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All abstracts by François Chabaux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Water Characterization from the Strengbach CZO: Major Element Concentrations, Isotope Ratios (U, Sr, Nd ) and CFC and 4He Concentrations
Ranchoux C, Viville D, Aquilina L, Labasque T & Chabaux F

(2015) Biotransformation of Copper along Redox Gradients in Polluted Wetland Sediments
Imfeld G, Babcsany I, Granet M & Chabaux F

(2015) Contribution of Minor Minerals to the U-Th-Ra Budget of Gandak River Sediments
Bosia C, Chabaux F, France-Lanord C, Pelt E, Deloule E, Stille P & Lavé J

(2015) Combined Analysis of Uranium Series Nuclides and in situ Beryllium in a Weathering Profile Located in the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges Massif, France)
Ackerer J, Chabaux F, Van Der Woerd J, Kali E, Pelt E, Pierret MC, Viville D, Wyns R & Negrel P

(2014) Copper Stable Isotopes to Trace Copper Behavior in Vineyard Catchments and Connected Wetland Systems
Imfeld G, Babcsanyi I, Granet M & Chabaux F

(2014) Are Shallowest Soil Horizons Suitable for U-Series Soil-Production Rates Determination?
Rihs S, Gontier A, Pelt E, Lemarchand D, Chabaux F & Turpault M-P

(2014) Basalt Weathering and Plant Recycling in Permafrost-Bearing Watersheds of Central Siberia: A Multi-Isotope Approach (Si, Mg, Ca, Zn, and Cu)
Pokrovsky OS, Viers J, Prokushkin AS, Mavromatis V, Bagard M-L & Chabaux F

(2014) Modifications over the Last 20 Years of Weathering Reactions in the Granitic Strengbach Catchment: Evidence from Geochemical and U-Sr Isotope Data in Soils, Soil Solutions and Vegetation Samples
Chabaux F, Prunier J, Pierret M-C, Stille P & Viville D

(2013) The Recovering of Weathering Propagation Rates from the Analysis of 238U-234U-230Th-226Ra Nuclides in Regoliths
Chabaux F, Pelt E, Di Chiara-Roupert R, Rihs S & Stille P

(2013) Insight into Biotite Weathering Rate Using U-Series Isotopes
Rihs S, Gontier A, Turpault M-P, Lemarchand D, Voinot A & Chabaux F

(2013) Ca Isotope Fractionation in a Permafrost-Dominated Boreal Ecosystem (Kulingdakan Watershed, Central Siberia)
Bagard M-L, Schmitt A-D, Chabaux F, Prokrovsky OS, Viers J, Stille P, Labolle F & Prokushkin A

(2013) Using Isotopic Analysis of Copper to Assess Copper Transport and Partitioning in Wetland Systems
Babcsanyi I, Chabaux F, Granet M & Imfeld G

(2013) Origin of the Chemical and U-Sr Isotopic Variations of Soil Solutions, Stream and Source Waters at a Small Catchment Scale (the Strengbach Case; France)
Pierret M-C, Prunier J, Chabaux F & Stille P

(2013) Insight into the Use of U- and Th-Series Nuclides for Soil-Production Rates Determination
Gontier A, Rihs S, Pelt E, Turpault M-P, Lemarchand D & Chabaux F

(2013) Calcium Isotope Fractionations from Roots to Shoots
Schmitt A-D, Stille P, Labolle F, Cobert F, Bourgeade P, Chabaux F & Gangloff S

(2012) Boron Isotopes as a Proxy of Primary Mineral Weathering Mechanisms
Voinot A, Lemarchand D, Chabaux F & Turpault M-P

(2012) Modelling of U-Series Nuclides in Regoliths and the Recovering of Weathering Propagation Rates
Chabaux F, Pelt E, Blaes E & di Chiara-Roupert R

(2012) Modeling of Concentrations in Major Elements of Subsurface and Deep Waters in the Ringelbach Granitic Research Catchment (Vosges, France)
Schaffhauser T, Chabaux F, Fritz B, Ambroise B, Clement A & Lucas Y

(2011) SoilTrEC: An International Consortium to Assess Soil Processes and Functions Using a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories
Menon M, Chabaux F, Lundin L, Novak M, Brandao M, Nikolaidis N, Panagos P, van Gaans P, Kram P, Blum W, deRuiter P, Bernasconi S, Rousseva S, White T, Ragnarsdóttir KV, van Riemdijk W, Banwart S, Reynolds B & Lair G

(2011) Long Term Chemical Variations in Stream Waters Draining a Granitic Catchment (1986-2010). Link between Hydrology and Weathering (Strengbach Catchment, France)
Pierret M-C, Viville D, Chabaux F, Stille P & Probst A

(2011) Speciation of Trace Elements in Strengbach Soil Solutions by Ultrafiltration
Gangloff S, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2011) Experimental Weathering of Micas in Acid Soils Conditions: Contribution of Boron Isotopes
Voinot A, Lemarchand D, Turpault M-P & Chabaux F

(2011) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Plant Growth Under Limiting and non Limiting Nutrient Supply
Cobert F, Schmitt A-D, Bourgeade P, Labolle F, Badot P-M, Chabaux F & Stille P

(2011) Modeling of Alteration Processes in the Ringelbach Granitic Research Catchment (Vosges, France)
Schaffhauser T, Fritz B, Chabaux F, Ambroise B, Clément A & Lucas Y

(2011) Sedimentary and Chemical Weathering Fluxes at the Outlet of the Granitic Strengbach Catchment (Vosges Massif, Eastern France)
Viville D, Chabaux F, Stille P, Pierret M-C, Gangloff S & Benarioumlil S

(2011) Influence of Dust Deposits to the Budget of U-Series Nuclides in Mount Cameroon Basaltic Soils
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Ghaleb B & Stille P

(2011) Geochemical Tracing of Water-Rock Interactions in the Ringelbach Granitic Research Catchment (Vosges, France)
Chabaux F, Schaffhauser T, Fritz B, Ambroise B & Stille P

(2011) Short-Lived Nuclides of the U and Th-Series Probing Recent Pedogenic Processes in Soils
Rihs S, Prunier J, Thien B, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C & Chabaux F

(2011) Uranium-Series Mobility during Spheroidal Weathering of 300 kyrs Old Basalt (La Réunion Island)
Claude C, Meunier J-D, Traoré D, Chabaux F, Hamelin B & Colin F

(2010) Residence Time of River Sediments in the Ganges Alluvial Plain from U-Series Disequilibria
Chabaux F, Granet M, Stille P & Dosseto T

(2010) Sources of Colloidal and Dissolved Loads over the Hydrological Cycle in Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky O, Prokushkin A, Viers J, Derenne S & Templier J

(2009) Quantification of Cationic Exchanges in the Upper Rhine Valley Potash Basin: Coupled Geochemical and Modeling Approach
Lucas Y, Schmitt A-D, Chabaux F, Clément A & Fritz B

(2009) High Performance Automated Ion Chromatography Separation for Ca Isotope Measurements in Geological and Biological Samples
Schmitt A-D, Gangloff S, Cobert F, Lemarchand D, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2009) Long Residence Time of Sediments in Small Catchments
Dosseto A, Turner S, Chabaux F, Buss H & Brantley S

(2009) U-Series Constraints for the Rate of Bedrock-Saprolite Transformation in the Rio Icacos Watershed, Puerto Rico
Blaes E, Chabaux F, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2009) Transient Geochemical and Hydrogeological Coupling during Weathering and the Carbon Cycle in the Critical Zone
Pili E, Dellinger M, Charlet L, Agrinier P, Chabaux F & Richon P

(2009) Origin of Chemical Fluxes Carried by Boreal Rivers: Evidence from Major and Trace Element, U and Sr Isotope Data in Two Siberian Rivers
Bagard M-L, Chabaux F, Pokrovsky OS, Prokushkin AS, Viers J, Derenne S, Templier J & Dupré B

(2009) Determination of Source and Transfer-Time of River Sediments in Alluvial Plain from U-Series Nuclides: Evidence from the Ganges River System
Chabaux F, Granet M, Blaes E, Dosseto T, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2008) 238U-234U-230Th Chronometry of Weathering Rinds: Rates of Weathering and Isotopic Record of Soil Waters
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P & Brantley S

(2008) Rate of Spheroidal Weathering Determined by U-Series Nuclides (Rio Icacos Basin, Puerto Rico)
Chabaux F, Blaes E, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2008) Bio-Geochemical Cycles in Acidic Soils from a Granitic Watershed
Pierret M-C, Stille P, Chabaux F, Viville D, Prunier J & Lemarchand D

(2008) Time Constants of Chemical Transfers in a Forested Ecosystem Inferred from Short-Lived Nuclides (226-228Ra, 210Pb and 137Cs)
Rihs S, Thien B, Prunier J, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2008) Distribution of Stable Isotopes in Soil: A Clue to Discriminate between Lithogenic and Biogenic Fluxes
Lemarchand D, Cividini D, Lemarchand E, Pierret M-C & Chabaux F

(2007) Vegetation Regulates Dissolved B in Forested Watershed
Cividini D, Lemarchand D, Boutin R & Chabaux F

(2007) Chemical and Isotopic Variations of Surface Waters at a Small Catchment Scale, Lithological vs Biological Controls (the Strengbach Case)
Pierret M-C, Chabaux F, Prunier J, Stille P, Viville D & Lemarchand D

(2007) Origin of Calcium Isotope Fractionation in River Waters: Evidence from the Strengbach Catchment, France
Cenki-Tok B, Chabaux F, Lemarchand D, Stille P, Bagard M-L & Pierret M-C

(2007) U-Th-Ra Fractionation in Soil Horizons of Forested Ecosystem (Strengbach Catchment, France)
Prunier J, Pierret M-C, Chabaux F & Tremolieres M

(2007) The Timescale of Sediment Transport in a Small Tropical Watershed
Dosseto A, Turner S, Buss H & Chabaux F

(2007) Rates of Weathering Rind Formation from 238U-234U-230Th Chronometry: Application to Basalt Weathering
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Innocent C, Navarre-Sitchler A, Sak P & Brantley S

(2007) Lithium Isotope Systematics in the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges, France)
Lemarchand E, Chabaux F, Vigier N, Millot R & Pierret MC

(2007) U-Series Isotopes in Suspended Sediments of the Himalayan Rivers
Granet M & Chabaux F

(2006) Time scale of weathering processes and sediment transfers based on U-series disequilibria
Chabaux F & Bourdon B

(2006) U-series in Himalayan rivers: timescale of sedimentary transfer
Chabaux F, Granet M, France-Lanord C & Stille P

(2006) 238U-234U-230Th-226Ra radioactive disequilibria in an Amazon lateritic profile (Manaus, Brazil)
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Lucas Y, Allard T, Fritsch E, Balan E, Selo M & Innocent C

(2005) Modelling the Global Riverine U Fluxes to the Oceans
Riotte J, Goddéris Y, Chabaux F, Munhoven G, François L & Lorenz S

(2004) U-Th-Sr Isotope Ratios in Sediments from the Ganga-Brahmaputra System
Granet M, Chabaux F & France-Lanord C

(2004) Sr and U Isotopic Variations in the Water-Soil-Plant System: Example of the Strengbach Watershed
Pierret M, Chabaux F, Huybrecht F, Mergnac L & Riotte J

(2004) Intercomparison of New Th Isotopic Standards: Preliminary Results
Innocent C, Bollinger C, Chabaux F, Claude C, Durand N, Le faouder A, Kiefel B & Pomiès C

(2002) U-Sr Isotopic Tracing of Water-Rocks Interactions in Aquifer: Example of the Pollution of the Rhine Water Table by Salty Waters
Chabaux F, Durand S, Schmitt A-D, Risacher F & Elsass P

(2002) Groundwater Contribution to (234U/238U) a.r. of Surface Waters: Mount Cameroon Case
Riotte J & Chabaux F

(2002) Distribution of 238U-Serie Disequilibria in a Laterite. Geochemical Implications
Dequincey O, Chabaux F, Leprun J-C & Clauer N

(2002) Groundwater Influences on the Chemical Budget of River Water: Clues from U Isotopic Ratios
Durand S & Chabaux F

(2002) Isotopic Variations in the Sediments of the Caspian Sea: A Record for the Quaternary Continental Weathering?
Pierret M-C, Chabaux F, Clauer N & Causse C

(2001) Tracing Recent Chemical Mobility within Laterites from Comparison of Trace Elemental and 238U-234U-230Th Data
Chabaux F, Dequincey O, Clauer N & Sigmarsson O

(2001) Origin of the 234U-238U Fractionation in Surface Waters of Mount Cameroon
Riotte J, Chabaux F, Benedetti M, Dia A, Boulègue J & Gérard M

(2000) Formation and Evolution of Weathering Profiles: Combined Study of Trace Elements, Sr Isotopes and U-Th Disequilibria
Dequincey O, Chabaux F, Sigmarsson O, Clauer N, Liewig N & Leprun J

(2000) U Fluxes of the Himalayan Rivers: Implications for the U Oceanic Budget
Chabaux F, Riotte J, Clauer N & France-Lanord C

(2000) Complex Clinopyroxene Assemblage in Carbonatite and Alkaline Xenoliths from Moroccan Camptonites: Evidence for an Open-System Evolution
Wagner C, Mokhtari A, Deloule E & Chabaux F

(2000) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Dia A, Benedetti M, Riotte J, Chabaux F, Boulègue J, Bulourde M, Chauvel C, Gérard M, Deruelle B & Ildefonse P

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