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All abstracts by Benjamin Tutolo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Calibration of a Raman Technique for Determining Mg Numbers of Serpentine Solid-Solutions
Robutka H, Pujatti S, Klyukin Y, Earl BC, de Obeso JC & Tutolo B

(2021) Geochemical Constraints on the Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Flux of Osmium to Seawater
Syverson DD, Katchinoff J, Yohe L, Tutolo B, Seyfried W, Planavsky NJ & Rooney A

(2021) How Would Serpentinization on Mars Have Been Different Than on Earth?
Tutolo B & Tosca NJ

(2021) Probing the Application of Kinetic Theory to Mg-Phyllosilicate Growth with Si Isotope Doping
Che Z, Nightingale M & Tutolo B

(2021) Experimental Determination of the Kinetics of Glauconite Dissolution and Carbonation
Zhang Q & Tutolo B

(2021) Redox State of Iron in Serpentinized Harzburgite and Dunite from the Samail Ophiolite, Oman
Earl BC, Pujatti S, de Obeso JC, Robutka H & Tutolo B

(2021) Quantifying Mineral-Specific Reactive Surface Areas in Intact Basalt Using SEM Imaging
Byng J, Awolayo AN & Tutolo B

(2020) Reactive Transport Constraints on Early Diagenesis in Two Soda Lakes of the Cariboo Plateau, Canada
Tutolo B, Paquette A, Zhou Y, Bossaer S, Arizaleta M, Schroeder S, Mott E, Novotnik B, Gillis T, Vadalamani A, Rattray J, Nightingale M, De La Hoz Siegler H, Lauer R & Strous M

(2020) Mineralization at Boiling Conditions in Industrial-Scale Analogs of Hydrothermal Systems
Klyukin Y, Nightingal M & Tutolo B

(2020) Petrographic and Geochemical Controls on δ34S of Pyrite and the Growth of the TAG Hydrothermal Mound, 26°N Mid Atlantic Ridge
Pujatti S, Klyukin Y, Steele-MacInnis M & Tutolo B

(2020) X-Ray Synchrotron Computed Microtomography (u-Ct) Analysis of the Pore Network of Hydrothermal Vent Chimneys from the East Pacific Rise
Claeys A, Pujatti S & Tutolo B

(2020) Experimental Determination of Glauconite Dissolution Kinetics
Zhang Q, Nightingale M & Tutolo B

(2019) The Contribution of Nanoscale Pores to Anomalous Trace Element Release during Dolomite Dissolution
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kong X-Z, Bagley B, Saar M & Seyfried W

(2019) Examining the Role of Aqueous Organo-Silica Complexes on Silicification during Carbonate Diagenesis
Escario S, Nightingale M, Jaggi A, Oldenburg T, Larter S & Tutolo B

(2019) Mineral Solubility in Low-Density Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Fluids: Experimental Measurement and Thermodynamic Calculation
Scheuermann P, Tutolo B & Seyfried W

(2019) Experimentally Constraining Rates of Sepiolite Growth at Ambient Conditions
Arizaleta M, Nightingale M & Tutolo B

(2018) A Seawater Throttle on Hydrothermal Fe Oxidation in the Ancient Oceanic Lithosphere
Tutolo B, Seyfried W & Tosca N

(2018) Hydrothermal Vent Fluid-Seawater Mixing and the Origins of Late Archean Iron Formation
Tosca N, Tutolo B, Tostevin R, Rasmussen B & Muhling J

(2017) Veinlet-Scale Reactive Transport during Serpentinization: Implications for H2 Fluxes from Oceanic Serpentinites
Tutolo B, Tosca N & Thieme J

(2016) Challenges and Strategies for Contextualizing Pore Scale Experimental Observations at the Field Scale
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kiesel T, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Mg-Silicate-Carbonate Interactions during Authigenesis and Early Diagenesis
Tutolo B & Tosca N

(2015) Integrating High Resolution Characterization of Hydrothermal Flow-Through Experiments into Reactive Transport Simulations of CCUS in Sedimentary Reservoirs
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Bagley B, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W

(2014) Hydrothermal Flow-Through Experiments of Basalt Alteration: Exploring Feedbacks between Reactive Transport Processes
Luhmann A, Tutolo B, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried, Jr. W

(2014) High Resolution Characterization of Porosity and Permeability Evolution during Serpentinization
Tutolo B, Saar M & Seyfried W

(2013) Developing Speciation Codes and Thermodynamic Data for Non-Isothermal and Non-Isobaric Systems: Applications to CO2 Sequestration
Tutolo BM, Luhmann AJ, Kong X-Z, Saar MO & Seyfried, Jr. WE

(2013) Fluid-Mineral Reactions during CO2-Based Geothermal Energy Extraction
Saar M, Kong X-Z, Tutolo B, Luhmann A & Seyfried Jr. W

(2012) Evaluating Permeability Change due to Altered Pore Geometry in CO2 Sequestration Systems
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W

(2012) Permeability Change from CO2 Injection: Experimental Considerations
Luhmann A, Tutolo B, Kong X-Z, Ding K, Saar M & Seyfried W

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