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All abstracts by Peter H Barry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Olivine and Pyroxene-Hosted Fluid Inclusions Record High Arc Nitrogen Fluxes and Multiple Slab Sources
Hudak MR, Barry PH, Bekaert DV, Turner SJ, Walowski K, Nielsen SG, Curtice J, Tyne RL, Cahoon E, Wallace P & Muth MJ

(2023) Geochemical Evidence for Shear Heating, Slab Melting, and Slab Melt Channelization in the South Andean Subduction Zone
Turner SJ, Mather TA, Pyle D, Savov IP, Hammerstrom A, Barry PH, Bekaert DV & Hudak MR

(2023) Metal Cofactor Microbial Usage Across Convergent Margins
Bastoni D, Bastianoni A, Cascone M, Oliva F, Correggia M, Selci M, Di iorio L, Cordone A, Morrison SM, Prabhu A, Zahirovic S, Bekaert DV, Chiodi AL, Ramírez-Umaña C, Jessen G, Barry PH, Lloyd KG, de Moor M & Giovannelli D

(2023) Deep Magma Degassing and Volatile Fluxes Through Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems in Iceland
Ranta E, Halldorsson SA, Barry PH, Ono S, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Kleine BI, Ricci A, Fiebig J, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE & Stefánsson A

(2023) It’s not Air: What We can Learn from Ar-Kr-Xe Isotopes in Volcanic Gases at the per mil Level and Below
Seltzer AM, Bekaert DV, Barry PH, Broadley MW, Byrne D & Marty B

(2023) Rapid 3He/4He Changes in Fagradalsfjall (Iceland) 2021 Lavas
Horton F, Marshall EW, Halldorsson SA, Barry PH, Curtice J & Kurz MD

(2023) Global Mass Balance of Volatile Element Recycling: A Tug-Of-War between Volcanism and Subduction
Bekaert DV, Turner SJ, Broadley MW & Barry PH

(2023) Ironborn: Fe Distribution in Geothermal Fluids and its Influence on the Biosphere
Barosa B, Tonietti L, Bastianoni A, Selci M, Cascone M, Oliva F, Bastoni D, Montemagno F, Ricciardelli A, Corso D, Correggia M, Di Iorio L, Barry PH, Bekaert DV, Halldorsson SA, Stefánsson A, Lloyd KG, Jessen G, Chiodi AL, de Moor M, Ramírez-Umaña C, Yucel M, Schrenk M, Rotundi A, Cordone A & Giovannelli D

(2023) Environmental Availability of Copper in Deeply Sourced Seeps and its Influence on Copper Binding Protein Distribution
Montemagno F, Selci M, Barosa B, Cascone M, Oliva F, Bastoni D, Di iorio L, Correggia M, Bastianoni A, Corso D, Barry PH, Lloyd KG, Jessen G, Chiodi AL, de Moor M, Ramírez-Umaña C, Schrenk M, Cordone A & Giovannelli D

(2023) Covariance of Radiogenic Isotopes (Sr, Nd, and Pb) and Trace Elements in 2021 Cumbre Vieja Lavas
Cohen M, Horton F, Longpré M-A, Pankhurst M, Blusztajn J & Barry PH

(2023) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interactions along the Yellowstone Hotspot Track
Broadley MW, Barry PH, Bekaert DV, Tyne RL, Karolytė R, Hudak MR, Ramírez C, de Moor M, Mitchell S, Lloyd KG, Ballentine CJ, Marty B & Seltzer AM

(2023) Complex Organic Matter Degradation by Secondary Consumers in Chemolithoautotrophy-Based Subsurface Geothermal Ecosystems
Lloyd KG, Paul R, Rogers T, Fullerton K, Selci M, Cascone M, Cordone A, Stokes M, Steen A, de Moor M, Chiodi A, Stefánsson A, Halldorsson SA, Ramírez-Umaña C, Jessen G, Barry PH & Giovannelli D

(2023) Single-Cell Amplified Genomes from a Deep-Sea, Serpentinizing, Mud Volcano
Mitchell S, Kevorkian R, Kiel Reese B, Barry PH & Lloyd KG

(2022) Helium Isotopes Constrain Magma Sources and Emplacement beneath Kīlauea Caldera during the 2018 and 2020 Eruptions
McMurtry GM, Dasilveira LA, Fischer TP, Bekaert DV & Barry PH

(2022) Monitoring Magmatic-Hydrothermal Eruptive Degassing at Costa Rican Volcanoes
de Moor M, Aiuppa A, Kern C, Kelly PJ, Stix J, Fischer TP, Rodríguez A, Avard G, Mick E & Barry PH

(2021) Microbial Diversity in the Backarc Hot Springs of Argentina and its Role in Biogeochemical Cycles
Cascone M, Lloyd K, Rogers T, de Moor M, Schrenk M, Barry PH, Jessen G, Chiodi A, Selci M & Giovannelli D

(2021) Understanding the Role of Basin Architecture on the Geochemical Evolution of Fluids in the Paradox Basin Using Noble Gases
Tyne RL, Barry PH, Cheng A, Kim J-H, Hillegonds D, McIntosh J & Ballentine CJ

(2021) Volatile Characteristics of Central American Geothermal Fluids
Barry PH, Bekaert DV, de Moor M, Labidi J, Gazel E, Nakagawa M, Giovannelli D, Schrenk M & Lloyd K

(2021) Characterization of Nitrogen Isotopes in Oceanic Basalts
Krantz JA, Bekaert DV, Curtice J & Barry PH

(2021) Volatile Element Composition of the Upper Mantle: Insights from Multi-Isotope Analyses of Mid-Atlantic Ridge Popping Rocks
Bekaert DV, Barry PH, Krantz JA, Curtice J, Seltzer AM, Blusztajn J & Kurz MD

(2020) An Integrated Machine Learning Approach Reveals Geochemical Controls on Microbial Electron-Transfer Protein Abundance
Buongiorno J, Giovannelli D, DeMoor M, Barry P, Shrenk M, Lloyd K, Nakar S, Morrison S & Hazen R

(2020) Noble Gas Isotope Composition of the Yellowstone Mantle Plume
Byrne DJ, Barry PH, Broadley MW, Bekaert DV, Almayrac M, Tyne RL, Ballentine CJ & Marty BM

(2020) Evidence of Subducted Archean Nitrogen in the Siberian Craton
Barry P & Broadley M

(2020) Determining Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Using Noble Gases
Byrne DJ, Barry PH, Lawson M & Ballentine CJ

(2019) Tracing Injected CO2 in the Olla Oil Field, Louisiana Using Noble Gas Isotopes
Tyne RL, Barry PH, Lawson M & Ballentine CJ

(2019) Calcite Precipitation in the Costa Rican Forearc Reduces Long-Term Carbon Recycling into Earth’s Deep Mantle
Barry P, de Moor M, Giovannelli D, Schrenk M, Hummer D, Lopez T, Pratt K & Lloyd K

(2019) Tracing Geothermal Fluid Interactions in Iceland Using Noble Gases
Byrne DJ, Barry PH, Halldórsson SA, Broadley MW, Stefánsson A & Ballentine CJ

(2019) Detection of Primordial Heavy Noble Gases in Yellowstone National Park
Broadley M, Barry P, Bekaert D, Caracausi A, Ballentine C & Marty B

(2019) Coupled Subduction of N and Xe as a Tracer of Mantle Regassing
Krantz J, Barry P & Parman S

(2019) Inverse Modelling Techniques to Distinguish between Different Mechanisms of Reservoir Fluid Migration to Shallow Aquifers
Karolyte R, Barry PH, Kulongoski JT, Tyne RL, Cheng A & Ballentine CJ

(2019) Interactions between Microbial Communities and their Geologic Environment at the Costa Rica Active Margin
Buongiorno J, Fullerton K, Rogers T, Giovennelli D, DeMoor M, Barry P, Shrenk M, Lloyd K, Morrison S & Hazen R

(2019) Tracing Crustal Fluid Source, Migration and Residence Using Noble Gases
Ballentine C, Barry P, Byrne D, Flude S, Karolyte R, Tyne R, Cheng A & Hilligond D

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