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All abstracts by Kathryn Goodenough in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Critical Raw Materials for the Energy Transition
Goodenough K

(2021) Africa’s Lithium Pegmatites: A Critical Resource for the Energy Transition
Goodenough K, Shaw R, Nex P, Kinnaird J & Deady E

(2021) Insights into the Sources of Antimony Mineralisation Associated with Base Metal Epithermal Deposits in SW England
Deady E, Moore K & Goodenough K

(2020) Genesis and Evolution of Lithium Pegmatites – African Examples
Goodenough K, Shaw R, Nex P & Kinnaird J

(2017) Ash-Fall Deposits of Rare Earth Elements: A New Deposit Type?
Deady E, Lacinska A, Goodenough KM & Shaw RA

(2017) Timing and Source of Rare Earth Element Mineralisation in the Ditrău Alkaline Igneous Complex (DAIC), Romania
Shaw RA, Goodenough KM, Roberts NMW, Honour VC, Horstwood MSA, Lenz C & Broom-Fendley S

(2017) Interaction of Alkaline Magmatism and Carbonatites: A Recipe for REE Enrichment?
Goodenough K, Shaw R & Deady E

(2015) Widespread Later Stage Subduction-Related Intrusions in the Southern Semail Ophiolite, Oman
de Graaff SJ, Goodenough KM, Lissenberg CJ, Klaver M, Jansen MN & Davies GR

(2011) Combined SIMS U-Pb Ages and Ti-in-Zircon Geothermometry Fingerprints Long Deep Crustal Residence in the Archaean
MacDonald J, Wheeler J, Harley S, Goodenough K, Crowley Q & Mariani E

(2011) Multiphase Magmatic History of the Oman-Uae Ophiolite
Goodenough K, Styles M, Thomas B, Schofield D, Crowley Q & Millar I

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