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All abstracts by Catherine Beaucaire in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Modelling of Sr Reactive Transport in a Clayey Sandstone at Different Scales
Wissocq A, Latrille C, Siroux B & Beaucaire C

(2017) Predictive Modelling of the Adsorption of Cs and Sr onto French Soils
Siroux B, Beaucaire C, Benedetti MF & Reiller PE

(2016) Adsorption Behaviour of Cs+ and Sr2+ onto Natural Clays Towards a Predictive Modelling
Siroux B, Benedetti MF, Reiller PE & Beaucaire C

(2012) Ion Exchange Model for Reversible Sorption of Divalent Metals on Calcite
Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Page J

(2012) Clay-Rock Alteration Experiments at 80Â℃ in Closed and Open Conditions: Application to the Waste Storage
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Ferrage E, Grenut B, Pronier S & Made B

(2008) A Multi-Site Ion Exchange Model to Predict Contaminants Sorption in Sediments
Beaucaire C, Tertre E, Coreau N, Juery A & Legrand S

(2008) Migration of U in a Polluted Calcareous Peat-Land
Phrommavanh V, Descostes M, Beaucaire C, Laporte E & Gaudet J-P

(2007) Is There a Reversible Step in 45Ca Sorption onto Pure Calcite?
Ly J, Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Mevellec V

(2007) Role of Bacteria on Uranium Migration in a Calcareous Peatland
Phrommavanh V, Klein J, Descostes M, Beaucaire C, Gaudet J-P, Prestel E, Dubow M & Laporte E

(2007) Modeling of Zn Sorption onto Clayey Sediments Using a Multi-Site and Multi-Componant Ion-Exchange Model
Tertre E, Coreau N, Juery A & Beaucaire C

(2006) Pyrite (FeS2) oxidation as a function of pH: a multitechnique approach
Descostes M, Beaucaire C & Vitorge P

(2002) Pyrite (FeS2) Oxidation at pH<3
Descostes M, Vitorge P, Mercier F & Beaucaire C

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