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All abstracts by Max L. Coleman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Complex Microbial Ecosystems Recorded in Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes of Carbonate Associated Sulfate in the Monterey Formation, California, U.S.A
Theiling B & Coleman M

(2015) Isotopic Approaches to Unravel Evaporation History and Paleo-Atmospheric Humidity on Earth and Mars
Gatti E & Coleman M

(2015) Bromine Isotope Measurement by MC-ICP-MS in Wet Plasma Conditions
Louvat P, Coleman M, Bonifacie M, Giunta T & Michel A

(2015) In situ Stable Isotope Gas Analysis Enhanced Four Orders of Magnitude
Coleman M, Christensen L, Kelly J, Kriesel J, Moran J & Vance S

(2014) C Cycling at the Mid-Cayman Vent Sites: A Fatty Acid Compound-Specific Isotope Study of Rimicaris hybisae
Streit K, Van Dover C & Coleman M

(2014) Unsuspected Dietary Habits of Hydrothermal Vent Shrimp: Bacterivorous Rimicaris hybisae can be Carnivorous or Even Cannibalistic
Versteegh E, Van Dover C & Coleman M

(2014) Initial 87Sr/86Sr Ratios of 3.2 Ga Barite Reveal Input of Sr Derived from Weathering of Archean Crust
Satkoski A, Beard B, Coleman M & Johnson C

(2013) Impact of Curiosity-Driven Research on Oil Production Through "Problem Awareness"
Coleman M

(2011) A Review of the Analytical Accuracy of Cl Isotope Measurements in Rocks by Various Techniques: A Way to Explain Inconsistency between Results
Agrinier P, Coleman M & Bonifacie M

(2008) Tracing the Source of Oxygen during Pyrite Oxidation with Δ17OSO4
Ziegler K, Coleman ML & Young ED

(2008) A Potential Mineral Paleo-Humidity Measure for Martian Hydrated Evaporite Minerals: First Results
Coleman M, Rohrssen M & Mielke R

(2008) Sulfates on Mars: Comparison with Spectral Properties of Analog Sites
Bishop J, Alpers C, Coleman M, Sobron P, Lane M, Dyar D & Schiffman P

(2008) Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Iron-Sulfate Minerals from Iron Mountain, California, U.S.A
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, Bender Koch C, Bishop JL, Coleman ML, Dyar MD, McCleskey RB, Myneni SCB, Nordstrom DK & Sobron P

(2004) Source Zone Dynamics in the Río Tinto, SW Spain
Hubbard C, Black S & Coleman M

(2001) Responses to Flooding in an Acidic River: RI?o Tinto, Southwest Spain
Buckby T, Hodson ME, Black S & Coleman ML

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