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All abstracts by Bruce W. Arey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Chasing Atom Exchange Fronts during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Recrystallization of Hematite Using Isotopic Mapping Probes
Taylor S, Liu J, Arey B, Schreiber D, Cliff J, Perea D & Rosso K

(2018) The Geomicrobiology of Ancient Glass Alteration with Implications for Nuclear Waste Disposal
Pearce C, Plymale A, Weaver J, Sjöblom R, Arey B, Soltis J, Vicenzi E, McCloy J, Johnson K, Saunders D, Brislawn C, Wells J, Fansler S, Peeler D & Kruger A

(2015) Rhizosphere Underground: Unraveling the Role of Microbes in Stabilizing Organic Matter in Soils
Dohnalkova A, Chu R, Tfaily M, Crump A, Chrisler W, Varga T & Arey B

(2014) Nanoscale Chemical/Structure Analysis of Geological Minerals for Carbon Sequestration Using Atom Probe Tomography
Liu J, Perea D, Arey B, Qafoku O, Colby R & Felmy A

(2014) The Importance of Trace Components in Promoting the Nucleation and Growth of Mineral Phases: Magnesite at High Partial Pressures of CO2
Qafoku O, Arey B, Kovarik L & Felmy A

(2012) Weathering in the Rhizosphere Analyzed with Transmission Electron Microscopy
Niedziela SM, Dohnalkova A, Greenberg KA, Arey BW, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Shi Z & Keller CK

(2012) Weathering at the Mineral-Fungus-Bacteria Interface Analyzed with Scanning Electron Microscopy and Helium Ion Microscopy
Greenberg KA, Balogh-Brunstad Z, Arey BW, Niedziela SM, Dohnalkova A, Shi Z & Keller CK

(2010) Reactions of Tc with Fe(II) and O2 in Hanford Redox-Sensitive Sediments
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kukkadapu R, Liu C, Heald S, Resch T, Arey B, Wang C & Plymale A

(2010) Visualization of Hydrated Bacterial Structures by Complementary Electron Microscopy Technique
Marshall MJ, Dohnalkova AC, Arey BW, Williams KH & Fredrickson JK

(2009) Microbial Reduction of Intragrain Ferrihydrite in Porous Glass Beads by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Peretyazhko T, Zachara J, Kennedy D, Fredrickson J, Arey B, Wang C, Dohnalkova A & Xia Y

(2009) Microbial Fe Cycling at Basalt-Biofilm Interfaces on the Seafloor
Templeton A, Trainor T, Arey B, Dohnalkova A, Staudigel H & Tebo B

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