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All abstracts by Stewart Fallon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Anoxic Sedimentation Across the Mediterranean Sea
Marino G, Rohling E, Bienzobas N, Fallon S, Incarbona A, Plaza-Morlote M, Rey D & Rodr√≠guez-Sanz L

(2017) High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand
Herath D, Stern R, Jacob D, Clearwater S & Fallon S

(2015) Ice Sheet Surge and 25 M Rapid Sea Level Rise at YD 13, 000 Years ago
Esat T, Thomas A, Yokoyama Y, Webster J, Braga J, Humblet M, Potts D, Iryu Y, Thompson B, Fallon S & Hinestrosa G

(2013) A 30ka Sponge-Diatom Silicon Isotope Record of Dissolved Silicon Concentration in Subantarctic Mode Water
Rousseau J, Ellwood M, Neil H, Bostock H & Fallon S

(2013) Deep-Sea Coral Amino Acids Illuminate Ecosystem Processes on South East Australia Seamounts
Strzepek K, Revill A, Thresher R, Smith C & Fallon S

(2010) Insights for CO2 Sequestration from Mineral-Fluid-Gas Interactions in Mine Waste
Dipple G, Wilson S, Power I, Barker S, Fallon S & Southam G

(2010) Assessing Capture of Atmospheric CO2 within Mine Tailings Using Stable Isotopes and 14C
Wilson S, Dipple G, Barker S, Power I, Atudorei V, Fallon S & Southam G

(2009) Sea Level Rise in the Mediterranean Sea: High Resolution Constraints from Vermetid Reefs
Silenzi S, Calvo M, Chemello R, Devoti S, Fallon S, McCulloch M, Montagna P, Templado J & Trotter J

(2006) Element partitioning at ultra-high pressure: new insights on bulk lower-mantle geochemistry
Auzende AL, Badro J, Weber P, Fallon S & Ryerson F

(2005) NanoSIMS Mg Isotope Analyses of Refractory Inclusions in Metal-Rich CB Chondrites
Hutcheon I, Weber P, Fallon S & Krot A

(2003) High Resolution Coral Records of Rare Earth Elements in Coastal Corals: A New Environmental Proxy?
Wyndham T, McCulloch M, Fallon S & Alibert C

(2002) Geochemical Tracing of Human Impacts on Coral Reefs
McCulloch M, Fallon S & Wyndham T

(2000) Sentinels of the Marine Environment: High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analyses of Corals from the Great Barrier Reef
McCulloch M, Fallon S, Alibert C & Sinclair D

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