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All abstracts by Dennis K Bird in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Effects of Nickel Limitation on Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation by Methylotrophic Methanogens
Rosen V, Stolper D, Conrad M, Bird D & Maher K

(2016) Hydrologic and Geochemical Responses to CO2 Injection in Basalts Based on Flow-Through Experiments
Thomas D, Hingerl F, Maher K, Garing C, Bird D & Benson S

(2015) Geochemical Conditions and Source Fluid Composition of Cu-Pb-Zn Sulfide Mineralization in the Lón District, Southeastern Iceland
Kremer C & Bird D

(2015) A Model for the Genesis of Metasomatic Fluids Associated with Orogenic Gold Deposition
Pope EC, Rosing MT & Bird DK

(2014) CO2 Uptake and Trace Element Mobilization in Icelandic Geothermal Systems
Thomas D, Bird D, Arnórsson S, Brown, Jr. G & Maher K

(2014) An “Ion-By-Ion” Model for Kinetic Isotope Fractionation during Mineral Dissolution
Maher K, Johnson N, Nielsen L, Weaver K, Bird D & Brown, Jr. G

(2014) Uptake of Isotopic Spike by Si-Rich Alteration Layer during Olivine Dissolution
Johnson N, Maher K, Thomas B, Rosenbauer R, Bird D & Brown G

(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry on Ultramafic-Hosted Magnesium Carbonates
Garcia del Real P, Kluge T, John C, Johnson N, Maher K, Bird D & Brown G

(2013) Composition, Formation, and Role of the Si-Rich Surface Layer during Olivine Dissolution
Johnson N, Maher K, Bird D & Brown G

(2012) Formation of the Si-Rich Layer on Olivine Surfaces during Carbonation Under in situ Conditions
Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2012) Effect of Oxalic Acid on Geological Storage of CO2 Using Serpentinite
Kang S-H, Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2012) Large Magnesite Vein and Fracture Formation in Peridotite Rocks
Garcia del Real P, Maher K, Bird D & Brown, Jr. G

(2011) Adsorption of Organic Ligands on Silicate Mineral Surfaces in the Presence of CO2 and Water: Insight into Olivine Dissolution Rates
Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2011) Intrabasaltic Paleosols from the North Atlantic Igneous Province Record Late Paleocene Global Climate Trends and Hyperthermals
Riishuus M & Bird D

(2011) Stable Isotope Composition and Volume of Early Archaean Oceans
Pope E, Rosing M & Bird D

(2007) Constraints on Atmospheric H2 from Banded Iron Formations
Rosing M & Bird D

(2006) Age and duration of eclogite-facies metamorphism, North Qaidam HP/UHP terrane, Western China
Mattinson CG, Wooden JL, Liou JG, Bird DK & Wu CL

(2003) Equilibrium Formation of Oligoglycines from Glycine in Aqueous Hydrothermal Media
Lemke K, Rosenbauer R, Bird D & Ross D

(2002) Hydrothermal Stability of Glycine and the Formation of Oligoglycine: Kinetics of Peptide Formation at 260℃ and 200 Bars
Lemke KH, Ross DS, Bischoff JL, Rosenbauer RJ & Bird DK

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