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All abstracts by Gilad Antler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sulfate Reduction and Sulfide Oxidation in the Sediments with Cryptic Sulfur Cycle are Controlled by High Aeolian Reactive Iron Fluxes
Grijalva Rodríguez TI, Pellerin A, Roy H, Antler G, Zweig I & Kamyshny A

(2023) Seagrass as a Sedimentary Reverse Phosphate Pump
Soto N & Antler G

(2021) Spatial Mapping of Sediment Geochemistry in East Anglian Salt Marshes
Hutchings AM, Bradbury HJ, Gala V, Fotherby A, Antler G & Turchyn A(

(2021) Exploring Diagenesis Inanoxic Sediments – R. Berner Lecture
Turchyn A(, Hutchings AM & Antler G

(2020) Using Oxygen and Sulfur Isotopes to Partition Sources of Riverine Sulfate
Relph K, Stevenson E, Turchyn S, Antler G, Bickle M, Baronas J, Parsons D, Darby S & Tipper E

(2019) Glacial Influence on the Iron and Sulfur Cycles in Arctic Fjord Sediments (Svalbard)
Michaud AB, Laufer K, Findlay A, Pellerin A, Antler G, Turchyn AV, Røy H, Wehrmann LM & Jørgensen BB

(2019) The Recycling of Dead Sea Brine Through the Marginal Aquifers
Lazar B, Weber N, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Antler G & Stein M

(2019) Bioturbation and the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle: A Model Approach
Riemer S, Turchyn AV & Antler G

(2019) Calcium Isotope Heterogeneity in Shallow Sediment from the Gulf of Aqaba and the Iberian Margin
James D, Bradbury HJ, Antler G, Steiner Z, Hutchings A, Sun X & Turchyn AV

(2018) Sources of Sulfate in the Mekong River
Relph K, Tipper E, Bickle M, Turchyn A, Antler G, Feng L & Baronas J

(2018) Bioturbation Increases the Preserved Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of Pyrite
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Pellerin A & Butterfield NJ

(2018) The Impact of Bioturbation on the Coupled Cycling of Carbon, Iron and Sulphur in Marine Sediments
van de Velde S, Antler G & Meysman F

(2018) Cryptic Sulfur Cycle in the Sediments of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea)
Kamyshny A, Blonder B, Boyko V, Turchyn A & Antler G

(2018) The Sulfur Cycle Below the Sulfate-Methane Transition of Marine Sediments
Pellerin A, Antler G, Røy H, Findlay A, Beulig F, Turchyn A & Jørgensen BB

(2018) What Controls the Generation of Alkalinity in Marine Sediments?
Turchyn AV, Bradbury HJ, Lin CY, Walker K & Antler G

(2017) Co-existence of Methanogenesis and Sulfate Reduction with Common Substrates in Sulfate-Rich Estuarine Sediments
Sela-Adler M, Ronen Z, Herut B, Antler G, Vigderovich H, Eckert W & Sivan O

(2017) Peculiarly Large Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfide Oxidation by the Nitrate-Reducing Bacterium Desulfovibrio Alkaliphilus
Pellerin A, Antler G, Turchyn A, Bui TH, Jørgensen BB & Finster K

(2017) Role of Sulfur Intermediates and Volatiles in Euxinic and Ferruginous Environments
Wilkening J, Antler G, Redeker K & Turchyn A

(2017) The Key Role of Bioturbation in the Carbon-Sulfur-Iron Interplay in Salt Marsh Sediments
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Mills J & Redeker K

(2016) Paleolimnological and Redox Conditions over the Last Glacial Dead Sea from Pore Fluids
Sivan O, Levy E, Antler G, Turchyn A, Yechieli Y, Lazar B, Stein M & Gavrieli I

(2015) The Development of the Sulfate-Methane Transition Zone: A Case Study from the Portuguese Margin
Turchyn AV, Byrne D, Antler G, Miller M & Hodell DA

(2015) Reoxidative Part of the Sulfur Cycle in the Water Column of Lake Kinneret
Knossow N, Blonder B, Eckert W, Turchyn AV, Antler G & Kamyshny A

(2015) The Sulfur-Iron Interplay and its Role in the Fate of Carbon in Salt Marsh Sediments
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Mills JV, Povia S & Redeker K

(2014) Iron-Mediated Cryptic Sulfur Cycling in Salt Marsh Sediments
Mills J, Antler G & Turchyn A

(2013) Substantial Changes in the Salinity and Paleo-Hydrology of the Late Quaternary Dead Sea Revealed in the ICDP Deep Drill
Lazar B, Sivan O, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Levi E, Gavrieli I & Stein M

(2013) Sulfate-Oxygen Isotope Insight into Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Estuarine Sediments
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Davies A, Adler M, Rennie V, Herut B & Sivan O

(2013) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane by Sulfate in Hypersaline Groundwater at the Dead Sea Aquifer
Avrahamov N, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Joye S & Sivan O

(2011) Mechanics of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction Deduced from Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes in Pore Fluid Sulfate
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Rennie V, Herut B & Sivan O

(2009) Gypsum Precipitation Kinetics in Dead Sea Brine – Seawater Mixtures
Reznik IJ, Antler G, Ganor J & Ittai G

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