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All abstracts by Piotr Zarzycki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Rapid Prediction of Liquid Properties from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using Deep Learning
Li C, Farrell S, Gilbert B & Zarzycki P

(2022) Molecular Dynamics and Kinetic Modeling of Rough Calcite Surface Dissolution
Zarzycki P, Li C & Gilbert B

(2021) Molecular Dynamics and Spectroscopic Insights into iron(III) Stabilization of Water-Soluble Polysaccharides
Zarzycki P, Bhattacharyya A, Dewey C, Pett-Ridge J & Nico PS

(2021) Electrokinetic and Potentiometric Insight into Malonate Arrangement at Hematite/Water Interface
Kedra-Krolik K, Begović T, Prus M, Namiesnik D & Zarzycki P

(2021) Solvation Structure and Thermodynamics of Oxyanions from Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy and Molecular Simulation
Gilbert B, Zarzycki P & Colla C

(2021) Mg2+ Ions Reduce the Electrical Double Layer Forces between Carbonate Particles
Prus M, Kedra-Krolik K, Begović T & Zarzycki P

(2021) Deep Neural Network-Based Surrogates for Surface Complexation Models of Oxide/Electrolyte Interfaces
Li C, Farrell S, Gilbert B & Zarzycki P

(2020) Molecular Interactions Behind Carbonate Compaction
Zarzycki P, Pride S & Gilbert B

(2020) Energetics and the Role of Defects in Fe(II)-Catalyzed Goethite Recrystallization from Multiscale Molecular Simulations
Rosso K & Zarzycki P

(2020) Magnesium Diminishes the Electrical Double Layer Forces between Carbonate Particles
Prus M, Kedra-Krolik K, Szymanek K, Piasecki W & Zarzycki P

(2020) Electrochemical Evidence of Malonate Specific Sorption to Hematite
Kedra-Krolik K, Begovic T, Prus M, Namiesnik D, Szymanek K, Piasecki W & Zarzycki P

(2019) Electrokinetic Tracking of CaCO3 Nucleation
Prus M, Szymanek K, Mills J, Nielsen Lammers L, Piasecki W, Kedra-Krolik K & Zarzycki P

(2019) Effect of Mineral Confinement on Water Dielectric Response in Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
Zarzycki P, Colla C, Prus M & Gilbert B

(2018) Molecular Structure of Interlayer Water Governs Dispersion Force Adhesion of Clay Particles
Zarzycki P & Gilbert B

(2018) Dielectric Relaxation and Static Dielectric Constant of Confined Aqueous Solutions
Dazas B, Gilbert B, Zarzycki P & Bourg I

(2015) Long-Range Dynamical Correlations Restrict Water Transport in Smectite Interlayers
Zarzycki P & Gilbert B

(2014) Transient Surface Potential Gradients as a Driving Force for the Bulk Conduction Mechanism of Iron Oxide Recrystallization
Zarzycki P & Rosso K

(2013) Non-Innocent Role of Electron-Mediating Ligands in Reductive Dissolution of Hematite
Zarzycki P, Toczydlowska D, Chatman S & Rosso K

(2013) Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Fe(II)-Fe(III) Electron Transfer Across Interfaces
Chatman S, Zarzycki P, Kerisit S, Alexandrov V, Pearce C & Rosso K

(2011) Reactive Fe(II) and Electron Exchange Dynamics in Iron Oxides
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Pearce C, Katz J, Gilbert B, Handler R, Scherer M & Meakin P

(2011) Large-Scale Simulation of Molecular Structure and Electron Transfer in Microbial Cytochromes
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Breuer M, Blumberger J, Shi L, Richardson D, Clarke T, Edwards M, Butt J, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2010) Electrostatic Potentials and Charge Distributions at Structurally Defined Hematite/Electrolyte Interfaces
Chatman S, Zarzycki P, Preočanin T & Rosso K

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