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All abstracts by Marc Davies in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Isotope Composition of High Ti Picrites from the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province: Implications for the Source and Evolution of Mantle Plumes
Stuart F, Rogers N, Davies M, Parkinson I, Hammond S & Yirgu G

(2017) Uranium Isotope Composition of Eocene Marine Sediments: Does Organic Matter ?
Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Disnar J-R, Jacob J, Le Milbeau C, Davies M & Cohen A

(2016) Global Seawater Oxygenation during the Eocene: New Constraints from Molybdenum and Uranium Isotopes
Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Davies M & Cohen A

(2015) Assessing the Long-Term Reproducibility of High-Precision ID-TIMS U-Pb Data
Schaltegger U, Wotzlaw J-F, Ovtcharova M, Schoene B, Davies JHFL & Baresel B

(2015) Progress Towards Using Oxygen Isotopes in Baddeleyite to Assess Pb Loss
Davies J, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner L, Vennemann T & Schaltegger U

(2015) Hafnium Isotope Analysis of Yb-Doped Zircon and JMC475 Reference Materials by MC-ICP-MS: Protocols and Pitfalls
D'Abzac F-X, Davies JHFL, Wotzlaw J-F & Schaltegger U

(2015) Evaluating ╬┤238U Records in Mudrocks as a Proxy for Ocean Oxygenation during the Early Eocene
Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Davies M & Cohen A

(2013) Osmium Isotope Records of Continental Weathering and Volcanism Spanning the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Dickson A, Cohen A, Coe A, Davies M, Shcherbinina E & Gavrilov Y

(2009) Fe/Mn and 187Os/188Os Ratios in Mafic Lavas from the Ethiopian Flood Basalts
Rogers N, Davies M, Parkinson I & Yirgu G

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