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All abstracts by Connor Turvey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Magnesium Isotope Signatures of Hydrotalcite Supergroup Minerals during Weathering and Carbonation of Ultramafic Mineral Wastes
Turvey C, Wilson S, Mavromatis V, Hamilton J, Dlugogorski B & Oskierski H

(2020) Characterization of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Reactivity for Carbon Capture, and Storage
Lu X, Dipple G & Turvey C

(2020) New Perspectives on Carbonate Mineral Behaviour for Carbon Accounting and Carbon Utilization
Wilson S, Turvey C, Morgan B, Cheng J, Raudsepp M, Hamilton J, Power I, Zeyen N, Fallon S, McCutcheon J & Southam G

(2020) Serpentinization of Ophiolitic Rocks, Cache Creek Terrane, British Columbia: Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Nickel Recovery
Steinthorsdottir K, Cutts J, Turvey C, Dipple G, Bradshaw P, Milidragovic D & Peacock S

(2020) Transition Metal Mobility and Partitioning in Weathered Tailings, Serpentinite and Skarn from the Lord Brassey Mine, Tasmania, Australia
Honda-McNeil M, Wilson S, Millili B, Zeyen N, Wang B, Turvey C & Jowitt S

(2019) Characterization of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Reactivity for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage
Lu X, Dipple G & Turvey C

(2019) Waste Not, Want Not: New Approaches to Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal Resource Recovery from Mine Tailings
Wilson S, Hamilton J, Wang B, Zeyen N, McCutcheon J, Turvey C, Morgan B, Paterson D, Tait A & Southam G

(2018) Tracing Cation and Anion Exchange in Hydrotalcite Minerals Using Stable C, O and Mg Isotopes
Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Frierdich A

(2016) Accelerating Carbon Mineralisation of Mine Tailings at Woodsreef Mine, New South Wales, Australia
Hamilton J, Wilson S, Morgan B, Turvey C, McCutcheon J, Tait A, Paterson D & Southam G

(2016) Hydrotalcites as a Carbon Sink in Serpentinites
Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, McCutcheon J, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Southam G

(2014) Mining Environments as Models for Enhanced Weathering: Lessons for Understanding Element Cycling during CO2 Sequestration
Wilson S, Power I, Harrison A, Dipple G, Hamilton J, Morgan B, Turvey C & Southam G

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