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All abstracts by Siobhan A. Wilson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Crystallization of Amorphous Ca-, Ca-Mg, and Mg- Carbonates in Water-Limited Systems
Patel AS, Raudsepp M, Wilson SA & Harrison A

(2022) Transition Metal Mobility and Recoverability from Weathered Serpentinite and Serpentinite Skarn Tailings from Lord Brassey Mine, Australia and Record Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Honda-McNeil M, Wilson SA, Locock A, Mililli B, Zeyen N, Wang B, Turvey C, Vessey C, Patel AS, Hamilton J, Howard DL, Paterson DJ, Southam G, Poitras J, Jones TR & Jowitt S

(2022) Passive and Enhanced CO2 Sequestration Rates at Diamond Mines Determined from Field Experiments: Results from Project CarbonVault
Paulo C, Power I, Rausis K, Stubbs AR, Dostie L, Zeyen N, Wang B, Wilson SA, Vietti A, May H, Ndlovu S & Senzani K

(2022) Microbial CO2 Removal into Carbonate Sediments Using Cation Exchange Leachates from Kimberlite Mine Residues — Results from Project CarbonVault
Zeyen N, Wang B, Wilson SA, Arizaleta ML, Russell W, Janzen J, Evans S, Paulo C, Power I, Stubbs AR, Jones TR, Senzani K, Ndlovu S, Vietti A & Southam G

(2022) Geochemical Modelling of CO2 Sequestration in Ultramafic Mine Wastes from Australia, Canada, and South Africa
Paulo C, Power I, Zeyen N, Wang B & Wilson SA

(2022) Investigating Microbially-Mediated Mineral Carbonation during Acid Leaching of Processed Kimberlites: Results from Project CarbonVault
Wang B, Zeyen N, Arizaleta ML, Wilson SA, Paulo C, Power I, Stubbs AR, Senzani K, Ndlovu S, Vietti A, Jones TR & Southam G

(2022) Changes to the Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Isotopic Compositions of Mineral Feedstocks during Enhanced Rock Weathering: Implications for Carbon Verification
Stubbs AR, Power I, Paulo C, Wang B, Zeyen N, Wilson SA, Mervine E & Gunning C

(2022) Constraining the Role of Poorly Crystalline Mg-Phyllosilicates in Carbonate Precipitation in Lacustrine Environments
Arizaleta ML, Zeyen N, Raudsepp M & Wilson SA

(2022) The Critical Role of Bacteria in Mineral Carbonation of Kimberlite
Jones TR, Poitras J, Senzani K, Ndlovu S, Vietti A, Paterson DJ, Wilson SA & Southam G

(2022) Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes and Trace Metals during Ca‑Mg Carbonate Transformation in Diagenetic Conditions
Vessey C, Li Y, Raudsepp M, Brazier J-M, Harrison A, Wilson SA & Mavromatis V

(2020) Magnesium Isotope Signatures of Hydrotalcite Supergroup Minerals during Weathering and Carbonation of Ultramafic Mineral Wastes
Turvey C, Wilson S, Mavromatis V, Hamilton J, Dlugogorski B & Oskierski H

(2020) Carbonation of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
Zhu B, Wilson SA, Zeyen N, Raudsepp M, Wang B, Rostron B, Snihur K, von Guten K, Harrison A & Alessi D

(2020) Migration of Transition Metals and Potential for Mineral Carbonation during Acid Leaching of Kimberlite Mine Tailings
Wang B, Zeyen N, Wilson S, Honda-McNeil M, Von Gunten K, Alessi D, Southam G, Jones T, Hamilton J & Paterson D

(2020) Predicting CO2 Mineralization in Mine Residues: Insights from Leaching and Geochemical Modeling
Paulo C, Power IM, Stubbs AR, Zeyen N & Wilson SA

(2020) New Perspectives on Carbonate Mineral Behaviour for Carbon Accounting and Carbon Utilization
Wilson S, Turvey C, Morgan B, Cheng J, Raudsepp M, Hamilton J, Power I, Zeyen N, Fallon S, McCutcheon J & Southam G

(2020) The Amorphous-To-Crystalline Transition in the Ca–Mg–carbonate System as a Function of Composition, Time and Temperature
Cheng J, Wilson S & Raudsepp M

(2020) Enhanced Weathering and Carbonation of Kimberlite Residues from South African Mines
Stubbs A, Paulo C, Power I, Zeyen N & Wilson S

(2020) Non-Classical Crystallization of Anhydrous Ca and Mg Carbonates from the Coorong Lakes, Australia
Raudsepp M, Wilson S, Morgan B & Fallon S

(2020) Transition Metal Mobility and Partitioning in Weathered Tailings, Serpentinite and Skarn from the Lord Brassey Mine, Tasmania, Australia
Honda-McNeil M, Wilson S, Millili B, Zeyen N, Wang B, Turvey C & Jowitt S

(2017) Uranyl Nitrate Adsorption by Eucalyptus Bark: A Column Experiment
Cumberland S, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Kappen P & Wilson S

(2017) Optimising Geochemical Treatments to Enhance in situ Carbon Sequestration in Ultramafic Mine Tailings
Hamilton JL, Wilson SA, Morgan B, Turvey CC, McCutcheon J & Southam G

(2017) Potential of Weathering-Derived Efflorescences in Meteorites for Preserving Biofilms, Fossils and Organics
Tait A, Wilson S, Gagen E, Holman A, Tomkins A, Grice K & Southam G

(2017) Environmental Monitoring of Mine Sites Using Portable X-Ray Diffraction
Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, Jowitt S & Southam G

(2017) Deciphering Sulfur Cycling, Porewater Geochemistry and Carbonate Mineralogy in Modern Dolomitic Sediments
Morgan B, Wilson SA, Johnston SG, Gagen EJ, Burton ED & Southam G

(2016) Accelerating Carbon Mineralisation of Mine Tailings at Woodsreef Mine, New South Wales, Australia
Hamilton J, Wilson S, Morgan B, Turvey C, McCutcheon J, Tait A, Paterson D & Southam G

(2016) The CO2 Sequestration Potential of the Ultramafic Portions of Large Igneous Provinces
Jowitt S & Wilson S

(2016) CO2 Released When Carbonate and Silica Products of Mineral Carbonation Stored Together
Wilson S, Morgan B, Power I, Burton C & Williams T

(2016) Magnesite Formation during Thermal Decomposition of Hydrated Mg-Carbonates in a Closed System: Winning Back the CO2
Morgan B, Wilson SA & Madsen IC

(2016) Hydrotalcites as a Carbon Sink in Serpentinites
Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, McCutcheon J, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Southam G

(2015) Meteorites as Potential Microbial Habitats on the Surface of Mars
Tait AW, Gagen EJ, Wilson SA, Tomkins AG & Southam G

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