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All abstracts by Liping Qin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Isotopic Evolution and Distribution of the Neutron-Rich Nuclides in the Solar Nebula Inferred from Chromium Isotopes in Iron Meteorites
Yang B & Qin L

(2023) Chromium and Strontium Isotopic Evidence for the Fractional Crystallization of Parent Magma of Chang’e 5 Mare Basalts
Zhang Y, Shen J, Wang Z, Hu Y, He X, Yu X, Fang Z & Qin L

(2023) Nickel and Samarium Isotopic Evidence for the Impact and Genesis of Regolith at the Chang’e 5 Landing Site
Qin L, Li S, Zhang Y & Wang Z

(2020) Hf-W Isotopic Systematics of Iron Meteorites Revisited
Qin L, Zhang Q, Dauphas N, Wang G & Li J

(2020) Cr Isotopic Compositions of Chondrules from Murchison (CM2) and EET 92042 (CR2) Chondrites
Liu J, Qin L, Alexander C & He Y

(2020) Redox Controlled Stable Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Planetary Differentiation
Shen J, Qin L, Xia J, Carlson RW, Huang S, Helz RT & Mock TD

(2020) Minimal Ni Isotope Fractionation during Core Formation as Revealed by Super-Liquidus Experiments
Yang B, Zhang Y, Ni H & Qin L

(2020) The Absence of Pyruvate Kinase is Essential in Genome Streamlining of Marine Group IIb Archaea
Liu H, Xu B, Qin L & Zhang C

(2020) Petrographic and Isotopic Features of the Ni- and Mo-Sulfides Extremely Enriched Black Shales in the Lower Cambrian Niutitang Formation, Southwest China
Zhang Y, Li Y & Qin L

(2018) The Origin of Chromium Isotopic Anomalies in Lunar Rocks
Qin L, Liu J, Dauphas N, Carlson RW, Xu W & Hui H

(2018) High-Precision Stable Cr Isotope Analysis of Geological Materials by Double Spike TIMS Method
Liu C, Liu J, Xu L, Liu S-A & Qin L

(2017) 53Mn−53Cr Systematics of Chondrules in CO Carbonaceous Chondrites
Zhu K, Liu J & Qin L

(2017) XANES Evidence of Cr Species in Carbonates: Implication for the Use of Cr Isotope as a Proxy for Atmospheric Oxygenation
Fang Z, Qin L, Wei S, Yao T, Liu W, Shen Y & Zhou G

(2017) Effect of Bioavailability Restrictions on Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Cr(VI) Reduction
Chen G & Qin L

(2017) Redox Evolution of the Ediacaran Ocean and Atmosphere Constrained by Chromium Isotopes
He X, Fang Z, Gao Y, Shen Y & Qin L

(2016) Pre-, Syn-, and Post Formation Controls on Earth Composition
Carlson R, Boyet M, Qin L, O'Neil J & Rizo H

(2016) Solar System and Planet Formation, Insights from Nucleosynthetic Anomalies
Qin L & Carlson RW

(2016) Cosmogenic Effects on Chromium Isotopes in the Iron Meteorites
Liu J, Qin L, Xia J, Leya I & Carlson R

(2016) High Temperature Inter-Mineral Cr Isotope Fractionation: Ionic Model Constraint and Implication for Mantle Xenoliths from North China Craton
Shen J, Fang Z, Qin L, Zhang Q, Xiao Y & Yu H

(2016) Precise Determination of Cr Stable Isotopic Composition Using a Double Spike Method
Zhang Q, Liu J, Zhang Y, Chen G, Yu H & Qin* L

(2015) Chromium Stable Isotope Composition of Meteorites and its Cosmochemical and Geochemical Significance
Qin L, Xia J, Carlson RW & Zhang Q

(2014) K and Ca Isotopic Fractionation by Plants
Qin L, Christensen J, Brown S & DePaolo D

(2014) Cr Isotope Anomalies, their Origins and Implications
Qin L, Xia J, Alexander C, Nittler L, Carlson R & Wang J

(2013) Cr Isotopic Evidence of Enzymatic Reduction of Cr(VI) Catalyzed by a Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium
Qin L, Han R, Chakraborty R, Christensen J & Beller H

(2012) Early Earth Differentiation: Before and after Earth Formation
Carlson R, Boyet M, Jackson M, O'Neil J & Qin L

(2011) Cr Isotope Fractionation during Biogeochemical Reduction of Cr(VI) by Hanford Native Aquifer Microbial Communities
Qin L, Christensen J, Brown S, Yang L, Conrad M, Sonnenthal E & Beller H

(2010) The Consequences of Isotopic Variability in the Early Solar Nebula
Carlson R, Qin L & Alexander C

(2008) Chromium Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Bulk and Components of Chondrites
Qin L, Alexander C, Carlson R & Horan M

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