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(2020) Sulfuric Acid Weathering in a High Arctic Watershead

Stevenson E, Murphy M, Relph K, Tipper E, Turchyn S, Pogge Von Strandmann P & Christensen T


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10f: Room 3, Friday 26th June 05:42 - 05:45

Listed below are questions that have been submitted by the community that the author will try and cover in their presentation. To submit a question, ensure you are signed in to the website. Authors or session conveners approve questions before they are displayed here.

Submitted by Joel Scheingross on Thursday 25th June 18:54
Hi Emily - Very interesting talk. Do you know what's controlling the annual variability in Fsulf? Your last slide suggested there's not a monotonic shift towards CO2 release or CO2 consumption, does that imply this variability is independent of long-term trends of permafrost melting and glacier retreat?

Submitted by Claire Nelson on Friday 26th June 04:31
Hi- really cool dataset and great talk! Im curious about glacial melting and how it varies with/potentially controls Fsulf. You mentioned glacial melt events (high discharge) push the data into the CO2 release region, but that the highest Fsulf values correspond to low discharge. Does this imply that glaciers slow CO2 consumption by a mechanism other than shifting the acidity source to sulfuric acid?

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