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(2020) Hf-W Isotopic Systematics of Iron Meteorites Revisited

Qin L, Zhang Q, Dauphas N, Wang G & Li J


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01g: Room 1, Tuesday 23rd June 08:36 - 08:39

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Submitted by Mattias Ek on Sunday 21st June 22:10
No nucleosyntic varation has been reported for the IID Rodeo which typically has negiable CRE effects. Could there be another reason for the discrepancy between your IID intial an the previously reported value that is not due to a Pt nucleosynthic offset?

Submitted by Alison Hunt on Monday 22nd June 21:06
Do you monitor your W isotope data for nuclear field shift effects? Do you find any effects Have you measured the IID Rodeo as part of your dataset? Do you measure W and Os isotopes on the same digestion of material, to make the most accurate GCR correction?

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