrite Spherules Induced by Hyperthermophilic Thermoccocales: A Biosignature?
Truong C, Bernard S, Le Pape P, Morin G, Gorlas A & Guyot F

(2023) Measuring Oxygen Lattice Diffusion in Biominerals – Implications for Paleotemperature Reconstructions
Adams A, Cisneros-Lazaro D, Daval D, Vennemann T, Baumgartner LP, Stolarski J, Bernard S, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Raut HK & Meibom A

(2023) Micropyrite: A Promising biosignature?Insights from Modern and Ancient Sediments
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Dupeyron J, Alleon J, Pasquier V, Remusat L, Thomazo C, Olivier N, Benzerara K & Bernard S

(2023) Biogenic Experimental Pyrites Record Lighter Isotopic Signatures Than Inherited from Microbial-Sulfate Reduction
Duverger A, Bernard S, Cartigny P, Guibourdenche L & Busigny V

(2023) Living with and Even Benefiting from Polysulfide Species: An Achievement of Hyperthermophilic Archaea
Guyot FJ, Truong C, Bernard S & Gorlas A

(2023) Site Specific D-H Isotope Exchange in Amino Acids during Experimental Hydrothermal Alteration: Application to Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, He Y, Marceau L, Khodorova N, Boulesteix D, Buch A & Bernard S

(2023) In situ Identification of the Biomacromolecules Relevant to Diagenetic Isotope Exchange in Biocalcites
Cisneros-Lazaro D, Otter LM, Adams A, Daval D, Vennemann T, Baumgartner LP, Stolarski J, Bernard S, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Raut HK & Meibom A

(2023) Organics in Ryugu, Orgueil and Other Chondrites Analyzed in situ by STXM and TEM
Le Guillou C, Bernard S, Leroux H, Marinova M & Laforet S

(2022) Paleoclimate Reconstruction from Biocalcites: The Key Role of Microstructure and Organic Matter in Diagenetic Isotope Exchange
Cisneros Lazaro D, Adams A, Raut HK, Bernard S, Baumgartner LP, Daval D, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Vennemann T, Stolarski J, Escrig S & Meibom A

(2022) Investigating and Quantifying Natural H2 Emissions within the Fe-Rich Kansas Precambrian Granitoid Crust, Through High Resolution Microscopy and Tomography
Combaudon V, Sissmann O, Kularatne K, Julia G, Guyot F, Bernard S, Viennet J-C, Martinez I, Renard S, Newell KD, Derluyn H & Deville E

(2021) Experimental Fossilization of the RNA World in the Presence of Clay Minerals
Bernard S, Jacquemot P, Criouet I, Viennet J-C & Jaber M

(2021) Experimentally Investigating the Influence of Mineralogy on the Geochemical Preservation of Microbial Fossils during Diagenesis
Alleon J, Viennet J-C, Marin-Carbonne J & Bernard S

(2021) Abiotic Formation of Organic Biomorphs Under Diagenetic Conditions
Criouet I, Viennet J-C, Jacquemot P, Jaber M & Bernard S

(2021) Direct Imaging of Diagenetic Fluid Penetration into Benthic Foraminifera Tests
Cisneros-Lazaro D, Adams A, Guo J, Bernard S, Daval D, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Vennemann T, Jarek S, Escrig S, Baumgartner LP & Meibom A

(2021) Foraminifera Isotope Reequilibration Biases Paleotemperature Records
Adams A, Baumgartner LP, Vennemann T, Daval D, Bernard S, Cisneros-Lazaro D, Guo J, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Jarek S & Meibom A

(2021) Sub-Micrometer Pyrites in Microbialites Record Equilibrium S Isotope Fractionation by Microbial Sulfate Reduction Independently of the Sulfate Concentration of the Water
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Remusat L, Havas R, Thomazo C, Pasquier V, Alleon J, Zeyen N, Bernard S, Escrig S, Vennin E, Meibom A & Benzerara K

(2021) Iron Biomineralization by Hyperthermophilic Archaea
Truong C, Gorlas A, Guyot FJ & Bernard S

(2021) Experimental Evidence of the Influence of Organic Compounds on Pyrite Morphologies
Duverger A, Busigny V, Viennet J-C, Miot J & Bernard S

(2021) Tardi-Magmatic Precipitation of Cl-Bearing Fe/Mg Clay Minerals on Mars
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Sautter V, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Gregoire B, Jambon A, Pont S, Beyssac O, Zanda B, Hewins R & Remusat L

(2021) Origin of Soil Organic Carbon Persistence Revealed by Nanoscale Analyses
Chassé M, Le Guillou C, Viennet J-C, Bernard S & Barré P

(2020) Diagenesis of Benthic Foraminifera: Fluid Penetration and Isotopic Exchange Visualized with NanoSIMS
Cisneros-Lazaro D, Adams A, Guo J, Baumgartner L, Bernard S, Daval D, Baronnet A, Grauby O, Vennemann T, Stolarski J & Meibom A

(2019) Microscale Characterization of Pyrites from Archean Sediments Brings New Constrains on Past Microbial Metabolisms
Marin Carbonne J, Thomazo C, Busigny V, Decraene M-N, Saitoh M, Alleon J, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2019) Molecular Preservation of Organic Microfossils in Paleoarchean Cherts
Alleon J, Bernard S, Olivier N, Thomazo C & Marin-Carbonne J

(2019) Widespread Putrefaction in Sediments after the Palaeoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event
Papineau D, She Z, Purohit R, Bernard S, Devine K, Li C, Shen B, Fogel M, Karhu J, Bleeker W & Hazen R

(2019) Searching for Biosignatures on Mars: Experimental Perspectives
Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Jacquemot P, Balan E, Delbes L, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M

(2019) Experimental Fossilization: Biomolecule-Mineral Interactions
Jacquemot P, Viennet J-C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Rigaud B, Georgelin T & Jaber M

(2019) Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Fossilization Processes in a Hydrothermal Environment
Jauvion C, Bernard S, Gueriau P & Charbonnier S

(2017) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Milesi V & Bernard S

(2017) Quantitative STXM-XANES at the C-K Edge
Le Guillou C & Bernard S

(2017) Investigating the Processes of Exceptional Fossil Preservation: The Case Study of Jurassic Crustaceans from la Voulte-Sur-Rhône
Jauvion C, Bernard S, Gueriau P & Charbonnier S

(2017) Experimental Fossilization of Archaea Encrusted by Fe-Phosphates
Bernard S, Miot J, Lombard C, Guyot F & Kish A

(2017) Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates
Wild B, Daval D, Guyot F, Fernandez-Martinez A, Remusat L, Bernard S, Rébiscoul D, Micha J-S, Narteau C, Rozier O & Imfeld G

(2017) Advanced InfraRed and Raman Spectroscopy on Ca-Phosphates and Mg-Carbonates for Surface Exploration of Mars
Fau A, Beyssac O, Gauthier M, Bernard S, Benzerara K, Meslin P-Y, Drouet C, Maurice S, Guyot F & Balan E

(2017) Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy for Mars Exploration: Insights from a Laboratory Analogue of the Mars2020 SuperCam Instrument
Beyssac O, Gauthier M, Maurice S, Wiens RC, Fau A, Bernard S & Benzerara K

(2016) N/C Ratio and Carbon and Nitrogen Speciation of Fossilized Organics: In situ Investigations Using STXM
Alleon J, Bernard S, Le Guillou C, Daval D & Robert F

(2016) Genealogy of Deuterium in Insoluble Organic Matter in Chondrites
Remusat L, Piani L, Laurent B, Bernard S, Bonnet J-Y, Le Guillou C & Roskosz M

(2015) Organic Matter Evolution on Asteroids: New Clues from Paris
Remusat L, Vinogradoff V, Le Guillou C & Bernard S

(2015) Hydrothermalism and Molecular Preservation of Precambrian Gunflint Microfossils
Bernard S, Alleon J, Marin-Carbonne J & Robert F

(2015) Fossilization of Micro-Organisms Embedded in Silica: An Experimental Perspective
Alleon J, Bernard S, Le Guillou C & Robert F

(2015) Investigating the Evolution of the Chemical Nature of Persistent Soil Organic Carbon Thanks to State-Of-The-Art Synchrotron-Based NEXAFS Spectroscopy
Lutfalla S, Chenu C, Bernard S, Le Guillou C & Barré P

(2015) Microstructural Modifications of Dissolving Silicate Minerals: Why Should We Bother?
Daval D, Pollet-Villard M, Ackerer P, Fritz B, Rémusat L, Guyot F, Bernard S, Saldi G & Knauss K

(2014) Plant Root Encrustation Processes: Insights from a Multitechnique Characterization Strategy
El Khatib R, Bernard S, Huguet A, Deldicque D, Anquetil C, Gocke M, Wiesenberg G & Derenne S

(2014) Formation of Geopolymers during Early Diagenesis: The Example of the Montceau-Les-Mines Lagerstätte
Bernard S, Recanati A, Germain D, Charbonnier S & Robert F

(2014) In situ Study of Chondritic Organics: The Role of Aqueous Alteration
Le Guillou C, Changela H, Bernard S, Remusat L & Brearley A

(2014) Graphitic Carbons and Biosignatures
Papineau D & Bernard S

(2014) Molecular Structure Evolution of Biogenic and Abiotic Organics during Experimental Diagenesis: Clues for Decoding the Organic Fossil Record
Alléon J, Bernard S, Skouri-Panet F, Kuga M & Robert F

(2013) Poorly-Crystalline Fe(Mg) Silicates Involved in Early Fossilization of Microbes in Modern Microbialites
Li J, Zeyen N, Benzerara K, Bernard S & Beyssac O

(2013) STXM Characterization of Fossil Organic Matter from the Montceau-Les-Mines Lagerstätte (France)
Recanati A, Bernard S, Germain D, Charbonnier S & Robert F

(2013) Different D-Rich Organic Reservoirs in Unequilibrated Ordinary and Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Bernard S, Piani L, Bonnet J-Y & Quirico E

(2012) An Early-Branching Microbialite Cyanobacterium Forms Intracellular Carbonates
Couradeau E, Benzerara K, Gerard E, Moreira D, Bernard S, Brown Jr. GE & Lopez-Garcia P

(2011) An Experimentalist Call to Theoreticians About XANES Spectra Theoretical Simulation at the C K-Edge, Ca and Fe L2, 3 Edges
Benzerara K, Beyssac O, Galvez M, Bernard S & Cosmidis J

(2011) Evolution of the Macromolecular Structure of Biopolymers during Pyrolysis: A C-XANES Study
Beyssac O, Bernard S, Benzerara K & Brown GE

(2011) Nanoscale Study of the Mineralogical and Geochemical Evolution of Black Shales with Increasing Maturity
Bernard S, Horsfield B, Schulz H-M, Schreiber A, Wirth R & Sherwood N

(2011) Aqueous Alteration of Organic Matter and Amorphous Silicate in Pristine Chondrites: A Multiscale Study
Le Guillou C, Brearley A, Remusat L & Bernard S

(2010) Multiscale Study of Gas Shale Properties and Thermal Evolution
Bernard S, Horsfield B, Schulz H-M & Wirth R

(2009) Imaging Traces of Life in Metamorphic Rocks Using Raman, STXM and NanoSIMS
Bernard S, Beyssac O, Benzerara K, Brown Jr. GE, Mostefaoui S, Meibom A & Goffe B

(2009) Chemical and Structural Imaging of Fossilized Tissues at the Nanoscale and Assessment of their Taphonomy
Galvez ME, Benzerara K, Beyssac O & Bernard S

(2009) Calcium Carbonates Distribution in Experimentally Carbonated Portland Cement Cores
Brunet F, Corvisier J, Fabbri A, Bernard S, Findling N, Rimmelé G, Barlet-Gouédard V, Beyssac O & Goffé B

(2008) STXM-Based Study of Microbial Fossils in Recent and Ancient Rocks
Benzerara K, Bernard S, Lepot K, Miot J & Brown, Jr GE

(2008) Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy Analysis of Metamorphic Biogenic Carbon
Bernard S, Benzerara K, Beyssac O & Brown, Jr. GE

(2007) Aragonite: Crystallographically Oriented Fibres in Eclogite-Facies Garnet from Corsica
Bernard S, Beyssac O & Chopin C

(2007) 'In Situ' Characterizing the Structural and Chemical Evolution of Biopolymers during Advanced Fossilization: From Nature to Experiments
Bernard S, Benzerara K & Beyssac O

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