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All abstracts by Steeve Bonneville in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Nanok Expedition: An Ice Triathlon in Greenland Partnering with Scientists for Climate Research
Denis G, Goffart N, Opfergelt S, Bertrand B, Bonneville S, Mattielli N, Boxho SL, Fettweis X, Box JE, Ahlstrom AP, Karlsson NB, Defraigne P & Bergeot N

(2023) A Rusty Carbon Sink in Estuarine Sediments? Evaluation of an Iron Oxide Burial Experiment
Placitu S, Benning LG, Roddatis V, Schreiber A, Syczewski M & Bonneville S

(2023) Rare Earth Elements and Radiogenic Isotopes from Mineral Dust in East Antarctica: Sensitive Tracers of the Atmospheric Circulation and Climate Variability Through Time
Mattielli N, Gili S, Boxho SL, Vanderstraeten A, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Chaput A, King JS, Gaiero D, Delmonte B, Vallelonga P, Formenti P, Gabrielli P & Bonneville S

(2023) Reading Dust Provenance in Epica Dome C Ice Core (East Antarctica): High-Resolution, Quantitative Records from a New Rare Earth Elements (REE) Mixing Model
Boxho SL, Mattielli N, Vanderstraeten A, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Gabrielli P, Gili S & Bonneville S

(2021) High-Resolution Statistical Quantification of Aeolian Dust Provenance in East Antarctica over the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition
Vanderstraeten A, Mattielli ND, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Gili S, Gabrielli P, Boxho S & Bonneville S

(2019) First Molecular Identification of Fungi Microfossils in 715-810 Millions-Years Shale Rock
Bonneville S, Delpomdor F, Préat A, Chevalier C, Araki T, Abyaneh M, Steele A, Schreiber A, Wirth R & Benning LG

(2018) Microbe-Mineral Interactions on the Greenland Ice Sheet: Implications for Albedo and Melting
McCutcheon J, Lutz S, Williamson C, Cook J, Tedstone A, Stockdale A, Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, McQuaid JB, Tranter M & Benning LG

(2016) Dissimilatory Bacterial FeIII Reduction Enhances the Dissociation of Fe Oxyhydroxides – Organic Matter Associations in Podzolic Bhs Soil Horizons
Vermeire M-L, Bonneville S, Stenuit B, Delvaux B & Cornelis J-T

(2016) Structural Fe(II) Oxidation in Biotite by an Ectomyrrizal Fungi Drives Mechanical Forcing
Bonneville S, Bray AW & Benning LG

(2015) In Search of Neoproterozoic Fungi Microfossils
Bonneville S, Baert K, Hubin A & Delpomdor F

(2015) Fertilization Potential of Natural and Synthetic Volcanic Ash in Marine Phytoplankton
Ammar R, Jeffryes C, Bonneville S & Delmelle P

(2015) Dust Depostition in Snow from Northeast Antarctica: Mineralogical, Morphological and Chemical Characterization
Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, Schoeman V, Flament P, Deboudt K, Grobéty B, De Vleeschouwer F, Le Roux G, Gieré R, Tison J-L & Debaille V

(2015) Do Organic Acids Contribute to Bio-Weathering Rates?
Bray AW, Bonneville S, Schmalenberger A, Oelkers E & Benning LG

(2014) Beaker to Boreal: Linking Mineral Dissolution to Fungal Bio-Weathering
Bray AW, Bonneville S, Oelkers EH & Benning LG

(2013) How Bugs Get their Food: Linking Mineral Surface Chemistry to Nutrient Availability
Bray A, Oelkers E, Bonneville S & Benning L

(2013) Fungi-Mineral Interface: Hotspot of Weathering in Soils
Bonneville S, Bray A, Schmalenberger A, Morgan DJ, Brown A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2012) Numerical Modelling of Nano-Scale Mineral Dissolution and Simulation of Mycelial Growth Dynamics to Couple Observations of Mycorrhizal Weathering at Single-Hypha and Whole-Plant Scales
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Leake J, Taylor L & Banwart S

(2011) Biotite Dissolution: The Effect of Organic Ligands and pH
Bray A, Bonneville S, Wolff-Boenisch D & Benning LG

(2011) Biochemical Characterization of Single Weathering Hyphae of Paxillus involutus Using CLSM and Synchrotron Based µFTIR
Schmalenberger A, Bray A, Duran A, Leake J, Banwart S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Filik J, Pijanka J, Bonneville S, Benning L & Romero-Gonzalez M

(2011) Fungi Accelerate Mineral Weathering via a Synergy of Mechanical and Chemical Attacks
Bonneville S, Morgan DJ, Bray AW, Brown A, Schmalenberger A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2010) Constraining Global-Scale Weathering Models Through Nano-Scale Ectomycorrhiza-Mineral Interactions
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Saccone L, Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Andrews M, Hardy K, Taylor L, Beerling D, Benning L, Leake J, McMaster T & Banwart S

(2010) High Resolution Functional Group Mapping of Fungi on a Mineral Surface
Bray A, Bonneville S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Wehbe K, Filik J, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Romero-Gonzalez M & Benning L

(2010) Fungi on the Rocks!
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Bray A, Brown A, Duran A, Schmalenberger A & Benning LG

(2010) Influence of Soil Weathering on the Potential Iron Solubility in Soil Dust Subjected to Atmospheric Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Bonneville S, Baker A, Jickells T, Carslaw K, Mann G & Benning L

(2009) Formation of Iron Nanoparticles during Dust Cloud Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Benning L, Bonneville S, Baker A & Jickells T

(2009) Analytical Electron Microscopy of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces
Brown A, Bonneville S, Sader K, Benning L & Brydson R

(2009) Hydroxyapatite Weathering by Pine Mycorrhizas – The Role of Oxalic Acid
Leake J, Duran A, Johnson I, Bonneville S & Smits M

(2009) Quantifying Chemical Weathering at the Biotite-Mycorrhiza Interface
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Brown A, Smits M, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Leake J, Banwart S, Brydson R & Benning L

(2008) The Fungi-Biotite Interface: Nanoscale Evidence of Weathering
Bonneville S, Brown A, Smits M, Jonathan L & Benning LG

(2007) Biologically-Mediated Weathering of Minerals from Nanometre Scale to Environmental Systems
Brown D, Banwart S, Smits M, Leake J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Haward S & Ragnarsdottir V

(2007) Nano-Scale Interactions of Fungi with Mineral Surface
Bonneville S & Benning LG

(2007) Relating Siderophore-Promoted Dissolution to Properties of Ferrihydrite-Exopolysaccharide Coprecipitates
Mikutta C, Mikutta R, Bonneville S, Wagner F, Voegelin A, Christl I & Kretzschmar R

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