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(2020) Genesis and Evolution of Lithium Pegmatites – African Examples

Goodenough K, Shaw R, Nex P & Kinnaird J


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08i: Plenary Hall, Friday 26th June 22:12 - 22:15

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Submitted by Cin-Ty Lee on Tuesday 23rd June 01:08
nice talk Dr. Goodenough. My question is what fraction of Li-rich pegmatites in the world are formed by fractional crystallization (process 1) and by metasediment partial melting (process 2)? Cin-Ty Lee
This is the million-dollar question.... I certainly can't give you accurate numbers at the moment, but my gut feeling is that partial melting of metasedimentary rocks is far more important than used to be thought. We are working on trying to quantify this better!

Submitted by Mona Sirbescu on Wednesday 24th June 19:39
Excellent presentation! Is there a regional distribution of petalite-bearing vs. spodumene-bearing pegs in Africa and how often do you find both petalite and spodumene (or spodumene-quartz intergrowth) in the same pegmatite?
This is a very good question! So far I would say no, there is no clear regional distribution, but we don't really have the detailed data to be sure. Some pegmatites have both, some only have spodumene or petalite (many also contain other Li minerals, such as lepidolite). The mineralogy is partly controlled by P/T conditions but there must be other controls which are not yet really well understood.

Submitted by Bénédicte Cenki-Tok on Thursday 25th June 01:36
Thanks Kathryn for this very interesting presentation. I could't attend the OHD conference as it was no Australia time zone friendly :), so what happened to the Li and other associated elements during the hydrothermal alteration ?
There's a lot of variation, of course, but we certainly have evidence that Li-minerals such as spodumene can be broken down and highly altered whilst Ta and Sn may be introduced. Where the Li goes during progressive alteration stages is a work in progress!

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