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All abstracts by Stewart Fallon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Super Instrumental El Niño Events Recorded by Porites Corals from the Enewetak Atoll, Western Pacific Warm Pool
Fang B, Fallon S & Wu Y

(2020) New Perspectives on Carbonate Mineral Behaviour for Carbon Accounting and Carbon Utilization
Wilson S, Turvey C, Morgan B, Cheng J, Raudsepp M, Hamilton J, Power I, Zeyen N, Fallon S, McCutcheon J & Southam G

(2020) Non-Classical Crystallization of Anhydrous Ca and Mg Carbonates from the Coorong Lakes, Australia
Raudsepp M, Wilson S, Morgan B & Fallon S

(2020) Examining Ba/Ca, Y/Ca, Rare Earth Elements as Proxies for Terrestrial Runoff in the Great Barrier Reef
Wu Y, Fallon S, Cantin N & Lough J

(2019) Anoxic Sedimentation Across the Mediterranean Sea
Marino G, Rohling E, Bienzobas N, Fallon S, Incarbona A, Plaza-Morlote M, Rey D & Rodríguez-Sanz L

(2017) High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand
Herath D, Stern R, Jacob D, Clearwater S & Fallon S

(2015) Ice Sheet Surge and 25 M Rapid Sea Level Rise at YD 13, 000 Years ago
Esat T, Thomas A, Yokoyama Y, Webster J, Braga J, Humblet M, Potts D, Iryu Y, Thompson B, Fallon S & Hinestrosa G

(2013) A 30ka Sponge-Diatom Silicon Isotope Record of Dissolved Silicon Concentration in Subantarctic Mode Water
Rousseau J, Ellwood M, Neil H, Bostock H & Fallon S

(2013) Deep-Sea Coral Amino Acids Illuminate Ecosystem Processes on South East Australia Seamounts
Strzepek K, Revill A, Thresher R, Smith C & Fallon S

(2010) Insights for CO2 Sequestration from Mineral-Fluid-Gas Interactions in Mine Waste
Dipple G, Wilson S, Power I, Barker S, Fallon S & Southam G

(2010) Assessing Capture of Atmospheric CO2 within Mine Tailings Using Stable Isotopes and 14C
Wilson S, Dipple G, Barker S, Power I, Atudorei V, Fallon S & Southam G

(2009) Sea Level Rise in the Mediterranean Sea: High Resolution Constraints from Vermetid Reefs
Silenzi S, Calvo M, Chemello R, Devoti S, Fallon S, McCulloch M, Montagna P, Templado J & Trotter J

(2006) Element partitioning at ultra-high pressure: new insights on bulk lower-mantle geochemistry
Auzende AL, Badro J, Weber P, Fallon S & Ryerson F

(2005) NanoSIMS Mg Isotope Analyses of Refractory Inclusions in Metal-Rich CB Chondrites
Hutcheon I, Weber P, Fallon S & Krot A

(2003) High Resolution Coral Records of Rare Earth Elements in Coastal Corals: A New Environmental Proxy?
Wyndham T, McCulloch M, Fallon S & Alibert C

(2002) Geochemical Tracing of Human Impacts on Coral Reefs
McCulloch M, Fallon S & Wyndham T

(2000) Sentinels of the Marine Environment: High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analyses of Corals from the Great Barrier Reef
McCulloch M, Fallon S, Alibert C & Sinclair D

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