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All abstracts by Christopher Boothman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Identification of Persistent Sulfidogenic Bacteria in Shale Gas Produced Waters
Cliffe L, Nixon S, Daly R, Eden B, Taylor K, Boothman C, Wilkins M, Wrighton K & Lloyd J

(2020) The Biogeochemical Fate of Organic Decontamination Agents in Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Byrd N, Lloyd J, Small J, Taylor F, Bagshaw H, Boothman C & Morris K

(2020) Monitoring the Impact of Microbial Processes on the Fate of Hydrocarbons and Metals in a Niger Delta Soil Contaminated with Crude Oil
Muhammad R, Boothman C, Lloyd J & van Dongen B

(2019) Manganese and Cobalt Redox Cycling in Laterites; Biogeochemical and Bioprocessing Implications
Newsome L, Solano Arguedas A, Coker VS, Boothman C & Lloyd JR

(2014) Neptunium Biogeochemistry Across the Nuclear Waste Legacy
Law G, Williamson A, Thorpe C, Bots P, Boothman C, Shaw S, Livens F, Rothe J, Dardenne K, Denecke M, Lloyd J & Morris K

(2011) Impact of Microbial Metabolism on Radionuclide Solubility in Natural and Engineered Environments
Lloyd J, Geissler A, Law G, Thorpe C, Evans V, Brown A, Kimber R, Brookshaw D, Boothman C, Livens F & Morris K

(2011) Biogeochemical Behaviour of Pu in a Contaminated Soil from Aldermaston, UK
Kimber R, Purdie P, Boothman C, Livens F & Lloyd J

(2009) Microbial and Geochemical Controls on Bacteriogenic Iron Oxide Formation and Fate
Gault A, Ibrahim A, Langley S, Renaud R, Takahashi Y, Boothman C, Lloyd J, Clark I, Ferris G & Fortin D

(2008) Adsorption and Reduction of U(VI) in Soil from Dounreay, UK
Begg J, Burke I, Boothman C, Lloyd J & Morris K

(2008) Redox Interactions of Technetium with Fe(II) Mineral Phases
McBeth JM, Morris K, Boothman C, Begg JDC, Burke IT, Charnock JM, Livens FR & Lloyd JR

(2008) Redox Controls on Tc, U, Np, and Pu Behaviour in Sediments
Law G, Geissler A, Lloyd J, Burke I, Livens F, Boothman C & Morris K

(2007) Functionally Diverse Chemosynthetic Bacteria in Hydrothermal Sediment, Santorini, Greece: Geochemical Implications
Handley K, Boothman C, Mills R & Lloyd J

(2004) Technetium Solubility during the Onset of Progressive Anoxia
Morris K, Burke I, Boothman C, Lloyd J & Mortimer R

(2004) Technetium Remobilisation during the Reoxidation of Tc-Radiolabeled Sediments
Burke I, Boothman C, Livens F, Llyod J, Mortimer R & Morris K

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